Monday, June 1, 2009

...and the MTV award goes to TWILIGHT!

Well well well... what is there more to say? RP looked amazing, KS looked and acted very awkward, and being all.... KS-ISH.

But the fact of the matter is that we're all Twilight fans and Twilight won BIG TIME tonight! Woo hoo!

The trailer.... ohhhh, the trailer.


I loved it, the "dog" could have been bigger, but, I LOVED the trailer. That's it for me! They could have spent more time on Edward, but I love to be teased - and this was a great tease, for Spider! Bring it on Summit, Spider is waiting.

That Miley Cyrus beat Paramore for best song is substantial proof that this MTV generation has no musical taste. That aside Twilight brought it home tonight. Kristen Stewart was awkwardly endearing and I loved how she channeled Bella by dropping her award. *ducking* The win for Best Kiss was a give-in but the non-kiss was a tease. However, for Team Robsten fans (of which I am now a charter member) ... no sign of Orangutan and Kristen was visibly swooning with the rest of us whenever Rob was onstage. Cam looked hot and Taylor looked like a little boy who took too many steroids. But the trailer -- OMFG! Chris Weitz, you are my hero. I cannot wait for this movie! The dog seemed small but the effect was spot on. Laurent actually looked menacing which he did not in Twilight. My heart breaks for Jasper's hair. WTF?!

Hey guys, sorry I missed all the fun. As you know I was on a hot date with Mr. Ginger. "Hot" meaning "no kids". I was there in spirit (and on Twitter when Mr. Ginger wasn't looking).

I did watch the New Moon trailer when I got home though. Uh... first they make Jasper look constipated... then they give him mamsy-pansy hair. Poor Jasper. You're just going to remain the butt of everyone's jokes no matter what. That's ok. We still heart you. (as long as you still have that special Xanax power) Ok, and I'm really sorry Edward knocked Bella into that bottle of chocolate syrup, because she got it all running down her arm! Hope that doesn't stain her pretty outfit. And Laurent! Wowzers! I'd like to make HIS mouth water! Mmmm hmmm.

But what we really want to know is... what did YOU think?



sakixry said...

OMG!!!! OME!!!! *screams and squeals*

Ok, first thing I did when I woke up... logged in to Twitter to find a linke for New Moon trailer! And I did... and I ... screamed! I dont believe it!! It's so awesome!!! And Twilight won 5 awards???? *squeals*

The teasing non kiss was just great!! *swoon* It's sizzling between them every single time...

Miley Cirus won the Best Song award? WTF??? Is that possible? Geez...

Yeah... agree about Jaspers hair... WTF??

LOVED the wolf!! Loved it! He looks small but we have to see him in comparison to a person first! I believe he is going to be big!

I'm so excited!!!! *panting*

Ninja Fanpire said...

I want to know where Meadow is!

Anonymous said...

Argh! The trailer was so good! I squealed with delight with my best friend as we watched. What was up with KStew though? Was she high? She looked high, especially when she THREW her award across stage. That be a lesson to everyone, don't toke up before you have to be on stage live. Rob was hotter than ever. *drools*

I think I threw up a little in my mouth when they did they were pretending to kiss.

Natahka said...

trailer was amazing!! best part of the show! well that and when Kristen dropped her award. lol ^_^ the movie is going to be better then the book (which i wanted to throw at a wall!)it has to be better then the book!

imbeingheldhostage said...

The trailer was AWESOME. Booking my plane ticket now...

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

I can now die happy. After watching the awards last night, and oh that trailer. That was da bomb!

I liked everything about the trailer, even the wolf, and I agree that we have to compare the wolf's size with a person. How big does he have to be?

KStew: I loved her at the awards. She was extremely nervous, which is why she dropped her award. Goes to show you that no matter how tough she wants to seem in front of the paps and the world, she's still a kid who is extremely overwhelmed with all of this sudden fame.

