Monday, August 3, 2009

Reality Bites

What is a Superheroine to do while waiting for Midnight Sun to be published and New Moon to be released? Why immerse herself in the world of the Cullens on Twitter, of course. I too was quite surprised to find that they have actually Twitter accounts but I guess it is a great way to spend time when you have nothing but time on your cold marble hands.

Oh, Spank hun, I'm so sorry to learn that you have that much time on your hands. Me, not so much. While you let your fingers do the texting, I let my fingers do the tosseling... of Robert's hair that is. He is just so delicious that I couldn't bear to tell you he was here, in the "love web"

Four words: My own personal Jasper. Top that, webmaster.

You can have his shit, I want a man that doesn't have bowel issues!

"Cat Fight!!!" *ducking*

I'm not a cat, I'm a spider. And let me tell you, monkey's don't F' around! Nasty little creatures!

Eow Spider! Feeling feisty today, are we? I think Spider really just wants her own personal Edward on Twitter. Let it out Spider, it's okay.



Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

thank god they know how to use twitter..i would be sooooooooo bored..hehehheheheheh i love edwardluvcullen..hehe he is not so serious...heheheheh rotfl...u rock having your own personal jasper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Dr. Carlisle Cullen said...

Of course we have twitter accounts. How else are we supposed to keep in touch with family around the world?

Mrs Esme Cullen said...

*Smiles* Wheaty's girl, I'm glad to see you love Edward, most people do!

The League, Twitter is an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and family, and to make new friends. We are privileged to know you! *Smiles* I honestly can't believe something like Twitter exists. It's really quite amazing how far technology has come these days.

Oh, and, shameless plug: Everyone should join our family website

In case any of your viewers want to follow me on Twitter,

*Smiles* Have a great evening!

Alice Cullen said...

Of course we do...just because we're vampires doesn't mean we don't stay up to date with the latest online trends.