Tuesday, May 19, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Inspired by our trip to LA when we sang Do-A-Deer in the car from The Sound of Music...

-when the vamp bites
-when the venom stings
-when I'm feeling sad
-I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel, so bad.

What are you're favorite thing about the series, book, scenes, chapters?

Uh, maybe you should mention we were DRUNK when we were singing "Do-A-Deer". We don't want to give our readers the wrong idea, you know. I'd have to say Buttcrack Santa. Where would we be without Buttcrack Santa?

I must be drunk right now because all I see when I look at that title is "DO a deer." As in, have carnal knowledge of a deer. And I may have read a lot of kinky fanfics but nothing that comes close to that.

You actually call that inebriated spectacle on the 405 singing? *raised eyebrow* ... and let's continue: My favorite part of the entire series is in Eclipse when Bella punches that worthless dog in the face. I kid, I kid! Actually, it is and always has been the chapter The Vote in New Moon. You hear that Melissa Rosenberg? Don't F it up. *pitchfork in hand*

Wake up Spank, you know how that scene ends up playing out...


Okay, my favorite scene is the part in Eclipse in the Meadow when Edward realizes that Bella only wants to please those around her. The line "I love you. I want you. Right now" just makes me weak and tingly. **drifting off to fanfic-inspired dreams of Edward**

Wait! How could I forget? My favorite part is when Jasper tries to kill Bella in New Moon. He was SO close. Stupid moral vampires.

Or how about when James almost kills Bella? But I can't quite tell when the vampire venom is working on her... is she in pain or is she having a good time? *wink*

All time favorite in the series... Isle Esme. All time favorite for Twilight, movie, when Bella walks past Edward after she's figured it out and he follows her up the meadow (thatwasn'treallyameadow) ... delicious!

Ah... yes... Isle Esme and the presumed sex that we never get to read about. That chapter should come with a warning that reading it without first taking Xanax is hazardous for your health. By the time you get to the monster's birth the warning should include blood pressure medication and something to punch. Yes, Breaking Dawn... *good times*

And speaking of a few of our favorite things...
Summit FINALLY released the official New Moon poster!
(thanks to @katarinasmama for this)



Akilah said...

Hm... Favorite part of the:

Books: Isle Esme. Period. (Prior to her getting knocked up- that just made it creepy.)

Movie: When Edward walks into the cafeteria with Jessica talking. "That's Edward Cullen. Totally gorgeous, obviously, but apparently nobody here's good for him..." (Insert Rob's sexy half-smile) Rewind. Replay. Repeat.

Ninja Fanpire said...

Okay, I JUST have to get this out of the way! It's DOE-a-deer! D.O.E!

Ninja Fanpire said...

Do-a-deer, psh. You really WERE drunk.

Does that poster remind anyone else of some of the fan made ones?

Ummm, favorite part of Twilight.....Gee I don't know. Maybe Grand Theft Auto.

Or maybe when Jake comes on the motorcycle and kidnaps Bella from school. And Alice is just in shock and there's nothing she can do.

imbeingheldhostage said...

DO a deer was all I saw too :-(

LOVE the poster, I neeeeed on and Mr. Ginger, will you marry me-- oh wait, you're already married which is why you're "Mr. Ginger", but that opening photo was terrific! Your photoshop skillz would be a great asset to, well, my ass-ets. I could be in family pictures again :-)

imbeingheldhostage said...

whoops, I neeed ONE, not on, because that would mean I need on Jacob and I don't DO dogs or deer.

kmoye said...

my fav part was in New moon when Edward comes back and he's kissing Bella and saying her name between kisses....best part!

LOVE the poster. My heart beats fast every time I look at it.

vampie said...

@Akilah oh yes.. that crooked smile.. *swoon*

my fav scene..anything with Carlisle in it obviously..

the poster.. looks like a fanmade one, and some of the fanmade ones were better than that! also.. why does Jacob have short hair?!

Ninja Fanpire said...

@vampie Doesn't he have short hair at first? And then it grows out, and he's supposed to cut and it's supposed to be slightly messy, right?

vampie said...

@ninja i cant rememeber! grr . yea i think you're right! :o)

Ninja Fanpire said...

