Monday, May 18, 2009

Bitter Pill

Ted C. has an interesting perspective on the sudden change in Miss Nikki Reed's tone. First she was very curt when discussing He Who She Once Gushed About Like a Fan-Girl and now there is word that she has opted out of making good on her self-invitation to stalk the Italy set so that she can "spend time with family" instead - or does it have a little something to do with who Rob Pattinson is spending time in with?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Hmmmmm, good point Ginger. "Spending time with family?" sounds very suspect to me. Perhaps she's done being Rob's booty call while Kristen Stewart is with Oregano?

Could the fake lesbian act not have been an act for her? Maybe she was hoping for a threesome and instead she got shown the door.

Or, he asked her for her "back door" and she did not oblige?

Nikki, don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Ooh, or better yet, go ahead and cry, Nikki. Then write a scathing tell-all and send it to us. I'm hoping you had a ruler with you.



GallifreyReject said...

Spending time with family my ass...

my guess is that she was told NOT to go by not only Summit, but Rob and Kstew as well...

And yeah her toned changed cause she's not bumping pies with him

Jamie said...

I've been wondering if she and rob had a thing...

Ninja Fanpire said...

It's going to end up a classic high school drama scenario. See, now that Kristin has rejected Michael Arangano, Nikki knows there's something more going on with KStew and RPattz. Trouble is, while Nikki and Kristin may be BFFs, they are both after the same guy. But Nikki, being the kind role model that she is, is trying not to let Kristin know her feelings for Rob because that would drive a wedge between them. So Nikki is willing to give up Rob, so that she and Kristin don't lose their bond.

Or perhaps a different scenario. It's Nikki VS Kristin in a battle to get to Rob first. And while Kristin may have the upper hand by being onset, her boyfriend is also nearby. They are both waiting for just the right moment to strike, like panthers on the prowl, and Rob is the prey. So while Kristin waits for her boyfriend to go somewhere else, Nikki waits for just the right moment when she can bust Rob and Kristin doing it. And, while Kristin is either trying to explain things away or is breaking up with her boyfriend, Nikki seizes the chance to make Rob all hers.

imbeingheldhostage said...

did I miss something?

sakixry said...

Ninja! You are so perceptive my black hooded friend ;o)))

I dont think Nikki is trying to play role model! More like she was waiting for the right time throwing herself (wink @robnutmeg)at Rob and when she did, he blow her off so thats why she decided to spend time with family. Yep! Thats it!

sakixry said...

i'm booooreeeed!

faith_83 said...

Good morning all!!
Girls fight, girls fight!!!
Now, I was having such a nice morning at work (wink at oh) birds singing and the sun shining...and what do I see? This story is getting better and better every day and I just can´t stay away anymore, I have to say it:
Nikki and Rob?? Maybe (or maybe she is just helping Rob and KStew to secretly date)
Nikki and KStew?? it also can be possible *wink* at meadow!
Rob and KStew?? Probably!! (or maybe they are just good friends… yeah sure!!!)
So I´m going to say it!! Crap…if KStew and Rob want to be together, so be it!! but just SAY IT OUT LOUD FOR GOD´S SAKE!! I´m going to have a nervous breakdown with this entire story going on!!!!
Rob likes KStew for sure (by his attitude) KStew likes (him??) the attention that surrounds her every time they are together. She kinda likes this new cool imagine and the thoughts of having the most attractive men of the moment just for her!!!(selfish b...!!)
Summit is going to let this maddens happen and do nothing?? DEFFINETLY NOT!!
I remember that I´ve read somewhere (don´t know where exactly) that something happen with Rob and an actress while they were shooting Little Ashes… that at some point she didn’t want to talk to him anymore and the whole situation was so weird on the set!!
It is true?? Maybe! What happen between them?? Well that is a totally different story!!
So probably Summit is keeping them apart for obvious reasons…

a person that doesn´t sleep much knows almost everything, right?

My dear, dear friend!! Good morning again!!
Throwing something at Rob has such a totally new meaning for me since you´ve said it!! I would like to throw myself at him but I´m afraid that is not his cold, hard marble body that is going to stop me, but Nikki and KStew, and I don´t want to be caught between a fight of 2 jealous women!!

sakixry said...

