Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Junior League: Boobilicious

This weeks Junior League member is Twilightish from

Okay ladies, so I think we should discuss this scene from the special features, the Vampire Kiss Montage (it's in the Target DVD, if you don't have it, Git' it now!). Forgive me if my eyesight is failing, but is Robward grabbing KStew/Bella's boob? Looks pretty close to me. Oh what I wouldn't give to be KStew at that precise moment when he forcibly grabs her from behind, bites her neck and grabs her boob...Oh shoot, gotta to buy AA batteries now. Dang it!

Edward is no different than any other 17 year old guy trying to feel up a girl first chance he gets.

Well yeah... if Bella's blood is his own personal heroin, then a good boob grab probably makes the high even better, right?

That's kind of a complicated move; he pulls to get to her breast AND her neck. I bet that's what they spent all that time in his hotel room "rehearsing."

Well it is true what Edward said: she can't fight him off! But, I mean, who would? She's not even trying! Does anyone else see that Kristen Bella is wrapping her hand around his neck, pulling him ever closer? That is NOT a defensive move.

Song lyrics come to mind when I see that picture: "Do that to me one more time, once is never enough with a man like you....."



Ninja Fanpire said...

@Spank You're absolutely right!

I think someone had to point it out the first time we watched...Don't remember. But sure saw it the second time.

But I thought what was really weird about this scene was that no one even noticed or did anything!

sakixry said...

Goooooood morning League! Friends!

How are you all doing this wonderful day? :o))) Yes, yes! It's sunny and warm and I have slept only 4 hours... geeez...

Well... I think that he is definitely grabbing her boob and that she is definitely liking it! Who wouldn't?

beesue said...

Hi Ya League!

Picture?...oh yeah....THAT picture ...hmmmm......all I see is MY TEXAS STATE MASCOT - the armadillo.....don't...ahhhhh...seemto notice anything else?!?!?!?

sakixry said...

@beesue: hey there! What are you doing up so early in the morning? Maybe thats why you only see the Texas mascot... mahahhaaa!

faith_83 said...

Well, is obvious that she is not fighting, who would?? (nope, not a defensive move there)

My dear, you saw that move?? I´ve dream of that thousands of times…and the only lucky son of a b*** is Kstew…
You can tell you BF to practice that move with you too...what do you say?? (I´m afraid to show this photo to my bf because he warn me about anything that has to do with Rob or Twilight)

Like I´ve said before the way they are looking at each other is not the kinda look you would give to a friend… hmm at least she can share something with us (spicy details, I wanna know if my dreams are better than the reality...)

sakixry said...

@faith: oh yes... when I saw it on the DVD I watched it many many times... You think I should start with movie moves and then proceed to the fanfic moves? Hmmm... maybe it will be easier for him... hmmmm... I will think that through! ;o))

Yeah, I would be curious about it also... Kstew! come on! give us some details!!

robin(me) said...

Good Morning League!!!


aren't you glad that you got that DVD now? mmm?

you know i was thinking how HEALTHY those plants were looking! I didn't really UH see anything strange in that scene at all.....doo dee doo doo!

You know what I think that scene was?

I just think the camera caught Rob & Kstewpid in a UH moment and just started rolling....after watching that NO wonder the rest of the movie was like HANDS OFF the merchandise -- if you know what I mean!

I was thinking that same song the first time I saw that scene!

Can't fight him off...yeah it looks like it don't it? (grin)

You know it was actually quite embarassing the first time I saw this scene....Mr. Robin was sitting next to me (ignoring the movie as usual) and then he looked up right at that moment....and he said, "WTF? That's a deleted scene? Now that scene is strictly a MAN scene! - PFFF!"

The thing is if that was from MS - I don't remember reading Edwards POV thinking I have to kill her but first I'm gonna feel her up? (wink, @Spank)
DAMN that SM for not finishing that book!

Yeah seems weird that the class just sits there! whatev.

@Mr Ginger
to answer your butt crack question: er nope!

vampie said...

yea i noticed this the first time i watched it. Rob took advantage of the situation, dont blame him! have you also noticed, in the deleted kissing scene in Bellas bedroom that Robs hand goes straight to Kristens thigh and feels her up. He was definitely not in character!

ninja, robin(me) its edward imagining what he would do, so i guess he only imagines him and bella..

@robin(me) spikeward fanfic- i am writing it as 'she' again, so it can be anyone whos reading it, i think it worked well with Lathering Up. i wish i could write a fanfic naming everyone but i dont know how that would work. like an orgy LOL

@sakixry hey!!

@all i havent had a chance to read the SD yet, after replying to 27 direct messages on twitter! (yea i got more!) hopefully i will read it tonight.

robnutmeg said...

OH goodie the boobie feel up!

Good Morning y'all! (and no I'm not from the south - just watched "Steele Magnolias" last night)

AND as usual everyone else (with their dirty little minds) have already said what I was thinking to say.