The Meadow: I think that because they killed the meadow scene in the first movie, they cannot show it in the 2nd movie as in the book.

The non-kiss: That was soooo hot! That was of course, planned, and they were both told to do this. The only thing I disagree with is that KStew should have sent them all to hell and just kissed him anyway. Go Robsten! *ducking* and notice Oregano wasn't there. What was up with that.

Nikki/Jackson: Why weren't they there?

Cheryl said...

If the number of times I've watched the trailer is any indication, I think I can honestly say I loved it. :) Can't wait to see the birthday scene in its entirety and on the big screen! Jacob changing into the wolf? Pretty effing cool. And I love the badass Laurent. It was fun to watch the awards with you, League. And Ginger, I'm glad to see Pocket Rob enjoyed your hot date. ;)

robnutmeg said...


It was so awesome I'm just speechless, yea and wtf is @Meadow?

i think i heard your squeeeeee from here! *wink*

I felt so close to you last night on was like we were almost friends! *gasp* (wink)

We won that's what really matters....OH Miley? eewww. Her dad must have helped her win, huh?

AND what was with that Bruno like attacking EMIMEN (sp?) coz ewwww that was weird.

Oh KS oh so wanted to kiss RP, no doubt - he was so delish - I have a confession: I kinda kissed him on the screen. So it was kinda like he got his kiss, right? OK shut up! who asked your opinion?

OH and the TRAILER? OMG! The picture is so beautiful and crisp and wtf Jacob gets a shirtless scene, wtf? Ok I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see that (looking at it again) b/c I know Summitt would have put shirtlessrob in there if they had enuff time, right?

mahahahaha. chocolate syrup? that's blood silly! *rolls eyes* and ewwwww....we always knew that Bella was a little different. POOR Jazz - I do like his charge tho. He kinda looked like this guy that I used study gymnastics with and he'd look like that before he started his run for the HORSE! kinda funny actually! Except the horse didn't throw him in the air! Nice, Edward!

I truly believe that there is no longer an oregano spice for kstew. she's now putting other spices from britland in her stew! AND I agree that was some NON kiss.

Anonymous said...

Loved Laurent, hate Jasper's hair (my poor baby), found KStew to be cringe-worthy once again and the the rest of the cast to be wonderful, warm and funny.

As for Robsten (ARGH! There's that stupid word again! It makes me wanna go all homicidal!)...Spank knows EXACTLY where I stand on this one, so I'm just gonna say...makes me want to blow chunks all over KStew's lame Spiderman-wannabe dress...btw, I hate Spiderman too.

Anonymous said...

Oh...and I agree with whoever it was that said that KStew looked high...but then, when doesn't she?!?!

Ninja Fanpire said...

Well I have to say that Taylor looked awesome. And Wolves are my favorite animal so.....I'm going to be torn in this movie, but considering I'm not even Team Edward does that really matter?

The Wolves=Cool.

As for Mr. G's Deep Thought, no, Alice doesn't feel calm before everyone else. She can SEE the future, not feel it. Like, how she predicts the weather, I doubt she feels the rain or whatever when she does.

Anonymous said...

Morning everybody!!
I knew that something "big" was happening while I was asleep last night but hey it worth waiting until the morning!!
About the NM trailer what can I say?? The wolf looked much smaller than I'd expected, and yeah, it wasn't the best quality of special effects (in my opinion)
Edward is great as always, he has the hair a little different but ok and Bella has more makeup than she had in Twilight!!
What I didn't like was Edward saying goodbye to Bella I thought she could have showed a lot more emotion, but it is just the trailer so maybe there is more to come..
Edward was great once again in case that I didn´t say it...
The Laurent/meadow scene...don´t see any meadow there...
But anyway, it looks like it will be great, and I can't wait for the movie!!
And Edward is just great...oh man did I say it again??? Sorry

About the non was a smart move...I wonder who had the idea??
And yeah bye, bye mister oregano...I think you just lost this train!!!