@faith: hahahahaaa!!! Dont worry!! The R-Team will be there to help you so we outnumber them! They cant figth us all! *wink*

faith_83 said...

I knew that the R Team is going to be there for me!! We need all the help cause Nikki looks kinda strong (and she doesn´t do drugs) with Kstew is going to be much easier!! So, do you have a light??

robnutmeg said...

Oh dear Lord! and Good Morning.

God, how I hate Mondays -- my alarm woke me up this morning to non other than Karen Carpenter's lovely rendition of....
"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.."
*muttering something quite unkind and unladylike as I turned the bloody thing off" ....

Then this?

Which really made me laugh! OUT LOUD. I knew something was up when I didn't see NR @ robward's bparty. I said UH OHHHHH. She couldn't fly up to BC for his birthday? YEAH RIGHT!
What, no room in the limo for 3? Those suckers have room for 20 the last time I rode in one of those?

And besides:
I can't get past @Meadow's RULER remark. In fact, I'm shocked and speechless. Mahahaahaha. Yea, if anyone is going to KISS & TELL it's gonna be that uh one!

That is gonna be some "voting" scene in NM let me tell you!
BS: <--- look at those initials...mahahahaha
KS/BS: *snicker* do you want me to be a part of ur immortal -so i can screw all of u guilt free - family?
NR/RH: no, no no no way. come on... u want them both? why u little whoring ho....!
KL/EC: HELL YES, who needs the volturi to come and fight, we'll have our own cat fight right here! *meeeeeeeeowwwwwwww*

Ruler? *shakes head with that visual of The Ravishim Team with rulers....* {{giggling hysterics}}

OK throw me but get better AIM this time...Oh, roomie! So right YOU ARE! *WINK!*

this whole thing gives me a HA. I agree KSTEWpppppid has got it made right now. *lucky bitch* So Italy is their last change to do it for awhile b/c AWWWWW she goes off somewhere for that other movie of her's and he'll be in NY filming Remember Me. I wonder her the leading lady will be. mMMMMMMmmmmmm.

That's good. Is Kstew tho still with oregano? OH this DRAMA!

Hey, thought, why is Kellan going to Italy and "staying in Rob's room" I mean HUH? Maybe he's there to chaperone? mahahahahahah

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: when exactly did you rode in one of those?
Kellan will probably switch rooms with BS/KS (*wink*@robnutmeg) so they wont be too obvious!

suthrngrl said...

Meadow - I'm not sure a ruler would be sufficient. Have you seen his feet and fingers???

Spank Ransom said...

@imbeingheldhostage: you ARE being held hostage, aren't you? That's why you missed it. Should The League stage a rescue? Trip to Cannes? ;)

@suthrngrl: Would you believe that last night we had an entire discussion about his fingers. I think it is a future post. I mean just thinking of... well, hmm... maybe I'll keep THAT thought to myself. ;)

vampie said...

@robnutmeg @sakixry
Kellan is staying with Ashley. he is going to 'keep her company' . Ashley told me this! i asked if she was looking forward to going to Italy and she said, her and Kellan both are. he is there for errr pleasure.. not to work.
no i do not think there is anything going on with them, just very close friends, even though everytime i saw them at the convention they were holding hands. Kellan is very protective of her, in a brotherly way. and anyways, i think Jackson would kill him if he did! LOL

sakixry said...

@vampie: so you think kellan has brotherly love for alice and jackson has other kind of love for her? are they together? i'm confused...

Wheaty's Girl Creations said...

I can solve this right now, just give him to me!! hahahhaha Why is it always nikki and kristen..what about Ashley?? She is beautiful but none of the guys are being linked with her..makes you wonder.....

vampie said...

ashley and jackson fancy each other. jackson i think is actually in love with her. look at the way he looks at her in interviews. and ashley said in an interview recently that the only reason her and jackson arent together is coz they work too hard.

"He and I both don't have time to date, but we do have amazing chemistry," she says.

"We both have such big crushes on each other and it clearly shows. We got along instantly and the day we met, he was teaching me how to swing dance.

"He (Rathbone) does everything. He sings, he dances, and he's so sweet. Even my mum has a crush on him and tells me, 'You should date him'. So, who knows, maybe when we both stop running around the world."

i think that rob likes ks more and so either nikki is sulking or summit have told her she cant go.

faith_83 said...

