Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Junior League: Robsten

Our Junior League member this week is Gallifrey Reject from

Superpower: To discern truth from fiction and I can fly... in a TARDIS.

Something wicked this way comes as I say... If you look at both pics, it seems kind of normal until you look at the leg placement of the two and the faces. Why sit directly in front of someone when you have so much *ahem* space?? Kstew looks like she is going to pounce Rob in the second pic! Legs rubbing together..hmm.. I smell hook up! lol In the first pic, she stares directly at the camera and in some ways is saying that she is confirming rumors of a hook up! To add to the speculation there are the pics of them getting VERY close at the Sam Bradley concert in Vancouver. Uh oh..... Mind you word is that Summit wants to keep these shagalicious two separate for film purposes..But we all know the truth.. Or do we??

Seriously, Spider, DON'T disown me... They are SO doing it. And, truthfully, I want these two "crazy kids" to get together. They really look SO cute together and they seem to be so at ease and enjoy themselves. And they really look like they dig each other. Okay, let the attacks commence.

Nah, I want them to get together too. Maybe being with him would show Kristen now to be nice and sweet and stuff. ;)

I've said it before. I too want them together. Because then it makes the world of Twilight even more real to me. I LOVE when (non-married) co-stars get together. It's soooo romantic. *ducking from our angry readers*

I won't be surprised if many of our readers agree with you, Ginger. My jealousy is overwhelming, no matter who the skank is. If it ain't me, I hate her! ;)

Well then you can fully expect to hate me in the future.



Ninja Fanpire said...

Kristin is just staying with Angarano so she and Rob don't have to go public.

OCD Sufferer said...

It's all are on crack! Besides the fact that I can't stand KStew, no one is actually good enough for Rob! LOL! I don't know....I guess it is kinda like the ff I keep reading...I hate thinking about him just having "flings" rofl! I want him to have a substantial relationship with a good girl (and he be a good boy, lol) and live happily ever after and produce little Robkins that we can continue to enjoy once he is old and wrinkly! Yeah, right. Like that is gonna happen. 23-year-old horny guy and millions of screaming lust-ridden girls ready to pounce at the drop of the hat. Yeah, he is so gonna have a huge list of Ghosts of Bad F*cks Past (or Good....but we like to think they are all bad because they aren't US!!!) lol

OCD Sufferer said...

For those who want some eye candy, I found this today.
I took 4 years of French and I can understand about 1 out of 100 words they say in this!! LOL! Rob shows up @ 8:17 There is some French voice-over so you can't hear his gorgeous voice, but you get to see him handle a microphone like nobody's business!!!! wow! lol

vampie said...

i think if they're not sleeping together yet, they will eventually. its inevitable.
and yea i agree with @ninja
if they are they can't go public yet.

no i don't think they'll fall in love/ have a relationship. but i think they can't resist each other. Rob has trouble resisting her anyway right?! and its only a matter of time before Kristen caves in.

and it'll be cute, coz i'll be real life Bella and Edward , proof that Twilight is real and not just a book/movie! LOL

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Oh I so am not a supporter of the Robsten hookup, but when I saw those pics, that is what came to mind. They are so doing it!
Not happy about that at all! Rob can do so much better than that, look at all his choices out here, right ladies?
But hey, he's young, and should be having fun, so Rob have fun, then come find us!

GallifreyReject said...

Whoohoo! @LEague..Nice Commentary!

Wow! I think if they just come out and say they're seeing each other, no one is going to say put a hit out on Kstew. I think Summit is over-reacting..

I mean they ARE human.. The sweat, bleed and bump pies like everyone else..They just make more money lol

oh view on the legs lol

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ginger. I would like them together. The only problem to that would be if they had a lover's quarrel before the movies finished filming.

It would not be the first time leading Actors fell for each other, that list is long.

I saw somewhere that Kristen was instrumental to Rob getting the part and that they had huge chemistry at the audition. so I think the stage was set. They will always have a connection now and Kristen will forever be his first leading lady. That in itself is huge.

I also read that she moved from her hotel to his hotel during filming.

