Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kiss And Make-Up

Hmmm... I'm gonna step out on a limb here and guess they got a different make-up person to work on New Moon. Because the vampires actually look like vampires. Imagine that.

Twilight was vampires in clown camp.

I wonder what type of lip gloss they have on Rob there. It reminds me of "Orgasm" by Nars. Of course, Rob always makes me think of orgasms...


Ok, don't kill me but.... he does NOT look like my Edward, AT ALL.

What does *your* Edward look like? My Edward is a lanky, disheveled, self-depreciating Brit with a booming laugh who smokes and drinks too much.

My Edward doesn't look like a scared rat with beady eyes. My Edward is dark and confident with clothing that is ironed, dark eye liner and red stained lips.

Spider you're right. How could I have missed it before? The red stained lips are gone. Hmmm... not sure how I feel about that.

I'm really cool with the new look. Red stained lips are a little too Emo-Alt-Rock-Band for me. Although since it's Rob we're talking about I wouldn't care if he was wearing fire-engine red lipstick, I'd still think he was hot. After all, I wasn't complaining about the evil-villain 'stache he was sporting in Little Ashes.

Ok so what about Laurent? I'm loving his face make-up and he looks WAY scarier in New Moon than he did in Twilight. Scary in a Ginger's-Got-Jungle-Fever kinda way.

Oooh, he gives me chills. I can see why Irina was so pissed when he bit it. Well, or when Jacob bit him. Whatever. You know what I mean. He's hot.

Technically, he is very cold.

*rolling my eyes* Man, are you gonna rag on me every time I say that Edward is hot too?

Meadow, Laurent is no Edward Cullen.

I'm open to either. *twitch*



Ninja Fanpire said...

I think that pretty much everything about New Moon will be better than Twilight.

vampie (back from Italy!) said...

@ninja i totally agree. NM is/will be alot better than Twi. bigger budget, etc. i noticed Edwards lips straight away when i saw them, my mate instantly turned to me and said 'Edward looks different'. I mean he still looks good! I saw Edward and Rob as himself from 5 metres away. I still wouldn't say no to either! LOL
and Laurent looks much better! actually scary now

faith_83 said...

Guys I have to admit that Edward looks different...and I could do without his lipstick, I think!!
In the first place everything looks better than Twilight make up, effects, even Bella looks more beautiful!! Don´t get mad at me I still think she´s so emotionless and so not into Bella´s role but she is trying!!
Laurent make up and voice is great...he has an amazing voice and looks exactly the way I imagined him!!

5 meters, huh?? plus touching Charlie´s butt!!! do you have more surprises for us?? lol

Midnight_lady said...

Edward looks more like the book's version of edward..........however, I just can't shake the thought of Dr Cullen out of my head.

Wonder if he'll be in more of a 'nude' make-up hmmmmmmmmmm

vampie said...

@faith_83 no, no surprises. well nothing more that i'm writing on here.. *blush* and even if everyone asks me i'm still not saying. were you still on MSN last night when me and sakixry and robnutmeg discussed it? hmm. are you on twitter right now? dm me!

@Midnight_lady what?! Dr Cullen nude?!! oh, you're talking about the make up..

Midnight_lady said...

@vampire............I wouldn't complain if Dr Cullen acts in the nude :-)

vampie said...

@midnight me neither!

@faith_83 *serious* where r u? i need u! email/twitter/ anything! me and sakixry and robin(me) need your help urgently!

kmoye said...

rob has red lips... its in the trailer.
great makeup adds one more reason i think New moon is going to blow twilight out of the water.

Ilaria said...

Meadow, I like your lipgloss reference. Of course, all I can think is, I want the same lipgloss, or I'd be glad to be the make up artist putting that lipgloss on, or even the brush touching those lips. Enough, enough it's only 7.21 am (us central). The red stained lips never did it for me. And I like that the white foundation base they are using is not as heavy as in twilight. He looks way more handsome (as it should be) and his hair are better styled too, I would say!

Stacie said...

I'm with Spider - I miss the red lips. But at least his ear is not blushing red compared to the rest of his face. That drove me crazy in Twilight.

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

I think it all looks better! Laurent looks like he can kick butt!
Edward, I know that Rob didn't like that lipstick he had to wear, maybe he talked them into not making him wear it. Plus he has a whole new look, so pained in this one.

Caitlin said...

New Moon will probably be more visually pleasing than twilight but I doubt I'm going to be a able to get passed my predjudices of the book to really enjoy the movie.

Of course it will be easier for Kristen Stewart to protray because she has to be a zombie, already done. Woo hooo for acting skills.

And I think I might vomit if I have to watch Jacob pine over her for more than 10 minutes. even if she does see "visions" instead of just hear Edward's voice I do not think I'm going to like it better than twilight.

I mean I could barely suffer through just the words of new moon with Jacob and all his whining, but having to actually see it. GROSS.

maybe the end will cheer me up or something, it better be friggen sweet. The Volturi scenes are going to have to kick ass to make up for whiny werewolves.

And I know they have to put alot of emphasis on Jacob to help the story line for eclipse and Breaking dawn but still, he just grates my nerves.

I think Twi will still pwn New Moon.
Sorry girls!

pjamarama said...

loving the look definately look more supernatural as opposed to guys in make up! although wouldnt mind seeing a bunch of the vamps spider described stalking down my street!
still mourning that james hed to die though....

Erin said...

I think it all looks so much better already. There were a lot of issues that I had with Twilight and CH's portrayal of some of the characters which would take way too long to explain. So I'm so excited for the better make-up and special effects in New Moon.

