Friday, June 12, 2009

Catherine the Great?

It's rewarding for The League to finally be validated by the cast for what we've all said all along. That Catherine Hardwicke is a scatterbrained and frenetic fruit loop. The most unforgiveable thing she did to me was giving equal screentime to Buttcrack Santa as she did my beloved Jasper Cullen.

Well, they just confirmed everything Mr. Ginger said about his experience working with her. Almost verbatum. And it was no secret behind the scenes that Kristen Stewart didn't like her. Although there is one reason I won't totally turn on Catherine. She did, after all, give us Robert Pattinson. That, in my opinion can forgive a multitude of sins.

I agree Ginger. I can't bring myself to say anything TRULY bad about Catherine or Twilight because of Rob. If he'd skipped Twilight and went right to releasing "Little Ashes" we'd all just be discussing "that guy with the funny mustache and love handles who would probably be really hot with a different haircut."

Get ready - I'm about to have a verbal vomit!

"Can't say anything truly bad about Catherine or Twilight because of Rob." Are you f'ing kidding me? Yes, I voted for it to win best movie on the MTV awards, but c'mon League! I LOVE RP, love, love, love, love, love him. But don't you think we LOVE him so much because we all fell head over heals for EDWARD CULLEN in the books! You know how I know this? Because I always have to warn people NOT to watch Twilight unless they've read the books first because it won't make sense. He became our Edward right before our eyes. Edward became tangible. I'm telling you girls, ladies, gents, whoever is reading this - most of the fans would have gone ga-ga with several other options other than RP. So basically by having to warn people about the movie means the movie is hokey. I LOVE the movie because I love the story! I am and was able to overlook so much that we poke fun of everyday on here.

So that being said, I feel pretty strongly that the cast and the fans know that New Moon is going to kick ass and take names. New Moon is going to make us wish that Twilight be re-made as "Twilight: The Real Movie".

I SO respect the cast for being respectful in the wording they're using when describing the two different directing styles. That's class. And I can't wait to see what's in store for us!

I disagree that any actor could have played Edward and we'd all fall in love. What Rob Pattinson brought to Twilight was an Edward Cullen that was just hinted of in the books. It was his commitment to bring complexity to the character, and his craft as an actor, that enabled Edward, as we now know him, to come to life. To suggest any good looking guy could play Edward Cullen belittles Rob's extraordinary acting talent and blatantly ignores the simple fact that not every guy can go out there looking like a geisha girl in a pea coat and pull off sexy the way he does.



Ninja Fanpire said...

I don't think I've ever seen Rob Pattinson as Edward. There are so many out there that could have down better, at least hot-wise. He just not the Edward I pictured.

Ninja Fanpire said...

And Spider, I've been thinking for awhile that Twilight DOES need to be remade.

I don't blame the budget for the way the movie turned out.

After all, the deer camera ramp thing "looked good on paper".

Ninja Fanpire said...

"the simple fact that not every guy can go out there looking like a geisha girl in a pea coat and pull off sexy the way he does."

You're right. There are many who can do so much better!

BreeCreely said...

i think that all choices for thw twilight series was goos. thet're young new actors, giving everyone a fresh batch of cute peeps(like jackson rathbone XD ) but i do agree that the 1st movie was and is a mess, it was just so cheezy. i think they did a good job acting, and i appreciate their hard work. but it was just so god damned cheezy!

Natahka said...

how many times are you going to post Ninja? ^_^ Catherine is a psycho. but i love the twilight movie! it took some time for me to see Rob as Edward but now i cant see anyone but him as Edward. ^_^

Chrissi said...

Firstly I want to say wow @ Spider, some of what you've written definitely captured my opinions. I was one of those people who saw the movie first, got a bit confused, and then read the books, fitting Edward Cullen in the book into Robert Pattinson's character. People love the idea of Edward Cullen, I love the idea of Rob, which is different in a way. But in terms of casting Rob in that role, I definitely agree with Spank.

