Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Glimpse of Eclipse

New casting announcements for Royce King and Maria the Vampire reveal that Rosalie's storyline will be told as will Jasper's in the next installment of "The Twilight Saga." This makes us REALLY hopeful that they are committed to developing the rest of the cast in the upcoming films.

I like the idea of getting to see Rosalie go on a murderous rampage against her attackers in a stolen wedding dress. And, of course, who (besides Spider) doesn't want to see Jasper Hale in uniform?

Wait... I'm confused. You actually WANT them to take more screen time away from Robert Pattinson to tell the story of Rosalie? Stop this train, because I want to get off! (on Robert Pattinson) *wink*

Ohhh, this is great stuff. I am super pumped to be able to see the others on screen. I'm not sure how much open mouthed piss-ant I can handle on the big screen in one year since Eclipse is due out next June!

Hmmm... I don't know. I'm still skeptical. I walked into my first viewing of Twilight with such high hopes... and was crushed. Of course, I still love the movie, but was so disappointed at first. So, in order to avoid another night like that, I'm going in to New Moon and Eclipse with low expectations (but still secretly hoping that all my favorite moments will be left IN this time).

Favorite moments? Let's see. What comes AFTER Rosie tells her story to Bella in Edward's bedroom while he's away hunting? When he came back early? And they were rolling around on the bed!? Yum, hear my cougar roar!

And we'll get to see how Edward rejected Rosalie. Art imitating life?



Deedees said...

And we get to see Major Whitlock on horseback. I read somewhere he was taking horseriding lessons for Eclipse.

I have had to word this comment carefully LOL

Ninja Fanpire said...
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Ninja Fanpire said...

And we get to see more Jasper

Ninja Fanpire said...

Hopefully they'll be able to focus on other characters this movie and give them the screen time that they deserve.

ciaobella said...

I think that it's a great idea to have Rosalie's story told, it reminds us why she helped Bella and the abomination in Breaking Dawn. It will also have people feel sorry for her character, I mean hello people, what happened to her was awful, you have to admit that. And, the whole Jasper thing could be cool, it explains why he's like he is (constipated, hahaha lol). Anyways, my favorite chapter of Twilight was cut out, you know the chapter where they were blood typing in biology. That would have been an awesome seen. Still mad over this one :(

RobsNaughtyGirl said...

That's awesome!!! Telling both stories is essential. It makes you understand Rosalie more, realize she's more then just a cold bitch and well Jasper is my favorite Cullen after Edward, and it's a really close 2nd. I'm so excited!!! Please Summit, don't let David Slade screw this up, PLEASE!!!!!!

Lori said...

I'm all for expanding the scope out to include the stories of the rest of the Cullens. It all interweaves so beautifully to make the complete story, I would feel let down if they didn't tell everyone's story. Of course, more Jasper is ALWAYS a good thing in my opinion. I want to see all his scars and kiss each one better.