Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Junior League: Cullens in Kilts

Todays Junior League member is: @warnersl

Superhero Name: Craque L'éclair Superpower: has an opiate bouquet and can manipulate the weather.

I've been tweeting with Ginger about my husband's fabulous lightning photography. He is willing to let Mr. Ginger use one of his lightning pics for your blog.

(You can see some of them here: )

My husband's favorite part of Twilight was the baseball game.

I thought the baseball uniforms were kind of dumb. I DO like men in kilts...think it is really sexy. (So sexy that I am giving one to my husband for his birthday. He said he'd wear least around the house.) Did you see the picture of Cam Gigandet in a kilt ? Vampires in kilts are hot!

So, I propose flying the idea of replacing baseball with highland games during the thunderstorm. Vampires wearing kilts, traditional style, if you know what I mean. ;)

Regardless, love your site. Happy to have stumbled upon it.

Oh, could you imagine all the Cullen men wearing kilts as fast as they run?

Kilts + Running Vampires = Happy Audience. (And maybe a happy ending for the audience's husbands.) Just looking at that picture of Cam makes me want to go find mine now.

While I'm not into the "kilt" thing, I would like to see what's under that skirt...On second thought, I can't get into the kilt thing - at all! They make me think of bagpipes when I'd rather think of Robschlong.

Oh I definitely could get into the kilt thing. God Bless those Scottish men and their kilts. Rawr.

Spider! Just imagine if they'd done Highland Games instead. Rob manhandling large logs. I doubt you'd have trouble of thinking of Robschlong then.

Hmm... Jasper in a baseball shirt or in a kilt? While I can appreciate the easy access such attire would provide I have to say that Jasper's hot, sexy body wrapped in a tight baseball shirt and pants were enough for me to want to jump his vampiric bones and forget that Edward was even on the field.

*shaking head* Spank, how could you ever ignore Edward? Besides, I found his athletic side stimulating.


**The League and Mr. Ginger would like to thank @warnersl's husband for letting us use one of his awesome lightning photos for our post! Be sure to check out his amazing photos!


Rachel said...

@Spider...I'm with you! The kilt thing doesn't do it for me. I loved the baseball uniforms!! Mmmm...thinking of "my monkey man" and Jasper's "oh well I think we can handle that"....dang it, now i have to go watch that scene!

Anonymous said...

Jasper actually wears a kilt for me every night...he says it allows the air to circulate...and who am I to deny him?!?!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I'm in, where do I sign for the Kilt-wearing Highland Games with Chris W's re-shoot of Twilight????

lickhimright said...

Kilt is gooood! Kilt reminds me Mel Gibson on Braveheart so kilt is definitely goooooddd... Rawr! (copying Ginger)

LeLe said...

Love this idea. And since Ginger and I are redheads, we can really get into the Scottish culture. Such a manly culture...and can the boys have Scottish accents too? I think that would push me over the edge.

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

Holy Hale!! I havent even read this..but the first thing that came to mind...kilts!!...ahhhhhh easier access and the better to @&#$ me with..oh geez...............

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

hehe I am still sticking with my above comment now that i have read it all...*sighs* easy access, like braveheart...quick to get it on....ahhhhhhhh nice!!! pants just take too long to remove..but a kilt...starting to look up!! haha

Jen said...

Definately on board with the kilt idea :)

Anything that might make a windy day more interesting is all good in my book.... :D

beesue said...

Hey Lassies!

Kilts remind me of the Highlander and Sean Connery and that accent and going commando and YES!!! - Kilts all around for the Cullen Men!!!

@spider - come onnnnn - Like "easy access" is a good thing!!

Caitlin said...

Im going to have to stick with the basseball shirts. I just love the way a man looks in one. I have bought my boyfriend several in that style. I dont know why but it just turns me on.

I think I would just laugh if I saw Rob in a kilt! They make me giggle =D

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am all for the kilts....anything to see more of Rob!


Erin said...

Kilts no...but tight baseball uniforms...hell YEA!