There wasn't a mass swooning when he was Cedric Diggory, albeit his hair is MUCH better now, but it's directly because of the character he plays that he has this new following. He is undeniably a talented actor, especially with his lack of real acting schooling, but he's hardly the sort of person to go after lead roles in Hollywood Blockbusters every other week. This character is some of the real him, people, and he puts in his all, and for that we should feel lucky, because no, not any other actor can do that. Yes, people would still have swooned, but it wouldn't have been the same because the actor and the character would be more separable in people eyes (though at least that would have eliminated some of the craziest fans). I'm not saying that the world should revolve around Rob Pattinson (although, I would be almost first in line to join a world where we could have 24 hour Robness), but just imagine the movie without him...

Back to Catherine Hardwicke (FINALLY, they all scream). CH pretty much butchered the book, and I can say that from the opposite point of view to most other people, as I said before, I saw the movie first. It's not enough to pull apart the book like any other, because there are smaller elements that make it work, that aren't always in line with a directors' analysis of a piece of writing.

Hope I'm making sense, I haven't ranted this much in a while. :)

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

Have you seen rob pattinson?? i love him!! hehe nuff said! I love the idea of edward...but I want me so rob! i have no idea what I am talking about..i got lost in this

oh..catherine..yeah..dont care for her..she ticked me off alot during the audio commentary..mean to my robbykins..ugh! lol she is a weird one..i would have thought that would have made her and kristen get along

Chrissi said...

BTW, I usually post as Lady Christina (a tribute to the Dr Who episode last week, because I am THAT much of a nerd), but I'm changing to my Blogger identity.

rxmeds96 said...

totally agree with Spider and that's all that needs to be said

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people that didn't read the books before seeing the movie. So, if it weren't for the movie, I wouldn't be the Twilight (book) fan I am now. That said, I read the books because, as soon as I told my SIL I saw the movie? "You HAVE to read the book. It's SO much better!"

Just watching the DVD extras, you can see that Catherine is a hot mess. She was surrounded by all those kids and thought she was one, too. No, lady, you're the director, the boss. And all that falling all over Rob on the commentary! I was embarrassed for her. Sure I'm *cough*older*cough* and completely think he's hot, but I'd like to think I'm mature enough not to fall all over him like a fool.

Jen said...

Yeah, I'm not on the Catherine team. Well, maybe a little at times but I'm glad to see a new director coming in. Hopefully we'll be able to see some "interesting" changes ;)

Stacie said...

Ahem, wasn't it Kristen who gave us Rob? Not that I want to be thankful to Kristen or anything...

And, I love in the dvd commentary of Twilight when Rob or Kristen make somewhat disparaging remarks about the film and Catherine stutters to try and defend her decisions. It's great!

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

@Stacie AMEN!!!! Thank you for bringing up Kristen Stewart.

IMHO, if there is anyone we should be thanking for giving us Rob is Kristen Stewart mostly, not so much Catherine (although she did have to convince some people) but that was only because, in Catherine's own words "Kristen all but threatened me".

I don't dislike Catherine. I think she did the best she could with what she was given. She had a low budget and was asked to create this new magical world. I thank her for that. I truly think she could have done better had she more resources and time.

mike said...

I'm right there with Spank-- I think of Rob as Edward and Edward as Rob now, but the movie is kind of like a teaser to the book. I would dislike Hardwick JUST for Buttcrack Santa alone. Sorry I've been missing gals-- life and teens interfering with my Twilight time:)

Brenda Jean said...

Mike is Actually my son-- I forgot to log off his account. LOL So the post above is actually me.

crazylife said...

Summit did not want to pay the big bucks to make twilight. As I have said before they did not get a female in their company to read the saga. Catherine in my opinion is not a great director. The fight scene Cam rock it, Rob not so much. I mean where was the feeling from Edward as his Bella lay there dying? A director is suppose to get those emotions from her actors.

I forgive alot from Cathy because she did bring us Rob.

Did I fall in love with Rob or Edward? I say both. I remember seeing GOF and saying to myself "Who is that?" when Cedric came on the screen.