On the above site there is a beautiful photo of her (do not throw things at me) just my opinion


Amber (joebendesigns) said...

Argh!! I am not on the Robsten gravy train, and probably never will be. It's not that I care if they hook up (whatever, I say have fun while you can!) but the evidence just seems so slim to me.

The way she is looking at him in the cab could be because they are shocked that they got hoodwinked. Ans the Sam Bradley concert pics... hello? Loud music equals getting close to talk.

If these pics are proof, then I need to go pull some old college pics I have, cause apparently I was doing it with a ton of guys (and maybe a few girls).

Sorry, didn't mean to jump on my soap box. Sorry to disagree with the Robsten theory, but it wouldn't be fun if someone didn't.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I'm perfectly fine with him hooking up with P.Ant, it'll just mean he knows a real woman when he gets her--ME.

faith_83 said...

Morning everybody!!
First of all let’s analyze a little those picture:
BODY LANGUAGE FOR: I Love You, I want something with you

People that fancy other people often touch themselves where they would like to touch the other person (for example, stroking legs), keeping their bodies pointing towards the object of desire. Eye contact is held slightly longer than usual, sideways glances and smiling are all common. Leaning forwards towards the other and standing or sitting closer together than normal are all signs of attraction!!!
Touch / Physical Contact
Physical contact is another element of body language. Touch can be a sign of intimacy, as it lessens the distance between two people.

The "accidental" touches, (which often are not accidental), are charged with a powerful erotic message, especially if they happen when the other doesn´t expect. They become even more powerful if combined with other signals, such as a discreet smile or a long eye contact.
Should I continue?? No need, huh??

So they want to be together but they can´t!! Michael, Summit, the image of KStew leaving the poor guy etc, etc….
Sorry but I think that she is just a selfish spoiled child that found a nice (sexual) “toy” that everybody wants and she likes all the attention!!
I agree with @OCD I want something better for him but if he really thinks that she´s the one (he´s blind) so be it!! I just want to see him happy!!

Susan said...

@Ginger I agree, it is cool when that happens with stars. Like Willow and Wesley (from Buffy) are married and have a baby. (I know it isn't the same, but it was kind of funny)

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

I have believed in Robsten all along, ever since what was said about her insisting that Rob be given the part of Edward. It was obvious! I have guy friends and I am not THAT close to them, no matter how much "chemistry" we have.

As Spank says, I do want these "crazy kids" to get together already. I honestly think they are good for each other. Kristen is good for Rob because that's who Rob wants and Rob deserves to get what he wants and be happy. Rob is good for Kristen because he makes her happy and when he's around her, she just shines.

My 2 cents.

Ginger Swan said...

@CanAnon, I've got your back. No one is going to throw anything even if you say K.Stewpid is your best friend. *holding up shield in front of CanAnon*

@Amber, you're cracking me up, and you're right... it isn't fun if everyone agrees. *not holding up shield in front of you though* (kidding)

@Susan, YES! I love that Willow and Wesley got married and had a baby!

~Jamie said...

I am totally in... but I just think she think's she's too good for him--sigh.

MystifyMe said...

@League Good afternoon ladies!
Well I'm not 100% crazy about KStew and I can't say for sure that they are doing the nasty, but I think it's inevitable one day or night.
All that eye*boinking* and leg wrestling is just foreplay(for now).
I just don't want to see Rob hurt.

beesue said...

Good Morning League!

Well - You all know which corner I am in - but I have taken a Valium this morning and I am calm - trying not to go throw things!

@amber - I agree totally! btw - Luv your new name and site!

Just have a comment to make about our Rob in Cannes. Every picture and interview I have seen of him are just lucious! Is it just me or is our Rob looking more "grown up" and "mature"! He doesn't seem so nervous and my oh my - take me down the yellow brick road cause I want to see the wizard - Rob Wizard that is - He can give me a new brain (cause its fried), a new heart (cause he made mine FAIL) and some courage (to stay away from France)! He is HOT! HOT! HOT! and all those French girls are a droolin"

@OCD - OMG - I Luv - The Red Line - it is by far the best FF I have read in a while! I got thru the first 10 chapters yesterday - WhoreWard is Meltin' My Butta!

