Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jr. League: Team Carlilse

This week's Junior League Member is TwiHuntress!
Superpowers: Mind Reading & Enchantment

Ok, I just read the Team Jasper bit and I guess I can see this. I can definitely see the Team Jacob and Team Edward also. But I am still not seeing anything on Team Carlisle....I mean come on folks, he is gorgeous. Not only that but he has values and morals. Only changing those who had nothing left and was dying, ie...Edward and Esme. Following his own heart as to how a vampire should live instead of going with the old ways as the Volturi do. He has so much love and compassion that all he wants is a quiet live with his family like normal people (if there really are normal people). Carlisle doesn't even want to kill his own race, like when James was hunting Bella. He didn't want to kill him but he knew it was the only way to save Bella.

Not to mention that he is a doctor. One that I wouldn't mind getting a thorough examination from, and I do mean thorough *eyebrows going up and down*.

I've always found Dr. Cullen to be extremely sexy. Of course, he is a "father figure" to Edward (and the rest of the Cullen boys) so that makes it a little weird for me. You know, imagining sexytime with my imaginary vampire boyfriend's dad is a little too much. Even for me.

He had me at: "I hear Chief Swan's daughter is in town..."

Dr. Cullen has a great bedside manner. Or so I've been told.

I love Dr. Cullen but I wouldn't want to have him as my Gynecologist. *thinks of ice cold hands and shudders*



wendy said...

Carlisle is a hottie for sure. I've quietly had a thing for him all along HOWEVER I don't mess with married men, so I pine from afar ;)

Tara said...

LOL, Spider, me too! When all the girls in the theater were screaming when EC came in (& that was great & all), I was squeeling inside when Dr. C came in.

Melanie said...

I love Carlisle, but Mike Dexter owns me LMAO You guys are the best and i think i should be in your league... my name could be Sparkly Spunk. Whatcha think??? *smooch*

Brittany said...

So this is off topic, and maybe not quite a big deal, but still seems pretty damn cool to me.

Ginger, did you realize that PFach is following you on Twitter and your link is on his main page?! Assuming of course that this is you:

Just for the record, I have absolutely no idea how Twitter works, nor how many people PFach is actually following and reading. (Is "following" someone the equivalent of Facebook-friending someone?) So maybe this isn't as cool as it seems.