Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Junior League: Wigged Out!

photo source: 4TNZ

This week's Junior Leaguer is: Ilaira (@ilariacapasso)

Superhero Name: Alice's Apprentice

Superpowers: Being a fashionista on a microbudget; criticizing Summit's poor styling choices in the transposition of the Twilight Saga.

Dear League,

We gotta talk...have you seen the most recent pictures from the set of Eclipse? Here's what we have been dreading...Bella Swan with the most hideous looking, this can't be happening...I'm angry, upset I think i'm gonna cry, scream (while stomping my foot like Bella in New Moon)...she better not be looking like THAT for the entire one thing to have Rosalie in a wig, since NO ONE CARES about her, but Bella Swan looking like that when she rolls in the bed and the meadow with Edward Cullen? What about extensions or human hair extensions? I am sure we would have all donated our locks to make a much more realistic look for our girl. What do you guys think? Ah, this is a sad day

...and Spank, don't you dare say that the wig looks ok, just to defend Mullet Stewart!

Wait, that's a wig?!!! *snicker* Well one benefit of her having a wig is that I won't have to notice the color difference between her real hair and hair piece like I did throughout Twilight.

It's an obvious wig. Do you think that at the end of the shoot that Rob nuzzles into Kristen's ear and says, "Your hair is so sexy long baby, keep the wig on for later when we watch Sponge Bob, have take out, and smoke a doobie. I'll play with your wig and then we can have fun taking it off. That will be so cool baby. Long hair to short hair.... Oh Kristen, you're so authentic! I love you"!

Oh, well, it's not that bad really. I mean, it looks okay. Oh who am I kidding? It's awful! It's clear that these movies are cursed in the hair department.

*warning look at Rain* Okay, I'll make y'all a deal. You lay off Jasper's hair and I'll refrain from saying anything negative about the fact that Bella is wearing Jacob's wig.



katarinas mama said...

Spank, FTW, bb - FTW. Yes, it's Jacob's "extra" wig. I am sure Summitt splurged for two. One for stunts and one for Kristen. *smirks*.

kmoye said...

*lowers voice* i don't think the wig looks bad. *runs away*

Rachael1042 said...

Yes, this is the day I'm been dreading since the start of The Runaways. I knew it was coming, but that doesn't ease the blow. *sigh* Poor Bella. How could she do that to poor Bella?

dazzledbyhim said...

Ok... the wig thing is really starting to annoy me. Can't they just do people's hair right??? Yes, KStew's hair is still jacked up from the other movie, but use extentions!!! OR... they should have used a stupid wig for the Joan Jett movie! Then she wouldn't look retarded all the time. *sigh*

GallifreyReject said...

You know,

There is this place on in Chicago that has really good wigs. I think Summit should give me a call cause KStewedprunes is horrible. Beyonce has better wigs.. Hell Tyra, even Oprah!! Someone needs to take Kstew to a sistah's salon and have THEM hook her up.. Oh Summit.. call me :)

dazzledbyhim said...

By the way, I really want that bracelet.

sparkle for twilight said...

I'm surprised there hasn't been a wig petition yet. People want to burn that thing but maybe in the movie it won't be that bad. It's just one bad picture.

Diane said...

@Ginger - the 2 tone hair in Twilight drove me nuts too

-@megurbani on Twitter was saying they could CGI her hairline to make it look more like her hair.

Personally, they should have wigged her for Joan Jett instead.

eternalwaterfall said...

I'm pretty sure she has worn a wig, or at least extensions for all the movies...Kristen's hair not as thick as Bella's. Plus, KS would have to wear a wig...her hair is all chopped off from Joan Jett...but I don't think the wig looks bad. What's wrong with it?