Why do we live in Europe?? Remind me one more time!!!

Oh KS wanted to taste some spicy rob for sure!! but I can´t say I feel sorry for her, she has him anyway…oh f*ck!!

robin(me) said...

Oh shit,
like what the hell is wrong kstewpid? come on girl?

nervous much? you should have taken one more PUFF before going on stage....geez girl! UR so Bellalike...although I don't think Bella would have dropped the award..."we all knew that this was going to be awkward so yea goodbye?"

geez. now I know why you didn't go to the oscars....but you need to get.over.this now! mkay?

Rob was delish as usual. GROWL at CH. (sorry to those CH lovers out there but that lady bugs me!)

Just wanted to hug him and squeeze him and call him .... *i'm so inspired by bugs bunny lately*

wolves? pffff. Edward looked fine. NO p-coat, better yet!

OCD Sufferer said...

Just so you know before you try to throw stuff @ me, I am hiding behind a HUGE shield that is impenetrable (made of adamantium, mwahahaha).
Y'all know I am a HUGE Twilight fan...I watched the freaking movie 30+ times in the first 5 weeks for goodness sake. I was ecstatic when most of the awards were presented, but I am sorry to say this....Twilight should NOT have won best movie! I love the books, books def should win #1, but the movie wasn't up to par with the books and even if they were, the Dark Knight (and in Mr. OCD's opinion Iron Man) far surpassed being an excellent movie. CH wasn't worthy of holding that daggone popcorn thingy...I can't stand her!
The almost kiss? I would have liked it so much better if RP would have left KS high and dry! He just looked so pitiful and I dont like him looking that way! LOL! I know it was all part of the show, but still, he should have been the one making her look all puppy-dog eyed.
Oh yeah, before I forget...I watched the whole thing with Mr. OCD and he had to make gagging sounds everytime Twilight won anything....ESPECIALLY the fight scene...he said it was a horrible fight scene and ANY of the others *should* have beat Twilight if population was honest and not just a bunch of fans making something popular, LOL!!
Eminem....OMG! We laughed so hard! He was totally PO'd! We kept wondering if that was a planned part of the show and I finally looked it up last night and I don't think it was. Em was livid!! I would be too, that was just gross! The pictures of that naked crack in his face is all over the internet!! ROFL!
I hate to admit it, but I love The Climb by Miley. I <3 Paramore and that they represented Twilight, but if they had to lose, I was glad it was to Miley because this is ONE song of hers I like.
WHO LOVED JIM CARREY MENTIONING THE CUTE GUY FROM TWILIGHT???? LOL!!! That was priceless! Did you see Rob's face?? So stinking cute!

The My daughter of course melted when she saw Jake. I held my breath when they showed the "breakup" scene because I just know that is when I am going to lose it on the real movie....maybe if we watch the trailer enough that will desensitize us to him saying, "You won't see me ever again"....doubt it. I was so happy about the special effects of Jake turning into the wolf! I am not a wolf fan at all, but I am glad they made it look like they said in the book....except, wasn't there like a loud noise or something?

Ninja Fanpire said...

@robin(me) Technically Jake's not wearing anything when he's in Wolf form

VampGirl said...

The trailer was great EXCEPT - Jasper's hair???!!! WTF???? I feel so sorry for him. Jacob looks like a child on steroids, and the fursplosion was ok, except that the dog looks more like an angry Lassie than a scary werewolf. Um, check Lupin of HP or the badd ass uber werewolves of Underworld to see what a good werewolf is meant to look like. And wasn't he a bit on the small size? I thought he was meant to be tall as a house?? Not only is he a short ass in person, but he's a short ass werewolf, too??
Rob - of course - looked HOT but oh so sad. How could Bella believe he didn't love her when he looked that unhappy.

Ilaria said...

