Friday, June 5, 2009

What Not To Wear - Jane

Jane looks like her outfit was made of curtains... about to go on tour with her musically talented family.

I realize she's young, but I thought they'd give Jane a cloak that reaches her ankles. I don't find it menacing at all. Although it doesn't help that Dakota is smiling in this picture. Maybe if she was scowling I'd be afraid.

I think on film (don't forget I went to film school league) it's going to be as creepy as all get out! I love it! It gives me shivers! And why are you guys downing the movie already! We're supposed to be pro-New Moon until it comes out and then we can rag on everyone and everything except EDWARD! Can we save the digs for November 21st?

I guess they rewrote the script to have her power be subjecting people to visual torture instead of mental. How else do you explain Jane channeling Sherlock Holmes in a pair of Mary Janes.

Maybe Chris Weitz has some sort of evil schoolgirl fetish...

You mean like every other man on the planet?

I was an *evil* Catholic schoolgirl. Just sayin'.

Well maybe you should go give Dakota some pointers. You could act out her scenes with Rob while she "observes." Oh, wait... That's a different type of fetish...

I can see where this is going... Meadow, put down the fan-fic and focus on the subject!

*looking sheepish* What were we talking about again?



Total Fanpires said...

Wow, what a ugly outfit!
I cant wait to see this movie!!

~Jamie said...

Okay, so I think it could work... like creepy and a little young...

leslie said...

I'm with Meadow. I pictured Jane wearing a floor length cloak...and Mary Janes? Really? But I think Dakota Fanning was a great choice for Jane.

By the way League, I've been having some difficulty reading your posts straight through these days. My eyes tend to wander to the right of the screen. Hmmm, I wonder why? One word...Robapalooza. #shirtlessrob

GallifreyReject said...

I was expecting say a long cloak as well..Something a little gothic..Say Claudia from Interview with the Vampire..

not for the Von Trapp family retro look..

*bust out into song*
do a deer..a female deer a drop of golden sun...mi a name i call myself..fa a long, long way to runnnnn...

caitlin said...

I think we were all expecting a cloak BECAUSE THE BOOK SAYS SHE WEARS A CLOAK! We didn't all just magically make it up!

I'm pretty sure remember reading about the "hooded figures" in the forest, all wering cloaks!

That outfit looks like she got iinto a fight with comforter set at hot topic and lost.

I mean I guess the whole, "she's supposed to look like an innocent little girl" thing comes into play here but I say instead of looking like an innocent girl she looks more like one of those bu0bushka dolls with all the other tiny ones inside of her.

ew that sounds gross...

Mystify Me said...

I guess they'll have to change her name to Gretel or Heidi??? WTF???

Midnight_lady said...

Now that's just plain cruelty to fashion, even for cruella daville.

Oh hang on, i that Dakota??? My bad!

Ilaria said...

I am not that impress with Jane's costume...I don't understand...the Cullens have a killer sense of style and Jane, that lives in ITALY, where everybody is freakin obsessed with fashion, dresses up in a gothic lolita outfit like she is some kinda of harajuku girl from Tokyo? Don't get it. It is creepy, but incongruent. She should have at least some Prada on, that's all I'm saying. Aren't they supposed to be ROYALTY?

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
Gretel or Heidi? OMG that just cracked me up!

oh jane. you don't look too scary now but i have faith in you. YES I DO, League.

Catholic fetish? Yikes. Pray tell, you interest me.....

as long as u make JANE scary u can have all the fetishes u want in my book!

u know i love u right? but when u are trying to kill edward please don't grin like u want to JUMP him instead b/c he's hawt! focus! just saying.

@The League and all
it won't be long now before isabella the word yesterday. *jumping up for joy and excitement* oww. too old to jump up for joy!

Ninja Fanpire said...

I'm with Spider, things will be better for the movie.

beesue said...

Good Morning League!

OK-OK - I know we shouldn't be attacking NM before it is out but ---- can't help it --- I really hate the costume esp. the white hose and mary janes! Maybe it will come off better when we see it on film but I can't imagine "this Jane" putting Edward on the ground in pain. Maybe skipping around with her dolly and yodaling!!! and I think jane and alec were supposed to be short - like little kids? Oh well - benefit of the doubt - benefit of the doubt!!

@Caitlan - comforter set at hot topic - yeah a Goth One!! -MAHHHHHA

@robin - good words of advice for Dakota - Edward is OFF LIMITS!

--CLAPPING HANDS - OHBOY OHBOY - so Happy For Isabella - Let us know when the new little bundle of joy arrives!!

robin(me) said...

Long time No uh hear from! Missed you, fellow grampire....

Yes ROBward is OFF Limits...mmm...can we like send that msg to a certain kstew too? coz if the rumors and pics are true than if SHE hurts him I'm gonna kick her ass off the planet...if you know what I'm saying.....

Oh sorry off topic...yea Jane's costume (shaking head) I'm thinking good thoughts about NM -- or at least I'm trying.

Curtains, yodeling, Heidi, Gretel? Heidi from hell?

Gretel after the oven?

How about SWISS MISS! Oh crap if they do her hair in braids! *growl, pitchforks*

I will be very PUT out! mahahahaha

Yes yes, Isabella is indeed coming soon.

AND of course I'll keep in touch with my favorite league!

@ravishim team
I said LEAGUE! ur the TEAM! so don't get ur noses bent or anything. *sheesh*

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) jumping up and down for impending arrival of baby bella!

@gallifrey, I'm right there with you, singing. I was singing The Lonely Goatheard at the top of my lungs last night to my kids. Perhaps it was the 4 beers, but I think I sounded awesome. LOL

robin(me) said...

MMM. maybe baby bella can be baby nessie in the movie...OH GAWD, did i just say that? nope. it's stress that's all. back to wk and i'm stressed....

4 beers? mmm. I wouldn't remember the words after 4 beers. God, ur good! But we all knew that now didn't we?

Lady Christina said...

Maybe they're hoping to go for the while "creepy child" look, because (in my opinion) there's nothing creepier in movies than an evil child. She goes for the whole sweet-and-innocent look, until suddenly WHAM! Edward's lying face first on the ground (sadly, not in a good way). Add the red contacts, and camera angles that don't show the bottom of the robe and it'll work... I swear I believe in them... Just not the costume department... *dies a little inside*