Sunday, June 28, 2009


Uh... Was that Chucky doing the voiceover?

While some of you may think this video is funny, *glare* my heart breaks for Jasper being denied his *lifeblood*. He should give up this sacrificial life with the Cullens, move to Bon Temps and learn to drink True Blood. And then he would spend the rest of eternity tasting the sweet nectar that is Spank's blood...

That dude's hair better not look that suspect in the whole movie. Yikes, the Sponge Bob voice actually fits his look! Sorry Spank, don't hate me because I love Rob.

Uh, hello? Jasper? My Grandma called and she wants her hairdo back. Seriously, did he get his hair done at the salon that offers free do's for the seniors on Wednesdays? (Sorry Spank - I know I'm new here, but I can't keep it in.)

I wonder if he is sleeping in curlers to get his hair to do that.

Who's been passing the Haterade, around here? I happen to think that his hair looks... oh, damn, who am I kidding? He looks like he should be playing Bingo at the American Legion.

Be assured that I will be paying special attention to the credits to see who is responsible for this look and, trust me, when I'm done with them they'll be wishing the world was full of vampires and shapeshifters instead of Sicilians...



CorrinaT said...

OMG That was so wrong with the voice! He did sound like Chucky!

Ninja Fanpire said...

About the hairdo, I didn't think it looked like it should have in the first movie.
The book said Jasper looked like a movie star. That just didn't come across to me in Twilight.

Lady Hale said...

@Spank...Jasper would NEVER leave me for Bon Temps...he's quite happy where he is!!

As for this!

Lady R said...

I actually think Jasper looks quite good in New Moon! When looking at him, I'm not concentrating on his hair! Sorry Lade Hale, but it had to be said. I envy you! *Wink*

Anonymous said...

Yeah they do not unleash Jasper's full potential. He's suppose to be quite charming even thought he struggles with his problem. If the crew is reading this fix Jasper. Let's start with the hair.


Caitlin said...

I think his hair is hilarious! It makes him look like a cute little doll who's hair was teased by a 4 year old. I think Jackson rathbone is pretty hott regardless though.

But the Spongebob Voice over cracked me up! I don't need it, I don't need it, I NEEED IT!!

Oh god, thats a great spongebob episode by the way.
Shut Up you know you watch it too!!!

Caitlin said...

Wait ! His hair should look like this!

I think this picture is for seriously sexy!

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

Oh my spank..u crack me up!!!!!!!! :) no haterade here....i can ignore the hair for jasper..haha but i will leave him to u spank. :)rotfl get em girl..make them pay for messing his hair up. lol bingo at the american legion..hahahahahahahaha u should talk to @TheJHale about it..hahahaha oooh someone sent me a pic..not jasper..but i think u ladies would like it..will dm it. :)Poor jasper..just let him taste urs every now and then..he will be satisfied..right? lol I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

ha! @caitlin i seen ur pic..u know u just want to kiss those lips..hahahhahahah i cant even see his hair with his lips doing that..hahahahhahaha

Jenny Jerkface said...

That was really funny but that voice was frigging terrifying.

And Jasper's hair is, well, it's... really not good. said...

Good Morning League,
Oh dear Lord,
That did sound like Chucky's voice.

and yes poor Jasper's hair...he finally gets "action" and he gets bad hair? *sigh*

mmm. can i join you in searching down those hairstylists? b/c DAMN!*cringe* And yes I'm *kicking my bar stool* (ow) with the injustice of this!

You crack me up! *wink* curlers? *grins*

grandma! *giggling hysterically*

Thank you for making me laugh today!

beesue said...

Hey League!

Yeah, don't you know he hated putting that wig on! He is so edgey in true life - 'member the MoHawk! Probably wondering why he signed-up for this Gig!!

@Ginger - yeah, the pink foam kind!

@League - you guys are totes crackin' me up today! Granma's hairdo (bluehair)..... bingo at the American Legion....Haterade????...good one Spank

Caitlin said...

Speaking of jasper, did oyu guys know hes going to be in the new avatar movie!!!

Im so excited!!!!

Trailer here -->

imbeingheldhostage said...

oh, that's just wrong. Seriously, we're supposed to be struggling with our feelings for each character-- the whole family is supposed to be gorgeous and drawing us in, but if they're going to keep making Jasper look like he's borrowing his grandma's wig (when he should be borrowing her laxatives), I'm afraid to watch.

Rain Storm said...

@imbeingheldhostage - lmao at the laxatives! That is perfect!

Duchess said...

Okay so Im like finally waking from my kellan induced stupor on friday...holy cow ***some warning next time please**. I think theres some wiggle room from team rob to team cullen...those boys are causing heart jasper on the other hand..hmmmmm, he could be so alluring if someone would fix his d@mn hair... not even good enough for an 80's hairband and thats saying a lot... we should petition... they seemed to finally get rob a new stylist and he now looks less like an anime character... can summitt not spring the cash for a new stylist for the J-man..... how about this... ill do it for free... and I dont come cheap..

fragilelittlehuman said...

That video was just all kinds of wrong, kinda like Jasper's hair. I love book Jasper, and I'm pretty fond of Jackson. Movie Jasper? Eh.

Every time I watch Twilight, I get so mad that Edward doesn't mention Jasper's power when telling Bella who has special powers. They continue to minimize Jasper from there. If they don't do more than the party scene in New Moon, what are they going to do in Eclipse? "Oh, yeah, you know that guy we've been ignoring? He's kinda important now."

dazzledbyhim said...

Yes, seriously... his hair in New Moon makes me insane. I could tolerate it in Twilight, but WTF are they thinking???