Anonymous said...

OH crap now those two again!

Can't do this anymore! No comment! Hate this!! Iloveyou.Iwantyou.Now, Lurker Now Lurker.

one word Cannes: YUMMY! Ok two words: YUMMY YUMMY! & yea he does look older and wiser and totally HAWT. Need air now!

@robgirls, sakixry
wtf? come on! lurker misses you. *innocent eyes* all of us do, don't we? besides, @robin(me) u owe me free legal services!

FF lovey. You are indeed my new best friend! Call me. *grins*

so good to uh see you, no not right, hear you no not right...just good! (smiles) OH Willow and Wesley -- OME. Which reminds me........

where is spikeward ff?!

I'm on my way to Volterra now. Need to get good seats at the Volturi dinner table..if you know what I mean! (snickers @Spider)

Lurker, Inc!

Amber (joebendesigns) said...

So glad I wasn't stoned to death!!

GallifreyReject said...

@ginger um i was upset cause i had a thing for Wesley (Alexis Denisoff) since he was on Buffy..but I came to grips with it....And moved on..To James Marsters lmao

OCD Sufferer said...

Yeah, have been totally loving the Red Line! It has some points where I laugh so hard I almost fall out of my chair, but the last 2 chapters I have cried my eyes out! The things poor Edward goes through. He is literally TORTURED by a client....and she doesn't take care of him at all....nothing like a dom. It is heart-wrenching. But, let's just say you will LOVE BELLA!!!!!!!!
That's all I have to say about that lol!

New chapter of Dominant and the Ex Factor today....I am torn..should I stop TRL for TEF? can I even do it? lol.....

Ginger Swan said...

@Gallifry, you liked the Buffy version of Wesley??! I definitely think he got hot by the end of Angel as he became a MAN, but when he was on Buffy? LOL with the awkward kiss between him and Cordy in the library! You definitely traded up, when you switched to Spike!

GallifreyReject said...

@ginger..Girl..Yeah I did..But Spike got sappy when it came to buffy..And

Season 3/4 of Angel when Wesley got all bad ass and was pie bumping Lilah..OMG..*faints* lol

Ginger Swan said...

@Gallifrey, you are CRACKING ME UP with the Wesley pie bumping Lilah. LOL!!! I liked sappy Spike, and bad Spike, and good Spike, and naked Spike... oh wait, this is getting out of control! ;)

GallifreyReject said...

LMAO @ginger hahaa

Spike overload!! lol

Lets see..Lestat,Louis, Spike, Angel and Edward in a cage match..hmmm

My money is split..Spike and Angel..Lestat doesn't like to get dirty lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ginger, I am right behind you too (notice I said behind you as in you and the shield).

I hear you too Spider I am jealous of any woman that gets to have him (unless its me a few years younger if I could turn back time)

Somehow if it is Kristen it is a little easier to take.

Cananon said...

Well here we go again! Those two kids, will they ever get together!?

So many secrets, but Oh doesn't like secrets....

Oh to be a fly on their hotel room wall....what wouldn't I see and hear.....

Are you out there? Have a legal question for's not like against the law to hide under one Robward's bed just to see who he's like with is it...rhetetorically speaking of course.....

BECAUSE I agree with @Beesue, he's looking really really delish in Cannes and I was just like thinking of dropping in! just saying.

Spike. Oh I haven't been tweeting *hangs head in shame* lately but when I've been on I've followed Buffy Quotes...memories.

Any news on who Rob's leading lady will be on Remember Me? Heard it might be Emmy Rossum. Now wouldn't they be cute together. Just saying. ROB, please don't get hurt by kstewpid. She's NO GOOD for you!

No offense for those who'd like it to happen. Can I have a shield too, @Ginger...just in case I walk in a dark alley!

MystifyMe said...

I love a man in a uniform!!!
OH YES WE CANNES!!!Tres chaud. Je t'adore le photo...big time!!!

GallifreyReject said...

