Friday, May 1, 2009

Team Kristen?

So by now I hope most of you have watched Twilight with the DVD Audio Commentary featuring Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke? No surprise but the star of this is, again, Rob. He just nails it with his self-depreciating humor and quirky view on his performance (and eyebrows). But this post is titled Team Kristen for a reason. Buried in between the nuggets of Pattinson's pure comedy gold were some revelations by Kristen that have me rethinking my entire stance on her in certain, um, much criticized scenes.

1. The garage scene. They had to film it in one take and in 10 minutes due to production schedule issues. This was a pivotal moment and it was rushed. She hated how it came off but could not do another take.

2. The hospital scene. She HATED that she had to stutter and was very unhappy with her lines in that scene. As an aside, Catherine Hardwicke alludes to the "onset drama" that day which was discussed in our original post regarding this scene.

3. The bite scene. Now I didn't necessarily have a problem with this but I appreciate that she did since so many other Twilighters I know have taken issue with her during this other key moment in the film.

I have long vascillated between blaming her and blaming the director/production issues with respect to what I didn't LOVE about certain key scenes. After Kristen started giving attitude toward fans and generally subjecting us to lackluster interviews I focused my frustrations on her.

But it was in her own words that I was able to see that it was not necessarily her fault that some things weren't "right." It seems like so many problems with this movie (make-up, dialogue, continuity issues) were because of production and direction and not the actors. So as they have begun filming New Moon I will declare myself as Team Kristen in the hopes that with more money and a new director all the pivotal moments and deep emotion of New Moon will be handled with care.

Ok, who put the imperius curse on Spank? Clearly my girl is not in her right mind!

No, in reality, every time I've watched Twilight, I've been convinced that Kristen was perfectly cast as Bella. I still feel that way. I started out being pro-Kristen. And she's single-handedly changed my mind about her from the way she has been in interviews and the way she's treated the fans. She's been a sour-puss, piss-ant. I'll give her a little slack in her performance (which I liked anyway except for the hospital scene) but I'm not excusing K.Stewpid the person. I mean, just compare her attitude to the attitude of Taylor who fought to keep his role as Jacob. K. Stewpid.

*taking deep, calming breaths* Okay, okay. OBVIOUSLY she's trying to be "true to her craft" or some such bullshit so I'm going to give her a teeny tiny compliment and say I'm glad they didn't recast her. It was okay for her to be stutter-y and flat in Twilight because she was "dazzled." But she better man up and insist on however many retakes are necessary for New Moon. If she pulls off the reunion in New Moon I may consider all to be forgiven. Now, can we stop discussing boring stuff like K. Stew and discuss how H.O.T. Edward will be in Volterra?? PLEASE??

Spider, do you have anything positive to say about K. Stewpid?

Piss ant.



Ninja Fanpire said...

I've gotta agree, I really did like Kristin as Bella.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Spider Of course YOU would say that.

vampie (AKA Mrs Carlisle Cullen) said...

@Spank and rest of the league
*hides behind Spank*
umm i agree with Spank (yes i know!!)
1.Kristen is hot!
(in underwear, on a Twilight and Zathura :o) )
2. After reading/watching interviews with her she seems actually a really nice person
3. it was all Catherine Hardwickes fault

Anime said...

@ninja @vampie Ok, so I seriously thought I was going to be the first one to post, but I got beat... grr ninja!

Okay, so I seriously did put myself through watching the entire movie with the commentary on and some of the things she pointed could be forgiven from a production standpoint.

@ginger although I would like to remain anti-K.Stewpid, you gotta admit, being bombarded by thousands of screaming, raging people might make someone a little inarticulate... (ok, maybe i'm trying to make excuses for her because we DO have to see her for the next 3 movies) - Please don't hurt me :ducks:

I think maybe she was just stoned throughout most of her interviews... that could impair her speech abilities and her ability to make coherent sentences that don't degrade her fans... but again, might just be an excuse... LOL

Anime said...

And I agree with @vampie ... it was all CH's fault...

Ninja Fanpire said...

@vampire Oh thanks for reminding me that she was in Zathura! Natahka and I have recently been watching movies with Twilight cast (meaning Rob and Kristin, although we did watch an episode of House with Laurent in it!) in them almost ever time we get together! (Catch That Kid, HP4, Messengers, The Cake Eaters....). Forgot about Zathura! *Heads to*

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Anime Ninja pwns!

vampie said...

have you been watching tv shows with Twi cast in them aswell? Heroes(Kellan), 90210 obv, Criminal Minds (Jackson) etc

i have never seen House. even though Hugh Laurie is British... which episode is Edi/Laurent in? I'll search for it like i did with Criminal Minds (btw, i'm meeting him in October at a convention! got announced yesterday)

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Anime Naw, just movies. We just turned on the TV one day and just had it playing but weren't really too into it, and then Natahka says "Laurent! You can hide from Twilight---You can RUN from Twilight, but you can't hide!" (Ya, she mixed up her words!)

I don't know which episode it was, sorry.

Akilah said...


I am a forgiving person, so I can get past the fact that she killed some of my favorite scenes in the movie. I can also get that she was completely overwhelmed by the fans, and she came across as a mega-bitch in some interviews.

This time around, they have a great director, a major budget, and she has had plenty of time to adjust to stardom.

I am totally willing to forgive and forget and jump on the Team Kristen bandwagon... But if she fucks up New Moon, K.Stew is gonna have hell to pay. :)

vampie said...

that was meant for me, right?! *shaking head*

yes..go watch Zathura, watched it again a couple of weeks ago. Kristen is very Bella ish in that too :o)

are you on facebook now? under Ninja or real life name..or not at all?

is Cake eaters good? have you seen Adventureland yet? neither of these are available here yet. i really want to see Adventureland.

Ninja Fanpire said...


I saw Zathura once before....couple years ago at least, probably when it first came out.

Neither I nor Natahka like The Cake Eaters. I don't understand what the point was! Anybody else have something to add?

Have not seen Adventureland, it looked at least slightly good though.

Anime said...

