Monday, August 17, 2009

The "Official" Golden Onion

Has anyone else noticed how Taylor has become the spokesperson for the Twilight cast? He spoke the most during the MTV Movie Awards presentation with Kristen and Rob, and he was the one who spoke for everyone at the Teen Choice Awards. And not only does he speak for everyone, but he does it really well. He always comes off self-assured and in control, while Rob comes off somewhat nervous (although always extremely adorable) and Kristen basically just fidgets. How is it that the youngest cast member is outshining everyone when it comes to presenting himself (or herself) well?

Honestly, I think it is because Taylor is more self-confident than Rob Pattinson is. Especially since he put on 30 pounds of pure muscle. Hubba hubba. *slaps hands for thinking impure thoughts about a seventeen year old*

The answer is simple! Taylor was the dorky Teacher's Pet at all the Media Training Classes while Rob and Kristen were busy writing love notes to each other in the back of the class.

I think he's just trying to get laid!



Anonymous said...

Awwww come on's cos he's not doped up like KStewpid is all the time!!

I mean, Rob's poor interview skills are endearing, while KStew's are cringe worthy.

But I think that Jacob is just far more confident in who he is and is comfortable with public speaking.

Lori said...

I truly believe that it’s because Taylor is genuinely excited and honored to be a part of these films. He came dangerously close to being replaced and when something like that happens it just makes you even more grateful for what’s been given to you. While I have both feet planted firmly in the Team Edward (and Jasper) camp I think Taylor is just a cutie-pie and it’s a joy to watch him speak and interact.

As for Rob and Kristen. Well Kristen is just above it all (or at least that’s what she thinks) and Rob is just too stunned and awkward to know how to truly deal with all the hype and I can’t really fault him for that.

Jacob Black said...

4 words...

wolves do it better *grins*

Caitlin said...

Wow I haven't been on in a while!
Seems like alots happened in my absence!

All you girls been civil? Not trying to kill each other for Rob still are we?

Well anyway as for the whole Taylor being so poise and confident, Its because he's a toatl sex tiger! (no kitten here). I mean he's dark, buff and tan. All the Disney hags are in love with him, how could you not be alittle self confident with all that.

I think Rob is just socailly akward in general. He probably always has been and it wont leave who he is. Its not that he's not confident, He's just a sweet lovable nerd!

And as for that thing that plays bella. Well we all saw that fall while she was filming her other movie. Maybe she can use that as an excuse.

Rachael said...

What? Rob is brilliant in interviews... That is, when he's not sitting next to Kristen. It's something that she does to him. As if she sucks all the brains out of his head. HA!

"Vampires are like onions. They have layers." LMAO

Rain Storm said...

@Rachel - I totally agree - Rob is perfect in interviews. He's funny (I love his self-deprecating humor) and real. I was referring to the big 'appearances' when he looks nervous. And you are right on about KStew!

Anonymous said...