Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Junior League: Prom Converse

This week's Junior League Member is: Red Reader
Superpower: Reading a book at the speed of light!

Why in the world does Bella wear leggings and converse with her prom dress? Everyone else looks really dressy and she wears converse? The whole issue in the book was that Bella was clumsy, and she was worried about embarrassing herself. She was supposed to wear high heels that were a death trap. She was supposed to be uncomfortable until Edward made her feel better. I just don't understand WHY they made Bella seem less clumsy. It was almost as if they feel a 'heroine' shouldn't be clumsy and vulnerable. Or could it be that they figure people attending a prom in a town with 3,120 people can wear converse and leggings? It just really bugs me.

This is simple. Because she's a piss ant!

Leggings and converse with a prom dress? I blame Catherine Hardwicke. Though I must say I'm glad movie Bella didn't protest about prom as much as book Bella did. Cause her extreme aversion to parties in the book made me want to bitch-slap her.

If we're going to talk about differences from the book, let's remember that in the book, Alice helped Bella get ready for the prom. There is no way that Alice would allow such a fashion FAIL.

I'm blaming this on KStew. Did anyone happen to notice her outfit (and shoes!) at the MTV Movie Awards? She obviously thinks that dresses matched with converse are a good idea. Don't get me wrong, I love my chuck's but they should not be worn with a prom dress.

Don't call the fashion police on me but when I crashed my prom I was wearing sneakers too. It wasn't true to the book but not much was. Besides tell me how anyone can walk in one stiletto heel with a leg cast? I am more pissed off that Alice and Jasper weren't in the movie prom scene.

First of all, this is not any kind of news flash, Spank. Anyone who has seen how you dress would surely put you and Bella in the same category of "fashion challenged".

But I'm getting off track, and here's the deal, who the frig was even looking at those stupid details when Edward was in the screen shot. It must be a man who pointed this out because I couldn't peel my eyes off Edward for a second. It got so bad that I forgot to blink and my contacts got all dried out, not pretty!

Last I checked Rob Pattinson likes his girls a little on the casual side. I was wearing flannel before Kurt Cobain smelled like teen spirit. If comfort is king, I am its queen.



Ninja Fanpire said...

Well, Alice lent her the dress. That was her input. I guess according to the movie, all Alice cares about is how good Bella smells.

kmoye said...

I really wanted to see the Cullens dancing at Prom. i mean where were they?!

marijkevm said...

To Rain. The reason KStew wore those shoes at the Mtv Awards was due to the fact that she had injured her ankle while filming the runaways! So don’t be hating the Shoes!

Spank Ransom said...

@marijkevm - While it is true that KStew had an ankle injury it was not while filming The Runaways which only began shooting this week.

I personally like the chucks but the argument being made by Rain is that she didn't have to wear chucks at the MTV awards but any other flat shoe to accommodate her injury and her attire.

As stated, I like the look... and sported it myself back in the day. I also dated a guy who looked like one of The Ramones so... said...

mmm. Good Morning League!!!
I kinda liked the dress and the sweater that kinda just appeared out of thin air. I loves the prom scene. Sneakers? Well yea sorta strange. But didn't they get some of their clothes from CH? just saying.
Edward in a suit. Edward out of the suit. My only thoughts during the making of that scene.
*evil grin*

Rain Storm said...

@marijkevm - I love the shoes - definitely not hating the shoes! My favorite pair of shoes are my chucks (converse) - I am never without them... unless I'm wearing a dress to an event. But, good to know about the ankle injury - I'll lay off (a little bit).

Ilaria said...

I'm the first one hating on KStew...ahem...I heard too that she sprained her ankle, but they had just gotten back from Italy, so she must have hurt herself running in the square in Montepulciano. Still, with a sprained ankle, you can wear flats dear, not necessarily converse.
She also confessed in a Nylon interview she is sneakers-obsessed (really? we didn't notice).
Kstew aside, too bad Alice did not prepare Bella for prom, cause she would have not permitted such fashion faux-pas, AND she would have picked a MUCH better dress.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets mad over these details and incongruences between the book and the movie...and what about the Cullen clan spinning with their old-fashion style on the dancefloor? I WANTED TO SEE THAT!

kt said...

my only complaint about the shoe choice for prom was that edward couldnt say "ill have to thank alice later for those" in regards to bellas stilletos like he does in the book. i think i just like that line because it reads like hes trying to keep his chubby in control and chubbys and robward are both things i like... especially together.

dazzledbyhim said...