@ninja i pwns! :bows down: I think you might need some sleep though hun... lol

i still say (hiding behind spank) that k.stewpid may deserve another chance. after all, we're only going to piss ourselves off with every consequent movie if we don't give her that chance =) :still ducking:

Ninja Fanpire said...


I never sleep!

Anime said...

@ninja point taken lol

beesue said...

LEAGUE? (slowly moving head side to side)

UKAY - since I am from Texas - I am going to give you the Lone Star definition of:

piss ant (noun): very small, bony insect that is annoying as hell,
very difficult to get "rid" of, tend to become very angry and disturbed when the line in which they are traveling is disrupted. Sentence usage: "These F*cking piss ants are everywhere-even in my underwear drawer! Hand over the Raid so I can zap these damn piss ants!"

@spider - unbelievable!

vampie (AKA Mrs C C.. AKA anything?! said...

@ sakixry sakixry where for art thou sakixry ??!
did you see what time i commented last night/this morning and what time i emailed you?! i stayed awake until 2am and got up at 6.30am.. all for the love of Edward the shower.. yay!

Anime said...

@beesue ROFL... @spider couldn't have said it better!

and I'm with @vampie, wherefore art thou @sakixry?

vampie said...

is just gonna sit and wait patiently for sakixry

its 10:45am!! I've been here since 7.30am.. why are you not here?

Anime said...

@vampie where r u located that it's 1045am?

vampie said...

@Anime I'm in England (and sakixry is in Greece )

Anime said...

@vampie ah makes sense lol... i knew she was in greece... always wanted to visit... england too actually - heard it was gorgeous over there =)

i'm in california, btw =D

vampie said...

@Anime i am desperate to visit Cali , SF,Santa Cruz, San Jose especially.. ok and L.A. but all my money goes towards conventions (oh and Italy holiday) at the moment! Me and a mate were planning a Big Sur roadtrip but in the end we changed our minds due to money. Maybe one day we will.I have never been to America. or Greece. England is nice, lots of history. I live in Norwich (moving to London soon..yay!). There is a castle and a cathedral which is 900 years old. which is very cool LOL. i do like my home city, its just i've lived here all my life and i wanna see different places.

vampie said...

@all especially sakixry

i know everyone seems to have a holiday day today..everyone is out having no one is here. just me, at work, all alone...

robnutmeg said...

You.are.not.alone! Just woke up it's 4:30a.m. in the good ole Seattle, USA. Can't speak for the Greek roomie of mine, tho!

Uh, are you guys kidding me?

Kstewpid behaved like a total ungrateful cussing slut before filming NEW MOON and I think Summit pulled her aside and had a COME TO JESUS meeting! Then all of a sudden - New Moon is beautiful intense you'll see a lot of Rob Pattinson -- blah blah blah!

YES! piss ant.

YES YES YES to you too.

I do concur with you about the fact that I started out loving Kstewpid AS Bella. I never had a problem with that. I got a kick out of her acting and maybe she was supposed to ACT LIKE THAT? Maybe she didn't have time..blah blah blah. But it doesn't excuse KSTEWPID the I'' shit and "the fans are fucking psychotic and thoughtless and how dare they think that Rob and I are dating...they scrutinize how I look at him and stand close to him." I have a BF and I just decided one day that I can have "lickity"
I still think about these things and yes I do hold grudges.

PLUS I listened to the commentary but supid CH kept interrupting Rob's sweet velvety voice and grrrrr it got me mad.

OK so I'll agree to this:
Kristen (not kstewpid or piss ant) is a perfect Bella.....
MAYBE just MAYBE she isn't a bad person either....Maybe she is uh nice? AND just lost her head....Maybe she truly has the hots for Rob and is confused how to feel.......AND......she has a crazy father!............
CH sux as a director and most likely started this whole psycho fiasco.......
Summit is getting on my nerves and won't allow these kids to be who they truly are....(and by now they probably don't know who they are)

I haven't seen Adventureland ONLY b/c I haven't had time. Don't think I would. Not really my cup of tea! But I did see Speak - and it was quite good.

robnutmeg said...

You are in CA, don't you sleep? Or are you already a Cullen?

I love HOUSE! Hugh Laurie is weirdly HOT! Don't ask me why! AND there's Chase!

vampie said...

@ robnutmeg

Hugh Laurie? hot? hmm. yea you are allowed to have weird crushes.. i think Nic Cage is hot. oh dear.

Chase? i have no idea who this is...enlighten me!

and why are you awake at 4.30am? do you not sleep either? LOL

Anonymous said...

League Ladies....

WTF? You want to put a halo on Kstewpid? Am I in the right blog?

We've gone from PITCHFORKS and TORCHES to HALOS????

OH puleeze don't do this! I have to hold on to my hate...change is not good for me......

I don't forgive being called psychotic EVEN though I truly am! That's my biz and not kstewpid's! I am a RABID fan but just for robward and never been for her and I don't care if she dates Hitler! (I saw someone post that once - I liked it - those two would have made a nice couple, I think!) AND equally hate CH and she's a dried up prune who wanted to grab rob's balls....UGH UGH UGH

oooh fucks NEW MOON - I like it! And she probably will!

I will say she was an ok - uh - what was her name? Oh yeah Bella. Forgot. I only seem to remember these characters:
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen
Carlisle, Jasper & Emmett Cullen
I confess I have a little thing for Charlie - just b/c he cocks (dirty minds) that gun oh so sweetly!!! *grin*

amen to you! and House is my kind of doctor. If i were one, i'd be like him!

The Lurker

robnutmeg said...

OOOh. I think I like Hugh b/c he's hotter in real life...don't know...I'm weird....ask @ocd who has never let me live my other temporary crush down *hangs head in shame*
Chase is the beautiful blonde now surgeon who isn't on every HOUSE episode - now engaged to another character (forgot her name) and they've been regulars on the show for 5-6 years. YUMMY.

But none compare to Robward. who does?

vampie said...