Rob is Edward. He will always be for me and I dare say the rest of the world. The only other actor IMO humble as it may be, is Hayden Christensen Can I dare say "cough" is Canadian born in Vancouver. Although Hayden is 28. Yes, Canadians do rock Hollywood

AKA CanAnon

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

OH YES, Hayden Christensen..yum..i love him..he could have played the part...he is not that great of an actor at times hubby made me watch star wars with him..i wouldnt have made it if it wasnt for hayden...actually some shots of looks like hayden to me..funny..side and he is closer to my age..hehe :)
That is right..kristen is the one that said go with rob...

Erin said...

@Spider, I totally agree with you

@Stacie thanks for reminding us that KStew is the one who brought us Rob (now I have nothing to thank CH for!)

I tell people to read the books first as well...(Cause I didn't!) I honestly had never heard of Twilight until my BF said I want to go see this movie again. As I was watching the movie, about half way through I turned to her and asked her what the hell was going on. I was completely confused by this random movie. After reading the books, of course I fell in love with the story and the Cullen family. (I'm here and I went to Forks) But CH did a real disservice to the story and the entire saga. I can't wait to see New Moon, because truthfully it can't get any worse!

Maybe we should start a petition to get Twilight remade :)!

Yes, I voted Twilight best movie for the MTV awards, but more so for the book/story/ROB!

I heart the League!

crazylife said...

Yes I agree the Kristen Stewart brought Us Rob. That must have been some make out session. I also give partial credit to CH.

I do not believe CH a good director but I think that she may have been hampered by what Summit gave her to work with. After second thought I do not have to give CH any credit. Nikki Reed as the blonde bombshell sister of Edward. enough said

Anonymous said...

I read the book before seeing the movie... but I admit that I had seen pictures of Rob as Edward before reading the book... so to me Rob has always been Edward and no one else could be. And I think that to the extent that SM describes Edward in the book, Rob fits it to a tee. I think his hair could have been slightly more bronze, but...
As far as Catherine... yeah, I think she f'd up most of the movie but got some good things out of it too. I think that if she hadn't been rushing so much the entire time things would have been much different/better. That being said though... I'm totally stoked about New Moon coming out. I can't wait for November!!! (Not that I really want it to be cold yet though since it hasn't even gotten really warm yet in Ohio!) obsessed as I am... I'm working on getting some kind of discreit Edward tattoo. I don't know exactly yet what it will be, but I'm getting something... and no one else will understand unless I explain it. :)
~Jackie Z said...

Well I don't think that anyone really wants to know how I feel about CH. do you?

Winking @The League

Didn't think so.

I agree tho. We fell in love with Edward Cullen in the books. Rob later. mmm. Oh didn't we....sheesh....did we ever....pant pant pant pant
kstew? well she was really good bella!

And buttcrack santa? damn. jasper gets jipped and buttcrack santa? *shaking head violently*

I put audiocommentary on mute now. Can't stand CH talking in that "Oh Rob please take me now" voice..................................pant pant pant pant....*gag*

Oh I guess I did say my peace, after all? ooops.

Mystify Me said...

Hello League!!
Well I hadn't heard anything of the books or the movie until I saw an Edward poster in the subway.
I had no idea who he was but I parked myself in front of it twice a day (and NO I don't live under a rock).
So I read the books and watched the movie pretty much simultaneously. This Edward was always my Edward.
I don't know who I would have pictured.
Maybe someone like Richard Grieco (who??), a heart throb from the late 80's back when Johnny Depp first appeared on the 21 Jump Street
I did dream once that Richard jumped through my window and bit me in the neck.I woke
happy shall we say. ;) However time has not been kind to RG so that rules him out...but 'back in the day' he was a stunner... Black Irish... yum..
As for CH: a wing*nut of the first order.
I thought Twilight was a little campy, silly and rather Fargo/Twin Peaks like, but hey I have seen in how many times??? So I'm not complaining.
She and Kristen both picked Rob, so I'll lay off of them...for the most part. *wink*

Ginger Swan said...

@Jackie, I'm with you on this. I didn't start reading Twilight until Mr. Ginger found out he was scheduled to work on it. By then, the first trailer was already out and Rob was Edward for me, from the beginning.

Jackie, you MUST take a picture of your discrete Edward tattoo and show us. Seriously! I haven't yet figured out how to get something obscure enough that symbolizes Edward without Mr. Ginger knowing it symbolizes Edward. LOL

beesue said...

