Monday, June 8, 2009

My, what long fingers you have. Better to ____ you with!

We all know that Edward/Robert has very long fingers. Did you ever notice that they are often in very strange positions? In the movie he appears to be shooting a make believe gun a few times. In paparazzi pictures, they're just akward sometimes. Instead of hiding them in his front pockets, I know another place he can hide them.

When was he shooting a make believe gun? How did I ever miss that? The thing I've always noticed about Robert's fingers is that they look EXACTLY like Mr. Ginger's fingers. Awww, yeah.

Knowing that Robward is a musician elevates him from sexy to Sex God status. You know, there are lots of hot musician Edward fanfics out there. Fanfics that never fade to black. *wicked grin*

Rob's fingers make me want to be his guitar. He can strum me as we will make beautiful babies music together.

*snicker* I never really considered porn music "beautiful" Spank.

**cue Mike Newton dancing outside the window**
"Bow chicka wow wow"



Rachel said...

@Spider..."I know another place he can hide them" ---You are like my hero! You wrote exactly what I was thinking when I was looking at all those pics of Rob! His figures are so hot...hmmm *bad thoughts*

@Ginger...My husbands fingers are just like Rob's, too! Long fingers can be a VERY good thing!! *Wink Wink*

Miss_Pippa said...

I have always been a fan of beautiful hands...however, I am devastated that RPattz has them. Why? Because it makes me even more in love with someone I can never have...*sob*...Is so freakin unfair. Ya know, if he *really* loved his fans, you would think that the least he could do would be send us all a naked pic. At the most he could at least attempt to work round us all...and give us Unicorns. Jus' Sayin...

Caitlin said...

@Spider, Amen sister amen!

OH god all those pictures, this early in the morning. Just woke me up. ;D

And if you watched the DVD commentary you know he refes to his fingers as "flappers" and when he said that I almost died laughing! DIED!

But as I see it, he can call them whatever he wants but that doesn't erase the magic that is there!

I am going to marry him one day, you girls just wait and see. I'll send you all wedding invitations ;D

Erin said...

I love getting in to work and seeing Rob pop-up when I open my web-browser (you lovely ladies are my homepage...yes, I changed it from our internal gateway to Twilight-headed, please don't tell my boss)

@Spank I love that you always say exactly what I'm thinking!

OCD Sufferer said...

You guys crack me up! Sometimes you have the strangest posts! LOL!

This is totes off topic, but I wanted to post yesterday and never had time.
Have any of you watched True Blood? I watched the whole first season yesterday with Mr. OCD (he forced me to watch a *real* vamp show, lol)
After watching the whole season I came to a conclusion: The writer of True Blood stole from SM! There are SOOOOO many similarities from the two! Sookie (Bella remake)*who also can read minds...but NOT her vamp lover--go figure* is loved by a vamp and a shape shifter...and she kinda leads both of them on. The title of the finale is even "You'll be the death of me" LOL!! There are many more similarities but I won't get into them.
Her vamp is not even remotely good-looking, unfortunately....however, she has one SMOKING HAWT brother!!! And they show him naked....A WHOLE FREAKING LOT!!! The show has more sex in it than a porno, lol...and mostly it is the gorgeously hot brother in it, LOL!!! I just found it so funny that this show obviously stole a lot from SM....but changed it up enough that they couldn't get in trouble, lol. Thank GOD THEY DON'T FADE TO BLACK!!!!!

Spank Ransom said...

@OCD Sufferer - I've not watched the show True Blood yet but I am currently reading the books that the show is based on (the Sookie Stackhouse series). You are correct in the LOADS of similarities between Twilight and True Blood; but it was the Sookie series that came first. I believe the first book was published in 2004.

GinaLuvsGA said...

Miss_Pippa...Have you ever seen "Little Ashes"? He doesn't leave much to the imagination in that flick. Which was quite good as a matter of fact. I'm not embarrassed to say I wish I was Xavier (Sorry might have misspelled).

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

You guys are officially the first people to make me have naughty thoughts of rob today. hahahaha

Jen said...

wow, those hands and when he buries them in his hair! GAH.