@ robnutmeg go on tell me.. who was your other temporary crush.. i wont laugh (much!)

if you dont tell me i'll make @ocd tell me!

so i searched on imdb .
Chase.. Dr Robert Chase.. Jesse Spencer!! O.m.f.g why do i not watch this. I didn't know Jesse was in House!! yay, i used to watch him in Neighbours 10-15 years ago. teenage crush alert! *swoon*

excluding Peter, no, no one compares to Robward :o)

Gina said...

I totally agree, Spank! After watching the commentary, I realized that all the parts that CH "loved" were exactly the scenes that I hated! She loved how the stupid hospital scene came out and loved the Greenhouse (wtf??) and all the stupid factory scenes. Leave that crap out and put more hotRob in and develop the love story more! Hell, just let me direct the damn think, I could have done a better job!

I had to really talk to myself after watching that and I realized that I couldnt blame KS for CH's directing. I guess part of it was the budget and other movie making factors I dont understand, but geez... how expensive would it be to get some dance lessons and let them twirl around at the prom for a minute and THEN slow down and do the talking-while-dancing stuff. They were supposed to be graceful and magical, not shifting lazily from one foot to the other.
AND (while I am on a griping role!) put a damn high heel shoe on her good foot! Not a freaking Converse! I sooooo remember Edward staring at her foot and saying "Remind me to thank Alice for that later." Freakin hot that he got off on that heel! He was having DIRTY thoughts about that shoe. yess!!! Horny Edward is HOT!

One more! Go sit on a freaking drift wood log on First Beach! Not walk around and watch stupid kids run screaming from a wet rope. Sit on the magical drift wood log! That thing makes lots of reappearances! AND there was one in the background! Who cares if it was freezing cold when it was shot! Man up! Or have CH postpone and shoot on another day! Geez!

Ok *deep breath* I am done. But there are tons of little, tiny, cheap things that were big in my mind (BLACK leather couch in Edwards room, not white futon! Hell that thing even appeared in WA!) that they could have done. And that wasnt KS's fault.

robin(me) said...

Good Morning League

All of you have good points...but I have to say

Not b/c I can't forgive or give KSTEWPID a chance but b/c I don't have to. Besides she doesn't really care if anyone likes her anyways so why bother?

I always said that kstewpid was a good Bella. She's very pretty and fits Bella perfectly. (there I said something NICE!) Before that I never heard of the piss ant *wink to @spider before. I saw her briefly in JUMPER w/ UHHHHHH my sweet boy Hayden BUT I never saw any other movies with her IN them. I didn't see Panic Room - I don't plan to. I hate kstewpid's hippy dad.

BUT I also hate what CH did to the integrity of Twilight and it's actors. She's so fakey and so ANNOYING that I will say that it was probably her fault that kstewpid's scenes were less than perfect. I'm already impressed with CW - well he is sorta HOT but b/c he is not "showing off" which pissed me off about CH.

New Moon will most likely be a lot better - b/c of him. He's not psychotic at least! (kudos for him)

@sakixry and ocd
where are you? are you drowning in DVD and FF again?

hey i finally agree with you for once! where's that Jane Smile?

I love ur piss ant definition! bahaahaa!


YES, Chase - Jesse Spencer - wow, he's quite the little hottie. HEAR that OCD? mahaahaa. Why @robnutmeg - I had forgotten that you are a HOUSE fan, too! Been too busy lusting over Robward to notice!

Still non Sparkly Spike - will forever be true to BTVS! The guy just reaks of sex. Can't help it. Must be natural genes.

BUT then there's our Rob. Young and already knows how to use those SEXY eyes of his. Just think what he'll be like in 5-10 years!

vampie said...

@robin(me) i still blame it all on CH and her crush on Robward. she was embarassing.

Chris is already better than her. at least Chris doesnt want to sleep with Rob (well i dont think he does!)

seriously.. sakixry..(and ocd ) where are you??!! your second bff, your non roomie (i.e vampie!!) is missing you!

sakixry said...

Well Ok... I like Kstew as Bella. I really did. I liked her more when I heard that Rob likes her and that she was one of the basic reasons he was cast. Chemistry people... chemistry! It's cracking between them and I like it very much! I don't know how she is in real life, I am really pro Taylor for his trying to stay in the movie.
If she pulls is off better in NM then I will become Team-Kristen too. (will she at last break up with the oregano man?)

@Vampie: Thank you for missing me!!! I was sleeping till 12 o clock and then I had some errands to run, had a pedicure (cause rob likes my toe nails red you know...) and then I had to read all 32 of yesterdays remaining comments... jesus...
You are good girl...see my e-mail to you! I'm telling you guys, her ff will turn you onnnnnnnn!!!!!!
Adventureland...mmmhhh...isn't Ryan Reynolds playing in that one? hmmm... such a hot hot boy... mmmhhh...
@Ninja: hey, you should add Vamp in your username! Ninja-Vamp-Fanpire!
@beesue: point taken...
@anime: here! here! i'm here! hey, you can go to endland, pick up vampie and come visit me in Greece!
@robnutmeg: i think you have to lie down a bit... who cares about how kstew acts in real life as long as she is giving me what i want? cracking, sizzling chemistry between her and robward? I am spending my money on robward, not on her.
I think Kristen has totally the HOTS for Robert! And if she hadn't already, she will eventually break... It's just like that..

Mystify Me said...

Okay gals, I will comment on Miss Kristen later.
I am too busy 'bonding' with Photo Shop at the moment...hehe


sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: lets NOT talk about your OTHER tenage crush... you are not allowed to crush on anyone they are trying to compare to Rob... no no no no no!
Robward is unique! Nobody can be compared to him...
@Gina: CH is f***ing stupid and I am happy that she isn't directing NM and also isn't close to Robward anymore... because she so definitely wanted to squeeze his... you know! ugh!
I dont know if I would have made a better job directing "Twilight" because I'd probably had Robward in every single scene... his private parts, his backside, his eyes, lips... I dont know... *sighs*
Oooh! I soooo agree with you about the heel? And WTF is it with the grey tights she is wearing underneath the dress????
Horny Edward is HOT! Horny Edward is HOT!Horny Edward is HOT!Horny Edward is HOT!Horny Edward is HOT!Horny Edward is HOT!Horny Edward is HOT!
@robin(me): i like you switzerland! and I like CW too! I like his movies! I hope he does a GOOD JOB!
I just shiver thinking of Robward in 5-10 years!! OMG!! OMG!
@vampie: I hope that Chris doesn't wants to sleep with Rob... ewwwww...
you are soooo sweet for missing me!!

sakixry said...