So I agree with all of you on these points:
*nice plants
*nice armadillo (winking @beesue - and I know that's not all YOU SAW...)
*that scene took alot of "rehearsal" time...*cough*
*Love that song @Spider
*She's not fighting him off at all...not sure if he's even biting her neck--too bad his hand didn't go UP her shirt! (better luck next time EDWARD!)

Yes, aren't you glad that f*** dvd finally showed up? AND yesterday's post....good try about the EDWARD to ourselves, but NO can do! right, @vampie? I get a piece of the Spikeward, right? b/c I have needs too! (stomping foot - owwwww)

You never told me about what Mr. R said while seeing that scene! (nodding while smirking!)

the reason why no one did anything was b/c the guys were taking NOTES and the girls were thinking "lucky bitch!"

@Mr. Ginger
who's mike newton?

Ninja Fanpire said...


His killing fantasy is explained in Midnight Sun. I only know this 'cause this guy wanted to read part of MS to his sister and me. Yes I said guy.

Ninja Fanpire said...


*Slaps forehead* Of course! It all makes sense now!

vampie said...

@robnutmeg ok, spikeward ff. sakixry first, then robin(me) then Ginger then you.then i will put it on a crossover ff. twilight/buffy. and then everyone can read it!

like sorry. like Rob would one want one of us. he's love all of us!

@ninja i will never read your fanfic. i like what i've read so far but if my Carlisle dies then i can't read it.

and a general comment (ok confession) i 'may' have written most of Lathering Up imagining Carlisle and then changed the name to Edward afterwards.. *blush*

vampie said...

@ninja i havent read any of Midnight Sun.

faith_83 said...

I was absolutely sure you did that!! While I was reading it I imagine Carlisle instead of Edward (from your point of view)... but it doesn´t work for me ;)

vampie said...

@faith_83 dont kill me (any of you) but Rob doesnt really work for me..(Edward does but not Rob) *hides* he's 3rd on my list of Twi boys.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@vampie Not even if he dies heroically to save someone he loves?

I haven't read MS either.

vampie said...

@ninja maybe.. if its Esme or Edward. if not either of them, then no. ok i may read it just to find out! but then i'll blame you for making me cry *sad*

faith_83 said...

well it can be a good start...who knows, after a few images like this one I doubt that he can stay indifferent...

Ninja Fanpire said...

@vampie One way or another, it's likely going to make everybody cry. Yes, it's Edward or Esme. Can't say which though....Too much spoiler.

robnutmeg said...

I just want to be IN the action - don't feel like I'm pressuring to read it before anyone else....just thought I'd better clarify...just in case.
Love it, and I'll wait my turn....(wink)
I can't read any ff, either that kills off Carlisle. But Edward/Rob does do it for me.

OK a new idea....
How about a edward meets chase (house) ff? wouldn't that be yummy? just saying...

say hi to carson for me...(wink)

vampie said...

@robnutmeg i'd have to watch at least 1 episode of House to do that! *searching for House downloads* Rob Pattinson and Jesse Spencer ... *thud*

vampie said...

gotta go back to work..(its 2pm) i'll be online as soon as i get home (around 6pm)

robnutmeg said...

I research uh Jesse, all the time. *move over, thud*

robnutmeg said...

I, too have to go row w/ the other slaves..(winking @robin) now so c u all l8r!


Erin said...

Yeah, while everyone was watching the 3rd disc from Target & talking about it, I was 'patiently' awaiting mine to get delivered! But anywho...

Yeah, I think she needs a new blond stunt double...I'll happily wear a wig! You long as they need someone to practice any kissing scenes, so Kstew can go let the paparazzi take pics of her and her "boyfriend"!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): oh, i am more than happy about my dvd! about your glare... *sticking mu tongue out to you*

@vampie: hey there dearest!! yeah, if you write a story with all our names in... hmmm... it WOULD be like an orgy... and what if we wouldnt' like what you would make us do? I prefer "she" again ;o)) If you insist writing "sakixry" you will only use me with Edward! LOL! I would also like to TAKE ADVANTAGE of Robward! Just give me the chance...
It's ok about fantasizing about Carlisle... *patting your head* It worked for me :o)

@robnutmeg: ok... now see what you did... vampie decided to NOT use our names.. *sighs* we will be named SHE again... LOL
Guys taking notes and girls thinking "lucky bitch"?? OME! Exactly!

@ninja: which part exactly this guy wanted to read?

And now I am sending this because I dont know whats wrong with you all today... you just keep posting! I cant keep up!!!

HappyHourSue said...

OMG If I were playing Bella I'd be all "Catherine- I think we need to try that scene again...and maybe if he like wrestles me to the floor, then, you know, straddles me it would be more powerful."

Ninja Fanpire said...

