Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Junior League- Oscar Worthy?

This week's Junior League Member is:

Superhero name: Spicy Butt-slapper
Superpowers: Seduce every man (and vampire)

So, with the release of New Moon approaching (with an excrutiatingly slow pace), a thought crossed my mind (along with several others that are constantly present, such as the thought of a pale-white, sparkly, delicious man....*cough*)

Aaaanyways...: Do you think that New Moon, along with Eclipse and (, we all know it will happen) Breaking Dawn is Award-winning material? Sure, the road to the Oscars is loooong and bumpy, but maybe they stand a chance? I was thinking of maybe Special Effects (I'm looking at you mister Weitz!).. Maybe Best Supporting Role or something like that. Twilight (I think we all can admit this) wasn't exactly mind-blowing. Like, Edward's running reminded me so much about Clark Kent's in Superman from 1978, just plain horrid! And the make-up, oh, the make-up... Don't get me started on the rest! But now that they got a bigger budget, different directors, and several additions to the cast-members (Dakota and Sheen in particular), I don't think that the thought of an award is too much to hope for. Of course, they're bound to end up with several MTV Movie Awards, I'm sure.. Would love to hear your opinion on this subject :) Btw, your blog rules!

I think it is entirely realistic to hope that they would be nominated for special-effects *hopeful glance at Chris Weitz* or a supporting role - though I don't see The Academy in all their snobbery acknowledging the most amazing level of talent eminating from this movie franchise. My bet is on Jackson Rathbone winning the MTV Movie Award best action scene for whatever bad-ass sh*t he does while in Monterrey.

I think they could win for "Best Sound"

Ginger, I hope you're joking.

*rolls eyes* People like sound. They could have award-winning sound in New Moon and Eclipse, right?

Twilight's sound was "dynamic" I don't think we'll appreciate the New Moon sound as much as the Twilight sound.

Possible. Hard to top the sparkling in the sun sound.

twinkle twinkle twinkle

Yeah, unfortunately the sparkling left a lot to be desired

Well, the appearance of the "sparkle" yes. But the sound was unforgetable.

What, I thought he looks sparklefacking awesome


I wasn't even sure "sparkle" had a sound, but Twilight showed me.

I'm thinking that they could possibly win an award for production to use the most horrific wigs in entertainment history.

wouldn't that be a razzie award?

Is that an award? What about worst facial expressions? Got that covered.



How about "best use of stuttering in a scene"?

*dying to do my Bella at the hospital impression*

Or best use of compost tea.

Best exploitation of a worm in a scene

Or even the amazing way to make the audience smell Renee's bad breath from a movie theatre screen.

Best Smellovision

I wanna scratch and sniff the Cullens

Alice or Rosalie?

Alice - you know that girl has good product.

Damn girl, puke. Hold me! Now!

*holds you*

*cue music*

*mariachi band*

*Fades to black*



Ilaria said...

@Rain *dying to do my "You're asking me about the weather" Bella impression*

I think maybe New Moon could be nominated for best photography? Or Best Soundtrack if they pull it off?
If they do have some over the top special effect in Eclipse with the vampire battle and stuff, then maybe they can get a nom for best special effects. You know that at the Academy the movies that win that stuff are the benjamin buttons (puke)

But I don't think we should rule out the real actors in New Moon, Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning, cause, yes, THEY may really score a Nom...

*ducking from the league*

Desiree said...

Umm, I have to go with maybe on best animation but the acting...I love Robward and truly believe he has potential to be a great actor but I can't see him being nominated for best actor as Edward. Then again, Robert Downey, Jr. was nominated for best supporting actor for his role in Tropic Thunder, so stranger things have happened.

BTW, I almost choked on my noodles when I read "I want to scratch and sniff the Cullen!"

Rachael1042 said...

Dammit! *Snort* Coffee nearly out the nose again. Without fail... I always forget not to eat or drink while reading this blog.

scratch and sniff... Fucklarious as always.

GallifreyReject said...

Oscar worthy? HELL NO!
Razzie worthy? Possibility!

It will be a frigid, frozen day in hell before the Academy gives out its most prestigious award to a 'teen' flick...(sorry, it is..)

Maybe when Rob does that outstanding role as a hermaphrodite romancing a straight...wait, that's The Crying Game..