@mystify: i LIKE what you did there! You think hes gonna be playing James Bond one day? Noooo... I dont know about that... hmmm... noooo... he's more the silent romantic type. Although I would really like to see him playing a bad crazy guy... you know, psycho killer who kills his pray after f***ing them senseless? Or f***ing them senseless... hmmm, what a nice way to GO!
(i know i am crazy...they will soon commit me....)

sakixry said...

I mean f***ing them to death... you know what I meant, right?
Hey, is anybody WORKING today?

robnutmeg said...

well well it's about time! i'm at work but i'm taking a break ... i need a break!

Why do i have to lie down a bit? Are you getting me mixed up with robin(me)?

hey i gave kstewpid a break and i quote myself:
OK so I'll agree to this:
Kristen (not kstewpid or piss ant) is a perfect Bella.....
MAYBE just MAYBE she isn't a bad person either....Maybe she is uh nice? AND just lost her head....Maybe she truly has the hots for Rob and is confused how to feel.......AND......she has a crazy father!............

mmm. i can't help it if i see other "guys" out there. i was actually quite drunk and having neil issues even then when that OTHER guy got my eye for a nanosecond...but i don't like him i don't.

I have the hots for Spike, tho. I will never yield on that guy! sorry no can do.

But robward is the dream that keeps me on that cloud each night!

AND geez vampie wasn't the only one that missed you - but if you are going to be that way - hmpf!

I believe that kstewpid and rob are doing it like bunnies! and probably doing LICKITY things to each other....whatever.

OCD Sufferer said...

Holy freaking cow! I saw what this post was about and was like, "UGH...K.skankwart...I don't wanna talk about her!" then I saw how you guys let it all get off subject and I'm now like, "Yay!" lol.
Anyway, I stayed up until 5 am reading this stupid ff I am stuck on, nothing new there, but when I woke up at 9 I couldn't keep my eyes opened and went back to sleep! DAGGONE IT! I have to work today and I planned on printing up more WA to take with me, so now I am behind!

On to the subject at hand...
Where do I begin?
I used to like Kristen. I liked her in the Messengers and a few others. I was never a fan of her as Bella (after watching it, that is). I thought she did a poor job. Bella was a very selfless, nice person. Kristen was too dark. I know a lot of it was CH, but still, I just didn't like it. I didn't like how she acted scared of Edward!! COME ON! That was a key thing in the book! SHE WAS NEVER SCARED!!! Yeah, she "says" she isn't scared in the movie, but she ACTS scared...ugh!
As for the commentary...I hate it and love it. I love to hear Rob, but I HATE THAT FREAKING CH KEEPS INTERRUPTING HIM!! SHUT THE F*** UP!! LET HIS SEXY VOICE BE HEARD!!!!! DANG IT!!!
I hated everything about CH. I hated the greenhouse..the whole field trip for that matter, stupid, stupid. I hated the boat scene...though the moment of eye candy was good--the first time--...they totally screwed up the meadow scene! The whole revelation scene is one of my favorites, but yeah, totally screwed it up. THE PROM!?!? Whatever! Alice was supposed to dress her not "loan her the dress" yes, she needed the heal!! It was supposed to be a surprise!! I could go on and on, but I won't cause it has all been said before.
I <3 Rob, not K.Skankwart
I <3 Rob, not CH
I <3 Rob, not Summit
I <3 Rob, I <3 Rob

Spank Ransom said...

@ Gina and @OCD Sufferer: I love what you guys had to say about CH's misdirection.

@Mystify Me - Great photoshopping. "Cullen. Edward Cullen." ;)

robin(me) said...

YEAH YEAH Amen Amen! I frickin hate CH & I'm just sick of kstewpid. She's just a spoiled rich little girl. I don't care either way about her - just act like Bella and don't f*** mess up the movie! AND I love ur style.
Thank you!!!

You know we robgirls love you, right? so right now i have to tell ya something: you didn't mean to hurt robnutmeg, did u? coz she's in tears here. mumbling something like, she got on my case and told me to lie down a bit and that i can't have crushes, hmmm. and then she just cares that vampie missed her and i missed her too.....but she doesn't care about me anymore.....wahwahwah! DRAMA!
pssst, sakixry: she's sensitive and missing neil or maybe that 2 carat rock! i don't know. kid gloves kid gloves. (hey what does kid gloves mean anyways?)
(shaking head at the world of Summitt who is going to drive us all insane by the time this is all said and done)

Anonymous said...

UH people?

to those of you who are getting on robnutmeg's case....and you know who you are...


SHE also mentioned CH and has always said how much she hates that robball chasing bitch!

I totally feel bad for her robin(me) so please my deepest heart felt - WAIT a minute. I don't have a heart....gave it up a long time ago to robward.

Tell her to call me and we'll set up a date to do the LICKITY on her Robposter together and drink a keg of VR! That will help ease the pain!


robnutmeg said...

@spank & mystify me
I have just the ROBGIRLS (bondgirls) for the Cullen, Edward Cullen - all hot and sexy .... uh romantic scenes....mmmm......i need a drink!

are u kidding me? never can tell with you!

i'm ok - really. Some people just over-dramatize things - I HAD SOMETHING IN MY EYE, *sheesh* ....i feel like i'm an ant under one of those large magnifying glasses....go away, i'm ok! (i do miss that rock, tho - HUGE GRIN!)
Sakixry, one question, tho. do you think that horny edward is hot??? just asking. *smirk*

bless u my horny ff addicted friend! CH couldn't get Stephen King in bed even if he was blind folded!!!! mahaaahaaaa

i love ya girl, but go get a double martini, will ya?