@sakixry Oh I think he read all of MS himself. But he wanted to read a couple certain interesting parts to his sister and I.
He read us the part about Edward fantasizing killing Bella, and then some other part I don't really remember.

sakixry said...

@vampie: no problem that rob doesn’t work for you dear… you can have Carlisle! Who is Nr.2?
Rob is definitely doin’ it for me…

@ninja, vampie: you should REALLY read Midnight Sun! It gives so much insight to Edwards’s personality! I loved him even more after that! He is not exactly like Bella imagines him… LOL

@ninja: aaah! Yes! The killing scene! I actually found that scene very interesting and frightening at the same time! I really did! It was a very good description and you could feel what he was feeling. But it’s too bad there is no Meadow scene in MS… Shit… I really wanted to see his POV when they touched the first time really… That would be pretty intense! SM = stupid b…

@faith: let’s hope he wouldn’t stay indifferent… :)

@Erin: hey! I wanna help practice on the kissing scene and booby grabbing thing too!!! Maybe I can do some grabbing too???

@HHS: Yeah well… maybe if you were playing Bella (or any of us…) Twilight wouldn’t have been shot by now because Rob would be too occupied… you know?

Oh yes! Right Robnutmeg/roomie (xoxoxoxoxo 2u2)! Lets keep the one guy who came out of the closet here!
Good morning Shelli! Good morning Carson *bats with eyelashes*

Ninja Fanpire said...

@sakixry I don't know, I wanted to wait until the whole thing was done...

But as my friend has suggested, SM is just too dang famous and rich now. Why the heck does she need to finish Midnight Sun?

sakixry said...

@ninja: well... she should f*cking finish it because we want... no NEED her too... *frustrated sigh* I think she never will...

Christy said...

I had a huge argument with someone over this scene. I say he was grabbing boob. That's how I'm choosing to view it.

robin(me) said...

my my aren't you fiesty, today! yea yea stick ur tongue out at me! pfff. hey carson, our greek goddess is feisty!

Omg, I'm still blushing over this whole guy predicting thing...

Ok over it now...

Chase & Edward? mmm. No no no! Hayden & Edward (winking @ocd!) GET IT RIGHT! AND way to go! you made vampie all nervous and stuff and now we are all SHE's again! (pointing finger at you!) *sheesh*

I love ur small little paragraphs that seem to just hit the target and then poof you are gone! *brilliant, wink*

@ninja, sakixry
that MS is never going to happen. "I could always make you" mmm. anyone game to try? LOVE it, Sakixry: SM=stupid bitch. LOL, like I said, "feisty"

no no, just tell Carson that we are not worth his predictions at we're just a bunch of mature (winking @beesue) women here...nothing going on here.... nothing to see nothing to read boring...blah....

Mystify Me said...

OMG!! I nearly lost it when I saw that.A girl can dream can't she??? I wouldn't even care if he gave me whiplash in the process!!!

Okay.I haven't read back. Not sure if you've seen or even want to without a good *STIFF* drink!
It must be 11 a.m. somewhere...

...deep breath...Little Ashes...Javier and Rob...

Anonymous said...

Definitely grabbing boob but looks like he missed.....poor guy. I bet CH was just screaming OH TO BE HER BOOB RIGHT NOW!

major points for SM=studid bitch! mahahahaa! @robin(me)'s right, ur feisty girl today! Whatcha drinking there over in Greece? Hey is slavaki (sp?) good, b/c my BF is taking me Greek tonight - (yeah i have a bf - uh several in fact - evil grinning! - stop clutching ur hearts!)

Girl, he can touch my boobs anytime and often!!!! love that song! (wink)

kill off Carlisle? no way! he's our saving grace from eating the innocent humans! (rolling eyes)

The Lurker

faith_83 said...

@Mystify Me
omg, I´m blind...and not to mention that my boyfriend´s name is Javier...

Anonymous said...


OCD Sufferer said...

Geez ladies, yak much??? lol!

Ok, a few comments first:
@nutmeg Hey! I say y'all all the time and I live in Ohio!! That's how I roll!!
@vampie No, you can't use all of our names in your ff...first of all, the whole orgy thing, that is weird, but come on, think about it:
"Robin(me) touches the hem of his pants" ....
"Robnutmeg slowly takes off her shirt"
"Sakixry unfastens her bra"
"Spider slowly leans back on the bed" (well, not slowly...but these are just examples!!)
Does any of that sound weird to you? WHo has names like that in real life??? LOL!! And I sure as HECK couldn't be in the ff cause OCD is a disease not a name!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!
@in(me) Hayden and Edward...geez, I would never leave the computer! I was thinking yesterday of how to do a crossover of Josh and Edward and 2 movies came to mind: 40 days and 40 nights (of course) and 30 days of night...and thinking about that makes it kinda weird that they both are about days and days of night he is killing vampires so he and Edward would be I could be the prize that these enemies fight for....yeah, I could go for that *just saying* Then 40 days and 40 nights...well, he goes w/out sex for 40 days...Edward went for 108 years w/ no problem..but he wasn't around me everyday so.....hmmm..I just want the flower petal scene with Josh AND Edward blowing a petal down my chest....o.m.g........did I just say that? *shaking head and getting a grip of myself*
@Sakixry That is one thing I hate about re-reading MS...I want that friggin meadow scene! MS is amazing (and a reason I love ff so much--the EPOV makes me all tingly!!). I know SM will finish it, she just likes teasing us. I would rather Edward tease me, but okay. Also, have you read Dark Side of the Moon? It is EPOV of NM. A fan wrote it, but it is sooooo Edward!! *grin*