Dear League,
I'm gonna start by saying that I don't like to be a hater. I really liked the New Moon trailer, and I agree with "poor Jasper, can't they give you better hair and make you look a little more appealing";
as spankransom already knows, I don't like kstew saying "kiss me" raising the eyebrow, like she's some kind of Salome style temptress...rpattz seemed to looked better than in twilight (make up and all).
Now, the awards. I wanna say that the reason I get mad, is because I really love movies so much, that I just cannot help getting pissed when I see somebody not "acting" right. I will skip right through the converse issue I have and the popcorn drop, which it kinda made her look better, but, my question is: why is it so hard for kstew to say a sentence that makes sense either when accepting awards or presenting the movie or during the red carpet interview. if you mumble your lines like that, how can I believe you are a good actress? If I'm a producer investing my money and you are promoting it by mumbling the words, when the ENTIRE WORLD is waiting fot this trailer, would I be happy? I don't think so. When she was onstage ,she looked down most of the time, and even an amateur would try instead to look at the audience or the camera. I understand you're shy, but you are an actress. WORK IT.
Regarding the kiss that did not happen: if this is a place where we all know the actors re-enact the kiss, why don't you just get over it and do it? you're supposed to be a "professional". I went look at the gosling-adams notebook win kiss...and boy, that was something, and that's what the fans want too.
They all need to start practicing speeches at awards and stuff if they don't wanna look awkard. Thank you, Rob, for making us think of awards coming out of your pants, and in general, anything coming out of your pants; we really didn't need the incentive ;). maybe we are still not used to your british humor?
Oh and Kstew, your face betrayed you: YOU ARE SO IN LOVE WITH RPATTZ, YOUR FACE CANNOT HIDE IT. that's not how a "friend" looks at a "friend". that's how a girl looks at the guy she is in love with.
Sorry for the rant, I had to take things off my chest.
Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Totally loved the trailer!!! I haven't watched the whole awards show yet... I DVR'd it so that I can fast forward to all the good stuff and from what I hear, there's alot of good stuff!!!

Love the trailer though... Jacob's phasing was flawless!!! I agree though... I pictured him as the wolf being bigger. I mean, if you're maing a CG wolf... make it the right size! And what was with Jasper's hair??? I was bad the first time around and they managed to make it worse! But those are my only complaints so I'm totally stoked for this movie to come out!!! Yay!!!

GallifreyReject said...

ok um yeah i liked Jasper's hair.. he's supposed to look Civil War-ish.. lol

And the morphing..I'm soo Team CGI now!

Although I agree, it should've been bigger and darker in color to match Jacob's hair.

and um Kstew should NOT have won Best Female Performance! Taraji was ROBBED!!!

And wtf was with the wrinkled jacked.. Steam iron anyone?? Someone??

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

Good morning everyone! I totally punked out and didn't get to see the last half of the awards until this morning since I DVR'd it. I know, I know. I foolishly let family needs come before RPattz and the blog. I hope you all forgive me. *wink*

I think we all agree that the trailer looks amazing. I wish that KStew's "kiss me" had more need in it's inflection, though. The whole point is that they're both feeling a sense of desperation. At least, that's what I thought. And thank GOD that they have some decent special effects for this movie. My fears of Summit's cheapness seem to have been misplaced. Yay!

As for every time Rob walked on to the stage... Well, it's almost painful to watch Rob and know that such amazing hotness is forever unattainable to me. Is it wrong of me to hope he knocks someone up and that one of my children have a chance of winning that genetic lottery by marrying his child? It is? Damn. *sigh*

Anyway, thanks to everyone who Tweeted with us last night (me for the hour I was on, Spider and Spank for sticking it out.) And, thanks Rob, for giving me a reason to think about your pants and... um... "things" sticking out of them. Odd Brit. ;)
-Meadow :)

Gina said...