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: there she goes again with her jealousy... tsk tsk tsk... You know I love you and you know I miss you too!
I thought you should lie down because it was 4.30 in the morning and you read Kstewpid and it got you started! It must have been one of the longest comments of yours!
Spike is completely different! First of all he is hot! Second he is OLDER than Rob and third they are not comparing Rob to him. So you can continue worshiping him.
If they are doing it like bunnies... I'm soooooo jealous of Kstew... *sighs*

@ocd: ok, first a lot of hate and in the end a lot of <3... LOL! Crazy OCD!


I have a question for you all! Whats your sign? Yeah, I know... totally out of topic but I would like to see why robnutmeg is sooo touchy today and robin(me) sooo defensive of her... *sighs, pouts, frowns*

@Lurker: hands away from MY roomie! capiche? she is MY roomie! *sticking out tongue*

@robnutmeg(again, cause shes one of my fav's): yes, i think that horny rob is hot. i think that rob is hot in general, in whatever state of mind he is, conscious or not, sleeping, eating, walking.. all rob all hot!

Mystify Me said...

Oh for Rob's sake!! I just posted something lengthy and it disappeared and blew up!
And now...I have to go back to work...hmmph...ttyl

robnutmeg said...

you don't have to convince me you love me....i love ya too! @robin(me) - you are just psycho today! i told you to GET A DRINK! (attorneys are just too touchy) I feel like everyone i know is waiting for me to go emo-explosho or something. annoying. (kisses to everyone, tho - except lurker who just creeps me out)
i'm not upset! i'm fine! but i do miss ya roomie.
will you come over before LURKER does? geez she's scaring me!!! capiche? WTF?

I'll just take NAKED Rob...period.

@mystify me
*hateful eyes to your computer!* was it more pictures? *intense evil and hateful eyes to your computer*
i repel technology but at least I shave my armpits!!!!!

sakixry said...

watching becoming edward while eating an icecream...

Mystify Me said...

@Robnutmeg...Actually I was posting just that, that CH is a Birkenstock wearing weasel who probably doesn't shave her armpits!!!! Bwaaa.
I also said that both Kris or Bells do nothing for me.
I feel they are one dimensional, wooden and whiny.
But both Edward and Rob are smitten, so I guess I'll put up with her...for now.

[IMG][/IMG] said...

Oh dear God

Holy Crap.

Now this is why I find myself drinking a bottle of chardonay before it's even noon!

I don't like thinking about all the mistakes and blunders of Twilight. B/C It still melted my heart, and my OTHER parts the minute Rob showed up. He was so f**** good that everyone else, including kstewpid didn't matter. I do LOVE the prom scene but was disappointed that they didn't follow the book!

I don't care about kstewpid as a person....I would like to see Rob with someone he truly loves. Maybe he doesn't feel like that for her anymore....I'll tell you - I think she hurt him last March with all her comments about their relationship. He's more confident now and KNOWS he has a HUGE HUGE fanbase. If they do get together it will be b/c they want to - frankly I don't think it'll happen.

Naked Rob naked Rob

YOU constantly crack me up! I agree with everything you said. but I don't think @sakixry said anything to hurt or offend you! AND I know you guys are close so it's sweet you defend each other. That's cool. I think @robnutmeg needs a break - a real break! I love ya robnutmeg! take it easy and we love you here!

OH my! You are the queen today! Thank you for saying the things I want to say!

sakixry s favourite said...

LOL i just got home from work, and while my computer was starting up i thought i'll just watch 'becoming edward' .. then i check my email.. then i check the comments here ROTFL

and you definitely have been reading too much smutty fanfiction :op

(i'll reply to your email once i've eaten some dinner)

Anonymous said...

@sakixry s favorite
yeah yeah yeah i know who u are! whatev

haleygolightly said...

I think this is a much-needed post.

I think that, in spite of everything, we need to stick by our heroine and support her. In all fairness, I have felt from the beginning that the Bella that was written for the screen is a mere skeleton of the Bella we know so well from the novel.

And we must give her credit for not being a product of the media. She is no Disney kid giving cookie-cutter answers. She seems uncomfortable with all the attention, which- by the way, is exactly how Bella would be taking it.

sakixry said...

@roomie: if i could, i would be there in a second! really! i can stay online with you though if you want to avoid the lurker...

@oh: thank you my dearest oh!! you are such a great gal!! *wink*

@sakixrys favorite: LOL! I like how you keep changing your names!!! hey roomie... don't get offended again, ok? shes my favorite ff writer!
cant wait for the answerrrrrrrrr...

who is this anonymous? lurker? is that you?

@haley: you are absolutely right! the screen bella is not even 10% of the book bella like edward too. i hate this melissa screenwriter... pffff...

robin(me) said...

oh you! now i rethink what i was feeling! oh geez. ur right, tho. our beloved bella deserves better.

i didn't mean to get all defensive. i feel better now that i had a drinkie poo! rob naked naked rob. ur the best!!!!

@mystify me
keep those pics coming!

u r creepy, i have a bad feeling about u

gotta go back to court now oh goodie

robnutmeg said...

Gotta go back to court too. Geez judges are cranky on fridays...

@sakixry ---- NOPE I'm not offended....I like vampie, too!!!! (or whoever you are today)

ur a home wrecker (glares)

UH come on do i have to like kstewpid? i don't want to!

you are right! i love ya too! give me a break and ONE HOUR with a naked rob! who wants to share?

sakixry said...

@robin: it's ok! i like that you love robnutmeg so much! and you're an attorney. you have to practice you know! *wink*

@robnutmeg: hell, give me 15 minutes with rob naked! (he for sure is going to want more...)

Mystify Me said...

You are right.Even though Kristen wouldn't have been my initial choice, I can't really picture anyone else now.

Mystify Me said...

See you tonight I hope.
I'll leave you with this thought...

Erin said...

I personally don't care much for CH (she seems like the creepy person who still wants to be young/'hip') & I am hoping that they do better with New Moon.