@vampire Because he's not a wolf at first so he hasn't really grown too much yet. No, no wait. Edward leaves and then Bella is depressed....And then she starts hanging out with Jacob. Okay, the motorcycles come before the Werewolf b/c if you remember Jacob was taking about the other 3-4 guys hanging out with Sam and how they were like a cult and stuff. So at first there's not wolfie.

Amber said...

Leg hitch, nuff said! That whole scene in Edward's bedroom in Eclipse just makes me crazy. All that built up sexual tension... grrrrr.....

suthrngrl said...

My favorite part is when Edward (teddy) finally realizes that Bella is Swan - oh wait, that's Mirrors....Ok how about when Edward finally goes to treatment - no that's Gravity.....Ok how about when Edward comes to his sences and goes back to Forks after caring for his alcolic mother, no that's Wide Awake. MEADOW! I can't even remember Twilight anymore! I'm going to have to read the books AGAIN!

robnutmeg said...

Can i just say this....
I have pitchfork ready to fly b/c i want shirtless robward for poster. *muttering words not appropriate for work setting*

dothedeer? mmmm. u really tied one on didn't u? but u do know what happens to the deer after edward gets him? LUCKY deer! he's RAVISHED! grins @ravishim team!

Let's see my fav things:
unzippered black jeans
gold bed covers
bedward eyes

Twilight things:
car stereos
stabbing jacob
stabbing jacob again
charlie's sex talk

My only dream:
Iloveyou.Iwantyou.Now! AND death to Summitt if that scene isn't in Eclipse! as in: shoot first question later!

wtf are you girl?

paying homage to my darling vampie by saying another FAV of mine is:
"animal attack"
don't u just wish!

Erin said...

I must agree with Meadow and Robnutmeg... If they don't have Robward say "I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU NOW!" I will be pissed!

Of course I do love the Isle of Esme and the feathers and the biting of the headboard...anything pre-prego-puking...

Okay...I must see if I can convince Mr.Awesome to come home for lunch now!

robnutmeg said...


oh yeah i agree Isle Esme *thumbs up* but no to puking, bloody birthing, ugh.

yes to rosalie and jacob's dog dish. like!

yes, to edward biting bella all over! I can always imagine it's me. I have a very good imagination~ ask anybody. Oh scratch that -- don't ask!

-jocose- said...

fav part of the books:
-the tent scene with edward and jacob
-blank pages with the months passing..."hes gone"...

fav part of the movie:
- "you don't know how long i've waited for you"
- @akilah the edward smirk in the cafeteria
- when edward asks bella to meet his family and hes all shy/nervous about it
- when theyre outside her house about to go to the baseball field and edward brushes her hair back (extended scene)

heres a fan manip of the official poster i saw over at twicrack that you ladies might enjoy:


OCD Sufferer said...

2 things I have to get off my chest before I make my comments:
If you are keeping up with Dark Side of the Moon (fan's version of EPOV NM) new chapter posted! It is the confrontation with Aro. Good stuff
LOVE the poster! However, Bella should be in between them...like where we only see her arm and maybe hair.....

Ok, on to the "favorite things"
I cannot make this quick, sorry...too much for me!
(I loved whoever was referring to fanfiction, I feel EXACTLY THE SAME, "Wait....what actually happened in Twilight? I forget!!" haha!)

Favorite line of ALL TIME: Don't be self-conscious, if I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I am not ashamed of it.
Makes me melt like butter!!!!
Favorite scene: Everytime Edward touches her....no, I can't say that, lol!
I have a couple honestly. I think the one that overshadows everything is the whole part of Bella being a newborn vamp and Edward just being totally amazed with her! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when he almost has a panic attack watching her hunt! Good stuff!
I love the scene where he comes back expecting the wrath that puts a bear to shame or whatever it is in Eclipse.
I love the part where Edward rips Jake in two after he kisses Bella...wait, that happened in my dreams, nevermind that one.
I loved how Edward was SOOOOO happy when she put on his ring.
Ok, that should be good....unless I think of something later.

