Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adults have a Choice Awards

This is my stop to get off the Twi-Train. I cannot and I will not watch the Teen Choice Awards. It is simply not in my genetic makeup to watch anything hosted by the Jonas Brothers. I don't care if Rob and Kristen walk on stage and suck face while declaring their undying love for each other for all the world to see. I did my civic Twi-duty by lying about my age to vote for Twilight in all their categories now leave me alone with my epsom salt bath and heating pad.

In the past year something dark and evil has emerged from me that I never knew was there. I became a Twi-hard. My maturity level has sunken to an all time low. But how low will I go? Not this low. Sorry, not watching either! Ok, well, I would maybe watch it if all the blinds were drawn, nobody was home, I was shitfaced and wore my Spider avatar around the house to cover my identity!

Okay, you two might not watch the actual show, but don't even try to tell me you won't be watching youtube clips of Rob. I for one am embracing my inner tween these days, so I'll be watching. Okay, I'll be watching delayed on TiVo... so I can skip to the good parts.

I'm glad one of us will be watching. Because ever since I saw the footage of last year's Comic Con, I developed a very strong allergy to screaming tweens. If I hear them, even through the computer or television, I get a very strong urge to kill everyone in sight. So for the benefit of Mr. Ginger and our Gingerettes, I'll refrain from watching.

Rain, I'll do it if you do it... but I'll need A LOT of alcohol. More than usual. Um... drunktweet, anyone?

Can you purchase the entire the beer aisle Spank?

I can buy it and I can drink it...

I lurve drunktweet! I'm in if you're in!




imbeingheldhostage said...

wait a minute... whoa, stampede, back up a little-- you mean you ladies AREN'T sexy young super heros?

Wow... so sad I'll be watching this alone in my Hanna Montana bedroom.

RobsButtonsBabe said...

cant wait for the #drunktweets ladies!!! :D

kmoye said...

i'll drunktweet but thats where i draw the line. i won't watch teen choice awards but will most def watch Rob vid when ya'll post it!
and i'll laugh at ya'll's tweets.

Tracy said...

Seriously, who DIDN'T get all goose-bumpy when watching the MTV awards. I am up for those goose bumps anytime.
But yes, I will be DVRing and skipping everything else.

Tracy said...

and yes, that was me, @rosenfie

CorrinaT said...

Ok so seriously I have to watch cause my teen baby sister will be there! She is a seat filler and she will be squeeing a little when she sees Rob I know she will!

But that being said I will have my earplugs and be drunktweeting with the lot of you!

So power to the #drunktweet!

Duchess said...

Man I am totally scandalous... yes I also pretended to be a 15 year old to vote for Rob.... I just couldn't pull the trigger for Kristin though... Angelina got the honors... and under no circumstances will I be watching teeny boppy awards....sheesh... I dont care how drunk I get

HappyHourSue said...

I have very elaborate plans to take Joe Jonas' virginity, so....yeah, I'll be watching. **drool**