Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ya Wanna Bet?

Peter Facinelli is a betting man. He bet his friend Rob (no, not THAT Rob) DeFranco that he could get 500,000 followers on Twitter by Friday, June 19, 2009. Yep, that's tomorrow. So, what's on the line? The cloth backing on his Twilight director's chair bearing his name (and, he says, some of Rob's sweat (yes, THAT Rob). If he loses, Rob D. gets the chair backing and bragging rights. If Peter wins, Rob has to dance to Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies" on Hollywood Boulevard while wearing a Twitter Me sign. Oh, and a yellow bikini. Even better? WHEN Peter wins, he will also give the chair backing to one of his Twitter follower's. So... what do we need from you? Simple. We need you to go on Twitter and follow Peter Facinelli (@PeterFacinelli). One more thing: tell your followers to follow him (and so on, and so on, and so on). Let's show Rob DeFranco what happens when you go up against a Twilight Army!

Paging Dr. Cullen, Dr. Cullen? Please Twi-fans, report to Twitter and follow Peter Facinelli. Don't all the fans "wanna know" if Esme is really, really, worth a lifetime of "Buongiorno"?

Peter needs his fans help to win this bet! Let's rally for him! C'mon ladies! Do it, do it for Team Cullen! You'll rest must easier if you do.

Yeah, look what I did to my poor kitty, just to spread the word about Peter's plight! Is that dedication or what? Right now my kitty is running around the house showing that message to all the other kitties.

On a sidenote: I'm wondering how long it will take for the Sharpie ink to wear off. hmmmm....

May I suggest a whirlpool bath in the toilet. Don't forget to add peroxide and Hello Kitty bubbles.

That is not right, Rain! You know my kitty is awesome.

Ginger, what were you thinking?! You realize that Dr. Cullen is NOT a Veterinarian but a Medical Doctor. He can't fix THAT!

Um, Spank, you DO realize that Peter Facinelli is not REALLY a doctor (even though he plays one on TV - (Shameless Plug Alert: See Peter Facinelli as Dr. Fitch Cooper on Nurse Jackie, every Mondays at 10:30 PM ET on Showtime).

Of course he's not a doctor! I'm not delusional, Rain. I know that he only graduated from high school in 1998. Of course, back then he went by the name Mike Dexter.

Peter, if you win, will you play doctor with us? What?! My Mama taught me it never hurts to ask.

I'd like to also give a special shout-out to Gil Birmingham (@gilbirmingham). He deserves to get a ton of followers too. I feel a special kinship with him since he's Native American, and I have a Native American tattoo on my back. I'm pretty sure that makes us related. Plus we were at the same party (Twilight Wrap Party), so we were breathing the same air at the same time. It's like I was breathing his second hand celebrity Co2.

OH! And we also want to give a special shout out for you to follow Billy Burke (@Billy_Burke) who changed Charlie Swan from a two dimensional background character in the book into a complex character who brought feeling and heart to his role. Oh, and he also made Charlie Swan uber-hot (love that 'stache!) Also, follow Rachelle Lefevre (@Rachelle_Lefevr) a super talented lady who also happens to be the hottest redhead this side of Ginger Swan.

And while we're spreading the love, we're giving a shout-out to all the other blogs that are featuring the Peter Facinelli plight today. Follow him, dammit! And thanks to all the tweeple out there tirelessly tweeting for Peter. (say that 3 times fast)


Ninja Fanpire said...

At first I felt bad that he could lose part of the chair. But then he said he would give it away if he won the bet. So either way, he's not going to have it. And, much as I would like him to win that bet.....I just honestly don't think he can do it.

Anonymous said...

I have spent so much time trying to get ppl to follow him...lost ALOT of followers myself in the process lol

Spank Ransom said...

Ahhh Ninja, we can always count on you to be the cheerleader for The League (wink).

Erin said...

Does it count for him if you're helping him out on multiple accounts???

Snarkier Than You said...

Hey League Ladies! Thanks for including us here - I REALLY want "Team Twilight" to pull through and win this bet!

: )

dazzledbyhim said...

OMG... that's one scary cat! :)

Toeknee said...

Awww poor kitty! It looks like it's pretty pissy....a pissy pussy...*giggles* That's funny. I think that is what my cat would look like if he had no hair...but thank god he does! lol

imbeingheldhostage said...

I think I'm already following Peter Facinelli, but truth is, I'd kinda like to seehim do that dance. :-)

Ginger, I'm worried about you.

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Ginger, that is way too funny!
Followed Peter long time ago! Hope he makes it so at least he can celebrate on the 19th, that's my wedding anniversary and my hubs is back in Texas while I'm having fun in Cali! lol

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh wait, I get it-- I really read all of that backwards. It's a win/win situation, I follow, I see Rob D wearing the yellow bikini and maybe win a night out with Peter...


Ginger Swan said...

@imbeingheldhostage, Come on.. you've known me long enough to know that you should've been worried about me LONG AGO. ;)

Don't diss my kitty guys... she's AWESOME! If you continue to do so, I'll send her to your houses to kill you in your sleep. Just kidding. Not really.

robin(me) said...

I can't get on twitter to help you out. damn damn damn! I would if I could though! Sorry, fail! *hanging head*

That's cool, our anniversaries are close together....My anniversary is June 20th (yep Edward's birthday) Oh to have a Edward related anniversary theme! *whispering, I think I can have a Darkward or wetward theme though!)

I heard ur on a vacation! Fun!

That is great with the cat. I would never ever diss your kitty. You sure are devoted to Peter!

Ginger Swan said...

@Robin(me) thanks! Someone told me that some guy on Twitter (don't know who) is using that picture of Buffy (my kitty) as their profile pic, asking people to help him find and save that poor kitty. (the kitty who ironically is curled up on my lap right now, purring away)

robin(me) said...

What? WTF? Now I'm kinda glad I can't get on Twitter. (well no not really but...*sheesh*)

Buffy has a good mom, @twitterguy, mind ur own bizz and GET A LIFE! Why don't you save RPattz from the evil blondes that attack him, huh?


The League and u will always have aka robin(me) aka ravishmerob (twitter, pfff) aka on your side!!!!

Uh, you might want to fill @rain in though. *whispering, before she asks you who the hell is that?* unless she already has!

Duchess said...

Poor kitty...LOL...
Im cheering for peter and have added him on twitter....go-peter-go...
I hope that Rob dude has to dance to single ladies...ala.. Justin timberlake style... that would be friggin HI-larious

Anonymous said...

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