Favorite in the movie:
Yes, I love when Bella walks past him heading to the quasi-meadow. That was intense. I think the whole supposed-to-be-meadow-but-ends-up-being-dark-creepy-woods scene is wonderful (with the exception of the close up of "Say it...out loud....say it" *sorry, he doesn't look good in that scene...love his voice, but shouldn't have been up-close on his mouth...his eyes, now that woulda worked!!)
But, my allllllll time favorite part of the movie?
I don't have the strength.... (need I say more??) GAWD to have Rob say that to me.....and in that sexy lighting...oh my! (I haven't read a M-rated ff for days....that is NOT helping with the need for a cold shower here!!!)
I also like the part where Rosalie rips Bella's head off in the ballet studio...wait, again, that didn't really happen, darn it.

Wanna know what I hate?
Any scene with Jake....mwahahahahaha!!!

That reminds me! In TEV (the Ex Factor) I really like that Jake!!! Of course he is a major horndog, but he is SOOOO SWEET! He doesn't have romantic feelings for Bella (anymore) but I really like him! And they describe him as majorly hot...he reminds me of a VERY SEXY gay guy friend that the women always hang out with and wish they could turn straight because he is THAT good looking!! HAHAH! yeah, my mind is loopy today...gotta go find M-rated ff quick! I have many saved to root through and decide what will be my prey this time!

Shutting up now...that is what you guys get for having topics that I didn't have much to say about...now I can't shut up...been pent up for too long.....(didnt I say I was shutting up?)
Seriously, I'm outta here!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

Yes!! I love when he acts all shy! I made my daughter rewatch that scene and told her to ONLY LOOK AT EDWARD cause his face is the best part of that entire scene!!! LOL!
I also love, "Yeah, this is my room" like a teenage boy would be! So stinking cute!

OCD Sufferer said...

Yeah! I loved the dog dish scene too! that was great! I never liked Rosalie and really liked her getting whacked! I also liked when Jake jumped across Bella to tackle her!
Yeah, I liked when Rob...I mean Edward...bit me...I mean Bella all over as well! It was like a romantic gesture....

HappyHourSue said...

No contest: the tent scene in Eclipse. And why aren't there any lemony good fanfics about that scene??? Hello? Threesome?

LeLe said...

I have to say Isle Esme. Or the tent scene in Eclipse b/c it's just funny.

And I LOVE the opening picture with Edward sticking out from behind the mountain with that crazy look on his face.

robin(me) said...

that song has new meaning for me now.

I have to agree with @meadow and @robnutmeg
The best:
I love you. I want you. Now! In fact I make Mr. R say that quite often in a velvety voice. mahahaha!

My favs - mmm.
The prom:
"Isn't it enuff to live a long and happy life with me?"
I practically shouted in the theater, YES EDWARD, I do! *blushing still*

Don't hit me, ppl but I hated the meadow scene. When they were laying down in those ackward positions I felt jumping inside the movie and straightening their legs! AND taking Bellas place ON TOP OF Edward! That was crazy!

I loved this scene, tho:
"Why did you hate me when we first met?"
"I did. But only for making me want you so badly."

Oh if I could make you want me, Edward - I'd stand in front of a fan and swing my long locks in front of you for a whole hour. OR WAIT: already done. Damnit!

i have a hard time keeping Twilight FACT from Fiction. I even forgot the books for awhile. I love my edwardfiction world i can have him MY way -- showers, for example winking @vampie but then I remember scenes of the movie and the books and YES, stinking cute! AND I want to kick Jacob soooo hard in Eclipse. Trouble maker, dawg! geez.

OCD Sufferer said...

Oh guys, oh guys.....I went through all of my ff I have saved that I haven't read yet. I decided to go with the one that had TWELVE THOUSAND, yes THOUSAND reviews! I am not even done with the first chapter and I know this is gonna be a story for you robgirls and sakixry!! The Red Line. Have you read it? Edward is a STRIPPER!!! O.M.F.E!!!!!! He is currently playing a vampire and it is so stinking h.a.w.t.
Has anyone else read it? I can't believe I haven't heard of this one yet! If it has 12,000 reviews?!!?!?! The ones I read usually have 5k or so and they are awesome.....

beesue said...

Good Morning League!

