Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twilight's Teddy Bear

Emmett is described in the book as Edward's favorite brother so I figured he deserved a write up. Personally my favorite brother is Jasper but that may have a little something to do with my lifelong love of Xanax hot baseball players. But Emmett is such a happy go lucky guy so it's hard not to love him as well. While he personally doesn't *do it* for me, his character does always make me smile -- maybe he's my own personal brand of Zoloft. He's also proof that opposites attract (either that or Rosalie's a wild grizzly bear in bed).

I'm pretty sure Rose is a wild grizzly bear in bed. Most of us icy blondes are. At least, I know I am.

I don't think his character was highlighted enough in the books or in the movie...

I loved Emmett's fun-loving spirit in the books. But I must say, I'm thinking a little differently about Emmett since I saw those pics.

Not my type. I like white, red stained lips and eye liner on my guys! Does that make me a lesbian?? Ewww...

No, I think it makes you a Jared Leto fan.

Spider, there wouldn't be anything wrong with it if you were. After all, we need someone to keep Nikki Reed and KStew distracted while we find Rob. And they like playing fake lesbians.

I'm into equal opportunity. I don't discriminate. As long as they belong to the male species, I can boink appreciate beauty in all forms.

Kellan seems like a really cool guy but he isn't my type. I mean, I would just feel guilty every time I ate junk food, drank beer and smoked cigarettes. With Rob I'd feel like I could really be myself, you know...

By "be myself," do you mean a whore Spank?


Not "whore" Spider, RobSlut. Get your terminology right. *wink*



Ninja Fanpire said...

Don't you remember in Breaking Dawn? Rosalie and Emmett smashing houses? I don't doubt that Rosalie might be more of a grizzly in bed than Emmett.

This fic was inspired by that part in the book:

sakixry said...

Oh come on now League... what are you doing to me? Pffff...
Yeah, Ok. Kelmet (mahhahhaa) is my No.2 in Twilight. Man, Kellan is HAWT!! Why cant Rob take some pictures like that and let us see the goods? Man... I cant wait for New Moon! But IF they dont show him without a shirt I will be VERY FURIOUS!!!

sakixry said...

So first I commented and then I read all your comments because it was an automatic reaction to what I saw! Now that I am feeling a little better.. Kellan is HAWT!! But I also would feel guilty with all the stuff I am eating and drinking (no, i am not smoking... I could though Rob! You hear me?) I think I get a lot of him through the books but he doesn't look so good with dark hair... with blond he is gorgeous! And no... I dont prefer blond man but he is HAWT. Ok, I will now stop my stupid rambling... enough said...

And go read yesterdays post because we who sleep when you post... are writing things the next day too. I wouldn't like to start posting comments to yesterdays topic to todays. It would be sooooo out of topic. Not that I am always in topic but I'm just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Morning all!!
you are one crazy girl!! I agree with you, Kellan is hot but he is No. 3 on my list and like Spank said he doesn't "do it" for me...
btw my dogs name is Disaster, cause he is a real mess when he´s alone in the house mhahaha...

I have a special request for Mr. Ginger: "pls can you Photoshop the first picture and put Rob´s head instead of Kellan´s?? is a fantasy I have and I´m pretty much sure that THEY ARE NOT going to make a shirtless Edward in New Moon!!

sakixry said...

@faith: Emmlan or Kellet :o)) is my number 2. My Nr. 3 is Jasper. Ok, I dont have to tell you who my Nr. 1 is...
My dogs name is Dahlia :) she is a crazy 2 year old halfbreed Wolf *wink* and Labrador.
Oh yes Mr. Ginger! That would be very nice indeed!!!
If they DARE NOT TO SHOW Robward shirtless... *waving fist in air* *grabbing pitchfork*

robin(me) said...

Good morning ladies

Oooh nice pictures...but no Robward is still my No 1. (glancing at pictures again) uh yes still my No 1. Damn. Nice pictures, tho. I think that "teddy bear" is more of one offset than onset! Maybe b/c we.dont.frickin.even.know.anyone - thanks to Melissa! (glarry eyes)

I think they'll be lots of us with our "pitchforks" ready to strike if they fail us with the robshirtless scene in NM.
Oh and yeah, the things that go on when YOU sleep is quite amazing isn't it? I read yesterday's post. But to answer your question, I would LOVE it if you, and EVERYONE moved closer to @rnutmeg & me. Uh Mr. R never complains about my friends. (even when he has to play cop!) AND he lovems the FF now - it's getting scary - he asked me last night - any new UH stories lately, sweetie? (I still don't know who this guy is....but I like him! *wink*)

I have a dog named Trainwreck, who ate my PE. Disaster, huh? I feel ur pain --- if you have a PE keep it away from counters! *shudder* A moment of silence for my lost and most likely dead...PE. *ummmmmmmmmmmm*

sakixry said...