I had a great time with you ladies last night.
My hubby was annoyed that I was hogging the computer AND the tv.
I loved the trailer and am SOO excited to see that movie!
Once again, OCD, I am in TOTAL agreeance (sp?) with you. You read my mind.
I am not a KS hater or lover. But really, she just isnt a talented actress. She sucks. She seems nice enough, and pretty, but not an actress.
And Twilight SO DID NOT deserve best movie. Did I love it and watch it more times than I care to admit? Yes, but that is due to Stephenie Meyer, not CH. I loved and am addicted to the characters, not the crappy rendition of them that CH did.
Hence the Fanfic addition. Hard core fanfic addiction. Like seriously... heading to divorce court if I dont get a grip. Many many hours per day are spent on this computer, looking at rob and reading about edward. *sigh*

Roni said...

I am so happy to see the trailer, but boy did they ever change it from the book. Not so sure about that.

Jasper was still gorgeous no matter what. But, yeah, WTF. Jackson has said, though, he liked the new wig. Hmmmm.

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

not where was the meadow..where is meadow?? the meadow was there..right where her and laurent the book when she found was not as pretty as she remembered it...I guess someone could have already answered this..i havent read ahead.. I have to admit that i didnt like the wolf at first..I had to go watch again and again..i thought the color was all wrong..i thought it looked too fake..and too small..but now that i have watched over and over and over it!! It is growing on me..laurent look badass! lol Boy bella got shoved hard didnt she?? And poor jasper..that was was whipped across the room...oh gosh....I cant wait for the movie!!!I did notice that nikki and jasper werent there too.....nikki..holding a grudge after italy maybe??? jasper playing with the 100monkey's somewhere maybe?
IF they showed bruno's naked bum..why couldnt they have demanded that rob take his shirt off...and i have to admit..dont hate me...i hate myself hottie for his age..i feel so bad for noticing that..geez..i will 30 in 10 yr old daughter is obsessed with him and has the hugest crush ever on him. lol...and her mom doesnt mind looking either..there i said it..geez!! it should be illegal for him to look so good...damn!!! I cant wait to see paul..yum!!! Oh yes, would have been better..say if rob went to kiss her..then she put her hand on his chest..started getting into it..then he says no bella..hahahhahahhahaha we cant...that would have been funnier..hehe EDWARD IS IN YOUR BOOKS DENYING YOU SECKS!!! HEHEHEHE
oh btw, ladies..i finished submissive *spoiler maybe* dont read..................
this morning..I turpentine..did you guys???? I felt bad for bella..and damnit i am going to read epov dominant later..or whatever it is

Spider Monkey said...

the MORE i watch the trailer, the more i love it! the dog size is not an issue the more i watched it as one of you recently mentioned...

edward seems to be so different...

so exciting....

HappyHourSue said...

OK, I got my mad reflex skills ready for the pelting of food but:

I didn't love the trailer. I thought The acting between Bella and Edward was stilted and lacked chemistry. The "party" scene felt like it was a funeral. The "papercut" line seemed so overly obvious...

Laurant was great - at least he was acting.....the wolf needs to be way bigger.

Pros: Taylot Lautner's bod: holy hell.

I'm sure the movie will be great and I'll see it 30 times, but frankly, there are fan-made trailers are got me more excited.


Brenda Jean said...

The "kiss me" was a little lame--with the eyebrow raising. I liked it otherwise but obviously they are changing it big time from the book where all the wolves save her and she doesn't know it's jacob, just suspects etc. Of course me reading the book a zillion times means I have it memorized. I liked the wolf!

Ella Press said...

I really liked it, but of course, I expected something different. Like the phasing part, Bella doesn't see it when Jacob phases, he just comes along with the pack, so that surprised me, in a good way though. But until I watch the whole thing...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sue, The Bella and Edward parts seemed to just be boring and the kiss between them, she didn't look into it at all. For being so in love with him she sure didn't act it. KStew is a terrible actor and Twilight probably shouldn't have won, especially after the hospital scene where Bella studdered her way through the lines. *tears hair from roots* That was so frustrating.