Ok, now about the post today:
1.) No one is paying attention for one of two reasons--a.) Edward is imagining it like he did in MS. b.) It is too fast for human eyes like he mentioned in MS...they will notice in a second lol
2.) I am sorry, but if that was *me* he was holding like that, my hands wouldn't be over my head, they would be BEHIND my back and reaching down *evil eyebrow wiggle*
then Edward would be saying "Do that to me one more time"

*walking away grumbling how it isn't fair that someone like K.Skankwart gets to feel Rob's hands on her boobies*

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

hehe! Boy am I glad I brought up this topic.

@Erin A blonde stunt double? Why would they do that when they can get a brunnette one right here. They would save on wig money!!!! You know, with the economy and everything.

Jamaican Princess said...

oh she is DEFINITELY lovin it!! @spank, I agree SOO not a defensive move!

robin(me) said...

Touches the hem of the pants? just touches??....nope, that zipper is down, and pants are off w/in a nanosecond, (right, @beesue?) mahaha. No the names aren't right but I was thinking that @vampie would make up these names for us (winking @vampie) like
dazzle (sakixry),
robin (i mean it is my name, i can't help it that my mom had this premonition of a sexy hot guy playing some vampire named Edward when she named me....hooray for my mom!!!)
robnutmeg is meggie (oh sweet little meggie, ducking while robnutmeg hits and MISSES me!) and
Ginger - well that is a cool, exotic name!
OCD - you can definitely use your Dawnetta name! (ducking as you hit me!)
beesue - mmmm. whatcha think beesue? maybe beestillwhileiravishu,edward!Anywho...just saying! Don't have to listen to me - I'll take the spikeward ff anyway I can get it! (winking @vampie)

AND yes, I agree w/ you, MY hands would not be up hands would be down below where my hands always seem to be spending their time these days...(omg, i'm totally bad!) *pant, pant*

You are just a nut! NOTHING you say anymore phases me. *thud*

robnutmeg said...

*walking away grumbling how it isn't fair that someone like K.Skankwart gets to feel Rob's hands on her boobies*

no f*** sh*t! you said it! AND if you don't mind I will also add to that little diddy by saying...and she's already got pothead oregano feeling her up as well....geez!

No, I've got the holding down job w/ spikeward ff....and zipper while holding drinks for all! sorry, beer is for rob and hey, what does spike want to drink? mmm. OH besides that, geez mind out of gutter, please ladies!!!!

So you're the one that brought this up? Yeah just what I wanted to see is rob feeling kstewpid up at 4:30 a.m.! way to go -- ruin my day! i HATE that scene! *blue eyes turning green as i write this....* hmpf!

CH? omg that's so true and what a knee slapper!
Greek food? bf? several? pass those extras this way, please!

OCD Sufferer said...

@in(me) OMG!!! That's all I need for my name to go in a ff!!!! I can see it now, Mr. OCD googles my name and out comes Edward about the fastes divorce in history!!! LOL!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): Carson just needs to read some of our previous "sessions" and he will see how ...boring and ordinary we are :) mahahhaaa!
Feisty you say... Hmmm... I don't know whats wrong with me today... maybe its the lack of sleep... I cant sleep before 2 am! I just HAVE to send some comments to you all since this time is the one with the most "traffic" and also ff... you know...

LOL@The Lurker! Yeah, CH must have been drooling all over that scene!
LOL,Mahahhaaaa!! It's not called "slavaki"... this sounds like "little slave" LOL Well,I'm drinking all kind of stuff! Beer, wine, tequila, whiskey! What do you prefer? I hope the SOUVLAKI is good, if not you can hop over from Volterra Italy and visit me in Greece and I'll get you to a great souvlaki place!

What-the-f*ck @ What-the-Forks? You mean you like Robward doing Javier?

@OCD: You are totally cracking me up...
"Robin(me) touches the hem of his pants" ....
"Robnutmeg slowly takes off her shirt"
"Sakixry unfastens her bra"
"Spider slowly leans back on the bed" ????????????? Mahahhahaaaa! OMG! And my e-mail is like! I think they all will know WHO I am! Must go hide now!
Iiiiikk! No,I havent read it! Must go read it now you told me!! I really LOVE MS and I hate SM bitch for not getting done with it already!
Laughing very hard at your second point! Reaching down behind your back???

