Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jr. League: Addictive Authors

This weeks Jr. League member is: Loveluster

Superpowers: love for mythical creatures; lust for those lucky enough to be surrounded by said mythical creatures.

Though we all know that Twilight is, and always will be, one of the greatest phenomenons to ever exist. I was wondering if you all here at The League are open to any other new and upcoming books? Though there will never be a book or saga or tale that could ever be as exciting, touching, or addicting as Twilight--in my opinion-- do you think there could ever be one that comes close to it? One that can also be addicting in its own way, that can stand beside Stephenie Meyer's greatest work?

If you haven't read the Mortal Instruments trilogy, I'd say go out and get them now! The writing is better than Stephenie Meyer's, I loved the main girl much better than Bella, and the guy is totally swoon-worthy. In fact, when I was reading it, I briefly considered quitting The League and starting a Mortal Instruments blog. *ducking*

Ginger is right about Mortal Instruments! You'll have to take me with you if you start a blog! We can continue our discussion over the said "swoon-worthy" guy. Ginger, please just accept the fact that he's mine. MINE!

Also - The Hunger Games. This book sucked me in quickly and I stayed up until the wee hours because I HAD TO FINISH. And then I read it again. They're making it into a movie (which I've already started casting in my head). The best part about this is that the book's author is also writing the screenplay, so Melissa Rosenberg will not be able to screw it all up.

I just finished reading the Sookie Stackhouse series and I think they are a fantastic read. It reminded me what always bothered me about the Twilight Series. Stephenie Meyer created a wonderful and magical world that I obviously cannot get enough of but it is quite like a fairytale - the good guys win, the bad guys die and they all live happily ever after. With Sookie there is tangible loss and pain but also triumph. A metaphor for life in a supernatural world, perhaps? I got the same vibe from the Harry Potter books which I also deeply loved.

A completely different genre "series" I loved were the historical fiction novels based on the life and loves of King Henry VIII by Philippa Gregory. They are full of intrique, deception, lust, love and loss.

Hold it, hold it, hold it! There are other books out there?



Ninja Fanpire said...

"The writing is better than Stephenie Meyer's"

Sometimes, people tell me I write like Stephanie Meyer. And when I mention it to other people, they ask if it's an insult or a compliment.
Meyer's writing can be taken either way, it's not the best and it's not the worst.

I heard the House of Night series was good, though I haven't gotten to read it myself.
OH! The Wicked series by Gregory Maguire. The writing is great, however I feel that it's a very mature book and some of the details are unnecessary, unless you like that type of thing.
If HE had written Twilight, you would not get fade-to-blacks, I'll say that.
(The musical that is based loosely on the books is much better and more family based.)

AkilahD said...

I agree with Ninja about the Wicked series. They are really great books that take you into an entirely new world, but they are fairly mature.

I just started on the Harry Potter series (I know, I'm so late.) after being a fan of the movies for awhile, I bot the boxed set and am only on Chamber of Secrets now. The writing is similar to S. Meyer, which is cool- easy to read, but keeps you interested.

After these, I guess I am gonna start on Mortal Instruments... Think I can finish them all before school starts next month???

leslie said...

I love that we're talking about book suggestions. Love the Mortal Instrument trilogy. Ginger and Rain, Jace is definitely swoon-worthy, but would never replace my Edward.

And Spank, I read "The Other Boleyn Girl" and really enjoyed the twists and turns in that one. My RL book club friends rave about the rest of the Gregory novels, so I'm going to pick those up soon.

There are so many books I want to read. But darn, so much to read, so little time. *sigh*

@Spider - LMAO

Muah! Love you guys!
The Thirsty Elephant

Chrissi said...

I'm currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, based on Spank's recommendations from a few weeks ago. Book 2 just arrived by mail, so as soon as I'm finished Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice I'm gonna continue reading them. The Sookie series definitely has what Twilight's lacking, if you know what I mean *wink*

@Spank I've also read one of the Phillipa Gregory King Henry VIII books, and it was really good.

Anonymous said...

The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon is SUPER ADDICTIVE!! I read these to get my mind off the Twilight series a few months ago and was actually able to get attached to something else!

kmoye said...

MI were ok. lord knows i was having more than "brotherly" thoughts about Jace. but for me it got to be too much at times with ALL the mythical creatures.

Loved, LOVED the Hunger Games. a must read!!! love Katniss!

Stacy said...