Most of you have mentioned many of my fav scenes in the books - I also luv it anytime Edward is SEXY!
When he says "you are utterly INDECENT no one should look so tempting" when Bella comes down the stairs...when he says "You really shouldn't have said that" and growls and attacks Bella.... when he says "I may be a vampire but I am a MAN"... Before the Prom when he is looking at her leg and says "HMMMMM - remind me to thank Alice for that tonight"....When he says "she is MINE and I didn't say I would fight fair" after Jacob kisses her!! Edward is soooo HAWWTT -

In the movie - OMG - the restaurant scene and his eyes! Panties go Poof!!!

I have to agree with suthrngrl and OCD though - I have read so many FF that I get them mixed up with the books - In a "good" way

@robnutmeg - yeah I luv the "Rosalie/Jacob" banter in Breaking Dawn - esp. the blonde jokes!

Also- this IS the Official poster from Summitt!! Rob looks yummy and that JAWPORN -Sexy Shirt (no thriftstore that CH picked out!!
So much better that the Twilight Poster. Don't you think Bella/pissant looks like she is saying "Look What I Got To Choose From - Eat your Heart Out!!"

crazylife said...

I have alot of favorites, too many to mention.

I like the blood typing in the book as it never made the movie. I do not know why just the fact that she faints at the sight of blood. I also read Midnight Sun. How ironic that she faints.

The other is New Moon when he says her name between kisses.

Spider, Agree that was not a meadow that was back behind the school. WTF Summit was so tight it could not spring for a meadow I mean how many times is the meadow used in this Saga So much for forward thinking Summit!

Crazylife AKA Cananon

robin(me) said...

u came out of annon world. yea!
yes Summitt sucks. i agree. kisses.

New Moon:
The bedroom scene better be in there where Edward has to convice Bella she's not dead or dreaming! (pitchfork team be ready) b/c you know that's one of the best parts of that bloody book that was all about a DAWG!

panties go poof! mahahahahaha! although i don't really like the poster (wantshirtlessrob) i have to admit that edward looks extremely edible there. and at least he's out in front!

HEY CANNES alert! Scrumptious new rob photos! Link didn't work but just google search cannes and rob. You'll find them!

OCD Sufferer said...

OH DEAR LORD! Thanks for that!!!!

Did you guys also read that May 31st Rob and KStewpid and Taylor are presenting a scene from NM @ MTV awards??????????
I usually don't watch the MTV awards, but you better believe I am now!

beesue said...

@robin - Rob is "looking HOT" in Cannes - he has a necklace on - but you cant see what is on it --HMMMMMM! There is a video up on the grand journal show but it is all in French and I can't get it to run --bummer!!!

@OCD -- Yeah heard about MTV - have it on my phone, calender, tatooed on my arm - so I won't forget!!!HAHAHAHAH!!

Have you read "Cocktails and Dreams" on fanfic. College Edward & Bella - She is a PT and He is a med student! Pretty Good!

Ginger Swan said...

I must agree with the "I want you NOW" as one of my favorite parts. In fact, I had my very first Edward (not Rob) dream last night. *cheering* And he was definitely more like the "I want you now" Edward and less of the puritanical Edward. Been trying to have an Edward dream since September and I had long ago given up on having one, but there must have been some sort of magic in that New Moon poster that I saw last night before I went to sleep.

Ginger Swan said...

@imbeingheldhostage, stop being crazy! You're beautiful, my friend! You have NO need for photoshop and NO reason to stay out of family pictures! Stop being so silly!!!

robin(me) said...

You had a Edward non puritanical dream? what kind? wetward, windoward, domward, darkward? come on, spill it! MMM. I want you now, Edward?

I am very happy for you, Ginger. That poster pic did it for you? MMMM. I'm gonna have to look at that thing again. Coz all I see is clothes on Edward and that saddens me.

The thing is though I haven't had a good dream in a long time even tho I have bedwardeyes staring at me every night! *sheesh*

@Ginger's right don't be silly. At least you don't work with a complete hot blonde like I do every day. I can't even hate her b/c she's my bff! (warily looking @robnutmeg)

faith_83 said...