Damn you KSkankwart for feeling Robs hands on your boobies and thighs(and who knows where else...)! Damn you!*evil glare*

Please SM, Pleaaaaaaaaaseee! Will you please finish with MS??? I NEED IT!! I mean we ALL need it!!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): OME! You are cracking me up!!! Vampie, you should just write a crazy funny story with all of us in there. I would choke to death, I'm telling you!
Robin... your mom had an epiphany I think! *wink* And oh my ... oh my... you are a VERY dirty girl in the last month or so... I don't know what you did before this but since that and ff and seducing your hubby... tsk tsk tsk... very dirty! and you wont even tell me how you did it...

@robnutmeg: ewwww... why do you even mention the oregano man in here? i would never let him feel me up!
Oh well... I don't hate that scene... me likey seeing Robbie doing all that grabbing. It helps me in my daydreams (since I am still unable to dream in my sleep! pfff...)

@OCD: LOL!! Imagine your hubbys face... or my boyfriends... or Mr.Robin's... mahhhaaaahhaaa! Ok... this is not soo funny... *giggles* ok, maybe it is just a little bit...

faith_83 said...

I don´t mind if you use my name in a fanfic...actually I´m ok with it, let see: " he just grabs Faith from behind and slowly slips a hand under her t short... or… "his tongue brushed the delicate shell of her ear. He blew a light breath over the moist spot, and she shivered. How could Faith find the strength to resist him when his nearness alone drove her to distraction?"
Ok I will stop cause I´m not good at ff but vampie you have my permission to use my name ;)

Ginger Swan said...

@vampie, why am I second to last in the Spikeward fanfic? I want to be Spike's one and only! Or atleast send it to me in a word document so I can erase everyone else's names and put GINGER in their place. *wink*

@Christy, whoever argued with you and said he wasn't doing a boob grab is clearly insane. Look at where his hand is as opposed to her belly button. He's TOTALLY grabbing her boob!

Anonymous said...

Love the boob grab! Thanks for making my day. But seriously, do you guys watch the DVD a frame at a time to catch this stuff. Last time it was Renee's pit hair, I think. I am way obsessed, but I just have that kind of patience.

Mystify Me said...

Afternoon pic for The League xo


beesue said...

Ok - guess ya'll (@robinutmeg -I am from Texas but "I love you more that my luggage") seem to see SOMETHING in this picture....trying to like a frustrated guy who is feeling up on a training bra....and can't seem to find the if he really wanted a "handful" ...I should have been in that scene...then Edward would have been smiling (wink-wink)!

Ya know - I LIKES the orgy idea - we could be a group of...I dunno....birdwatchers from Seattle-....touring the Forks Forest for a special Cardinal or some shit... and we happen across the Meadow...wala...Edward is laying around w/his shirt off... you take it from there ....Vampie!!

@Robinme - yeah-"man scene"-you and Mr.Robin should "try" this one next-Hubba-Hubba! Also @shelli - bet Carson is eating this up today!

@sakixry - you are fiesty today -
Do you remember that movie "Summer Lovers"? w/Daryl Hannah - are you the Greek girl? HAHAHHAHAHHA!

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Oh my gosh, Leaugue, I am so excited you have so many comments, but I can't read them all. @twilightish, love this ? girl and you know I love you too!
I hadn't even noticed it the first time I saw the clip. I for sure looked the second time.
I second, third, 50th, that..."what I wouldn't give to be KStew at that precise moment when he forcibly grabs her from behind, bites her neck and grabs her boob.."
And spank I agree, she is def pulling him closer, into her. Who can blame her, I'd do the same thing! ;)

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

I'm so stupid, I didn't even spell League right, lol


robin(me) said...

ooh dear fellow grampire - Mr. R & I have already done the "man" scene uh several times...*cough* in fact!

AND hey don't forget spike! spike is in that FF too. he don't like meadows - he likes trains, leather coats and twirling a steele roddy thing...(winking @ ginger) He's a real tough guy! AND we can handle him! oh yes! I like the orgy thing too! Come on girls, where's your sense of adventure?

oh and @beesue, hey did you like my nickname for you? i thought it was quite uh catchy! just looking out for you! (wink)

OMG training bra? mahahahaha! good point! a large handfull for dear Edward!

beesue said...

@robin - oh gosh - can't believe I forgot Edward on the brain....soooo after our Eddie Adventure - our "group" could be on a tour train in the mountains-Spike would just "happen" to be there. We could dress "dazzle" like Dru -ya know for "bait" -she could have that confused -out of it look on her face and Spike would have to check it out and then we could "attack"!

Luved by name - I can "ravish" with the best of em - dirty, little granpire that I am!!

Spank Ransom said...