Hi all,

The Mortal Instruments trilogy is terrific! Jace gives Edward a run for his money in my mind. Mmmmm. But Jace really is jailbait, isn't he? I don't think he's 18 yet in the books.

Ninja, the House of Night series is MUCH more teen-centric than either Twilight or MI. There's a lot of pop-culture references, and the writing isn't terrific. Also, there's a gay character (two later on), and they're depicted very stereotypically. I only read the latest book because my niece bought it and loaned it to me.

Questions for those who've read the Sookie Stackhouse series and watch True Blood: 1.) how closely does True Blood follow the books? and 2.) will watching the show ruin the books for me (or vice versa)?

- Stacy

Stacy said...

Hm, guess I can't edit my previous post....

Anyway, wanted to mention that I love MI so much that I got a tattoo of one of the runes last week. If you haven't seen them: I got Fearless on my right ankle.

- Stacy

Spank Ransom said...

@Stacy - I have read all books and watch the show. I love them both and one has not ruined the other for me. The show adds different elements and develops characters and storylines that are either not in the book or are shadows in the book that are brought to the forefront. The second season, so far, seems to be keeping the main storyline of the book but finding a very different way to get there. For me that's exciting b/c I don't immediately know what is going to happen each week of the various storylines. Does that make sense?

Rain Storm said...

@Stacy - I would start watching the series before reading. I read the books before the series started and couldn't get past the differences. I'm still going to try - I just needed some distance from the books.

@Ninja - Stacy is right about the House of Night series. I'm a self-confessed book whore, so I'll read just about anything and have read all of the HoN books. They are good, but the writing is somewhat simplistic and the characters are very stereotypical. I still say read it if you're looking for something to fill some time. And Wicked is such a great book! I've read it a few times.

Jenny Jerkface said...

I highly recommend Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. Bitten is the first one. It's werewolves, vamps, witches, necromancers... the whole nine yards. They are romance novels but they are pretty tame, sex-wise. Good read though!

Diane said...

Just finished The Mortal Instruments last week and really liked it. I liked all the other creatures aspect of it.

I bought the Sookie books, but haven't started them yet. I had delayed reading them because I watch the show, so thanks for assessment above.

OK, most people probably won't be into this, but I LOVE the manga series called Vampire Knight. Manga is Japanese graphic novels (like comic books, but mostly black & white and read back to front, right to left). Not only is it beautifully drawn, but a great storyline. It's still continues. If you want to try it for free at: These are not official versions. These are scanlations from fansubbers, but the main girl is very dedicated (blogs, makes art, writes really good fanfic, etc).

Cari_TX said...

Anywhere my Jace goes I will be there. So let me know on the MI blog. I heart my Jace but don't tell Edward.

I think a must read would be Holly Black's books Tithe, Valient, and Ironside. (Fairies)

Also Melissa Marr books Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange (loved & very dark), Fragile Eternity (also fairies)

Diane said...
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Diane said...

I forgot to mention...Cassandra Clare is working on her Mortal Instruments' prequel series called The Infernal Devices. The first book Clockwork Angel is due out Fall 2010. YAY! More Nephilim!

katarinas mama said...

Oh Ginger! Let me know when you start that Jace, I mean, Mortal Instruments blog. I need all the snarky asides and "air quotes" I can get *giggles*.

In the mean time, for those of you, who need to discuss All Things Jace, I mean, Mortal Instruments...there is a place that's not for teeny boppers -

No, you don't need to be a mom, or married just 21 years or older. Good discussions, thoughts, etc. And yes, Cassandra Clare and other authors pop in on occasion. Go check us out! I'm Ms. SoNotAMundie on there, btw.

Rain Storm said...

@Cari_TX I read Melissa Marr's series and loved it! I've been trying to talk Ginger into reading it - since she likes fairies I think she will like it.

Ginger Swan said...

Stacy, Thanks for the runes pic. SO awesome looking! Do you have a pic of your actual tattoo? I wanna see!!!

stephdc said...

Oh I agree with you on ALL of these books.. Hunger Games sucked me in quick and I was elated when I found out that there would be a sequel and a movie.

I agree with you Ginger, I think Cassie Clare's writing is better than Stephenie's too, I love this series and can't WAIT for The Infernal Devices to be released next year. Oh, and I'm one of the ones who would love to know if you do start a Mortal Instruments blog.. I'd be one of your first subscribers! lol

stephdc said...
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Connie Casper-Graham said...

There is also Dark Hunter supposed to be a great series on Vamps..