Friday, September 25, 2009

Jackson Rath-brokea-bone

I am going to Vancouver to be a candystripper.

I get that you probably intentionally said "stripper" instead of "striper" and that you probably have all sorts of ideas about dancing on his pole, but how about you go to Vancouver and be a hair stylist? I think he needs that more.

*breathes through her nose, counts to 10* Actually, I think his hair looks cute here.

I thought vampires were supposed to have better eyesight than humans. Not worse.

Poor Shirley. How aweful to be injured at her age. They really should have a stunt double for her.

*squeezes eyes shut* Okay someone is getting drained tonigh.

Well, I did have plans for Mr. Meadow, now that you mention it Spank. But these pictures of Jackson are killing my buzz. Can we put up an Edward picture to bring the sexy back?

You sluts! Don't you ever think of anything else. You realize we have become the "I want to do..." blog don't you. Let's admit it and embrace it.

And to the writer/comedian formerly known as Spank, your threat didn't do what you had hoped. I am not afraid of you ever. So, Spitfire, Spunkpervert, Spanklepire... or whatever it is you're calling yourself these days, why don't you keep it simple and go by one word like Madonna. "MacBone"

Hah. You think I'm afraid to go there? That hair is WORSE than Grandma Betty's. Or maybe it's Grandma Betty's before salon senior special, when she got caught in the rain followed by a wild windstorm.

I'm not scared. I have Emmett to protect me, and clearly he can take Jasper - and you. *grins*



dazzledbyhim said...

Ha! First for once! Ok... now that's out of the way... his hair is pretty scary here. I see pictures every now and then with him looking semi-good, but they all get erased with shots like this!

Anonymous said...

I don't know but that looks like it might be Jackson's stunt double. There's just something about his face thats off. It could just be me though.