@ Mystify Me - that has long been one of my favorite pictures of him.

Spank Ransom said...

@ Mystify Me -- I clicked send too quick. So what I was GOING to say is that (w/o the sentiment) was my desktop wallpaper until I began using your swoonworthy collage which remains to this day.

robnutmeg said...

Hello ladies
I can't reply to everyone. I'll get confused...(no wisecracks, please!)

no i don't want oregano either..i just said that kstewpid doesn't need both! eewww... that guy gives me the creeps!

as for spikeward ff, i don't care what i rip off as long as i get a piece of something and of someone....mmm meadow and trains...i like it! (dirty girl) y'all! I love ya, too!

not good at ff, huh? pffff. AND we've established that since edward is a shhhhh virgin, @ginger and robin(me) will have a little demo for edward with spike as the UH trainer! i don't mind watching as long as i can get MINE later! what about you?

uh come on, ff is OUR friend! AND we like ff and well just don't worry about Mr. OCD - just reward him!!! It'll be good!

meggie? yeah like when i was 10! are you still calling me that behind my back? MEG it's MEG not MEGGIE! thank u very much! (rolls eyes - hands up in the air!)

you wouldn't really erase all of our names, would you?

i think carson is a figment of our imagination OR he finally got scared off! (just when i was getting used to having an admirer! - right, @sakixry?)

AJ said...

Just seeing that picture again makes me feel all tingly;)

I most definately would not be fighting him off if he wanted to cop a feel. Just saying...

sakixry said...

@faith: you are cracking me up!! bahahhaaaa!!

@beesue: thats a very good idea... group of birdwatchers that come across the meadow and edward shirtless and he maybe wants to... give us a hand... or something else...
No, I really dont remember this movie. Is it something I should? Are y'all *wink* gonna laugh at me now?
LOL!! Even if I dont know who Dru is, I will play along until you catch him but then I'll go back to Robward, 'k?

@robnutmeg: dont say you dont care WHAT you rip of! you could rip off something very vital without understanding it in your frenzy! must keep your head!! *wink*
I could teach the virgin Edward a thing or two...
Yes, you are right about Carson... I was also getting used to it... damn...

So tonight I'm gonna go to bed early. I feel dead tired and MUST catch some sleep!!

Before I go: Vampie, where are you??? Are you writing our ff? You said you wanted to send me a draft tonight!! Where is it??

Good night my dears!! Love you!
Carson... good night *wink*

Georgie said...

I don't know why the grab was even necessary? Is that like standard vampire attack protocol, or is it only acceptable if you think you love the victim, er I mean girl.

robnutmeg said...

good night sleepy tight! AND dream of robward! i don't think i'm strong enuff to rip THAT off! But I wouldn't mind trying....mahahaha!
AND it's not my HEAD that I need to keep! yahaha! YOU need to get to know our!!!(winking @Ginger)
Just move here so that we can all go to Forks together and find that meadow and we do have trains as well!

Geez that was an awkward grab, wasn't it? Poor Rob! I don't know I think that will go down in history as on of those WTF was I doing???? (wiggly eyebrows) I wonder what the set crew thought of that?
standard vampire attack protocol...(giggles!) only when it's a psycho director who has the hawts for a 22 yr old innocent brit guy! (like that's gross and insane and wtf is her professionalism anyways?? i tell ya some ppl!)
but ur right -- don't tell me those two did that on their own w/o some probing on CH's part!

vampie said...

@beesue i like that idea.. the edward/meadow one.

@ginger sakixry wil read spikeward first coz shes my proofreader/publicist, you can red it second *hugs* i was ordering in the same order everyone asked me..and you werent here LOL but as it is being written for you, i guess i should let you read it first!

after spikeward ff i think i may write something with everyone it in :o)
and havent written anything more tonight and its too rough draft to send to you yet. and now i'm confused with all these comments..hmm did everyone like 'she' or do you want me to change it and write in first person, 'i' ? (i made my mum watch twilight tonight! yay!)

Shelli said...

League, I have school so I'm not usually able to get on until afternoon! Sorry! WE ARE STILL HERE!

Well it's nice to know that we're so loved.. Carson is so pleased! AND jumping for joy at this post! You guys didn't disappoint!

@beesue, vampie, sakixry, ocd, ginger, robin, robnutmeg (oh god, too many of you!)
those names are great for your ff, i still get to watch, don't i?

you are insane -- but Carson loves you! OMG! I don't know him anymore!

LOVE THAT SONG! Fits the occasion perfectly!

I'm sorry I didn't mean to exclude you --- would it help if I said you are my fav too? League, you all are. It's Carson who drives me to this type of insanity!

Shelli loves the edward, jazz, carlisle and hates jacob! sorry. Oh to be that boob that he INTENTIONALLY grabbed! no doubt about it! *sick creature*

So - are all of you married? Do you guys work?

vampie said...