@ Wheaty's Girl Creations
oh pls we are trying here to reduce the numbers...not to increase them!!!

what about the tight black pants?? yes, hmm one can just imagine... (that´s all we can get)

@vampie and sakixry
I´m confused...with this story!! Someone should explain and fast!!

faith_83 said...

lol at the vision of R Team with the ruler!!! and tsk, tsk... speaking about robHeads first thing in the morning!!

aaa...ashley and jackson!!! yes I like it!! they are so cute together!! (wink Wheaty's Girl Creations)

OCD Sufferer said...

This is response to your question from yesterday's post:
Don't you remember that I told you guys last week that the author of the Office has outtakes now? It is called Overtime at the Office. She posted the 2nd chapter yesterday and it has to do with a thunderstorm....mmmmmmm
I will never be out in a thunderstorm again and not need to change my panties!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!

Read mirrors last night. Must say, I wish I had me a 24-year-old-virgin-Edward over here! He is so stinking cute! It sure took forever to get to the story though! That was kinda rough! How often does she update?

robnutmeg said...

last time i rode in a limo? own. let's not go there.....*wink*

robhead....mahahahahahah. yes, i'm evil and loving it.

robin(me) said...

Good Morning my League.

mmmm. my my isn't our Rob such a popular boy! OK OK I do remember @sakixry's #robpornpic - perv picture! *ducking from sakixry* UH come on @sakixry i'm just having fun!!!

I have no comment. I think someone there is getting some and I want some. Period. You know I'm starting to think like @morethanhuman every day. Tweeters YOU KNOW WHO I'm TALKING about. NON tweeters you are missing out! Plz join us soon! It's worth it. I suck at it we can suck at it together. Amongst those experts....bow down to @vampie, faith.....

Ravishim Team is ready --- let's get him and don't forgot those rulers...uh maybe those measuring tapey things would travel better huh?

Ruler? @Meadow. why dear, what a dirty mind you have!

I'm thinking well "endowed" and then robsickle comes to my mind too.

uh what are you talking about robhead? @robnutmeg, what did you do now!

love ya babes. I read ur The Office - OMG loved it. Can't do the Dominant all tho I did read it. Sorry, I'm a FF porn failure. *hangs head in shame*

I still have scratches on my back too from treeward...but nurseward was wonderful! yummy.

Well gotta go back to work kiddies. Have fun on the playground and play nice with the other kids. OH but you can beat up kstewpid and nikiho..

Jasper & Alice & Emmett awwww that's so cute. I love Jackson & Ashley. What's a nice couple like them doing in the world of robsten? Poor Rob! Come baby I'll take care of you!

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

Interesting theories Ninja. Sounded like an episode of "Days of our lives". Seriously though, Robsten is so ON!

Ninja Fanpire said...

I've also considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite. But....I just don't know what they'd have to do with Rob, Kristin, and Nikki.

Oh, I have a new theory now. Nikki is waiting for a threesome with her BFF and RPattz. That has GOT to be it.

robnutmeg said...

so why isn't she going to Italy now tho? Wouldn't that be the prrrrfect opportunity to STRIKE!

miss tweeting!

hi ya. it is robsten. just a matter of time and that lucky person who gets the picture of them IN>THE>ACT!

sakixry said...

Oooh! I would definitely want to see a picture of the act! *blushes*

robnutmeg said...

i have but one thing to say
pssst. read msg psssst.

i forgot to comment on my dear bff. measuring tape? I think we need to make a team needs pack.

@ravishim team
Who volunteers to put that together?

where are you?

beesue said...

League .... You.Are.Killing.Me.Here

While everyone on the planet is in Ted C's spin out of control ZONE! I an in the beesue O'Reilly's "NO SPIN ZONE"

Movie Making is Big Business - Summitt is trying to make money-bottom line. As soon as the actors finish their "work" in the film - they are sent "HOME". Summitt does not want to pay for their hotel rooms, food, etc. Nikki was sent home with the rest of em. She is NOT in the Italian scenes of the picture. She would have to pay her own way! She made a choice!

The reason she and the other members of the cast weren't at the BD Party was because they were not in Vancouver. They ones that were there were still "working". I mention working because that is what these actors do - they work - this is a job! They get paid lots of money!!!!