@robin(me): good morning counsellor! *wink* How are ya?
I dont intend to rent a place alone... Robnutmeg will be forced to take me in or else I will sleep on your lawn! Mr. R. would certainly mind if we would live IN your house with you...

vampie said...

@meadow i'll gladly 'distract' kristen for you... just tell me where she is! LOL

@all Emmett/Kellan isnt my type but with the practical jokes and gummi bear addiction he would be a great brother.

@saxiry i just replied on yesterdays comments re dvd.and you already know my list of 4.i commented yesterday!

@all i can access internet on my phone, i tried earlier. i can access website, but without images. i had read comments, but not add any :o(

Anonymous said...

I won´t ask who is your No.1 ´cause I have a strong feeling about it ;)

thanks for the advice and I´m very sorry for you PE, I totally understand your lost.

I saw the update on twitter from the phone..yuppie I´m so glad for you!!!
How is the ff going? In case you didn´t see the yesterday post I gave you permission to use my name in an ff, if you need ideas just let me know ;)

robnutmeg said...

Well top of the morning to y'll (winking @beesue)

Yeah Kellan is nice eye candy but I'd rather have the gooey, chocolately robacious fill my tootsie! (oh god, did I just say that? --winking @carson!)

I agree, he does seem like a really cool guy, but not my type either!

Out on the lawn? pffff. I still have that room ready for you - I even put some dazzle sparkles in there just to help you feel at home. Oh wait, our trees are quite comfortable (winking @robin) too! mahahahaa!

Shirtless Rob or PITCHING THE FORKS, Summitt...what will it be?

Yep some posts last night. (wink)

trainwreck is a disaster mmm same dog? AND Mr. R I think would draw the line if all of us showed up! just saying. He has only eyes for YOU! AND has told me that he's so lucky! AWWWWWW. AND I tell him damn right! He makes me cry sometimes, ya know? Love that man! So sweet.

OMG, getting too mushy here. Need to move on.

YES you guys distract Kristen while the rest of us roblovers get him, tie him up, and ravish him! Whose in?

vampie said...


back to work.. damn it. i will be reading all your comments though..

i'll be back and leave more comments when i get home, in about 5 hours

kmoye said...

those pics are N.I.C.E. Kellan is yummy!

sakixry said...

@faith: aah! faith! you know me so well! *wink*
What update on Twitter? Why are you glad for Vampie?

@robnutmeg: mornign roomie! did you just say tootsie???
Thats so nice of you that you still have my room for me! Where exactly could I sleep on the trees? You think I'm a monkey?
I'm in on the ravish part. I dont wanna distract KStew. *shakes head*

robnutmeg said...

eh i don't know about the trees YET but mmm. monkey? as in SPIDER MONKEY...(ooh sorry, @Spider) get it??? Sleep up against the trees but w/o the SLEEP!
AND yes I said Tootsie as in Tootsie...wanna....ROLL....with.....Rob"delish"ward....
HEY, @vampie - NEW idea for your FF, a CANDY theme! mahahaha!

THE Ravish team step forward and claim your positions....
1.robnutmeg (crouch position)

OH hello Carson - we know you are there.....

Melanie said...

Very nice eye candy. Great way to start the morning. I love Kellan/Emmett but when Rob is around, he is all I see. I think the other guys could be naked and I wouldn't notice. Not sure what that says about me. I guess I'm just hopelessly addicted to Rob!

Diane said...

I'm with Spider, and I'm a Jared Leto fan (and damn proud)...starting way back when he was Jordan Catalano! =)

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: oh i knew it! i knew you would write spider monkey the moment i wrote monkey! really! *wink*

You are one crazy puppy... aren't you?

Ok, here is the Ravish team:
1.robnutmeg (crouch position)
2.sakixry (also crouch position)
3.robin(me) ...

Vampie, you are in the "Keeping KStew occupied" team!

Yeah... hello Carson! How are you doing today? (said as Joey in "Friends")

sakixry said...

@Melanie: You must like him very much in sunglasses too considering your profile pic *grin*

@OCD: Hey there! Where are you? I need your advice! I just finished "The Arrangement" (Thank God... No, I didn't like it... Bella is a whore...) and I need you to tell me what you suggest reading now!
Midnight Desire, Boundaries, Subject: Edward Cullen, Saturday School or I hate my self for loving you? Huh???

robin(me) said...

Hello again ladies

@robnutmeg, sakixry, mystify me (so we can TOUR the town) & everyone!
ALL are welcome to the Robgirls sanctuary! Lately I've been screaming that after work - SANCTUARY SANCTUARY...ALL can move here...don't listen to robnutmeg! geez hospitality much? *shaking head*....But NO Trees! UH step away from the trees...I'm not done with those yet! *arms folded looking sternly @meg!) uh hem!