@sakixry oh and..
1. peter 2. jackson 3. rob 4. kellan and i love kellan hes great, but after meeting him i just cant think of him in that way, hes like a goofy older brother. and i think i feel even more in love with peter now i've meet him *faints*

I'm in England.yes i work. i have 2 jobs 8am-5pm mon-fri finance/insurance *yawn* and also 2 evenings a weeks 6-10pm at local cinema.
and i'm currently single. i havent found the right boy or girl yet. *smiling*

oh and i am completely obsessed with peter facinelli. i was a big fan of his before twilight was even written.

robnutmeg said...

oh you are there! well @sakixry (greek girl) and I were wondering...where you and yea uh Carson were....(fluttering lashes at Carson) Hey, how old is Carson? Just making sure -- since I'm a paralegal - I kinda have to stay on the right side of the *uh hem* law.
not much to say about me. i'm relatively quiet and shy and i'm just on this thing to provide moral support to these UH mature women who like to talk about some guy named Ray Rick Ron -- oh wait -- it'll come to me...oh yeah Rob! Come to think of it, he's rather like uh handsome and well I do read FF a little and I do like have a robposter in my livingroom but that's about it for me! Otherwise I'm just a normal SINGLE woman who loves to have fun. I did say, S.i.n.g.l.e.!!!

woohoo single in England, single in WA - who'll get to Carson first, huh?

OH wait, where do you, Shelli live anyways? You said afternoon? USA West coast??????

OCD Sufferer said...

Hmmm....if you guys can predict what we say, you should know by now if we are married, shouldn't ya? lol
Yeah, I have been married for 15 years. I have 4 kids. I have a part-time job (Fri night and Sat morn) at a video store. I only keep this job because I get free movies and I get them a week before they are released! YAY! I had a lot of jealous friends when I had Twilight 6 days early! LOL!!

So, now that I have given away some of my personal life, tell me...just how much do you guys sit around and make fun of us horny old ladies?? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sorry guys, but we have to look like that from the outside, haha)

Shelli said...

Prediction doesn't actually mean current status...AND besides I was the one that was curious about all of you guys! pfff to Carson! he just cares about all the "other" stuff you guys horny much?

Sounds like a fun filled life with ur ff too! (yea i know more than you think --- and it's way cool b/c i'm just sick of "educational" stuff by the end of my day that I race back to the dorm to read what this...)

england, huh? single, huh? sounds like u like to write, too. and you do get around don't you? ALL i get to date around here is my laptop these days. (sigh) too busy to do anything or go anywhere! just sucks!

yes, i know all about you too! carson loves you b/c u got rid of the "jerk" and that u seem to quite crazy. psssst, u wrote to faith and u should have written to vampie. faith is in spain, i think? but that's easy to know when all you do is READ and not comment for awhile. I just didn't really know everything about you guys. There's too many comments and posts to read! but i understand how it is, tho. u work all day and then u come home and go on this thing. WA? close. i won't say what Univ I'm at but i'm not too far away from you!

Still waiting to hear from the rest of you but I guess you're all sleeping or doing other things....take care!

Anonymous said...

is the packing on the Target dvd different from the DVD at walmart. I bought the 2 disc dvd at walmart and i don't remember this deleted scene...???

robnutmeg said...

it's creepy isn't it? knowing that there are eyes out there and guys out there. I say bring them on. Hey Robbie, you wouldn't have a HARD time finding my boobs? OR as @beesue put it...boobs that at least filled your hands!

oops i know ur not in England...boy do i feel sheepish...just a long day at work.

sorry i know you ARE from england. lost my head like @sakixry predicted.......why don't all of you move here so we can keep track of everyone! easier for the ff writing you are doing too! *grin*

robnutmeg said...

just read the posts and OH god, I feel really stupid now. Oh well. At least Carson likes me!

@megaggie (i hope i spelt that right - sorry if i didnt)
you're right the 2 disc DVD (which i own) didn't have the MS or better not known has BOOB GRAB scene in it. It was a Target exclusive 3 disc. (which I own as well) and get this it was the same price as the 2 disc at Walmart. (dirty rotten .....)

OCD Sufferer said...

Tell me about it! I was so ticked off! I pre-ordered my 2 disk through work--we were told that we were the only ones getting the 2 disk...what a crock! So, another lady I work with's daughter got the 3 disk and *cough* copied *cough* the 3rd disk for us. I'm still ticked that I paid 3 bucks more for 1 less disk.....stupid movie people

Mystify Me said...

@Spank Thanks sweetie I try. Something about 'working'with Rob's face and other extremeties make me feel good.Can you even imagine?
League Massage Parlor.
Has your new founded fame got your back up Rob?
Running from the crazed Twi-Hards got yer knickers in a knot?
Come to The League: We will pleasantly relieve you of any streses both mentally and physically.You will leave like melten butter, and have something *hot* in your pocket.(Phone numbers).YES!!! ;)teehee bed now

Anonymous said...

well shite....

guess i'll have find the 3 disc and give my 2 disc as a 'gift' to someone...heehee

Mystify Me said...