I can only assume that the leggings were due to the fact that it was so cold while they were shooting... hence the sweater as well. I remember CH talking about that in the commentary. What always throws me though is how un-Kstew she looks during the prom scene... almost like a different person! I can never figure it out either why she looks so different. Maybe because the headband is finally gone???

HappyHourSue said...

maybe Charlie made her wear the leggings as an extra barrier.

Toeknee said...

Maybe she had to wear her own chucks because they ran out of money and couldn't afford stilettos and a much better dress. The leggings and the chucks just ruined it. NEVER let Kstew chose wardrobe again, whoever made that decision should have been fired immediately.

I think I ALMOST liked KStew for a brief moment during the prom scene cuz it didn't look like her and I forgot it was her. pardon me, I think I need to go slap myself for even saying that.

deconstructing jen said...

I'm going with Ginger on this one. It's Hardwicke's fault. And Spank's right. I'm not sure a person could actually walk with a book cast and a stiletto even if Alice helped them dress and Robward was there to catch them.

Kortnii said...

Well for starters: When shooting The Prom Scene it was very very very cold ouitside. so the leggings were almost a must have.
and the converse: If you think about it,..its impossible to walk with one foot in a flat bulky cast and the other 6 inches taller than that leg on a tiny little heel.

I think she looked good to be honest. the leggings should have been black. or put her in some nude tights. but overall, i think she looked just fine :]

I cant believe you guys arent complaining about the "Granny Sweater" everyone else hates but I love hahaha.

Kortnii said...

totally missed that Spank said the whole not being able to walk thing! sorry! im spaced out. but I still back my leggings theory! haha.

beesue said...

Hello League!

Lets just admit it - the piss ant looked hilarious in the prom scene! Even Rob said in the commentary that she looked like a "biker chick"! @KT - yep, also one of my fav Edward Sex lines that were left out!

lickhimright said...

Hello League!
@Spider: I like your simple comment... Because she is a piss ant! LOL! Ok... no... you know that I dont hate KStewpid and that I am pro Robsten but seriously now...
I hated the leggings... maybe it was cold in reality but in the book... it wasn't so... she could wear nylon tights or something... i didnt hate the Converse sneakers cause I think it is Bella like... but I also missed Edwards comment... *sighs*
All in all... it is CH's fault... she is the real piss ant. And has ugly gray leggings too.
Kristen is apparently wearing the dress/converse look all the time... lets hope that Bella will be forced to wear high heels when she gets married to Edward... imagine her with that vintage wedding dress and sneakers beneath... geeeez....

Brenda Jean said...

Edward was cool in the prom scene, but that was about it. Leaving Alice out of the whole thing was just so NOT cool to me.

Rachel said...

I hated the way they made Bella dress in the prom scene. The dress wasn't cute enough and then to put those shoes with it...Ugh!! I have a feeling it wasn't just Katherine's fault for this, I'm pretty sure KStew didn't want to wear a dress without something under it or didn't want to wear heels, cuz she didn't fell "comfortable."

crazylife said...

I agree the way Bella was dressed was horrible especially when Alice apparently spent all day getting her ready.

Vicky said...

I've seem pics of Kstew at other events when she was wearing heels and It didn't seem to bother her. I am going to have to say that it was CH's idea. Sweater was lame AND they were filming one scene..suck it up were cuddled up to Edward for crying out loud, couldn't you figure out a way to make some body heat? duh!

@Spank "Last I checked Rob Pattinson likes his girls a little on the casual side. I was wearing flannel before Kurt Cobain smelled like teen spirit. If comfort is king, I am its queen. LMAO!!! I must be the princess!!! :)

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