Monday, August 24, 2009

Double the Pleasure

Nils Allen "Boo Boo" Stewart Jr. (no relation to Kristen Stewart) has confirmed that he is signed on to play Seth Clearwater for THREE movies which seems to indicate that Breaking Dawn will be split into two films. I think this is good because now they have plenty of time film Isle Esme in slow-mo.

Wait, I'm sorry, did you say "Boo Boo"?

Dude... that is so cool. He's got the same name I call my cat.

That's great, but he's a dog.

Here's how it plays out: In the woods, Jacob, Seth and Leah are doing whatever the stupid book says to protect the Cullen house. Meanwhile, Yogi and Boo Boo are trying to have a pic-a-nic to get away from the Forest Ranger who is hunting them back to the reserve. But Jacob appears and is upset about the pic-a-nic. Jacob is worried that Yogi and Boo-Boo will attract attention from the Volturi and the others, but Boo-Boo earns Jacob's trust and Jacob makes Boo-Boo a pack member. Boo-Boo's new post is to stand guard at the steps of the Cullen house. Sadly, Boo-Boo got distracted while keeping watch by a chipmunk and was instantly killed by an unknown creature.

Someone has given this a lot of thought... and somehow Boo-Boo has managed to hijack the thought process of hot blooded ovulating women from BREAKING DAWN BEING MADE INTO TWO MOVIES!



AnnemarieCullen said...

At least we will get two movies for Breaking Dawn.. They better not cut very "essential" piece out of the book like for exemple Isle Esme,they can't find us the excuse about the movie being too short to include it in ...

Chrissi said...

Look, I'd be more than happy for the Twilight saga to continue for all eternity (because as we all know vampires never age, therefore they can just continue looking hot forever while filming), but did enough happen in Breaking Dawn to actually make it into two movies? I mean, yes, Isle Esme should logically take at least one movie's length, but for all the suspense of that book, NOTHING HAPPENED... If I'm looking at it from a script writer's viewpoint, I'd probably have to change what happened to add to the dramatic cinematic quality of the storyline. Although since none of us would boycott it just because the story has no action, they probably don't need to worry about that.

Really I was just playing devil's advocate, because as long as I can get extended shots of Jasper, preferably shirtless, I'll be happy ;)

twidw said...

Spider- I laughed out loud and spit out my coffee when I read pic-a-nic. Thanks for a good laugh!

Lori said...

Wait - really? Boo Boo?? Okay that aside. Are you sure he didn't mean Leah instead of Seth?

crazylife said...

Apparently, Boo-Boo made a Boo-Boo about saying that he was signed for three movies. Summit has made a statement that at this time there will be no extra movie.

This statement from Summit suggests that they are thinking about it.

Spider, I thank you as well for my morning laugh Pic a nic!

TwiHuntress said...

Well I for one am happy that they got a young kid to play Seth. I am hoping that he has the charisma that Seth has. Also am glad that he is a real Native American. That would make 2 (Jacob) and possibly one more (Kiowa). Am pretty upset that the others aren't.

I loved Boo Boo. He was my favorite bear.

I would also have to agree Chrissi, even though the books were awesome and I still read them over and over again. Is there really that much cinematic excitement in Breaking Dawn to ward 2 movies? There is the big confrontation in the clearing but it is just a build up to nothing. (I am glad that no one died but I was hoping for a good rumble). And yes, Isle Esme was the bomb of a read. My imagination went wild and I loved it. *fanning self, thinking of my Edward biting the pillow*.

beesue said...

Hello League!

@spank - Love the forest Ranger and hey - is there a spot for Huckelberry Hound!! Ruff! Ruff!

What will they call it? Breaking Dawn 2!!! MWAH!! More Movies... More Money for Summitt!! Win, Win for all - I guess!!

Rachael said...

OMG @spider.... water came out my nose... ROTFLMFAO... my eyes are watering

Spider Monkey said...

@the comments directed to Spider! I guess we're all showing our age if we "get it"... The Yogi pic-a-nic reference that is!!! ;) xoxoxo