Tootsie? delusional and lack of hospitality! *tsk tsk*

But YES to the candy spikeward FF! *thumbs up*

RAVISH team, huh?
robin(me)...position=full frontal! *eyes drifting lower and lower and lower and lower...*

Oh and @Shelli
married for xxx years, 2 grown kids, my son dressed like robward now to impress his twifan GF (but doesn't even know who RP is OR maybe doesn't care???) I have a 2 yr old edward grandbaby, isabella marie on her way...daughter is "isabella" who sometimes lurks on this post (rolling eyes) and i'm an attorney (or counselor as @sakixry calls me - NICE! I like that) for the DAs office. AND I have this evil twin that claims to love FF and seduces her hubby with the FF as her guide...pfffff....not I!
BUT you knew all this...AND hi @Carson!

Sorry League I felt it was my duty to answer a post from yesterday...

Didn't mean to go all off topic and all..

Kellan, I think is much better OFF screen then he is ON Screen. I don't know they made him look too weird in Twilight. So hopefully they can improve that with NM. just saying.

OCD Sufferer said...

If we were "strictly" looking at bodies then yeah, Emmett would be nice to hang around, LOL! He just doesn't have "THOSE EYES!!!!!!!!!!" Theres just something about those eyes! LOL!
I <3 Em's character! (the black hair doesn't do it for him) Every ff I read makes me adore him even more! Fans make him the absolute best "big brother" type out there! He seems really sweet in real life, but still...nuttin.

Oh, picked some really good one for me to choose from....

Midnight Desire is H.A.W.T. and supper smutty! (it has another link that has all kinds of "deleted scenes" lol) and it is a finished ff...NO WAITING ON UPDATES!!!
Subject: Edward Cullen is absofreakinlutely awesome! I love seeing Whoreward put in his place!!
Saturday School is very good as well! Not as much smut, but it is there, too.
IHMFLY I have a special place in my heart for this one. HOWEVER, it doesn't have any smut until really, really, really far into the story (remember Bella and Alice are virgins *wink*) but it is a wonderful story! It is a lot like WA in terms of how Edward treats Bella (she is a virgin and he kinda treats her like she would break lol). Very very endearing story. Again, if you are looking for smut, this takes a while---when it gets to the smut, it is THE FUNNIEST FREAKING STUFF YOU WILL EVER READ!!!!!!! Remember the corn video???? Yeah, that is how Alice and Bella learn to "hand manipulate" their non-virgin boys!! ROFL!!!! So freakin funny!
So, I don't know which to tell you to read first, eenie meenie miney mo! They are all worth reading!! HAHA

Mystify Me said...


At work... all I can say is Kellan is hot but I'm not feelin' it. He'd make a great Fireman's calendar though~lol
I'd look, but I wouldn't buy.
It's Rob that does the job!! Forever and ever...AWWW

Okay back to being a responsible adult.hehe

sakixry said...

@robin(me): ok, ok... you can keep your trees! just give me a warm dry place to sleep!
mahahhaaa @ eyes drifting lower and lower... (I can see Rob having a panic attack already!) Who else will join us? Maybe we even get lucky and he faints and we dont have to hunt him down!
Yes, I agree that Kellan is MUCH MUCH better off screen!

@OCD: OME... I came to you for help and you confused me even more... *rolls eyes* I believe they are all good cause most of them you suggested...
eenie meenie miney mo... I think it's gonna be "Midnight Desire" that is completed... Mhmmhmmm.. yes!

Ok then... if NOBODY wants Kellan, I can have him and have my way with him until you are done with Robward!

@mystify: This pic is K.I.L.L.I.N.G. me!! Arghhhh!!! *dead*

Anonymous said...

It is me again the Canadian Anon.

Kellan reminds me of the jocks I went to University with. Those guys were really sweet, wonderful and funny (Well I know not all jocks are that way). I would go on a date with Kellan (I should be so lucky) He just is not my type.

I go for brooding musician type, hence my Rob obsession

OCD Sufferer said...

How did I know you would go for the smuttiest one??? You are a woman after my own heart!! HAHAHA!
Ok, now, you have to tell me...when you start reading about the "monster" what does it look like to you? LOL! the "monster" in my head is that stupid little orange fluffy thing (aka hunger) in the weight watchers commercials!!! Can't help it, that is how I picture it! The author said she was going to reveal what the monster looked like, but I never found where she revealed it.
I need you to comment to me about this fic! You can email me off list so as to not bother these non-smutty (yeah right) women with boring (again, yeah right) details ;)

OCD Sufferer said...

You went to school with guys like Kellan?????
wow, did I go to the wrong school! I went to school with a bunch of Mike's and Eric's.......
Life is not fair.....

sakixry said...

