Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: Vampire Diaries

Since I'm the ONLY League member watching Vampire Diaries, I feel it my duty to expose the rest of you to these very sexy, and oh so sultry vampires... Girls, I give you Damon (the one with the eyes) and Stefan.

Dammit! Why do these shows have such hot guys? Why? I don't NEED another Vampire-related obsession. **watches again** DAMN YOU RAIN! *grumbling* Now I have to go set my DVR to record freakin' VAMPIRE DIARIES. The things I do for sexual gratification The League.

Wowzer! Great way to start the day. I didn't even blink! Awesome. Okay, when's the show on again... I def. need to see it! Rain this little video that you did inspired me to watch an entire episode on my computer! It's like 90210 w/vampires! So fun!

Ooh. Oh my... What was that? *feels around self* I think I just hit my sexual peak.

Great job making the video, Rain! They look like they're seventeen. I wonder how long they've been seventeen.



Anonymous said...

Hey League,

I kept telling myself I wasn't going to watch. I was surprised to find that it wasn't so bad. I would even watch it with no sound. All I need are my eyes and hands.

Hey, you think the Cullens could make guest appearences? It would make me so happy.


kmoye said...

my first thought was "Boone is a vampire?!"
Second thought was "oh thank goodness Rain didn't use Sex on Fire for the song because I might have molested my screen. That video was hot!"

ciaobella said...

I have watched all 3 episodes so far, and there okay.!!!
But Stefan is no Edward!! Not even close

TwiHuntress said...

I have watched from the beginning and have to agree with Rain. These guys are HOT!!!!! I would love to get me some Damon. There's just something about a bad hot vampire that gets my motor humming, no it's not the detachable motor either hehe,

I personally think that either one is not a book Edward but both of them kick RP to the curb in looks. *ducking*

GinaLuvsGA said...

Love this show. Damon is my fav. He's a badass Edward to me. I figured if it was the guy that made Dawson's Creek it was going to be lame, but I think I was wrong. Dawson's Creek with Vamps is just HOT actually.

Ilaria said...

GUILTY! So far, I really like this series, although I'm thinking they are gonna run out of characters, because of voracious Damon. Although, I have to say I am a Stefan fan (sorry Damon creeps me out WAY too much) and I the reason that I like Stefan's character is because like Edward he embodies the thorn romantic hero figure, and Paul Wesley reminds me also of my favorite soccer player, Fabio Cannavaro! Yes, he is no Edward, no need to say that, but he is good to fill your thursday night with ;D
Also, I wonder how much of the books are gonna change, since they seem to be quite dark (characters dying and coming back etc)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Dammit Rain! Ugh...I'm gonna have a hell of a time explaining to Mr. Swiss that I'm adding two more vamps to my Famous Freebies list. Actually...I want to morph the best of both into one supervamp. Stefan's hair and brood, Damon's eyes and evil swagger. Poof - supervamp that toes the line of good/evil. Oh, and I like that they're already making out by the second or third week (even if it's only a dream sequence). Hotttt!

PS - Just so there's no confusion...these two vamp-lites are nothing compared to my Kellward obsession ;) Just sayin...

sparkle for twilight said...

I really wasn't expecting much at all for Vampire Diaries, but I definitely checked it out because part of me wished for Buffy days back. I was so looking forward to seeing Ian Somerhalder as Damon, but when I saw the first episode whoa Paul Wesley. Ian's character Damon is weirdly goofy and makes me laugh. I was surprised at my instant turn around.

Rain Storm said...

@Ilaria and @Sparkle - I'm with you. Damon is v sexy, but my heart belongs to Stefan. And Edward. And Emmett. Oh damn.

@RSM - Brilliant idea! Let's roll the badass vamp up with the sex hair. Yum.

Becca said...

I haven't missed an episode yet! I just love this show and the sexy vamps on it. I tried to not get into another vampire story line before with Twilight but that was changed when my 17 year old son told me I HAD to watch it. 8 months, 4 books (read 6 times), paying for 3 sets of the Twilight DVD and both CDs, paying to reserve New Moon on DVD, pre-ordering the sound track for New Moon, and getting my tickets for the midnight showing of New Moon already I give up on not getting into vampires of any kind. I have loved them sense I was 5 so I have just given in to it all.

If you haven't seen Vampire Diaries you should.

dazzledbyhim said...

I've watched them all and so far like it. I'm definitely a Stefan lover as well. He reminds me a lot of Edward, but I think he'd be scarier personally. Rob's "scary face" for Edward is actually pretty funny!