I didn't like the continuity issue or the hospital scene (gag) but I can't imagine a different Bella.

I think it's all CH's fault. :)

Team Kristen!! (Geez, I'm being nice today!)

~Jamie said...

Okay, ya know what... at first I was very against this girl for saying all the wrong things and all that... and then I realized she wasn't even an adult when she filmed this movie. She's younger than Zac Effron for crying out loud... So... she's probably going to make a mistake or two...

Mystify Me said...

Okay let's change the topic.
Does Rob have other hidden talents????
Can you do this with your hand????O.M.G...............................................................


beesue said...

I am having a VERY DIFFICULT time with this subject today!!! but I must comment - again!

@gina - Heel - loved that. In the audio - Rob said he thought Bella had turned into a "biker chick" when he saw her. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Luv Rob.

@OCD - Yeah - what you said! I <3 ROB - I <3 ROB!!

@robnutmeg - you are backpaddling - I KNOW IN MY <3 that you REALLY don't like KSTEWPID!!

@robin(me) - You are right - Kstewpid doesn't care but you know - she is the lead in a mega/million dollar fanchise that is going to make her VERY RICH! Fans are very Fickle and I would not spend one cent of my hard earned money to see her in anything else. Was That Harsh! Sorry Robin - didn't mean to take it out on you! LUV U!

@lurker - Can't seem to remember that girls name either??? Oh yeah,
PISS ANT! And Charlie can "cock" his ... whatever.... for me anytime.

@sakixty - HOT HORNY EDWARD! HOT HORNY EDWARD! You got it right sista! Hope we get to see some of that in NM - NO SHIRT - In front of the Volturi! Note to self: take a towel to sit on in the theater!

beesue said...

@Mystify - Luv that handporn! He really has LOOONNGGG Fingers! Wonder is he has anything else that is LOOONNNGGG! THUD.I.Died

BackAtCHA: This is from Haunted Airman - He is Kissing!!!! She is dying! Control+ makes it bigger.

btw - this is soooo much better than wasting our time on piss ant!

robnutmeg said...

us robgirls have decided that kstewpid is first and foremost and will always be a PISS ANT. we're sorry we tried but can't. ur right we don't like her. she called us names, that dirty frickin who? uh? what do you mean?


Oooooohhh NO shirt, YES YES and a towel? you know, beesue you've become a real dirty girl lately....we really like you! *dizzy spell - and splat*

We are all here to lovey the robey! so basically the rest doesn't matter.

Love ya girls. ALL of you! Not sure about you, Lurker but we loves the Charlie and the gun cocking! MMMM. He needs some loving, we think

We're blogging together b/c we are being harassed by the JUDGE and I'm supposed to be on my laptop WORKING and depositioning crap - this is so bloody boring today - so i'm illegal. and I love it. robin's winking at me - oh winking at YOU guys.

- robgirls

robnutmeg said...

Oh and one more thing...still recovering from the Jesus Rob vid! OMG! *heart pumping*

@mystify me
damnit...can't see ur pictures! stupid computer! i'll see it when i get home. talk l8r?

OCD Sufferer said...

WOOHOO! Work will be fun now! I printed off all of WA!! Well, except the last few chapters...and that is because Mr. OCD came in and saw the TONS of papers printed and asked what I printed and I pulled a K.Stewpid on him...and it didn't go over well...that made him more I had to lie like a freaking dog and it wasn't convincing....I know he hasn't dropped the subject, lol. If they didn't have the names Bella and Edward I wouldn't have had to lie,'s not like he would ever read it and know it had smut in it, lol. I will print the other chapters tomorrow while he is sleeping, lol.
Anyway, Sorry I can't chat anymore it is that time. Hope y'all have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

League, Thanks for this blog. I love love you guys. I would say I lurk but I guess that title has been taken?

You guys have so much fun together debating - it's quite hilarious to someone like me just observing!

I can't name just one person who totally cracks me up b/c YOU ALL DO...I'm not going down that favorite route -- uh no way not me....*sheepish grin*
but i can't resist - the
emo-explosho comment by @uh rob somebody - I guess there's two robs? well robwhoever - that made my tummy hurt!!

Other points:
I'll cock his cock anytime and anyplace...I was thinking Rob.

I think CW is hot and if he has the hots for rp he better get in a huge f**** line! AND wait his turn!

CH: boo glad she's gone!

I don't like kstewpid but i do like her as bella! rob can do NO NO NO wrong - that's hard for her to live up to that! but i would have loved someone else to get that part but too late now, like someone else said!

LOVE LOVE all the shared pictures and vids! they are great! *died a long time ago and came back from the dead*!!!!!!

OH and I'm bringing a pitchfork for the charge!

sakixry said...

@jamie: you got a point there but consider that taylor is still underage and he is not acting like that... it's not like kristen took all the hit. if there is one person who is allowed to act like totally freaked out, it's rob. people is acting like crazy stupid around him. and he is still humble and self-deprecating. anyways, i like her as Bella and i already said that i dont care what she's doing in her personal life. when it cant be me in that movie, she can play that part ;o))

sakixry said...

@mystify: yes i can... but its hurting me... what are you thinking of???

@beesue: BAHAHAHAAA! Good thinking! I hope there WILL be a half naked scene of Robward in NM though.. I'll even wear an Always if that happens... LOL
shame on you beesue...tsk tsk tsk... pssst, we all hope he is looong but well..we'll never find out except he gets together with Paris Hilton maybe! Hey! That's not a TOO BAD idea?! Maybe we could make them get together and convince her to make another home video and distribute it in the internet! What do you think??

@robgirls: winking back at you!

@ocd: LOL Love you! I think I will change the names in WA to Robert (for sure) and I will think of the other ones... any suggestions??