@OCD: Will do my dear OCD! I'll let you know! *wink*
I didn't chose this one because it was the smuttiest... *smirk*... just because it is COMPLETED you know! *grin* Thats the true reason!! (Ok, who am I trying to fool...)

Anonymous said...

OCD: Yes I did!!! I live in Co-ed dorms too. I will just let you think on that one! "wink"

You know what they say "Blame Canada"....

Shelli said...

Hello ladies! Yeah Kellan is pretty nice eye candy! He's a sweetie....

Had time inbetween classes....@cananon - some of the guys are a lot like kellan, jackson (which is quite ok with me!) but damn none are like rob! AND I fancy the rob! they all dress like him, tho. (winking @robin(me) Your son go to school? Damn not single, tho.

AND if some of you are thinking...Carson & I are buddies but sadly no not dating each other..remember 3 gf's? yeah well...tried it and uh no didn't work out.

I'm not on the RAVISH team but wouldn't mind watching this as well.

thanks for the info. awww a little eddiegrandbaby? bet he's a doll!

sakixry said...

@Shelli: Girl, you got to tell me why you insist on watching only... are you a freaking vampire stalker? LOL You must enter the action! Come on now, dont be shy! We are going to have FUN! Carson could joing the fun too!! Eh Carson?

robnutmeg said...

Hey Ladies...

Ravish Team still taking applications....mmmm so far:
robnutmeg: crouch position
sakixry: crouch position
robin(me): full frontal (but will end up lower...yeah i get it)
shelli: observer

AND wait, @sakixry
you predicted? are you working with Carson? just saying! mmm.

i love ya!

wtf are you? gotta joing the team! hurry up!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: noooo! I'm not working with Carson!! But as time passes I am starting to know you better *grin* I'm not a medium! *sticks tongue out*

Vampie, Vampie! Where are youuuuu???

robnutmeg said...

Know me better...mmm Don't think I'll go there. mahahaha and *sticks tongue out back* OK I'm glad to hear ur not working with Carson! but if you move here, the posibilities are endless....*winky winky* mahahahaha

i, too want to extend an invite (hospitality issues, bah @robin(me) you to join in on our ravish team and the Spikeward FF, too (right @vampie)

@cananon, OCD
Hello! I went to school with a bunch of nerdy nerds. UGH! I might have had more of a reason to uh skip class and visit the janitor's closet if there was a ROB in site! geez.

vampie said...

@sakixry I'm here! (oh and i just posted again on yesterdays comments.. League - please read!)

sakixry said...

@vampie: i know, i know! i read it and commented too already!

@robnutmeg: oh, i know the possibilities are endless but you know... must take care of BF and dog! Cant just leave! Although sometimes I really just want to disappear! Seattle would be a great place to hide! And with you and robin(me) there... Vampie, you want me to come and grab you while I am disappearing?

Mystify Me said...


vampie said...

@sakixry i have nothing keeping me here.. i can just leave!! yes you have to come get me!! (and bring Carlisle with you!)

beesue said...

Good Morning All of Ya'll!

Kellan is a nice looking boy but ROB!!!!! is a steamy eyed, Sexed up hair, "come on over here to Mama" MANNNNN!!!

OMG -@robnutmeg - Of course I want to me on the Ravishing Rob Team....I will take the "jump on top of him" position! Somebody has to do it! I'll have him naked in a nanosecond -cause that's what I do!

And as far as the piss ant goes - all we need to do is throw her a couple of joints and some licorice - she'll never notice!

@League - shirtless Rob! If everyone read "the document" that we weren't suppossed to have??? they only mentioned his shirt "unbuttoned"??? Soooooo "We Will See"!

@sakixry and OCD - I forgot about MD - Yeah that IS a good one - I Luved the MONSTER - "smoking a cigarette!"

HappyHourSue said...

Jesus Mary and Joseph that boy is SMOKIN'. RRRRRowwwwr. He is SO my type- I even watch that craptastic Hilary Duff music video just to see him following her then making out in the elevator.

Also- for Kelmett fans: "Welcome to Existance" fanfic. Emmett & Bella. niiiiiiice.

sakixry said...

@Vampie: I come and pick you up and then we're going to pay The Cullens a visit! Robnutmeg and Robin(me) will lead the way to Forks!
Ok...ok...draft (I knew this was wrong...has it something to do with beer?) Over Carlisle I mean!! Nothing bad you know!!! *worried frown*

@mystify: well I dont live in Paris but it's only 3 HOURS AWAY!!!! I'm packing!!!!

@beesue: jump on top of him position? LOL and throw her a couple of joints and licorice? mahahhhaaaaahahaa!!!
I have to read about this monster... if it makes you smoke a cigarette... it must be good!