And what was with the make up in this movie? Bella seems to look prettier, if I can even say that about KStew. Bella shouldn't be looking all supermodelish, the whole point was for her to be plain jane.

But whatever, Rob looked hot and thats all that mattered.


Ginger Swan said...

@HappyHourSue, I kind of agree with you. Sound effects and music transform a scene like nothing else. And that's the very last step before the movie is finished. It probably won't happen until September or October. To me, that's why Bella's birthday scene seemed so funeral-ish. It just needs good background and music to bring it to life.

I don't know for sure (because I never finished reading the script) but it didn't look like Laurent and Bella were in a Meadow. Looked like they were in the woods behind Jacob's house. Which would make sense to me since Twilight left out the whole sentimentality of the Meadow.

@Vampgirl, I agree that Jacob looked more like an angry lassie. Though, to be fair, they're not actually werewolves. They're shapeshifters that turn into wolves. (even though they THINK they're werewolves)

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Hello everyone....
What a night, huh?

Ok too many of you to directly comment so I'll just say my 2cents and be on my way....

Did Twilight deserve to win? For quality? NO but for the love of our characters, yes. I loved every movie that was nominated and saw all of them but I have lived the Twilight dream since the book came out in 2002, YES! That was me! AND I've been on a Twilight road ever since. I can't help it I'm totally devoted to all Twilight good acting or bad acting! Kstewpid or no Kstewpid. RPattz w/ clothes RPattz w/o clothes, *cough* and so on and so on....

The fact is that R Pattz is stinking cute and I've loved him since HP and it's nice to see him now. He's so getting better with being in front of the camera and he's so fricking cute when he speaks.

OH I agree. A little Rob for my Isabella or a little Roberta for my little Edward? Really? Do you think we can like convince him to donate some sperm to this cause? *yea I'm serious* Now don't look at me like that......*sheesh* You do know who my mom is right? Glancing at @Robin(me) - I mean i did inherit some of her genes ya know!

You are tweeting? I heard about that! Don't have time to tweet with little Edward and being all fat and all. But wait another month and I'll get back into it....ok? Or maybe not. *mmmmm*

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the trailer and I'm very pleased that it looks as good as it does. I'm not going to pick it apart right now b/c compared to Twilight - it's like a huge difference in it.

The non-kiss, yea I feel that they should have gone for it and it wasn't cool for them not to. OR I think it would have been better if RPattz had done the pulling away, someone up there said that sorry I don't have the strength to read everyone's again.....forgive me.....anyway he could have pulled away and said STOP, I can never lose control with you......

GAWD, why didn't they ask me to write that. OH and I agree, kstew does love him, you can tell. AND he was so damn cute when she dropped that award and they showed him on camera just laughing. AND then they showed HER when he accepted his award, too. awww so cute.

Jacob, uh plz don't kill me now, is damn hawt, i have to say. but not my type. And damn that wig for Jazz --- geez that's bad! sigh.

Niki is still pissed I think no more friends with kstew. awww too bad, niki.

Anonymous said...

Ok I was honestly sad at first thought Jacob should be stronger, warmer browner not so red and much larger. Edward well yum... And KS is nice cute dress bad shoes for MTV awards. And above all this was I the only one LOVING pocket Edwards adventure last night. You made all the boring moments enjoyable. Thanks


leslie said...

What an awesome night! I'm still trying to get over it.

Just like with Twilight, the movie, I am such a big fan of the saga that I can forgive the inconsistencies and bad acting. I was able to put a face to the characters I was reading about and it ended up that Rob wasn't hard on the eyes AT ALL.

With that said, I loved the trailer for New Moon, and just like Galifrey, I am a huge fan of CGI. I was so worried about the transformation, but IT ROCKED! And Rob looked gorgeous and portrayed Edward's pain perfectly.

