Friday, July 17, 2009

The House That Summit Built

Summit has outdone themselves yet again by constructing Bella's house partially out of styrofoam. Sigh. This is very troublesome. One can only conclude that they're setting the sound stage for Isle Esme on a studio lot with a large swimming pool (as they did for Jaws). Would it REALLY break the bank to build a house to replicate Charlie's. Ya know, the two bedroom, one bathroom home?

Styrofoam is good. Just add ice and it keeps your Vitamin R nice and cold. I think Chief Swan's home design is revolutionary. This is the next best thing to just living in an igloo drunk with a parka in the name of a wolf named Jacob. *slap* What?! Did I just say that? Out loud?

Oh I think this makes perfect sense. In such a rainy climate of Forks, a styrofoam house would solve the problem of termites. You know, as long as the big bad wolf pack didn't try to huff, puff and blow it down.

Maybe they just realized that Rob has a coffee addiction. Styrofoam might not be environmentally friendly, but Rob could always fashion himself a cup from a light fixture if his coffee starts to get cold.



rxmeds96 said...

it's like they are spending less money to make a movie that will make tons. Greedy much

Caitlin said...

Beautiful! A masterpiece! since theyre such gentle "sleepers" compared to Rose and Emmet (at least according to the male himself) they dont need sturdy covering!

So it all works out! Summit can be cheap. Edward and bella can dry hump and were all set!

Sandi Bruegger said...

Maybe they've just dressed up the house a little early for Halloween. Booooooo!

Erin said...

Why can't they go use the ORIGINAL HOUSE!! and why not film in FORKS!!

The town is great and the people there are great! Everyone I met while I was there said how they wish they would come film in the town and surrounding area. I promise you there is a beautiful meadow that would have been perfect, the school is perfect, well the entire place is perfect! Its just as Stephenie Meyer described it in her book. Why can't they just get the next movies right!!

Sorry...Summit needs to realize that they need to stop being so stingy.

I heart the League!! (#FollowFriday to come ;)!)

crazylife said...


Although I am all for the town of Forks....WhooHoo Vancouver! Or as we now call it Robcouver. This place was designed for Werewolves and Vampires just come and visit us (especially around August ha!)


Again, thank you for the laugh I needed it. Do not get me started on Summit!!! It is too bad with all of us addicted fans that the term you got to spend money to make money does not apply here.

MystifyMe said...

I AM CANADADIAN..I know this for a fact!! LMAO

MystifyMe ;) said...

I'm Canadian...but have already had too many beer and can't spell worth spit!! lmao

Ninja Fanpire said...
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