@Ano: Hey, stop lurking (like some other know who you are) and get a proper identity like "Like2cockurcock"! LOL

kt said...

ummm so i didnt read all 70 comments, because thats alot, but my two cents. i think catherine hardwick did a shitty job directing and i even think there were problems with the script. i mean watching the commentary, half the stuff she pointed out i was just like "ummm ok. and?". i dont think she was the right person for that job. the last people im gonna be blaming for twilights shittyness (come on there is alot of crappyness floating around in it. i literally laughed my ass off the first time i watched it was so bad) is the actors.

ive seen lots of other kstew movies and even watched robs other movies and i think they are both much better actors than twilight allowed them to be. rob is waaay better than kristen however. kstew does have attitude, but i think its more of a facade to cover up her insecurities and embarressment about being in the limelight. i dont think she wants to be crazy famous, she just wants to act and i dont think she thought that twilight was gonna blow up like it did at all.

that said, i have very very high hopes for new moon and chris weitz.

Christy said...

Well, I have to agree. I've never NOT been on Team Kristen. When I saw the movie in the theater for the first time, I left saying that the direction/production really didn't do a good job because i thought they basically had good actors.

Christy said...

I do have to wonder, though, what does it mean exactly that she was being a PITA that day onset?

vampie said...

i reiterate my first comment.
ALL CATHERINE HARDWICKES FAULT. the actors only did what she asked them to do.

@sakixry you have an email in your inbox..

sakixry said...

@christy: what is a PITA?

You know, the word PITA means PIE in Greek. We also use it when somebody is very drunk or very high! That would somehow suit here... :)

Ginger Swan said...

Ok... first item of business... @Mystify Me... don't you be hatin' on Birkenstocks. I am a very proud wearer of Birkenstocks and my feet look HAWT in them. Glad we got that out of the way.

@Haley, you've got a good point. (as much as I'd hate to admit it)

Ok, lots of you are slamming CH. Let me set the record straight and say that she does NOT wear birkenstocks and she DOES shave her armpits. I know this from the two times I met her and Mr. Ginger saw her every day, even going to lunch with her a few times when he was working on Twilight. He will confirm that she is much too flamboyant to wear birks. She likes to wear brightly colored shiny shoes. She was very nice to me and she simply ADORED Mr. Ginger. However, personality aside, Mr. Ginger found it incredibly difficult to work with her because she could not stay focused and they often had to play back clips for her multiple times because she would zone out. Also, the inside word was that K.Stewpid HATED CH, because K.Stewpid is a "serious actress" and CH can never stay focused on one thing. I think a new director for New Moon is a good thing and I have high hopes for CW. Now we just need to replace Miss Rosenberg.

robnutmeg said...

Please become UN anon... b/c anyone who compliments ME needs to have a name.....*smirk*
i'm emo-explosho! which i just made up on the spot. which i felt was totally off the wall and stupid. so thanks!

LOVE you and I love what you said about the "cock his cock...."

winking away - at you and b/c there's something in my eye! *xoxoxox*

ditto to sakixry asked....pita????

oooh you rock girl. director was crap, script wasn't that great either. i will say again, kstewpid was ok as bella but she just comes across annoying as hell. maybe it was you said -- embarassed, inexperienced but i think it's just plain arrogance. Rob is completely different and always has been! Gracious, grateful and humble!

Think about this girls: when has any one OTHER than skank niki talked highly of kstewpid that's on the cast? REALLY? like they love being with her and working with her? NEED I SAY MORE? Rob has a crush on her but love is blind!

I love their chemistry together and they do have it. Let's just pray they have it in NEW MOON!

I'm so looking forward to it!

sakixry said...

@ginger: I LOVE YOUR Birkenstocks! ;o))
I hate you because you had a Robdream! Will you share???? Hmmm???

Pick me at Melissa's place! I would write a FANTASTIC scenario for you together with Vampie! It would FOR SURE NOT BE PG-13! It would be more like ... PG-prudes shouldn't watch this! HA HA HA!

So... Vampie? What do you think? Should we ask the good people in here if they have any idea about you know what?

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: wink back at you! :) and as Spank explained, PITA means Pain In The Ass! But you can use the Greek definition of "totally wasted" too because it suits here.

Irene said...

Ok so I’ve never been on Team KStew, but out of all the scenes she had in Twilight, I have to say that the one & only time I really felt that she truly “got it”, actually looked like she understood Bella’s love and need for Edward, was alllll the way at the end of the movie. The scene in the gazebo, when Edwards asks her ‘is that what you dream about? becoming a monster…’ and she replies ‘I dream about being with you…forever’. Look at her face, the crease between her brows, she looks pained, like if she can’t be with him like she’ll die. Add to that scene Iron & Wine’s Flightless Bird American Mouth (can someone explain that title already?) playing in the background and it truly is KStews ‘Ahha’ moment. In my opinion anyway 

robin(me) said...

I don't have a problem with birkenstocks now that i know what they are....they just kept falling off my feet. I have Bella-coordination sometimes.

@sakixry & vampie
what? uh? is it...? ready? FF really? COME ON I need it bad! please? just a little smidgen?
btw: I had a robdream too - called wetward - nice, water going down the chest, the mmmm LONG & HARD (winking @OCD) place...OH so nice! I'll never forget it.....

please become a real person! it's easy we all do it!

Ginger Swan said...

@Irene, you're right, that was totally an awesome part of the movie and one of my favorite scenes.

@sakixry, thank you for loving my birkenstocks! :)

Ok, the Rob dream wasn't as steamy as I would've liked. I had won a contest to do a photoshoot with Rob. Except it was a photoshoot for Hustler magazine. LOL So they kept putting us in all these strange and intimate positions for the photo shoot and Rob was kinda embarrassed and awkward but very nice and kind and exactly the way I imagine he'd be in that situation. So it was better than nothing, but no where as steamy as Robin(me)'s Rob shower dream. ;)

sakixry said...

Soooo! League and all you h...ungry girls!

The fanfiction is ALMOST ready! We just need your help and if you give it quickly, you will have your ff also quicker...

What could a woman (apart Bella) be doing in Edwards room (lets say he has momentarily forgot about Bella... amnesia?) waiting for him to take a shower? Why would he invite her to his room and after into the shower too? We are really out of ideas here... You must help if you want your ff... I'm telling you, Vampie has written a gooood story but we need that little detail to make it complete!

sakixry said...

