Friday, August 14, 2009

Bloody Mess

We talk about the continuity issues in the movie all the time but what about the books? When we meet Jasper he is the newest vampire who had poor self control. Yet when they were in the ballet studio it was Alice who could not handle the scent as Bella was bleeding from a main artery while Jasper was seemingly unaffected in the same room. Then all it took was a paper cut for Jasper to go wild? Even worse you later have Bella drinking human blood from a straw like it's a Strawberry Shake from McDonald's to nurture the half-breed on the couch and Jasper doesn't even wrinkle his nose...

Um... um.... yeah, I've got nothing. Doesn't make a lick of sense to me.

Maybe, just maybe, we've read these books too many times? Perhaps if we hadn't read the series 45 times in a row, we wouldn't notice these inconsistencies. While we're on the subject, though, why didn't Alice see it coming? I mean, she knew Jasper wouldn't hurt Bella in Phoenix, why didn't she see him freaking out about the paper cut? I know her visions are "subjective," but still!

Um... Rain. *cough* We've only read the series twice! *cough*

*snicker* Yes, only twice.

I don't thing that it was hard on Alice to be next to the bleeding of Bella's femoral artery, I seriously think she was bullshitting "Carlisle, there's blood," to to get away from the cross-eyed piss ant and have at tearing James' head off. As far as Jasper is concerned, I think he was too preoccupied with tearing up floor boards and looking manly for once in his existence (on screen, anyway). Why bother looking more constipated with blood lust... he'd been there and done that!

So what you're saying then is that Alice was crying wolf. *frowns* This brings up a whole other set of issues... *glances over in the direction of La Push with disgust*


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Akilah said...

Okay, I have two theories...

1) Stephenie Meyer was not an experienced enough writer to worry about little things like plot line consistency.
2) Jasper doesn't give himself enough credit as far as naturally controlling his blood lust. When it isn't right in his face, it isn't that big of a deal. It is only when it catches him off guard and he actually thinks about the blood's affect that it makes him crazy. It's like being on a diet- you don't crave chocolate until someone throws a snickers in your face. He can also control his thirst when someone is in trouble (i.e. Phoenix with Bella and feeding the unholy abomination.)
And as far as Alice predicting the cut, it wasn't a decision that was made on Jasper or Bella's part... it happened too fast for her to see anything.

Maybe I'm the one that has read the series too many times. Not only have I seen the inconsistencies, but I have made up logical explanations for them...

Amanda said...

What bothers me about Jasper is - if he supposedly has this much trouble controlling himself what the hell is he doing going to high school every day? There are an awful lot of yummy-smelling humans in a high school!

kellyprovence said...

The way i rationalized Alice not knowing that jaspers was going to attack Bella is because it was a decision he made right that second. He wasn't planning on attacking her. Alice shouldn't have seen it until that second that he decided to attack her.
Don't know if this is right, but thats the reason i could think of!

Ninja Fanpire said...

I think that by the time Breaking Dawn came around, Jasper was a little bit more used to having Bella around all the time. I mean, he went to a high school and didn't frequently eat people, even if it was hard for him to have control.

But the movie seen has bothered me. I have asked on I believe more than one occasion, "why doesn't the blood bother Jasper"
The last time I watched Twilight, my friend said, simply put, "he was distracted".
Erm, okay, ya. That's a good of an explanation as I'll get.
As has been mentioned, there are numerous things the movie left out, and the book also, although I feel the book tried to keep the details straight.
Bella's blood not affecting Jasper is like having Victoria at the prom scene- Probably just poor directing. Maybe poor screenwriting, I don't know who has how much say in the movie biz.

Jacob Black said...

*glances back in the general direction of Spank*

you know you secretly love me

Spank Ransom said...

@Jacob Black - Hey, I hope you're enjoying your "cover" story on EW b/c you know what? Shh... come close, ... no closer ... Um, YOU LOSE!

Anonymous said...

jasper in uniform, updated just fou you