Saturday, August 22, 2009


I know we all have our superpowers, but what if you were an actual vampire and you had a choice of the power you would posses for eternity (assuming nobody ripped you to shreds and burned you to pieces at some point). Tough question... I think I'd have to say that if I was going to live forever (do they really ever?) I would get super annoyed with people/vampires personalities all the time. I might even be tempted to pull an Edward and go to the Volturi to have them end it for me. The endless lack of cashiers in Target forever? That's enough to kill me alone. So, I would chose to be able to exist ignoring anyone around me whenever I wanted to, to block out their speech totally (mom comes to ming). Sort of like being "abjured" (from Sookie Stackhouse series) but not really.

I've always wanted my superpower to be the ability to stop time - you know, so I could take a nap, or spend countless hours reading or looking at Rob pics online. (What, you thought I'd actually do something important with my special power?) That being said, I don't know if I would choose the same Vampower if I were going to live forever. I wouldn't need more time and I couldn't even nap! And, I'd already be super strong, fast, and beautiful, so really, what more could a girl want?

Hmm... if I were going to live forever and could choose my very own Vampower I would definitely go with the ability to make myself invisible. It sounds lame on the surface but who wouldn't want to be a proverbial fly on the wall? I could watch Rob take a shower and change his clothes. Okay so maybe I'd only get to see this once a week but it would be worth the wait!

I want to have 50 orgasms a night, every night. Oh, was that too much?

Not enough, my friend... not nearly enough.



TwiHuntress said...

I don't know if I would really want to live forever. I have to agree with Spider, the people/vamps would begin to annoy me. I do however like the idea that Rain gave of already being strong, fast and beautiful. But if I did happen to get bitten by a really hunky vampire I would want to be able to give people illusions. That way when they really start to irk me I can cause them to see something terrifying so they would go away or adjust their attitudes. Also it would be cool to give someone a little peace if they are going through a hard time I could help them escape reality for just a little while.

*scratching head* I wonder what vamp sex is like????

kmoye said...

i would love to be able to fly. its lame, i know but what i would want. i mean you already get that animalistic vamp sex so after that what else is there to want? So i choose flying.

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Brenda Jean said...

I would have to go with the ability to "transport" to where ever I wanted anywhere in the world. It's very cool in a few other vamp books I've read. yeah, I'd have to go with that:)