K, so now for what I didn't care for. As much as I felt bad for KStew dropping her award last night, she really didn't deserve to win. In the trailer, I cringe when she asks for that kiss. I was reminded of her bad acting when she raised her eyebrow. They rushed into production for New Moon so quickly that she obviously didn't have time to brush up on her acting skills between films.

I agree with Spank...Jacob looks like a boy that has taken too many steroids. And for all the ladies drooling over him, let me remind you that he's still a teenager. Any boy that still must legally be chaperoned by a parent on the set is TOO young. Just sayin'.

Lastly, as much as I am Team Edward all the way, I was surprised that there wasn't more doggy footage. *ducks* After all, the vamps are only in about 20 percent of the book (Damn you, Stephenie!). Summit is obviously trying to capitalized on the fandom and swooning over RPattz.

@Ninja - I think you tweeted a question about vamps having saliva. You're so right! Bella makes Laurent's mouth water? WTF?!

Overall, I loved the trailer and I can't wait til November. I love Chris Weitz. Can we have a Twilight do-over and have him direct?

Ninja Fanpire said...


Yes I did! It makes no sense! Laurent says she is mouth-watering, and yet....Vampires do not produce saliva or tears. Yet for some reason they can produce some other bodily, um, stuff, resulting in Renesmee. HOW?

I think SMeyer just makes no sense sometimes...... *cough* sparkling *cough*

leslie said...


You are a very observant Ninja. *bows down* And yes, SM totally jumped the shark in BD with the Renesmee thing.

Ninja Fanpire said...


Maybe she was just too much on Team Jacob to leave him alone at the end of the book. Oh, but she didn't have a problem with leaving Leah hanging!

Picksee77 said...

I was so pleasantly surprised by the trailer! I had very low expectations (sorry)-and was surprised how much better it looked! The papercut was a little overdone-who does that when they get a papercut?
The wolf effect was also better than expected-but, I'm holding out on that one until I actually see them moving around.
I loved Kristen Stewart at the awards-and her being awkward and dropping the award was so endearing-she's so uncomfortable, I love it. I wanted to give her a high five for rockin the converse-why wear uncomfortable shoes? And she's so young, she can get away with it.
Oh, and of course Robert was just too cute as always.

beesue said...

So Many Good Comments!!

Doesn't bother me that Twilight won it all last night! These awards are fan-based so we're not looking deeply into quality - if you want to go there-watch the Oscars (Think Slumdog already won that one).

Rob was gorgeous and just humble and awkward enough to luv him more!
Piss ant - well - she doesn't have Star quality! Bad spiderwoman dress-unpoised-very cringeworthy!
I also heard her say in an ET interview after the awards that she
"was not going to kiss Rob". So it seems this was her idea.

The trailer looked awesome! Edward finally looks like a 107 year old vamp in a 17 year old body-all tortured and wise! Laurent looked like a vamp, Jacob/wolf is gonna be good, the Cullens look classy, Piss Ant - no words-except Bella deserves better!

Ana Cristina said...

I missed the awards too as I was out with le boyf. Been catching up all day.

My thoughts on zee trailer:
-Kristen's eyebrow still bothers me! That waggle is just ... unearthly. (shudders)
-I agree with the person above me who says Edward looks like "all tortured and wise." I'd like to add the word hawt, too, if you don't mind.
-And since I'm in such an agreeing mood, I agree with Spank re: the size of the wolf. I think the CGI can be better, but I have faith they'll improve upon it by November 20th.

Anonymous said...

WTF is up with I wish I had a twilight keyboard so that I could just push the delete button and erase the horrific acting... *sigh* I guess it'll be a movie about steamy rob again.
Oh wait thats right, there is dakota fanning and Micheal sheen to look forward to...maybe they'll eclipse k-stewpids acting... (no pun intended;). Otherwise, great trailer, yeah the wolf seemed small but they have months to work out the proportions, but Jacob sure as hec looks bigger *say it with me... teen---a.g.e.rrr..* (down girls down). So whats a girl to do until Nov....Summitt better make a trailer per week!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just gonna ask...

