Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fascinating Facinelli

After reading this article I think Peter Facinelli may be my favorite celebrity and not because he's handsome, funny or talented (and he is all of these) but because he is R-E-A-L! I am so tired of "celebrities" who are fake. I like that Peter talks about how when his family leaves a restaurant he is sure they are going to post signs at the entrance to never let them in again or how he and his wife send a Christmas card photo out of their kids fighting that says "'tis the season to be jolly" (and I mght steal that one this year, PFach!). It is refreshing with all the positioning, canned quotes, misleading stories, half-truths this gossip fueled Twi-world has seen to see a golden nugget of realism.

YES! He is so great. Seriously. I love how he is with the Twilight fans, but even more, I love how he is with his family. So sweet. And, you can tell that he really has fun doing things for the fans - he actually enjoys it.

I agree. With all the arrogant actors out there, it's nice to come across some that are truly down to earth and good to their fans. Peter Facinelli is definitely at the top of my list. And it's not just because he's following me on Twitter. *brushes nails back and forth against my shoulder*

Oh Ginger, you had to remind me. *sad face* What can I say, LOVE him. However, Ms. Garth, I am warning you that I cannot be trusted alone with him!

Yes, Ms. Garth. You should know that many of us have secured "passes" from our husbands -- but don't worry, he should be safe.



Jo Patterson said...

Here Here Girls Well done on representing a 'real' celebrity sick to death of unreal hollywood.
PFACH is worthy of following and Poopoo to those who started the unfollow not cool!!!!!

kmoye said...

he was there for jennie when she did dancing with the stars. totally hottie and not just cause he's beautiful.
i follow him on twitter. shoot, i'd follow him anywhere.

Ilaria said...

We all LOVE PFach! How could we not? Let's give a round of applause to the people in Twilight that really DESERVE it! He's one of those people that shock you with his niceness! Plus, have you guys seen him in Nurse Jackie? His role is hilarious, total goofball, and he portays a doctor that is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He was the one giving the lols in the series. It's a must-see!

Gwen said...

I love him too. I especially love that I don't feel like a cradle robber when lusting after him. He's on my "list" too ;). Then again, so is Ashley Greene...

I also love the realness that Twitter allows. I like that celebrities have the opportunity to share who they really are without tabloids and flashbulbs and crazy-psycho fan mobs.

CorrinaT said...

Have loved him for years! YEARS!
He us a very genuine guy. Jennie is a lucky girl. I try very hard not to go fangirl on him, but good Lord that man is sweet, funny, generous to a fault, cute as can be ... Should I go on?
*glaring at Ginger* Tell him hi for me. *pouts*


He really is great though. Thank you for bringing this out for all to see.

holdhimdown said...

well, you know i agree with everything you just said... and i had to leave a comment :o)

he is so normal, nice, friendly and he always makes time for his family. which makes me love him even more, if thats possible.

from vampie

Tracy said...

This is cool: http://www.famoushookups.com/site/relationship_detail.php?name=Jennie-Garth&celebid=2549&relid=2273

Also, I had to trade ANY A-list female celeb just to get RPattz on my free-pass list. Fair trade to me.


SLS said...

The family that Crocs together, stays together

SLS said...

The family that Crocs together, stays together