Oh no no no no no!!! The book says SHIRTLESS! Rob has to be SHIRTLESS!!! Dont f*ck that up!!!

@HHS: yeah... Kelmett is hot! But I really cant read another ff with Bella&Jasper or Bella&Emmett or Bella&Edward&Jasper (ick ick ick). I prefer read about Emmett and Rose.. really.

OCD Sufferer said...

@MM I have always wanted to visit Paris....REALLY, REALLY! I took 4 years of French...but now it seems the sights just might be a whole freaking lot better......

robnutmeg said...

Jump on top....check! *naughty girl* kstewpid, joint & licorice --- and a padded BRA! mahahahahaha! AND YES YES
read the Secret (uh hem) Doc and it said "unbuttoned" but I'm trying not to go crazy - need to see the movie --- then go BERSERK if I don't see the shirtless Rob. PITCH FORKS are getting sharpened as I speak!!!

later on today i'll do up a new RAVISHim list!

@sakixry, vampie
come anytime...will have beer parties (or wine), HP, tour guidance to Forks ready for you while we wait for them to come back to film Eclipse...(damn Vancouver, sorry @CANANON!) "blame Canada..." yahahaha!

Hey Kellan is also in the Without You vid by Hinder. He does look better with blonde hair.

OH and Robin is nodding her head but can't post any messages!

Brenda Jean said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Those are some mighty nice pictures, but he's not really my type either. Too close to looking like a high school football player and that puts him in my mom zone. I just want to find him a nice girl. BAHAHAHAHHA

Mystify Me said...

Okay it seems Rob needs some lovin'.
Or maybe just sex.
I'm pretty sure he wasn't just there for the lunch~time special!! Aherm!!
Any volunteers??


sakixry said...

@mystify me: is that place in Canada? And what is it? A strip place? Is he a regular there? Do they need strippers? Maybe they will hire me?

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
Rob needs loving? Hire the RAVISHim TEAM! ready team? We work for "cheap" mahahahahaha! Wanna join, mystify? Pick ur position, No previous experience necessary - just an overwhelming desire to strip and ravish Rob is all that is required! *wink*

sakixry said...


@OCD: I am giggling like stupid... I am half through the first chapter of Midnight Desire and I just have to quote this: "How had I gone from an almost asexual creature to a raving fiend in one afternoon?" It reminds me of ... well... me! LOL Thinking of the day I saw Robward walking into that cafeteria... said...

Well hello League – been away!

Interesting pictures-but still have to say ♥♥ Team Edward!

SIGN me up for Ravish Team – OH OH OH yeah!
Oh for the Love – mouth/lip/neck and fingers through the hair detail! Ok someone has to keep Rob occupied while the rest of the team concentrates on the different uh hem body!

Uh welcome – I had to figure out who they were all talking about and then I started reading. Mmm. Carson? Single, huh? Well what a coooweenkeedink so am I! (wink)

@mystify me
Rob will always be in need of loving b/c he fails to listen to the LEAGUE!!! (shaking head)

@beesue, robin(me)
You “grampires” crack me up!

Fan Fiction, is our friend!

I’ve missed you guys like crazy. Hopefully my life will calm down and I can be online more! Love ya!

vampie said...

@sakixry Midnight Desire is awesome..
i'm writing spikeward right now :o)

you cant read ff about bellaXjasper or bellaXjasperXedward ? damn.. what about bellaXalice.. ? LOL
just another ff i'm (very slowly) working on..

@robnutmeg i wanna visit! now! i wanna go to Forks and kidnap Carlisle Cullen.. or Bella .. whilst you all ravish Rob.. except i'l need someone to help me? anyone else not ravishing Rob?

OCD Sufferer said...

@sakixry yeah, MD makes me laugh, but IHMFLY has the funniest writer I have ever read!! Humor is one of the hardest things to write and she is THE BEST! I laughed at every single chapter! Her Bella is the funniest thing EVER! Just wait until you read it! I had to be so careful reading cause I laughed out loud so much and I didn't want to bring attention to myself, haha! I was giggling into my shoulder, hand, pillow, you name it! I felt so stupid!

Picksee77 said...

When I opened that the first thing out of my mouth was, "OH DEAR GOD,THAT IS FANTASTIC" It took me a minute to figure out who it even was? I love Emmett-but we don't nearly see enough of him!

vampie said...

general thought.. i'm trying to write spikeward ff and the universe is against me i tell you!
'supernova' is on tv tonight here in england.. how the f*ck am i supposed to think about anything else when peter facinelli is walking butt naked across my tv screen ?!

how about walking nakee across the room to me, in my room..

