Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just can't fight that feeling

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DAMNIT! I don't WANT to like Jacob. I don't WANT to think Taylor Lautner is hot. *stamping feet* And then I see this picture.

UGH! Is Summit trying to rid the world of soccer moms by getting us all thrown in jail for statutory rape?

Meadow, can I tell you? I thought the exact same thing. And then I was hoping it was his stunt double. His 28 year old, single-but-looking-to-date-a-married-woman body double. Sadly, it's not.

I guess it's my turn to get the laminating machine out. 17 has got to be legal in some states right? Arkansas?

You can borrow Spanks laminator.

Hmm... What's the age of consent in Canada?

Sixteen. *hands over your passport*

We still have the League Winnebago, right? Who's up for a road trip to Vancouver?

Who ever set an age anyway? Girls become "women" at menstruation (supposedly to bear children) so why aren't boys men after their first "happy dream"? What?

All I have to say is I did NOT notice the bulge in his pants.

I call shotgun w/popcorn!

I'll drive the van him!



Anime said...

OMGah... Am I really the first comment?! Oh please please please let me be the first one to say "I told you so"... ::hides behind Ginger bc she can protect me on the Team Taycob side::

All I got left to say is OMGah... ::jaw hangs off the hinges::vacant stare:: What age limit?! ::wipes drool off of face::

Chrissi said...

I'm starting to wonder if anything will make me leave Team Jasper for musclier pastures... Apparently not.

Still, he's become a bit too drool-worthy *grins triumphantly because I'm not too much older than him* Maybe I could just... No, no I can't think that way...

Itsaka said...

Legal in the UK. But for me it would be more out of pity. The cool kids are making him do all work

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

That picture right there makes me think were my alliances sit.
Not really, but agh, maybe. The trailer didn't help any either.
Oh and spank....I may or may not have noticed the coughbulgecough before I even started reading the post.

Tammy said...

I can not say whether or not Taylor Lautner is attractive until he's of age. I can not talk about his AMAZING body until he's of age.

Erin said...

Spank, I was trying my best NOT to think of what you didn't see. I feel so bad looking at any picture of Taylor...any picture.

Y'all may find this funny though...a friend sent me the link cause I commented that Taylor was a bebe and I couldn't look at him.


At least we don't have too much longer to wait! LOL

kmoye said...

i read that Summit lied about his birth year and that he is really 25.
ok not really.

@ginger its perfectly legal in my state of denial.

oopsilovetwi said...

Legal in Georgia (and a bunch of other states), that's all I gotta say.

It's never been a better time for Team Jacob. Yummy!

dazzledbyhim said...

Ok, first... I now that song stuck in my head from the caption. :)

Second, I'm wondering if he's standing on something in the picture to make him taller, but he's looking bigger than normal.

And third... *stares at picture* Wait... what was I saying?... *wipes drool*

Desiree said...

I feel just dirty looking at that picture. Although I may be betraying Team Edward by saying this, I think Taylor stole Rob's thunder at the VMAs. That kid wearing a suit looks naturally flawless.

P.S.- Rob, I still love you and yes, Edward is still my man!

HappyHourSue said...


Man, do i want to rip that shirt off and ride his - - - motorcycle.

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

I am so going to jail..well i would be if i was allowed to be around him.hahahaha gah! i love him! yum! ok but i just keep telling myself he is 20 something and jacob..that is how i deal...*sigh* i am like spank..i need to find me a hot wolf boy jake on twitter...yum! hahaha well like spank and her jasper.

Anonymous said...

As much as I would have missed Edward, I don't think I would have held out on Jacob anywhere near as long as Bella did.

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

You girls are effing hilarious. Save me a seat in the Winnebago (you can even throw me up on the luggage rack...I don't mind).

It's situations like this that make me glad I'm Team Swiss (which in my mind means: Team Slut and I get to lust after everyone without guilt).

We addressed the "jailbait" issue last week...we should pool our bail money ;)


Oh, and I added you sassy girls to the blogroll!