Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Junior League: What's in a name?

This week's Junior League Member is: Ninja Fanpire
Superpowers: Full time Ninja, and if that wasn't awesome enough, part time superhero and writer.

I want to discuss The League Names. I was thinking, what would the members of The League have named themselves, had their current names be unavailable. What if Rob had never come up with a nickname, or had perhaps come up with a different one? Where would Spank be? Supposing Twilight had taken place somewhere nicer, sunnier, where would Rain be without rain? And what of Spider? What if Rob had chosen a different line for the film, what would Spider have been called? I haven't forgotten Ginger, however I fell that hers would be easy to change, since if Bella had had a different last name all that Ginger would have needed to do was change that part. But supposing that Ginger had to changes hers too, what would it be? And on a final note, why doesn't anyone's name have "Cullen" in it?

Cullen is too obvious for me to pick it. Plus Ginger Swan sounds like a porn name. That's good, right?

My name wouldn't have Cullen in it because I'm a Hale.

Hale yeah you are.

Okay, I'm not that great with names. I think today if you asked me I would choose the name Bitchy McBitcherson. Or, if it were sunny all the time in Forks, then Sparkle McTwinkletoes. See? I suck at this.

*reads alternate names* Uh, yeah... you kinda do.

Rain, really? Bitchy McBitcherson? That's the absolute LAST name I'd pick for you.

Okay, I've decided to just let Facebook's Stripper Name Generator pick my new name. What?! Okay, here it is (and I love it) Xena Ticklerock.

There's so many places I can go... all downhill, of course. Moving on...

I decided to use my real name and it said "Sugar Sweethooter" Apparently, Facebook hasn't seen my hooters. I wonder what the hell I'd get if i used Meadow? *goes to insert Meadow* Okay, Meadow's stripper name is Mercedes Glittershock.

That's kind of shocking. *snicker*

*snickers* Not only hasn't Facebook not seen your hooters they obviously don't get your acerbic tongue to put "sweet" in your name.

... and I'm sure your real name is your hooker name, Spank. *sticking out my tongue*

My real name is Jade DixonTight and my Spank name is Crystal LeatherSpank. I really don't know what to make of this. *puzzled look*

Spank's name is in her stripper name! I love that!

I know! It's prophetic. Or something.

For my real name I got Cherry SpankSweet and Alexis DeepSunny for Spider.

Sweet and sunny for Spider? *giggle*



Okay for my real name got Starlight Spanksizzle and for Ginger I got Diamond Dreamcream. I'm not sure which name I like better! I think I need to change my name to one of those or both.

Mwahahaha!! I love it! You realize you have to use the one with cream, right?

Anyone notice how almost ALL the names have Spank in them? Should I just go out and buy myself a pole?

Well, you are the reason why people end up on our website when they google "whips and chains."


And, just a little note... Today is Ms. Diamondcream's... I, mean, Ginger's birthday!! All of us gals hope you'll join us in wishing her a fabulous birthday filled with love, humor, and hot men. *wink*

A message from Robsten and Taycob:


Tara said...

Well, Bunny Longshocks here loves this post! Don't know what I was reading before you girls! Hilarious!

kmoye said...

the vid was superb!

Ginger Swan said...

Thanks Tara and Kmoye!!!

ciaobella said...

Happy Birthday Ms.Dreamcream!! I mean Ginger! LOL

stephdc said...
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stephdc said...

I've already said it but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Ginger!

love the stripper names but think you should definitely stick to the ones you have ;)

suckerforvampires said...

Happy birthday Ginger!!! May this day be filled with hot vamps!

dazzledbyhim said...

OMG... I almost spit my pop out... Diamond Dreamcream??? I'm laughing hysterically at how many shades of wrong that could be! :)