Hmm carlisle walked naked across the room towards me.. *writing, going back and deleting carlisles name, adding edward*

Anonymous said...

hey I want in Ravish Team too!! Whenever is necessary you just call me and I´ll be there!!

fanfic is more than my friend is my alternate reality!!

sakixry said...

@oh: oh, oh... we missed you! why are you away so long every time?

@vampie: when I'm sayin' Bella&Edward&Jasper... I mean them all together ... ehm... f*cking you know... not just a story about them so please tell me that you dont mean you are writing a story about bella & alice ... you know... uh... no thanks...

@OCD: Yes, humor is indeed very difficult to write. I liked one ff very much that was called "Something wicked this way comes". She is making some mistakes but she is definitely funny. Now she has written I think only 6 chapters and she takes forever to update... *booo* Have you read that one?
I will DEFINITELY read IHMFLY too! I just didn't wanted to read something so long now (50 chapters? OME)

@Vampie: Hey, you can just write away and when you send it to me for proofreading, I will change all C to E or S. What do you think? I'm here to help you girl!

Anonymous said...

Peter Facinelli naked?? you are such a lucky girl!! remember to breath when you watch it and tell us how it was after...if you still can!!

vampie said...

@sakixry yea i do mean them f*cking LOL

someone on here (*wink* @carson) would love to read ff about bella and alice f*cking i'm sure! and i'll enjoy writing it *sticking tongue out playfully*

and if you're willing to change all the C to E then you would have a full time job with all my ff!

sakixry said...

all the Europeans together i see *wink*

@vampie: uh... no... I don't want to even think of b & a f*ck... No no no! I don't!
tsk tsk tsk... you are a little tease... aren't you? showing the goods to carson... tsk tsk...
No problem with changing C to E. There is a magic button in Word. You can ask to "replace" for example Carlisle with Edward and it's done. That simple!

vampie said...

@faith_83 , all

i fainted..i stopped breathing. but its ok, @CCullenMD (on twitter!) just give me mouth to mouth!!

oh f*ck..the things i want to do to you peter.. f*cking hell. jump me now..PLEASE!! (sorry but i'm in a 'really' good mood- and why can't i have a bf or gf to help me 'relax'?! instead i'm here all alone..*cough*)

sakixry said...

@vampie: mahahhaaaaa!!! See League? She just saw Peters butt and she is freaking out already! Well nice butt... nice legs and beautiful smile... hmmm... he looks good baby!
f*cking hell.. and jump me now? LOL
In a really good mood huh? Well... that's what you get from too much ff writing...

Anonymous said...

yeah all the Europeans together!! nope no problem changing the C to E for me either ;)

I´m so glad for you!!now that you had such a good inspiration moment you can work at the ff ;)

sakixry said...

yeah, i also believe that this ff will be VERY VERY intense and naughty!

vampie facinelli said...

peter i just drowned in your eyes.. o.m.g. dies.. who i am?

robnutmeg said...

@vampie, sakixry
my my u girls are very naughty today! whew!

I can't think of Bella doing anything ... PISS ANT! (right, @beesue, spider?) *muttering*

Wtf, PF is Naked? Where? When? Hey I'm Edwardgirl but Carlisle's hawt too! So is Spike, Chase, and Hayden!

I'm sorry, @vampie that you are lonely - get the hell off ur butt and get on a plane to the great, "wet" (in more places the one!) pacific northwest in the USA!

OF course u can join the RAVISHim Team! NAME ur position! It's an OPEN field, baby! Well it will be after @beesue and robin(me) rip it open! mahahahaha!

welcome back, oh fellow dirty girl! AND of course u have a place on the R Team! We need MORE of you to join in!

You are officially on the Distracting Team so that the Ravishim Team can go to work!!! That means you can do what you please with all the rest! mahahahaha! And I'm sure you will! (wink)

A show of hands for those of us who want you to LOG ON as urself. Reveal reveal...chantchantchant! UH come ON!!!!

sakixry said...

@roomie: check the link vampie posted! THERE is Peter naked!! Ok, you can only see his backside buy OME what I would give to see Robwards backside like this too... *sighs*

*raising hand* show yourself to us Carson!!! Where are you???

roomie, have you read Midnight Desire? I'm laughing my ass off! It's Edward but as a normal hormonal teenage motherf*cker as DARKWARD would say!!! It's soooo funny!

robnutmeg said...

Oh damnit, roomie,
I can't look at anything at work. Still slaving away! HEY if you have enuff guts go see Rob's LA's movie...sources say there's aLOT of Rob in it. But can't do it myself. Rob kissing a guy/doggie style - AND The Tuck? *cringe* *shudder* and scarred for life! Can't do it!

Midnight Desire? darkmotherf*uckerward? pray tell, this interests me! mmm. Yes, please. please give link. must investigate when i go home tonight!

robin(me) said...

Ok can only write for a sec.

