Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Con 2009

Would it have killed Kristen to smile in any of those pics?

I have to get this off my chest: What bugs me about KStew is that she never seems "real." Rob & Taylor let their guard down all the time. They actually answer questions while she gives only offhand comments like, "I cut my hair off." Are we really to believe that the ONLY change Kristen has gone through after the experience of being Bella is her hair? She just comes off as such a little bitch sometimes.

Okay, wait! I would have answered the question the same way. What could she have said? I broke up with my boyfriend this year. I'm dating the hottest guy on the planet right now. The sex with Rob is great! Oh, and I can eat all the cookies I want and not gain weight.


Spank and Ginger, you are obviously blinded by your girl-crush on Kristen, so your words mean nothing to me.

Girl crush or not, cut her some slack. I mean, first of all she and Rob look like they had a very late night ifuknowhatimean. And she is wearing the same shirt she had on the day before which means she is obviously not only wearing Rob's shirts but also taking wardrobe/hygiene tips from her man.

Crap, she's wearing a minor threat tee. That either makes me like her more if she knows who they actually are, or makes me detest her more if she's just wearing the tee because she thought it was cool.

And, I think it is so endearing that Taylor wants to live up to the expectations of Team Jacob.

Given that the expectations for are pretty low for a losing team, I'd say he shouldn't have much of a problem.

Ok, the whole thing looked so awkward. And seriously, I'm FED UP seeing Rob running his hands through his hair. I honestly think that the ONLY evidence that Robsten does exist is that they both do/did the same thing over and over again. Puleeze. It was sad to see that it looked like they didn't want to be there - that is just my take. Poof!

You wouldn't want to be there either if you were up all night practicing the honeymoon scene in Isle Esme. Anyone notice the bruises on Kristen's arm? Makes me wonder if there are any feathers randomly floating around their hotel room.

Hey guys, the Thirsty Elephant here. I'm The League's mascot. I'm at Comic-Con right now and here to give you my scoop.

During the non-televised panel, Summit was sure to not seat Kristen next to Rob. It was Ashley, Kristen, Taylor, Rob and Chris (Weitz). Rob & Kristen didn't talk to each other during the entire panel discussion. They both seemed hyper aware that people were watching them. Actually everyone seemed fidgety except for Taylor. Also, everyone seemed noticeably well-rested, EXCEPT Rob & Kristen who looked EXHAUSTED. Rob was extremely nervous. Kept running his hands through his hair. Kept stammering while answering questions.

One question asked: "Rob, are you planning on doing any open mics like you used to?"
Rob: "To be honest with you I'm a pussy."

They showed us two New Moon clips:

1. Jacob was showing Bella how to ride a bike. She revved it up and saw Edward in her mind. She drove off and crashed the bike. Jacob ran over and she was bleeding in the head. He then took off his shirt (a bit cheesy) and wiped the blood off her head with his shirt. She looked up at him and said, "You're so beautiful".

2. Showed Alice and Bella in Italy, in the yellow Porche. Then showed Bella running through the square toward Edward. Edward is shirtless and about to step into the light. Bella yells....

Thank you Thirsty Elephant! You're the only best damn mascot we've ever had!!!



Total Fanpires said...

OMG! They were so AWESOME!

I can't wait till the movie!!

SuzanneK said...




Anonymous said...

Awesome. I wanna be Bella in my next life. Some blood that would actually wipe off would have been good. Who cares Jacob is so freaking beautiful. Ummm...Edward...out of words. Damn.
The guys are so hot I don't think we care how cheezy some parts are.

Caitlin said...

Oh god Kristen's hair looks like douche. ICK.

and as for the trailers, all I can say is my mom bust out laughing when she saw them and said, "Caitlin, What are you doing in New Moon."

Yes. I look exactly like TAYLOR LAUTNER. with long hair. UGH.

and who is that dumb bitch squealing?

RobsNaughtyGirl said...

Holy hell those are so awesome, I can't wait till Nov 20th!!!! I am standing in line for 4 hours if I have to just to get in there and see this damn movie. Can I just say, I love Chris Weitz, I think he's awesome, and he's totally made this film amazing, just from the clips that have been shown. I wish he was going to do the next 2 films as well.

CTJenny said...

okay - most days i want to drown Kristin Stewart. However - the emotion in her voice at the tail end of the italy clip. I actually teared up. I can't freakin wait for this film. I may even be impressed with Kstew this film... just not her stupid ass haircut right now.

dazzledbyhim said...

Her hair is annoying me like crazy. I get that she's playing Joan Jett, but do you have to look like that at all times??? Ugh.

But why did the Elephant person think it was cheesy that Jacob takes off his shirt to clean Bella up? That's what he does in the book.

Spank Ransom said...

@DazzledbyHim - I have to say I concur with The Thirsty Elephant. Yes, it is verbatim from the book but something about the way he stood up and ripped his shirt off (I am laughing now typing this). It just seemed, to me, to be a little soap operaish. I don't know why... But you're right. It's in the book.

Miss M said...

I totally should have gone to Comic Con!! November needs to be here NOW!!

leslie said...

@DazzledbyHim and @Spank - "Cheesy" was just the natural reaction I had when I saw that scene. Yes, I know that this happened in the book, but because we all know that there is a shirtless Rob scene in New Moon, I was laughing my ass off that Summit did a shirtless Jacob scene, too. I was sitting there recording this clip on my camera and I actually stopped the video right before he ripped his shirt off. I just didn't expect to see Summit make that scene into an opportunity to show off Jacob's abs. That's all.

Of course, after they showed the "shirtless Jacob" clip, I knew the "shirtless Rob" scene was going to follow. Way to go, Summit, for being predictable once again.

All in all, I loved the clips. I think I'll enjoy Chris Weitz's film.

The Thirsty Elephant

Jamie said...

oh wow.

Beth said...

My heart just stopped!!!!

How can they show a few clips and not the whole darn film? I'm making a formal complaint tot he head poncho!!!

BTW: Is it me or does KS look like a hill billy living in some rat invested caravan park, in that top pic??

Bri said...

Just FYI...I read on one of the bazillion Twiblogs I read that although Robsten wasn't seated together...they were texting each other's cells...and if you watch all the can see the volley of texts being shot back and forth and their reactions. Cute and weird at the same time.