Ok - I said my peace. Only, how many times does every castmember (including Rob himself) have to say that the piss ant has a boyfriend! JEEZZZZ!!!!!

@mystify - It is so cool that your friend was on the plane w/rob! OMG can you imagine 2 hrs on so in a "tiny little space" with Rob. The "MILE HIGH CLUB" would have added another member! WOOWZERS!

Ninja Fanpire said...

@robnutmeg Nikki is waiting for Kristin to get rid of Arangano. See, Kristin hasn't broken up with him yet because she needs him as a cover-up. She doesn't want all the publicity if her and Rob hook-up publicly. And since she's BFFs with Nikki, she's will to share. Nikki just wants her slice of the Rob-pie.

Best friends DO share EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Hello League
*grumble grumble*

I hate seeing NR as much as I hate seeing KStewpid.

NICE...ruler! mmm. thinking yardstick? just saying

I would think that Nikki would want kstewpid to stay with oregano just so that she can have Rob to herself.

Strange world.

limo riding. i wouldn't just play footsies, it would be "ravish" time!

robhead? i've got to get me one of those. is that like the toy or the action? b/c melikes! both!

Tell us how you really feel now don't be shy. Are we mad?

Ome. Flying with Rob? I would have had to tie myself to the seat with irons to keep myself from grabbing him! I'm not much for politeness. If he'd OPEN the door for me, I would have pushed him IN and SHUT & LOCKED it! just saying

Who else can I pick on?

kstew + nikki + oregano = oregano stew without taste!


MystifyMe said...

I seriously don't know how I'd act if I was in such close quarters for 58 minutes with Mr.Pattinson.
Probably down a bottle of champagne for false courage, slink
down behind my chair, and yell. 'SAY IT.SAY IT.SAY IT OUTLOUD!!! VAMPIRE!!!' THEN GIGGLE HYSTERICALLY.HAVE A COUGHING FIT, fall on the floor.He'd HAVE to come and see sheerly out of curiosity.Then I'd ask him sheepishly from in the horzontal position on the floor, clutching my chest *gasp*
"Glad to meet you Rob. Do you know CPR".*GASP AGAIN*SPUTTER*LMAO

OKAY KStew, Rob and Nikki...hmmm...don't know.I think Rob has gone off both of them a bit.He's too friggin' busy.Maybe it's a game...maybe not. Kristen is probably more interested in Rob now that he isn't fawning, and 'dreaming' of her.Oregano boy?
Looks like the box-boy at the corner grocery store.Who wants Beef Jerky when you can have Porter House steak? We'll see.
Nikki.I like her alright.I do think she liked Rob a lot.Perhaps she's taking herself out of the equation.
Maybe she's just tired of dressing like Kris, and wants to wear heels again?

MystifyMe said...

I feel a Fan-fic coming my

MystifyMe said...

It's Victoria Day HERE!! Long weekend...fireworks...anyone home? :)

Anonymous said...

My theory:

If Rob has a hard time telling a lie maybe it went down something like this. Rob told Nikki that he he just wanted to be friends because he was in love with someone else. We can all speculate that it is Kristen. Therefore it was not necessary to spend Summits money as well as her own going to the shoot.

Beesue's theory works for me as well tho...


MystifyMe said...

That's me in the middle.To yhe right of the flowered shirt.:)

OCD Sufferer said...

Totally OT (off-topic) *yeah, what else is new coming from me, lol*
I was reading and saw this and about spit out my food. Now, I have to put a warning on my computer not to eat or drink on ANY website!! LOL! Just thought you guys would get a kick out of it, too *grin*

You don't need to know the context:

Tyler Crowley wrapped a bow around himself, tied an oversized gift tag to his neck, and told everyone his Halloween costume was “God’s Gift to Women.”

sakixry said...

@mystify: OH MY GO! LOL!! I'm laughing so hard, I have tears in my eyes! Imagine poor little Robert hovering over you while you cough and when he tries to make CPR you grab him and ... well... you know!
Does the fanfic you have in your head has to do something with you an Rob in a train?
It's really great you did this with your other forum people! Oh yes, we would have A LOT OF FUN!

@OCD: mahahhaaaaa! Tyler Crowley with a bow!!! (this sounds familiar?? mmmhhh! mumble mumble)