@ginger: Oh my... well... next time you are having a Robward dream for Hustler magazine, you can tell him that you feel a little hot today and that you think you should strip down to your panties and maybe release him from all his clothes too? it could become interesting after that...
@robin(me): oh come on! not again! dont tell me you SAW that LONG and HARD part of him too?

Ginger Swan said...

@sakixry, how about Tanya? Maybe she surprises Edward in his room since we all know she has the hots for him.

Ginger Swan said...

@sakixry, we WERE stripped down. It was a photoshoot for Hustler magazine, after all. Admittedly I've never read it, but I HEAR they're not a big fan of people being clothed in photoshoots.

sakixry said...

@ginger: noooooo! Tanya has NO PLACE in OUR Robward shower fanfiction!! It's not a specific woman... it could be anyone of us you know... we just need a reason for her being there and him being so eager for her...

You were stripped down doing what??? Posing? tsk tsk tsk... you're a filthy little ... you saw the long and hard thingy too? i'm so jealous right now...

Spank Ransom said...

@ KT - I like EVERYTHING you said.

I cannot remember who said the comment about birks but guilty as charged. I do shave under my armpits, though. :)

@ Anonymous -- glad you're here. Lots of great stuff.

The Lurker. We know who you are. ;)

Big hugs to everyone who makes me laugh out loud ALL day long.

vampie said...

ooh it's getting exciting now isn't it LOL

sakixry said...

@vampie: yes it is!!! i dont know whats happening but nobody seems to be interested in your (our?) fanfiction... no suggestions, nothing... pfffff.... *sheepish look*
I think we should just keep it for ourselves... when nobody is interested...

-jocose- said...

watched adventureland last night with the twigirls...must admit that we CRACKED up during one of the scenes because kstew did the same sputtering...the rest of the audience probably hated us...

that said, she is quite a beautiful girl and as much as we have tried, we really cant think of a BETTER bella. there are girls that may work...but in the comes back to kstew...

and i agree with many of was all CH's fault...bring on CW! =)

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Hello Ladies
Wow too many comments - can't read them all.

So if I repeat anyone, my apologies.

I think kstewpid did a good job as Bella and she's quite pretty. I hated CH b/c sources say that she held the actors back. I loved the kissing scene (yeah yeah I know everyone probably did) and you can't deny that there's chemistry between the two of them. Has she made mistakes? YES. and it bugged me that she kept putting everyone down but I think she's learned her lesson now. I hope she breaks up with that oregano guy and finds someone better. If it isn't Rob - maybe it'll be someone else!

Just don't hurt me now, ok?

vampie said...

wheres everyone gone? hmm

@all here it is... !!!

please leave reviews on the website and on here. :op

robnutmeg said...

Hey Hey
UMMM. @sakixry & vampie
OOOOHHHH goodie the FF???? *jumping up and down and up and down* You didn't give me a chance to write in. *pouting* Well I'll just read it then.. Of course you do know that the girl would have been your's truly, right?

I absolutely adore the prom scene and that song...."And you're ready right now? ..... Is it not enough just to have a long and happy life with me?" *sigh* - now my heart is all melty and mushy again!

Long & happy life....pffff....Too bad the guy dumps her 3 months or so later. *shakes head* mahahaa

see i'm no longer all emo-explosho! Burgundy does wonders - especially a whole bottle! *giggles*

robnutmeg said...

woa...lika lika! ok lova lova.. had to take a shower myself. had to take another one b/c well never got into the shower just kinda froze and forgot where I was, who I was....just me and Edward.....
Hey haven't you written others? I thought I recognized your author name! WELL hubba hubba and! more, please!

Where are you? You got to read vampie's FF!!!

Mystify Me said...

@Ginger A thousand apologies re: your footgear.I am most sure they look hawt for sure.
You should see my shoes of choice.
I admit, I'm a shoe freak to the 'n'th degree.
A prezzie pour vous.

Mystify Me said...

Lather up...giddy a whole new meaning to 'saop on a rope'!! Woo-hoo Vampie!!! ;)

Mysify Me said...

oops that would be 'soap' a little excited...hehe

Mystify Me said...

From a friend of mine...

vampie said...

hmm i have 31 visitors to my story so far. 1 is from Greece. i wonder who that could be..

thanks Sakixry for all your help with this!*hugs*
and thanks for the review :o)

@all sorry you had to wait so long. hope it was worth the wait :op

and read all my other stories too!

its 3.15am so i'm off to bed.
(i'm going to be out most of the day tommorrow, if you wonder where i am)

robnutmeg said...

@mystify me
That was hilarious! I think I cracked a rib or something! owwww. Thanks for sharing that! I love his sexy face! I love when he bites his lower lip. awww so cute!

SOAP on a ROPE! mahaahaa. Who needs the soap or the rope for that matter? mahaahaa!

Ginger Swan said...

@mystify me, apology accepted! :) Thanks for the Rob pic. I'll add it to our Robapalooza!

OCD Sufferer said...

Holy Twinuts Batman! I left to go to work and come home to FIFTY THREE FREAKING MESSAGES FROM YOU CRAZY LADIES!!
Too late to post tonight, so I will cya tomorrow ;)

Mystify me said...

Sorry gals I was over at my other Forum talkin to actual BLOG cool would that
be with Rob. I couldn't keep up ...Rob would be wildfire

Mystify Me said...


sakixry said...

i am soooo happy you liked vampies story!!!
now, do you have any suggestions for what else you would like her to write???

Shana said... much as I hate to do it, I do have to say I can't see another Bella. She is a good Bella.

I will never go so far to say I like her though. Kristen in real life is an ass. My thoughts probably will never change on that. far as her as an actress...she's okay. I liked her in Panic Room. For the most part, she was good in Twilight.

Okay...someone get me a drink...that took a lot out of me LOL

imbeingheldhostage said...

I love your take, Spider

Christy said...

PITA=pain in the ass