Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: Spike

Uh, excuse me while I change my unmentionables.

You know I actually really enjoyed his cameo in The Wedding Singer but to me he will always be remembered for his "classic" Rebell Yell.

*shakes my head at you*

This makes me wonder... now I know why my sister or others cringe their noses up when they see the Eric Northman stuff. I didn't "get it/Eric" until we began reading/watching the True Blood series. Now I do. You don't get "it" unless you know the character behind it. Otherwise... eh, not so much. Sorry Ginger and Buffy fans. Never saw the show, nope, not even once! :0

I no - I see it. I get it. I haven't watched Buffy (yet!) but I definitely see Spike's... appeal. He has a commanding presence about him, which is very sexy. Yeah, I think I might need to see more of Spike. *Runs off to order the Buffy series on DVD*

Since I'm apparently the only one here who FULLY appreciates him, I'm bringing in an expert opinion to help back me up....

Hello everyone! Ginger told me that she was having trouble convincing you all of Spike's awesomeness, so I dusted off my cape for a reunion. Allow me to point out some of Spike's more amazing qualities:

1. He's British. We like the Brits. *cough*ROB*cough*
2. He's baaaaaaad. He knows it, and he OWNS it. No apologies.
3. He's feisty. Don't we all want a man who'll push back when we push him? And then push us into the wall and have his way with us? *looking around* Or is that just me?
4. He always wears leather. And makes it look goooood. (Sorry PETA.)
5. Spike and Buffy? Best. Angry. Sex. EVER. Don't believe me?

Time to change my unmentionables again.


Now, time to announce the winners of our giveaway!

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Joeysmom713 said...

Congrats to the winners!!

Chrissi said...

Now THIS is a Sultry Sunday. I'm a little speechless right now, which for some reason is translating to being unable to type anything coherent. Spike was awesome. He's just another 'bad' guy that I loved more than most of the good guys...

And I'd like to add my congratulations too :D

Kate said...

I feel the need to post this link with this post


Lovely_marlin said...

Ugh I LOVE Spike. Finally he is getting some recognition. :D and yes I'm a little speechless right Angry Sex with Spike sign me up hahahhah.

Lori said...

First off. OH. MY. ANGRY. SEX.

Second. CONGRATS to the winners!!

ciaobella said...

OMG.......... I haven't watched the Buffy series since it ended. tear tear... This is totally SULTRY SUNDAY!! Now this is what I'm talking about. You ladies here at the league are AWESOME!!! And Meadow, I have missed you, and your story time.

Congrats to all the winners!!!

SFT said...

omg I'm a buffy addict! I am definitely a "Team Bangel" lol but Spike really grew on me during the 5th season because he got damn hilarious.

Miss_Pippa said...

I think I need to go lie down...............or have some sex. I now feel like I need to do one of the two...

Spike is HAWT. I recently did a post dedicated to him on my blog too...

God bless the peroxide one!!!

Diane said...

Today is my birthday and I am soooo happy that William the Bloody Spike was chosen for Sultry Sunday today! Thanks League.

crazylife said...

the first video did not see it (the appeal) sorry.

Second video when I heard hm speak ya OK give me more.

Just not into that body type I guess.

I may though rent some episodes of buffy just to you know expand my family going to think I went off the deep end.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I might've been sad not winning, but WOW! a guest appearance from Meadow! How cool! Yes, Spike is hot-- but then I always liked Heathcliff too.
Congrats to the giveaway winners!

Anonymous said...


Sorry I am late to this party but I think I need to point out that James Marsters, who plays Spike, is actually American. I do have to congratulate him on a brilliant english accent as most Americans cannot do a normal English accent AT ALL!

sparkle for twilight said...

@Anon, yeah it's kinda sad he lost some of his sex appeal when he turned brunette and went to American in his role in Smallville.

My Bestie and I were just talking just the other day about why in Buffy did Spike have an accent but Angel loses it. We're nerds lol