Okay 1/2 of secret NM document on bus home. I cried myself to sleep.
My fellow commuters must think I have lost my noodle.
If you find my noodle, please call:

Mystify Me said...

Same thing.I had gone to see Twilight at midnight. I knew the 3 DVD was coming out Saturday, but I had ordered at double the price for the 2 from Amazon. Went and bought the 3 at HMV on Sat. The Amazon order arrived on Monday.
Robssessed indeed. ;)

Spank Ransom said...

@ Shelli and Carter - hey guys. Spank is married and has kids. Spank also works full-time. Spank is tired, but never EVER too tired for The League. Glad you have joined the fun. What exactly does Carter predict about Spank? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to know that I´m from Spain, actually I´m surprised!! Faith is not married but has a bf and works full-time, likes to read a lot (not just ff, you know ;) also likes to play songs on her guitar. She has a dog (no, the name of the dog is not Jacob) and the most important thing is that Faith loves The League and all the crazy girls around here.

Probably the best solution for us is to move there…what do you say sakixry??how about you vampie??

Ginger Swan said...

@shelli, ok, yes it helps that I'm your favorite too. :) And since people are telling you their stats, I've got three kids and have been married for 12 years. Might make me sound old, but we were very young when we got married. So young that Mr. Ginger wasn't even of legal drinking age. I'm a SAHM. Mr. Ginger works in the film industry and worked on Twilight. Oh and I have 6 cats. ;)

Hi Carson!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: as far as I know, in Seattle you also have ferries :o))) That would be nice too :)
Hey... it is not so ... uh... strange to lust over a 22 year old... you know. CH is not so bad...YOU.KNOW.WHAT.I.MEAN!
You quiet and shy? *muffled laughter* yes, yes... indeed! Just like I am also! Only I am not S.i.n.g.l.e. like you and Vampie! It's Vampie...geezz... trying to hit on Carson and forgetting everything else... tsk tsk...

@Vampie: I love you! You know that right? Well... Ginger wasn't here because she is oh so busy with FB the last couple of weeks... the whole League I guess and they don't even comment...*frustrated sigh*
Vampie... will you be able to finish the ff with "I" in it? I don't know if I could handle that... it would never end!!!

@Shelli&Carson: Wooohoo! You are here!
Uh.. no, I am not actually married. I am engaged for about ... 4 years now! I live together with BF but I dont intend to get married very soon and yes.. I do work. A lot... Too much actually!
So... what about Carson and you? Is there nothing going on? Hmmmm??? I mean, dating the laptop??

@OCD: Mahahhaa! Horny old ladies!!

Could you please tell me what is on the 3rd disc of the DVD???? Something I dont have with my stupid Greek 2-disk edition?

@mystify: I like your "advertisement". I don't think he'll come to us though.. If he even reads this blog he will avoid anything that has to do with it cause he'll be afraid we will rape him or something... don't be afraid Rob! It wont be something you wont consent to! You are going to like it! Ok, maybe you will be a little tired afterwards but in a good way!

LOL 1-800-luv-eddie

@faith: What is your dogs name? What kind of dog is it?
*chanting* boobgrab,boobgrab,boobgrab (i'm so out of topic here...I just need to know *eyes wide open*!)
I think it would be a very good idea to move to Seattle and live with Robnutmeg (since she is single. Mr. Robin(me) wont appreciate us being around for too long.. and also Robin(me) wont be able to fulfill her ff fantasies!). Then we will all go to find Robward and lure him to the Meadow to read one chapter of "The List" to him (...against the tree...).

vampie said...

@sakixry the UK 2 disc edition has everything on that the US 3 disc version has.. not sure about Greek/Euro edition though.

@robnutmeg i wanna live in Seattle too..

sakixry said...

Vampieeeeeeeee!!! Good morning! Are you having your lunch break?
What? No comment on Kel-met?
League, I think you should make a post about Carlisle one day... ooohh! She wont stop talking! *grin*

vampie said...

LMAO do i ever stop talking about Carlisle normally?! if The League had a post about Carlisle I'd frigging hyperventilate!

@League Come On!!! PWEASE..

sakixry said...

@League: Oooohhh League! Pleaasseeee! A post about the doctor! Yes, I know there has been a Carlisle post before but not with Vampie here!!! It will be fun seeing her going to pieces like we do about Robward!!
@Vampie: Now go and write some smut girl! You need to have a draught (is this the right word???) ready for me to read tonight!

vampie said...

@sakixry 'draft' LOL but now i'm thinking about Carlisle smut again.. i'm supposed to be thinking about Spike and Edward..

it will be fun seeing me go to pieces??! yea it would .. ha ha