Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Junior League: Rob in a Box

This week's Junior League Member is Bonnie

Superhero Name: PassionHeart
Superpowers: Knowing what's really in your heart; Spreading RobRespect

I have been upset by the fact that Robert Pattinson seems to be getting more and more un-happy with New York. If he could get away and see other places on his little breaks (like Virginia, hint, hint) I think he would like it a little bit better. His security is making me crazy.They always seem to be touching him or leading him by the arm...I mean give the guy a child leash or something already. I'm sure he can walk all by himself. My hubby is certified PPS (personal protection service) and he knows how it should be done...they shouldn't be touching him.

It's so true that Rob seems miserable in New York. I'm sure having girls write messages like, "I think we're meant to be together. Call me," on his car and trailer doesn't help either. And, Summit now has him "secure" from these crazies by putting him in a seven foot box. I'm sure he can't wait to be finished with New York.
But, you can hardly blame his security team for touching him, even if it's not proper security protocol - he's clearly irresistible to everyone around him!

P.S. Rob, I think we're meant to be together. Call me.

I wonder how much postage one would need to ship a 7 foot box containing God's gift to the world.

Wow... I'm feeling a song coming on... Robschlong in a Box. Maybe we can get Forrest Whitaker to sing that too.

Where to begin... RP, I cannot stand how you're being attacked! It infuriates me beyond belief. However, you brought this on yourself by being the most desired 23yr. old on earth. We can certainly blame your parents, but it's YOU, YOU are just too much for us. There is no way in hell the League would ever violate you the way you have been. I think you should consider moving to New England, not England, but New England to get yourself back to straight. Are you in? (that's what she said)

Did anyone ever consider that this was just Spank's specially ordered lunch box? Meal included.

Well, that would definitely be a happy meal.



Total Fanpires said...

You guys crack me up!
You know how some meals have name? i wonder what Rob's would be...
My mind explodes with the possiblities!

P.S HP6 was awesome!

MamaStesha said...

Forget Patrick Dempsey...RP would definately be a McDreamy Meal! said...

Oh League and Jr League(r) Bonnie

My 5'3" frame can protect him better than those ogres! *sheesh* And I come with many other protecting tools that they don't have....I can give him $10,000 worth of therapy with my very wrappable legs.....*wink*

OH YES! postage for the most precious gift like that? PRICELESS...everything else there's Mastercard!

Happy Meal!!!!! mahahahahahahaha
Now that would make ME happy!

Jr League Reelhimin!

Jenny Jerkface said...

This just made my morning. Happy Meal! HA HA HA HA!!!

That would certainly be one supersized happy meal, all right.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

I love reading your posts....

GallifreyReject said...

*calls UPS*

yeah yall owe me! So, I would like to ship some fragile cargo via air.. yes, yes I know it's is expensive.. No, there will be no in-flight entertainment.. yes, the 'package' will have air holes... yes it is a mammal.. yes i do have security clearance.. no, just charge it to Summit Entertainment..

well, Rob should be safely shipped to LA.. I think.. Wait.. uh oh.. I forgot the food!! There's no microwave in air cargo!!

rxmeds96 said...

I am right there with Spider....New England (Rhode Island to be more specific--put some life into this boring state)

TwiDW said...

I was actually one of the many fans watching Rob film Remember Me a few weeks ago in NYC. Yes, he is completely stuck in his trailer. He has about 8 bodyguards to walk him to the set, and they have a draped off area for him to "hide" in between filming scenes. I actually feel bad for him. He didn't look very happy. I got great pictures though, and I had a great time!

Poor guy!