Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fan of the Fan-Made Trailer

We all saw the trailer for New Moon on MTV Movie Awards and it was good. But then I saw this fan-made trailer and I realized that it takes a real fan to know how to elicit tears, chills and excitement in 2 minutes.

Amazing! This makes me even more excited to see the movie than the original trailer. Maybe they should ask the fan who made this to direct Eclipse?

Ok, this is AWESOME. How in the WORLD am I going to see this movie alone like I did Twilight? Hey Summit, this is how it's done, dopes!

That video was awesome, David_A_Slade! Nice job trying to upstage Chris Weitz before New Moon is even out. Oh... was I not supposed to say that?



Akilah said...

Wow... that video is amazing! I am SO ready for November!!!!

kmoye said...

personally i like the teaser trailer BUT THIS fan made on eis AWESOME! holy smokes, I got chills!!! wow!!

And Spider if you live in the south then me about 6 other girls are going at Midnight to see New moon, you're invited that way you don't have to see it alone!!

Kate said...

I was nearly in tears watching that. How am I gonna sit though the movie (doesn't help that if I cry in the cinema I tend to swear loudly at my self)

Anonymous said...

Holy Fucking Shit that was awesome!!
@Spider you watched Twilight alone?? me too *sighs*
Oh and yeah Summit this IS how its done dudes!!!!

CTJenny said...

That was amazing! The Fan made trailers are so much better than the ones summit release. How about a Fan made trailer contest Summit??? You can show it in October when we are all to die from anticipation?? The winning fan gets to take me to the premiere and watch me make out with Rob Pattinson.