Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Breaking the Bank or Breaking Dawn?

Why on earth is there talk of making Breaking Dawn THREE movies. Isn't two enough? Didn't they manage to go from "Hello my name is Edward Cullen" to declaration of love in what seemed like 60 seconds. Given that, how long is it actually going to take for them to get married, have fade to black sex, birth a demon child and have the showdown nodown with the Volturi?

And, please, can you imagine an entire movie told from Jacob's perspective? *wrinkling nose*

Oh holy hell. Jacob having an entire movie?! Now that's one movie I don't have to watch.

After a little thought, I agree to the three movie deal if this is how it plays out:

1. The wedding
2. Isle Esme
3. Isle Esme part II, "The League Cut"



GallifreyReject said...

Three movies??

Ladies, this is ridiculous! After you scratch Jacob's whining, add CGI talking wolves, Bella's egg fetish & then add more Jacob/Rosalie banter...Maybe you might have enough for 2 movies. We all know that 'showdown' at the end was what 10 minutes max..


Jo Patterson said...

Hmmmmm do I smell cashing in or perhaps even covering ones arse for pending lawsuit (Rachelle). Totally agree with Spiders trilogy now that would be worth paying 4 but a movie about the Dog I think not!

Erin said...

Uh...NO! Here are my reasons:
1. The first "book" in Breaking Dawn is very short, and unless they plan on giving us every single detail of Isle Esme (and I mean EVERY detail) there is no way to make that one part into a movie...its TOO short. (Although I would like to see every detail of Isle Esme...I'd totally pay for a League Cut of that movie)
2. I don't want an entire movie from the mongrel's point of view...*thinks about it* yeah, nope don't want it.
3. I don't think Summit is thinking this through...has no one noticed how the HP franchise isn't as popular? Strike while those of us in love with Twilight are willing to pay for it...don't drag it out...it will piss us off!

I could see this being made into 2 movies. The first 2 books in one and the third, most substantial and I think with the right writer/director combo, this could be a good movie. I'm still worried about the blood bath birth and creating Reneesme.

Diane said...

As it is, Breaking Dawn was needlessly long on Books 2 & 3...I agree that Summit is trying to stretch out the franchise to make more money. I tend to think the end of the series at the fade to black Isle Esme section and try to forget everything else that happens afterwards.

(And come on...who are they kidding with it's statement about "There will likely be quite a bit of tweaking to the novel due to the explicit sex and birth scenes to avoid an R rating." WHAT explicit sex scenes? Did we read different books?)

Tracy said...

I can't imagine them making 3 movies. I know it's got an HP-like following, but I don't think Twifans will wait until 2013 for the films to finish. Maybe though. All the young fans will be older and all the older fans will be, well, older (includes myself).

I think it could be done in either a 2 1/2 hr movie (maybe) or 2 movies w/in 6-8 mos of each other (a la NM/Eclipse). Definitely not 1 per year and definitely not 3.

And I agree with anyone/everyone who said they didn't like Jake's POV part. Blah.


Beth said...

I say leave it at 2, 1st & 2nd books as a film, with extended Isle of Esme scenes and then the 'I'll give birth to a sprog demon' as the 2nd movie.............lots of blood and guts. Come on ladies, it takes a good couple of hours to give birth, that's a story in one!

Duchess said...

ewww jacobs perspective for 2 hours.....ewwww ***I think I just threw up in my mouth****

Ginger Swan said...

LOL @Diane. I know, right? I don't remember any explicit sex scenes in my Breaking Dawn book!

leslie said...

Totally agree that this is another attempt to make more money for the franchise. Sadly, I think we'd all pay to see these movies and even buy the DVDs just beacuse we love Twilight so much.

I kinda like Spider's idea about the three movies mentioned, but I'd even be willing to pay to see a part four if we can see The Cottage, "The League Cut".


crazylife said...

I vote for spider's version

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