Oh and of course this movie will be better because we get half naked ROBWARD! ::shivers::

sakixry said...

oh oh oh!!!
i luv robs eyes with golden contacts, i luv his pale face, i luv his hair, i would certainly love to lick the lip gloss from his lips! and maybe bite them a little too so they have a natural red color... no other reason!
i didnt like his hair in the trailer though... in the birthday scene you know... they looked kinda styled but fallen if you know what i mean?

Laurent is YUMMY! The red eyes and the hair and his voice! Wow!

sakixry said...

@Erin: yes!! half naked Robward is a BIG BONUS!!! I hope he'll be halfnaked for a while!

vampie said...

@sakixry after 12 takes i expect it to be good at least LOL

Lady Hale said...

Laurent looks AWESOME!!

But RPattz's drawn on abs does nothing for me...sorry.

vampie said...

@Lady Hale not drawn on. real. ok, they don't look as good as that in real life! but he has some muscles! and then they airbrushed to made the muscles stand out more/ more defined, as he had white vamp make up.

Lady Christina said...

I've gotta say that the make up department did step up for New Moon. I had some serious issues with their choices in Twilight, like how they decided it was all right to have Bella be as white as the vamps when she's still human. Yeah, good luck with that one guys.

But what's with the department store shirt Rob's been dressed in? What happened to clothes that hint at designer origins. Oh the pain of it all. lol

Well, at least Laurent looks like a vampire this time 'round. Too bad he's gotta go bye-bye.

LeLe said...

I read that a "source" on the film said Rob's abs were real. And in, not airbrushed. And the extras in Italy couldn't quit oggling and they had to do a LOT of takes b/c couldn't focus. I can't say I blame them.

And so glad they look like real vamps this time. No cakey white make-up. And Bella actually looks like she has on make-up this time. Didn't look that way in Twilight. She was really frumpy in Twilight.

Diane said...

How do you guys feel about Edward's new hair. A gay guy friend of mine said he liked it a lot better now because before it looked like an Anime character's hair. He said Edward looked "smashable" now. IDK...I kind of liked Edward's original hair. This hair is still good, and obviously shorter (considering his haircut in January). I told the guy Edward in any hair would still be hot.

What do you think?

vampie said...

@LeLe i was there.. yes they're real. they did put some make up on his muscles to made them stand out on camera, but they're definitely real. yea the extra on tuesday werent very well behaved i heard LOL but thurs and fri they were great! stayed silence. didnt stare (maybe kept glancing but no not staring..)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Spider... I don't think he looks like my Edward anymore either. Some things are looking better, but others are looking more off. And what happened to the 'broze colored' hair he's supposed to have??? Now it just looks his normal brown. I was kind of disappointed! :(

beesue said...

Hey League!

No Bouffant hair and no sculptered eyebrows and no Peacoat - Yeah its gotta be lots better! I think that must be his own shirt because in the trailer he has on a nice jacket and shirt! He looks Handsome and classy - just like a rich, Cullen should look!

I also like the Sepia color - it looks rich and old! MMMMMMMM!! I'm likin New Moon so far!!

@vampie - agree with everything you say "cause you WHERE THERE!!

@sakixry - I in line w/ya girl to do some lickin'!

@caitlan - yeah, well - piss ant has no emo - so Ur right - ZOOMBIE -good look for her!!!

@erin - yeah - lets keep chanting - shirtlessRob - shirtless Rob!!!

Courtney said...

Meadow... I love it! ... "I wonder what type of lip gloss they have on Rob there. It reminds me of "Orgasm" by Nars. Of course, Rob always makes me think of orgasms...

Courtney said...

Meadow... I love it! ... "I wonder what type of lip gloss they have on Rob there. It reminds me of "Orgasm" by Nars. Of course, Rob always makes me think of orgasms...

robnutmeg said...

Good uh day, League. Where has this day gone? *frowning at clock*

I am quite perplexed about this. but what the hell, in my opinion as long as shirtless rob is in action! his whole look seems richer and the picture quality is so sharp and crisp....i could eat him! yummy!

it's about time he looks rich enuff to be driving those expensive cars! just saying. oh thank god to no pcoat? and did i notice a leather jacket? oh please god, edward in leather edward in leather edward in leather...it's all i want......chant chant chant...
*whispering to @Ginger* spike spike spike.....leather. *ah man can't breathe*

save some of that lip gloss for me, sweets!

mahahaha. robgasms! there's no substitute!

wink @beesue, you were there my sweet darling. u lucky girl. so we will believe anything you say! yes we will!

we can fix those stained lips. we'll just abuse them a little and that'll make them nice a puffy red! *wink* Oh and love Laurent. oooh jungle wild. yes!

"My Edward is a lanky, disheveled, self-depreciating Brit with a booming laugh who smokes and drinks too much." oh darling he sure is, i couldn't agree more....*delish*

this is gonna be a buffet a hawtness - our New Moon. *fine dining* He is hawt, you are so right!

Oh please don't worry. Edward will come back to us. Soon and you'll forget all about how he used to look like. Think of him as Beautiful Bastard, now doesn't that help? mmm. it definitely makes me squirm now. oooooh *i need a shower now*

Anonymous said...

absolutely adore robwards hair... thank goodness they fired the hair and makeup person from the first movie...New hair, tortured character, washboard abs in volterra....I think Im officially moving the robward-orgasmo-threat-level from elevated to high