OOOH all of you are very dirty today! Nice!

Want new FF....more spicy time with Mr. Robin is always a GOOD thing!

Carlisle naked? OOOH gotta hurry --- stupid judge talking too much! Let's go, damn that guy! *mutter, mutter*

good to hear from you! i love ya, too!

what do you mean u can't finish spikeward? first i can't read it first, then you're sending it to @Ginger (which is ok, I guess - sad eyes) BUT now you're saying supernova...and this is just going to KILL ME! please don't kill me! it's NOT fair. besides i think SPIKEWARD was my idea - i'll have to read all the comments for evidence but i'm pretty sure!...geez (grumble grumble) OK ur in good moods and i feel like crap and these bloody shoes are killing my feet! Where's that Rob? NEED TO RAVISH NOW! @beesue, are you with me?
Anyone feeling the need to like uh attack and ask questions later?

damn it man, show yourself! come out into the light....unless you sparkle???

beesue said...

@vampie - OMG - Peter --Naked---Great butt---and the chest---and the eyes----WOOWZERS and he has a very Sexy voice - no wonder you "Jumped" on that...HMMMMMM...bandwagon!

@robnutmeg - yeah -DAMN Piss Ant!!!
Fake Lesbo and all!

(Helping Chant) CARSON-CARSON-CARSON!!!!

sakixry said...

@roomie: you should definitely read this! it's kinda smutty up until now but just enough.
It is VERY FUNNY! Guys POV! Totally teenage Edward!
You can always watch the Peter video when you get home. Very interesting... hmmm...
I will come and pick you up. We'll drink a couple of bottles of that nice red wine of yours and then we'll order a taxi and go watch the movie together! Isn't that a good plan?

@robin(me): counsellor... tell the damn judge to pack it up! You have very important things to attend to... tsk tsk tsk

LOL @ beesue: carson carson carson

show yourself carson...

I'm off to bed. Love you all!

beesue said...

@robin - yeah, yeah, yeah -Ready, Ravish position - Where is he!!!!

Shelli said...

OK I'm here and I'm actually out in the OPEN. But my email didn't work so I'm using Shelli's! for now!

Hey girls, you can always ravish me if you can't find Rob! JUST SAYING!

I'm totally male and the last time I looked I had all the right parts! which seems to be something you ladies seem to fixate upon!

I like ladies of ALL ages so dont any of you worry about being em - bare - assed! (sorry couldn't resist)

@Spider Monkey!!!!!

@Meadow Cliffdiver
Do blondes have more fun? They do when they are with me!

@Ginger Swan
Are you famous? B/c you look like that "movie star" from Gilligan's Island? (i love the classics)

@Spank Ransom
Just need a little spank! Please?

Yes I am a Twiguy but I have to clarify ....
I'm not here for Edward, Carlisle, Emmett or Jasper (they are cool vamps and all but not gory enough for my taste!) and Jacob is a puppy in heat! (f***ing dog!) BUT here's the scoop on me.
I got hooked on reading your site. I just did. I confess. I love you guys. I do have crushes on some of you because you rock my boat! and you are fricking funny! Jay Leno could learn from you guys!
I do have crushes on Alice & Angela. Bellaboo - mmm - maybe! If she zips her lip! I wouldn't mind boobgrabbing Rosie baby, though! AND bite me, Heidi!

Have I read the books? Yeah. Threw BD out the window, went to pick it up again, read another chapter and threw it away again! Couldn't stand it!

So really who the hell needs those Cullens for? AND yes I read fanfiction!

Come and get me, Carson!

carson said...

Oh sh*t ladies - Chanting for me? Here I'm on now! Never fear! I am here!

You know I could probably help you with that Rob guy! I go to the same strip club! Hey, I think I know his uh lady friend! That bum is moving in on my girl! Well that motherf*********! Hey I'll show him vampire teeth!

OCD Sufferer said...

Ladies, ladies, ladies! I know there are a few Hugh Jackman fans on here and I have some news for you!
You get to see his NICE, TIGHT, TAN little BUM IN WOLVERINE!!!!!!!!!!

Just had to share since y'all are talking about hineys!! lol

vampie facinelli said...

@sakixry ff still not good enough for you to read, spelling/grammer errors, carlisle, peter, edward, spike, some of it 'she', some of it 'i' ... i will send it too you soon i promise.

@all i'm off to bed. trying to type and cant keep eyes open..
am working 8am-10pm tommorrow. i'll be on here in my lunch break though (12.30-1.30pm UK time)

@carson ooh feisty *wink*

goodnight all

goodnight peter *jumps on him and pins him down* you think i'll let you go? no, you're mine forever now. why would you want jennie garth when you can have me? anyways, it's not like i'm giving you a choice now is it?!

beesue said...

Hey Ladies - Man on the Floor!!!