Good Morning League!

I think that all one needs to do is listen to the audio commentary to realize how embarrased Rob is about the whole movie! He did what he was told (kabuki makeup, peacoat, etc). It is really funny when he literally "makes Fun" of Edward! Cus - that is not the Edward he wanted to protray!

I read the books first and am so thankful because if not - I think I would have seen the movie and never given the Twilight series another thought!

So, we must trudge on - cant change the past - New Moon is either gonna Make or Break "Em! The true Actors will shine and the bad ones will be exposed!

Gosh - so glum - we need some Kind of - Rob/sexy pick me up! HMMMMM --OK @Reelhim - One Alley, One Rob,
One Team - Jump!!!

@mysty - Are you IN!

@Wheaty - Sorry, You Too!

@League - OK!OK! - The More the Merrier!

Mystify Me said...


Anonymous said...

@ Ginger

That's exactly me too! I'm not sure what my hubs would think if he figured it out! :)

But wait... did I miss something... Mr. Ginger worked on Twilight?

Anonymous said...

Sorry... that was just Jackie above!!!

Spider Monkey said...

@Stacie - GREAT CALL!

@everyone else who agrees with me- xoxo ;)

Duchess said...

Confession time... I saw the movie before reading the book... Since I dont have any fawning teenagers at my house, initially I dismissed the movie as an introduction to the newest brat pack... After seeing the movie (as horrendous as the directing was)I was drawn into the twilight world and completed the series within 4 days of seeing the movie (including midnight sun). So even though CH did not do a "perfect job" she did enough to draw us in to a powerfully written story by SM... so I guess I can't rag on her too much.
As for Robert Pattinson while he may have lucked out (after heaving begging I hear) in getting the role.. ( I agree on Hayden C. as a good choice too) it doesnt take away from his wonderful performance... some people are just meant to be stars...

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

RT HELP @peterfacinelli on twitter..we need everyone's help..change your default pic to this one..and let's make him a trending topic..:)

imbeingheldhostage said...


I always warn people about the movie-- how sad is that?

Sarai R said...

I agree with Spank. I cannot picture anyone better than Robert as Edward. I'll admit.. I didnt give Twilight a chance until Robert! haha.

I saw the movie because my sister begged and then I fell in love with Twilight with huge help from Robert. He did an amazing job as Edward. The movie was good, my sis and I laughed at some obvious mistakes of the movie (did anyone else notice Charlies mustache is slipping in the police station?)

anyhow.. I decided to read the Twilight books BECAUSE Robert did such a great job as Edward. I read fanfic now and picture Rob as Edward. thats it. no one couldve done as great as Rob.

Georgie said...

Don't worry, in a few of years when my brother is a new director needing a movie to establish his awsomeness, I shall help him re-do Twilight. The way a twilighter would want it. I will ask fans of the series what they want to see...and not to anything the same as Catherine. Oh, and it will probably actually be a vampire film. With blood and fights and stuff. Cussing, too? Who knows.

Caitlin said...

Im so glad that everyone is admitting that CH is a crazy ole' LOON> I knew it the second I heard her speak. Bat-shit crazy....

New Moon. Holla

Lori said...

She's a NUTJOB! But she did a great job with "Thirteen", props for that.

Anonymous said...

disagree Spider, you’ll see.. I watched the movie first and by that movie, I wouldn’t have care to read the books, if the actor playing Edward Cullen, would not had been so charismatic in the screen and so nailed in his performance that it was obvious he was bringing into life a complex character with many layer that the script was not being fair to the him or the story; that is what drove me to read the books..
Of course I found the story to be beautiful, I find Edward interesting, but I could hardly feel my self “falling” in love with it.
Catherine messed with the script, with the production and with the actor, I do think the only good thing she did was stick for Robert to play Edward when any other director could have change him, in the many time described situation, that there was a petition for Robert not to be Edward.
I don´t know for the rest, in the US the books were big before the movies, but for the rest of the world, the movie presented the books…. So good or bad, if it was the general idea of the story of the actor playing Edward (my case), as it is presented, is what introduced some of us the books.