Is there anyone else out there that agrees that the 'almost kiss' was the best acting KStewpid has ever done?!?!

Ginger Swan said...

@Rina1257, you liked Pocket Edward's adventures, huh? Yeah, he was pretty naughty... kept jumping out of my purse and posing himself in inappropriate places. ;)

@anonymous.. you crack me up. I think if Summit released a trailer per week all our heads would explode. I know mine would!

beesue said...

@ Lady Hale


Finally - I have a partner in crime for my piss ant bashing!

Anonymous said...



I thought the world was going mad or something. Especially when I had 2 'friends' tell me off yesterday for not liking KStewpid, tweeting that hate and hating her for 'irrational' reasons *rolls eyes*
And as such I've been searching Twitter for KStewpid haters just so that I have some balance on Twitter.

But anyway...she's a crap actress and it saddens me knowing that her mother is a fellow Australian. Poor woman doesn't realise that her child is not only a REALLY bad actress but that she's devil spawn too.

ToeKnee said...

LMAO oh thank god, more kstew haters. She is a horrible actress and its rather sad they cast her as Bella. She always looks too depressed, its rather annoying and with the eyebrowing raising and the excessive blinking. Where did she learn to act?

Anonymous said...


Hahaha that's so true. I mean Bella was always a quiet, reserved kind of character but KSkank turned her into this angsty, emo teenager.

And AMEN on the blinking thing! Damn, I can act better than her...and I SUCK!! I guess all those years of pretending to be happy gave me an edge over her because what she does is NOT acting. Last time I checked, acting was acting like you're not acting...and she acts like she's acting!!

Did that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not the only one that thinks KStew ain't all that?! I suddenly feel not so alone...

Anonymous said...

@Lady Hale

YES! I totally get it. She is a complete overactor and all emo and depressing. Thats not how I pictured Bella at all. In fact Bella was not depressing, at least not until Edward left her, but hell if Edward left me Id be depressed to. Thank god I am not the only one who sees it!

I hope Rob doesn't plan on sticking with her, he can do way better than that. I think my cat can act better than her.

Such a shame.


Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure most people know this by now, but just in case some don't....The trailer was quite a few of scenes put together. The scene where Jacob jumped and transformed into the wolf was the part where Paul loses his temper and I'm not sure if I read it in the book or in the script but Bella does yell "Jake Run" and then he turns into his wolf self. As for the where Jacob goes from having his shirt off and then puts it on...those are 2 different scenes as well.

Oh, and in the beginning, If you noticed they showed the it's my birthday I want a kiss scene before the birthday scene...which most of us know that happens after the birthday party when Edward takes Bella home.

I think that's it, I wrote a book, haha, sorry!

Anonymous said...

the best part of the trailer is the wolf! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEED the wolf!!! He looks great and FINALLY they used some real special effects! I hated the first movie, I can´t hide it, but New Moon is looking promissing.... I just wish that they would replace KS! She is NOT an actress...sorry, but it´s true, she is the worst!
The only part worth watching of the trailer are the ones she´s not speaking... LOL... I kept forwarding her lines!

pjamarama said...

oh i love that trailer. and then someone said they watched it and that their messing with the timeline again.well i just thought that was a bit silly to say the least.seems to progress nice and linear to me.that said i think i'll have to watch it without hubby around with all the toplessness don't think he'd believe me if i said i wasn't looking...

Picksee77 said...

Wow, there is a lot of Kristen Stewart hatred. While I don't think she's a great Bella, I've loved her in other things, like Into the Wild. I'm just not sure this is her fare so much.

To say one mean thing, my husband calls her "the mouthbreather from Twilight." He thinks he's funny.

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