Thursday, July 9, 2009

Robsten Baby!!!

And let me guess... Taylor is their adopted brother from the Planet Drool. Am I right? I KNEW it!

Of course this has to be true. I mean after all Kristen's Mom is Australian and the story is being broken by an Australian tabloid. Also, Australia is like a day ahead of us so they can totally see the future. *raised eyebrow*

Total and utter NONSTENSE! BTW, did you also know that Oprah had an affair with Tom Cruise when he was house hunting in Santa Barbara (right next door to be exact)... How convienient is that?

Can we really blame Kristen if she were? I'm not sure I'd be thinking of protection when it came to Rob. As a matter of fact... I'm SURE I wouldn't be thinking about it at all.

If this is true, they should just go ahead and name the babe Renesmee. And, perhaps Taylor will fall in love with her and wait for her to come of age. HELLO? REALITY? I'm with Spider, yet again. Sing it, Spider - Nonstense!!

Ok, so she might not actually be pregnant, but they are fo sho practicing! Trust.

*putting fingers in ears* lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala I can't hear you, Ginger!

Here me now and listen to me later: Rob's fingers are not inserted in ears. That's all I'm sayin'.


**Hey, Psst! Today is Spank's birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Spank! We love you!


Total Fanpires said...

I hope RPattz brings you lots of good times/things. ifyouknowwhatimsayin'

Also im a Aussie, and i think its total BULL!! Theres no way it can be true, they're just running low on news!

Nikki Maree said...

I'm Australian, and I admit that I felt nothing but shame as a walked past the newsagency and saw the headline on that trashy mag.

Bad Australians! Bad!

Ravishim Team said...

Happy Birthday Spankieeee!!!
Todays post is dedicated to you *grin*
We wish you all the best!
Love you!
The R-Team

lickhimright said...

Happy Birthday Spankie!!!

Hehehe!!! Rob's fingers are not inserted in ears... Hehehe!!!

I agree with you Ginger! I certainly would NOT think of anything when / if I would ever to that babe... (that reminded me of Dean... babe... hmmm *grin*).


AetherPrincess said...

Hang on now...Don't be dumping this all on Australians!! Everyone knows that NW is full of nothing but crap, but it's not like Gossip mags around the world weren't gonna head down this path eventually!!

I mean, look at all the rest of the Robsten crap...did ANY of that have ANY basis in fact??


I seriously don't know why THIS particular rumour is shocking ANYONE.

And it's beyond me why people say that if you talk about this to anyone you're disrespecting RPattz and KStewpid.

I think it's official...the world has officially gone insane.

Btw...I'm having Jackson's baby...just thought I'd put that out there!!

holdhimdown said...

Happy Birthday Spank!!

great pic Mr G ha ha..

yep, nonstence lol, but i agree with Ginger, they're definitely 'practising'

(btw, Spank, did u know i saw Alan Rickman/Snape on tuesday night? that was surreal.. and have now seen Harry Potter AND Edward Cullen in real life. wtf?! )

loves ya! holdhimdown/ vampie

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Spank!

This is crap. She prolly called the mag herself and "pretended" to be the un-named source. She thinks that there arent enough articles about her and Rob. Total lies! However, those two are soo Im soo

Chrissi said...

I get a good laugh every time I see NW for sale, especially when I saw this story, and the one that said that Rob told Kristen he wasn't waiting around for her, and featured a pic of him and Emilie from the Remember Me beach setting. They have made up so many stories in their time that I wonder what they must be thinking ("I'm glad I spent so many years studying journalism for this??"). Plus, when has an Aussie mag ever had the scoop on anything outside Australia?? I'm not trying to be unpatriotic, but I wouldn't trust it as far as I can throw it... into a bin.

@Spank Happy Birthday!! And yes, we can see into the future, because we're living in it *Twilight Zone music plays*

dazzledbyhim said...

Happy birthday Spank!

Jen said...

BWAHAHAHA! Another Mr. Ginger gem. That's fantastic!!!!!

OMG, you guys rock. That's all I'm sayin'.

Do I see a thong???? said...

Happy Birthday, Spank!!!

Rob's fingers are inserted where they belong! And I'm hoping he's giving you exactly what you need for ur special day, girl! *whistling*

Yea yea, everyone wants Robs baby. His seed is everywhere! mmm. I have a new favorite now...
PARKWARD, bunnyward! (as in doing it like bunnies, which we know they have....)
Just saying!!!!

We should have a baby naming contest just in case kstew starts to gain weight....just in case....
*rolls eyes*

now JR LEAGUEr - ok ok still excited. let me bask in the glory of it!

beesue said...

Hello League!

Happy Birthday Dear Spank!

The Spider/Rain Train is chugging by and I am running to Jump On Board! coughnonstensecough!!

If Rob is spreading his baby batter around - this cupcake is awaiting!;)

Rain Storm said...

@beesue - baby batter! LMAO!! And, yes, jump on - all are welcome!

Spank Ransom said...

Thanks to all of you for helping to make my birthday so special. I am a very lucky superheroine. *wink*