Hmmm lets see:

-No sientas vergüenza. Si yo pudiera soñar, soñaría contigo" - Edward a Bella.
--Bella, en realidad no crees que te vayas a estampar contra un árbol,¿A qué no? [Edward a Bella]
-Como si nunca hubiera existido".Aquella fue una promesa que él no podía mantener, una promesa que se rompió tan pronto como la hizo [Bella]
-Bella,mi vida era como una noche sin luna antes de encontrarte, muy oscura, pero al menos habia estrellas, puntos de luz y motivaciones...Y entonces tu cruzaste mi cielo como un meteoro. De pronto, se encendió todo, todoestuvo lleno de brillantes y belleza. Cuando tu te fuiste, cuando el meteoro desapareció por el horizonte, todo se volvió negro.No había cambiado nada, pero mis ojos habian quedado cegados por la luz. Ya no podía ver las estrellas.Y nada tenía sentido(Edward)

WHAT?? I´ve read them in Spanish!!

oh and one more:
From the first kiss I’d known I was lost. The feel of his lips on mine, his hands on my skin, was all it took for my will to crumble. Knowing that he’d felt as powerless to control himself as I had been, that he couldn’t walk away either had been my undoing.
Tho I don´t remember in which book it was...

you all have to check Rob´s photos from Canne!!!(oh France you´re so close to Spain but yet so far, damn!!)
#inmymouthNOW, #ibitedhim #ilickedhim #ilovehim ( big wink @morethanhuman)

Ginger Swan said...

@faith "No sientas vergüenza. Si yo pudiera soñar, soñaría contigo" - Edward a Bella." Oh yes, I loved that part too. I should read the books in Spanish!

@robin(me) Well, lets just say in my dream he looked like Edward but had more of the personality of Spike. I was very mad at him about something, and he was trying to get me to get over my anger by playing dirty. *wink* Whew! I need another cold shower now.

Ok, and full disclosure... The NM poster only partly inspired my dream. The rest of the credit goes to Mr. Ginger last night. ;)

OCD Sufferer said...

I can't believe I am saying this, but girl, DO NOT READ The Ex Factor next!!!! Read the Red Line....Oh.MY.FREAKING.EDWARD.ANTHONY.CULLEN! (lol)
I am on chapter 4 and I have been sitting in this stupid chair with my whole body melted like butter! I feel like my arms and legs are spaghetti!! I feel so sorry for this poor guy, but at the same time, dang....I.WANT.HIM.
Just go read the first chapter...please, please! After you do, you will be hooked!! *pant, pant*


robnutmeg said...


I.miss.morethanhuman!!! tell her Robnutmeg missed her!

#inmymouthNOW, #ibitedhim #ilickedhim #ilovehim ( big wink @morethanhuman)
AND yes he is.....

nice! and bloody hell. now i needz a dream that doesn't get interrupted by door bells, birds chirping, friends calling *glancing @robin(me), alarm clocks, etc etc etc.

I'm thinking robincannes will inspire me! oooh.

OCD Sufferer said...

methinks a dream of a very sexy pole-dancing Edward might make an appearance for me tonight (at least I surely hope! The last 3 days my ff reading has been PG-13---blech!)

MystifyMe said...

Okay I'm on holidays.Doing fun stuff...NOT!!
I DON'T KNOW WHAT MY FAVE PART IS, but I rather like the scene when Edward gets out of the car after he and Bela came out...wearing Raybans...looking all smug and cocky.... :)
Have we seen the Cannes pictures??
God, he's beautiful. :)

MystifyMe said...

Oh yeah...Bella has 2 'l's...whatever.

MystifyMe said...

Red line?? Will our radiators burst??

MystifyMe said...

Something's wrong with my computer.
I'm sure someone has posted since I have, but I don't see it.I have shut down and even logged off and come back in. :(
I wanted to post this. It scares me.
I almost 'wish he hadn't existed',
I really am afraid for our Rob.

MystifyMe said...

Still can't see anyone else's posts. :(
Damn////I will try tomorrow. Nite.xo

MystifyMe said...

Please vote for Rob.

MystifyMe said...

Please vote for Rob.

MystifyMe said...

Still can't see posts...maybe tomorow. xoxoox