@carson -If you you to Rosalie's boobs! (oh and you do know she is a Fake Lesbo - just sayin'-course YOU would probably like that!! You MEN!)
BAHAHAHAHAHA Welcome Carson!

robnutmeg said...

OMG, the Carlisle vid is Butbuuuteeful! yum. Bandwagon I'm hailing you down and jumping on!


Well well well. I agree w/ @vampie, You are fricking feisty! Too bad half of us have gone OFF TO SLEEP again! Oh wake up!@sakixry, roomie, dear - Carson is here! (rolls eyes)

sorry Carson, our greek goddess is getting her 40 winks!

More like Man on the BED and ready! (winking @carson) OH and you know, @carson - beesue's right don't go for that HO Rosie! eeegawds, no! Heidi? Well maybe -- but she's fish bait! (you'd only be a little f*ckin worm on a hook with her!)

So are you going to see New Moon or are you just going to wait for the DVD to come out like most of the MEN in the damn continent!

Hey, and what's with the 3 girlfriends? I hope you don't get asswhipping drunk when ur with one and get their names mixed up while in the "throes of passion" b/c yikes that could be dangerous to your health! just saying, man!

ok so while ur sleepy tight I'll be reading Midnight Desire...*winking at @carson*

I'm starving for food, wine, and uh (shhhhhh) sex. Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad, I guess.

robnutmeg said...
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Mystify Me said...

@League I think my windows are steaming up!! Nice butt there Carl.
Oh I just got an email from How To back.
Watch this.Who are these girls?
They are not League women.Who is touching our Rob?...oh to be that hand...

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
Who the blazing f***** are they? ROBGIRLS, bullsh*t! Hey blondie get your f**** paws of my Rob or you'll loose a limb! (or maybe two)

The real robgirls have spoken!!!

Mystify Me said...

Ack it was nothing.Just about the DVD release which I already knew.

Hey Spank!I'm trying to do something with that fave pic of yours. If successful I will post the link. :)

Mystify Me said...

Hey Robnutmeg!! I know.The nerve of some wenches!!! I don't know who they are. Shall we track them down? Like the dogs that they are...

OCD Sufferer said...

I have some news guys...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

I am 100% out of the closet now! Y'all are in so much trouble!!!!!!

Mystify Me said...



Mystify Me said...


Mystify Me said...

This is the reunion spot for New Moon.Finished the secret document.
*heavy sigh*
The movie had not better fly by that fast!!
But Jake and Edward about 50/50 as far as screen time...YESSSSSSSSS!!!


Mystify Me said...

Where is everyone???
Okay going to eat some wings...ciao

robnutmeg said...

Talk to me!

OCD Sufferer said...

um...okay...what do you want me to say?? lol

Mystify Me said...

C'mon Rob Girls go to vote!!
Taylor is gaining on our boy!!!

Mystify Me said...

@OCD Um..yes talk....speak...write...anything...

OCD Sufferer said...

You guys are weirding me out tonight. Why does everyone want me to speak?
Did you see my comment about Hugh? we went to see Wolverine tonight! I knew it would be great and it didn't disappoint ;)

Mystify Me said...

It was just the come out of the closet fan~fic thang!!
Give us a clue?Can't wait!!
Going to bed now.
Have to rest up for my Twilight birthday party weekend. *insert rolly eyes*
Glad you enjoyed Hugh.He's pretty hawt too.;)

Jamaican Princess said...

my view point of Emmet HAS definitely changed as well! ;)

Badassmama0709 said...

OH HOLY CRAP, Kellan haunts my dreams... he is everything in my fantasy world that Rob is to you girls..

sakixry said...

@Carson: Woooohooooo!!! Welcome! Welcome! Well … lets see… ravish you? Hmmm… I don’t know… Do you look like Robward?
And also… about which girl are you talking? We know you have 3… hmmmm???

@vampie: mahhhahahaa! You say Carson was feisty? What about you? Pinning Peter down… I hope he had a good time *wink*

@robnutmeg: yeah yeah… I know… I’m missing all the fun while sleeping and hoping to dream of Robward *snorts* And what do you mean with 40 winks???
LOL!!! Feisty Robnutmeg!!! Cut her paws off!!! Boooo!

@mystify: hey! Hands down from Robward! These are just babies!! Wait till you see us sex kittens! Meowwww! I’m sure the blond wanted to put her hand somewhere else… And you saw the way he looked when she touched him? Mahahhaaa! Priceless! (Let me know when you find them… I’ll show them what happens when they touch OUR Rob!)

@OCD: What have you done???? Did you play ff with your hubby and he liked it??? And why are we in trouble??? Ok, you watched Wolverine with your hubby! What happened next??? Do you want me to beg? To get down to my knees? I’ll do it!