Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't be Reckless Bella...

It recently occurred to me that what I consider to be "reckless and stupid" is really not on par with Stephenie Meyer on a few levels

1. Learning how to drive a motorcycle is not exactly the end of the world.

2. Saying "hi" to some guys on the street? I'm starting to think that Stephenie Meyer could be called sexist and rude to use that as reckless and stupid.

3. Cliff diving - you have to let that one pass, right? That IS crazy shit.

When Bella promised Edward not to do anything "reckless or stupid" I have to think that even with Edward's annoying and retarded protectiveness for Kristen Bella would have preferred Meyer be a little more creative with what constitutes reckless behavior. I think Stephenie Meyer jumped the shark on this. So one has to ask: does Stephenie Meyer REALLY know Edward?

Does ANYONE really know Edward? I mean, it's not like we can read his mind or anything.

Well, I'm sure Stephenie Meyer didn't want to sully virginal (if horny) Bella by having her become a crack whore.

Is that a subtle dig at my Crackberry addiction? Because if so, I admit it. I am a crack whore. I can't get enough of it.

I'm kind of surprised Edward let Bella walk down the Cullen stairs in heels. Isn't that reckless for someone like Bella?

Well she couldn't manage to unwrap a present without getting a papercut in a room full of vampires. Jasper should have seriously drained her just for being that stupid.

*snicker* Other activities that could be considered "reckless and stupid" for someone like Bella:
1. Crossing the street. (After all, there are reckless motorcycle drivers around.)
2. Clipping coupons. (She could get a cut that could get infected.)
3. Showering. (What if she slipped and cracked her head open?)

I always hated how overprotective Edward was. I'm sure it's nice to have someone worry and take care of you, but after a while it just gets annoying! Especially when he worries about every little freaking thing.

He was a bit of a chick, wasn't he? Why do we love him again?

Well, if we were going to have her do something that EDWARD would consider reckless and stupid then she should've slept with Jacob. *wicked grin*



Candi said...

i actually agree with Rain on this one. the whole over protective thing wasn't well explained other then... he's dangerous... which doesn't explain much to me at all.
good episode girls!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I think the potential for the shower accident (as Meadow said) is the ultimate danger predicament. Edward's upstanding moral code would prevent him from dashing in to rescue our clumsy heroine because *gasp* she's NEKED!!

I vote she should have just banged her way through the small male population of Forks (Jacob included) to see what the risk of The Clap was. I hear there's a lot of danger from adverse reactions to antibiotics ;)

Desiree said...

I agree with Meadow, SM couldn't have Bella do something really reckless because then this whole woman on a pedestal image of Bella in Edward's head would be shattered. And I also agree that SM should have been a bit more creative- How bout hitchiking her way cross country? Or maybe taking cars for joyrides? And I bet Kstew would not have minded if Bella had decided to experiment with some herbal remedies. That's just a guess...