@Meadow.... do you have a list of said fan-fics... I'm reading Tropic of Virgo now and it's quite amazing but would love to have more to read.

@Spank... snicker... you always crack me up.

One other small observation... that Cedric pics just does not belong. If I didn't know it was Rob I would have thought it was someone else, he just looks so different.

Mystify Me said...

I know guys.I'm fascinated by his fingers. hehe
He can actually bend his fingers all the way back.
Can you imagine??? OOOooo just got a shiver down my back to my...

robin(me) said...

I could think of a lot of things that he could do with those fingers.....

@mystify me
shiver down my back, too!

i don't get to see true blood but i know ppl who have said the same thing. mmmm.

I've also heard what you just said.

But the original of all originals is Buffy! Josh Whedon was genius pure genius!

Spike lives on in my book!

Right @Ginger?

Hello! I always seem to have naughty thoughts of Rob. I'm just a sick perverted grampire! Can't help it!

beesue said...

OMG - RobFingerPorn - I would Luv to let those fingers "do the walkin"!!

@spank - or his piano!!! WOW -Run those fingers over my hmmm Keys!!!

@robin - Hi How are ya!!
Yeah - Joss was the genus - the creator of the "camp" vampire!!
It is unbelievable to me how much SM took from him!! Even down to the names - like Cullen and Riley.

@caitlin - put me on your "list". But I really only want to go the the "bachelor party"! OK!

@mysty - Yeah - ALL the Way Back!
Double Shiver!!

Ginger Swan said...

@Miss_Pippa, I agree! That's the least he can do for us!

@Erin, that's freakin' awesome that you have us as your homepage! I love it!!!

@robin(me) Oh you know how I feel about Spike. Yes... for me it all started with Joss Whedon.

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

@robin(me) HAHA I know what you mean! lol I normally do too..but I had a kicka%$ weekend with the hubby...was still recovering til I seen this. lol All my thoughts were all on my hubby for once..haha but now...back to rob!!! hehehhehehehhehehehhehehe

robin(me) said...

Long fingers.
You know they do have their different uses. As I found out how MANY this wknd...*cough* with Mr. R. who is very happy that I'm finally recovered from having a bad case of pneumonia for like 2 1/2 weeks. I can really really relate to you @Rachel, @Wheaty (wink @ great wknd) and @Ginger!

AND @League
You.guys.are.just.bad! mahahahahaha!

I know how exactly where those fingers can hide and they never truly get lost! somehow u always know where they are....just saying. i'd like to give Rob some finger painting lessons......... said...

Hello League!

It's been so long! Have had a lot going on! But hopefully I'm back on track now! God, I sure have alot of reading to do, don't I? Especially with the Storytime with Meadow. Hi Meadow..(waving)

I missed you guys!

You guys are as funny as ever and RPattz is as sexy as ever too! Nice to know that at least THAT didn't change! *giggles*

duchess said...

You guys are bada@@ for that picture montage. Thank you for puttin the pep in my step this glad I found this website...I get your updates on twitter... hec yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, y'all are evil! ;) I'm totally a hand girl, and his hands drive me insane. This picture in particular just kills me:

Ginger Swan said...

@oh, we missed you too!

@duchess, I had Mr. Ginger put that little collage together for us. He's a good man! I'm glad you found us too!

@fragile, that's an awesome picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies!
Finally on again, maybe while on my vacay I will have more time to check in.
@spider- I need to see the finger gun. where in the movie did this happen? must watch again, and yes, I brought the movie with me, along with my PE.
@E-I just might have to make it my homepage too, now that I have my laptop, can do whatever I want. Along with pasting Rob all over the place too!
@ohforthelove-glad to see you back!

Lady Christina said...

Ah the wonders that are Robert Pattinson's hands, delighting the world since Harry Potter. The only down side is that running his fingers through his hair so often is a nervous twitch, but that DOES make him more endearing to the general population. Gotta love a man with piano player fingers...

Brenda Jean said...

Ummm...sorry I can't get past that stupid ass stocking cap or whatever you call it-- the rest of the "finger" pics are awesome however. Love the fingers in his hair thing. That's all I can say:)