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Junior League - Leah: Misunderstood or Menace?

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Is Leah, is she misunderstood or just a b*tch?

In a way, I always felt sorry for Leah, she seemed to have pulled the shortest stick out of the pack. Her bitterness is what makes her a lot different from the rest, even in wolf form in my opinion and seems not to have gotten over the break up between her and Sam. Glenn Close and an innocent rabbit springs to mind!

You get a sense with Leah that she feels inadequate when it comes to baring children to another and thinks this is a main reason to why Sam never imprinted on her.

Would the story be different if Sam knew that Leah was to become a wolf, would he have imprinted on her then? Or would Sam still go for the 'Less of a bitch' option?

I think imprinting isn't something to be thought through. It just happens when you find your mate in the shapeshifter world. I think it can be true even in reality. People fall in and out of what they call love until they find the one that stops their heart and causes it to beat all at the same time. I do sympathize with Leah, though, because she has to listen to Sam's thoughts which is the equivalent of putting lemon juice over a fresh wound over and over again.

Aren't fairies the ones that avoid lemons? Wait, wrong series! Leah is a little rough around the edges, sure. The rest of the pack aren't exactly too warm and fuzzy to her either (actually they are). I was always kind of hoping that Sam would/could somehow change his mind. But I suppose Stephenie Meyer had to focus her love storyline on two other people who became quite famous!

I always wondered why there was no resolution with Leah. We got to know more about her in Breaking Dawn and then... nothing. No happy ending for Leah, it seems. I definitely feel bad for her, but at the same time, it always irritated me that she couldn't just accept the hospitality of the Cullens - refusing the food and clothes that Esme offered was just plain rude. Maybe she deserved to be alone.

I felt a little sorry for Leah until she repeatedly refused the Cullens' hospitality. They have nothing to do with her being unable to have children or being left by Sam and yet she continued to be rude. Personally I thought she was going to end up with Jacob. You know, two people who didn't have the one they really wanted, so they settled for each other. Would've been better than Jacob imprinting on that freak newborn.



CorrinaT said...

OK .. I feel for Leah. Seriously I do. Feeling as though she will never be able to bear children. She is like Rosalie, which is why she identified with Rosalie's choice in helping Bella. There always has to be at least one hard-ass bitch in a story. BD was Leah's turn. Rosalie had been softened somewhat starting in New Moon.

Sam, nor Jacob, had any choice in who they were to love because of the power of the imprint.

As far as the rudeness she showed to the Cullens ... she blamed them for her change. If there were no vampires there would have been no "need" for her or any of the others to change. But yes, when they offered her the comforts of home, she should have shown some gratitude. But then she would not have been the bitter Leah we had grown accustomed to.

*MUAHS* Luv ya girls and your discussions!

Beth said...

@Ginger_Swan and your freakie newborn comment, made me chuckle!

Leah should have had more of a starring role, you know, under cutting nessie at her every move, slapping jacob round a bit more.......would have love to have scene a fight between rosalie and leah.........

You do feel for her and I always thought she'd end up with jacob.......or could that be another story in the making MWAAHAHAHAH

Thanks for my topic team xx

Ninja Fanpire said...

Well, you gotta remember that many of the other wolves still weren't too keen on the Cullens living in Forks. Isn't that part of the reason the pack split up? Leah just hates Sam more than Vampires. But she still agrees with Sam's pack on some points, however she'd rather not have Sam's thought's in her head, and this is a chance to still be a wolf, yet not have to have "lemon juice over a fresh wound over and over again."

Jo Patterson said...

Bitterness is a pill best swallowed with a bottle of Vodka is all I can say!

Jamaican Princess said...

HAHAHA! I lol at Gingers comment! I did feel sorry for Leah but she WAS rude to the Cullens and that was uncalled for. I DID think that she and Jacob would end up together, but no, he opted for a creature they call Nessie

Jenny Jerkface said...

I was always disappointed that we never got a resolution when it came to Leah. We don't know how her life turned out.

I do feel sorry for her character. She got dumped, turned into a shapeshifter which consequently made her infertile and she's stuck with a secret life that she shares with two groups that she can't stand (the werewolves and the vampires).

I was also hoping she'd get together with Jacob but Stephenie Meyer opted for the creepy pedophile route.

geemoney02 said...

I agree with Ginger. I thought Leah and Jake were going to get together in the end. I would have liked that more than Jake and the baby. But as for feeling sorry for Leah? Nope. Not. At. All. Yeah, it sucks that Sam left her for her cousin, but it's that weirdy wolf fate. She shouldn't hold a grudge. It couldn't have been avoided.

Caitlin said...

I just want to know who she imprints on. You know it has to go both ways. She cant just not have all the wolfy abilities because shes a girl. So I do feel sorry for her, I mean shes in a guys world and she has to hold her own.

And she is a scorned broken girl. so her pitterness is not her fault. but I do want to know what happens to her.

Duchess said...

love the discussion topics... ah book club.. miss those days... I love the mix of topics on this board...

@Spank... pretty deep... me likes

Beth said...

Who would leah imprint on? Now, I got to thinking about this, could she actually imprint on a vampire?

If so, what if she fell for a Volturi?

Just a thought............

Ninja Fanpire said...

I don't see a problem with imprinting on a Vampire. I mean, Jake imprinted on a half vamp.

Elina said...

People, think about what the poor girl went through.

First, she has to watch her man completely change overnight and leave her. Then she has to watch her cousinsister set up home with him, all while knowing that Emily did have a choice. A hard choice but still, she could have chosen Leah.....and she didn't.

Then she phases, inadvertently kills her father (he had a heart attack after seeing her change. Unofficial canon.) and has to spend every phased hour seeing and hearing how much her ex doesn't love her anymore and every waking hour seeing her cousinsister rewarded for her weak, selfish betrayal with a life that would have been hers if it wasn't for those damn vampires.

Not to mention that her pack brothers don't really give a shit about how hurt she is by it. They just blindly accept imprinting without question how great it could possibly be if it causes so much pain and destruction and is based upon selfishness and a forced bond. In fact, the blame HER for being angry and upset and feeling (rightfully betrayed) not only by Sam and Emily but by the world itself.

I'd be pissed. Not only at my pack, my life, the world but every last thing in it. Especially the only creatures I can take it all out on without being told to STFU and get over it.

Even Edward is having a pop at her for daring to do her genetically bestowed, civic duty and fight a vampire. Why? Oh, because big, buff Jacob had to jump in and rescue the poor, little woman. How dare she do her *job*? (Meyer, you suck.)

How can she get over it? She's still right in the freaking middle of it. Sam is still a love zombie. Emily is still a traitorous douche and everyone still doesn't realise these blindingly obvious facts.

Leah should just team up with Rosalie and kill every p*****whipped, imprinted idiot she comes across.

*rolls eyes* Leah is the best character in these books and the only real evidence that Meyer can at least attempt to write a complex, layered character.