Yeah Rob's costar in 'Remember Me' is ME!! I got the part! although U will have a body double...*does happy dance*

Yeah I know I'm lucky..blah blah

I get to go to NYC and be around Mr. Hotpocket Sparklepants!

*rolls eyes* yeah..if you bought that, I have a river in England for

Ginger Swan said...

@Gallifry, oh Spike would definitely win against Angel. Maybe not if he's fighting Angelus, but Spike would definitely beat Angel.

@CanAnon, thanks for having my back too. (and throwing me in front of you)

@oh, sure you can get behind my shield too. I'll see if I can get Zafrina to help me expand the shield. LOL

MYSTIFYME666 said...

Who is this wench @ Cannes.Looks like a porn star biatch.And Rob is eyeing her wares. No Bobby cakes...NOOOOOOOOOOO....


MystifyMe said...

What did anyone think of American Idol?

MystifyMe said...

Eeeks...why can't I view anyone's comments.I am sad. :(

MystifyMe said...

Please vote for Rob for the MTV Awards.He is losing to the damn dog.

MystifyMe said...

Nope...I can't see a thing....maybe tomorrow? :(

OCD Sufferer said...

I was depressed last week when Danny lost, but Kris was my number 2, so I am tickled pink.
He is another 23-year-old super hottie (did I just say that??? shoot!)

MystifyMe said...

@OCD Kris is a sweetheart. I really thouht Adam would win. Who knows.
Expensive show:Keith Urban, KISS, Rod Stew, Queen....holy wow. :)

Anonymous said...

Since We are Talking American Idol. I love Kris no disrespect to him. America got it wrong tonight. Adam although a bit of a screamer held that show this season in the palm of his hands. I will go out on a limb and say that he was the reason most of us watched. I know that he was my reason for watching.

nuff said from me


OCD Sufferer said...

My absolute favorite was Danny. I was sad to see him go. I really thought Adam was going to win just because he is that good! I don't care for him as a person, and *I* don't base that off of his sexual preferences, but I do think America might have and that is why he lost. That being said, Kris was not even a blip on my AI radar until about 6 weeks ago which, to me, shows a tremendous amount of growth! I think he rose above and just blew everyone away.
However, before I let you respond, I have not watched last weeks results show or either show this week. They are on my DVR, but Mr. OCD has hogged the TV and I haven't had a chance to watch. It is killing me! I only know all of the results because my glorious friends on facebook like to comment every Wednesday and it is just RIGHT THERE IN MY FREAKING FACE when I click on facebook, lol!
After last week, I downloaded Kris's Heartless because it was so freaking awesome! I heard it on the radio later and I agree with Randy...his version is WAY BETTER! I also realized, after rewatching it...he is VERY SEXY when he sings!! LOL!! That also caused me to download Apologize...which I have always loved, but made me want to hear more of it--the real version, not his---and Mr. OCD wanted to have it on his Ipod as well! LOL! It is right inbetween two ICP songs...go figure!!! He told me it is a good song to make love to...I said, "You do know the words to it, don't you?" HAHAHA! I agree, though, it does sound very sexy....I may have to try that! HAHA

robin(me) said...

Sorry didn't respond yesterday, let's just say it was a very busy HARD day. *shaking head*

kstewpid will do it with robward and still end up with oregano b/c she'll be able to keep MA where she wants him like "lickity" -- his leash is already been reduced to barely 4 inches already!

I have to agree with you on Kris. sorry @cananon - I loved Danny - his voice was amazing and i loved his story but Kris is one hawt, talented and humble guy and he deserved to win. He's 23 yo too? Uh crap, where were these guys when i was that age mmmmm? Oh sorry Mr. R. no offense. (kisses)
mmm. better go!
What are you reading these days? *wink*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the apologies. Do not get me wrong I thought Kris did an awesome job. My favorite of last night Kris and Keith Urban. If I was Kris's mother at that moment I would have thought I died and went to heaven. It reminded me of the time Jamie Fox said to Kris lets do something together.

It is just that Adam held the show for me. When Adam did Mad Mad World it elevated everyone's game including Kris's

I did not mean to hijack this thread with Idol talk.