Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: Edward Anthony Cullen

*Sigh* I miss Edward. I miss those sultry looks (especially when he Stops. The. Van.) and his adorable smile. Don't get me wrong, I've thoroughly enjoyed the abundance of Rob that has been offered lately, but I fell in love with Edward Cullen first. I want my vampire back!

... and there IS a difference between Edward and Rob. And I want Edward which is why I'm glad we did a Sultry Sunday for Edward and not Rob. The look that drives me over the edge is when he says "no, not at all" after Bella says, "you don't sleep." That crooked smile sends me reeling... So, yeah, this twitch is for Edward... NOT Rob.

From Dave Matthews lips to Edwards ears: "Shake me like a monkey baby, forever I am yours, yours, yours, yeah!!!" Our reunion will be all the sweeter my love in November! I miss you so much my lover!

Yeah he's kind of funny looking. What do you guys even see in him? *ducking*



Anonymous said...

LMFAO go Ginger!! I used to think he was 'so dreamy' but then I saw Jackson...then I saw Kellan...then I saw Taylor's abs...*sigh*

Anyway...point is...yeah, he's not that great! I'm with you Ginger!

Deedees said...

I'm with Spank.Again lol
No.not at all smile...hmmmmm and when he introduces himself to Bella in Bio.

I love Edward, not so much Rob. lol

Anonymous said...

Aww, two of my favorite guys... JT and Edward Cullen. I'm with you gals, I love Rob, but Edward... *SIGH*.

Totally w/you Spank on the bedroom scene. Love the whole thing!

Can't wait for November. *Runs off to read Twilight*

ciaobella said...

Oh Thank You League for giving me a wonderful start to my Sunday!!! Okay, just have to say that I have to favorite Edward expressions that have not yet been shared. 1) I like the cafeteria scene when Edward first does his appearance when he walks by Bella's table and after Jessica's statement about the other girls not being good enough and he does that half smile smirk. That part melts me. 2) Okay ladies please don't kill me, but i love his face expression when he tells the piss ant to hold very still so he can kiss her and his mouth twitches. Oh yeah, now my kids are going to kill me cuz I am going to watch TWILIGHT. You know ur an addict when ur 4 year old son can recite some scenes. lol

Rachael said...

I have admit that before I saw the first movie, Rob was not my type. Pale and skinny just didn't do it for me. I was more of a Taylor kinda girl, dark and muscular.

I believe my robsession has carried over into real life though. Yesterday I caught myself checking out a skinny guy in a half buttoned dress shirt... WTF??

vidhi said...

OMG! my heart did a somersault at 0.36 in the video!

katarinas mama said...

Oh Ginger, you are so right...Edward is no Spike. *ducks away with Ginger* LOL.

Brenda Jean said...

Edward's smile is the best-- and I just watched a New Moon trailer again. I think he will be awesome in Italy. You all know I love the new wolves, but man, "Jacob's" baby face is still making me feel too much like pinching his cheeks not his abs.

TwiHuntress said...

I have to agree with you on this one Spank. I am obsessed with the Edward not the Rob. There is a difference between Rob and Edward. Edward it very sexy and sultry. Along with much more special qualities that would take forever to name. Rob just has a few sexy moments ie. the crooked smile. But he can't hold a candle to my Edward. *fanning self just thinking of Edward*

You guys can have Rob, I'll take my Edward.

Can't wait for New Moon!!!!

Tracy said...

Saw Twilight for the first time in months on Fri. Edward Cullen still gives me goose bumps. Not sure it'll ever stop. Not sure I want it to :)