Saturday, May 2, 2009

The "Jen" Factor

So, how long do you think it will be before Jennifer Aniston is linked with Robert Pattinson? Music, older woman, etc, etc,..... I can totally see it in the headlines. At least for a brief stint.

If Jennifer Aniston hooks up with Rob Pattinson it will be a big win for cougars everywhere!

Oooh, but really? Jennifer Aniston? Because that whole John Mayer thing brought her down in my estimation. I'm not sure if I'd be okay with Rob Pattinson hittin' that after her obvious poor choices. (Sorry Jen! But it's true...)

She gains points for her Vince Vaughn hook-up. Humor goes a long way in my little black book.

True, but didn't he treat her like nothing more than an F-buddy and moving on as soon as that nasty little "commitment" word start popping up? (And, BTW, how did this turn into a rant against Jen? I think I'm incapable of being nice to anyone who MIGHT EVER SOMEDAY EVEN hook up with Rob. Damn irrational jealousy over someone I'll never meet. *grumbling*)

Um, HELLO... a very average looking Jennifer Aniston snagged herself Brad Pitt. (at least for a few years) If she can snag him, she can snag Rob. Then Jen and Rob can double date with Demi and Ashton.

You think she's average looking - whoa, I must look like a cockroach to you! ;)

Spider, Spider -- Jen is average looking when compared TO The League. Come on, girl -- look at your avatar.. you're so hot you'd make Edward Cullen's cold, marble skin as hot as Wolf-boy's.

Spank's right. Jennifer Aniston has NOTHING on you, my dear.



Ninja Fanpire said...

Still Team Jasper/Jackson!

Everybody else can have Rob!

Total Fanpires said...

Weird, i was just looking up youtube videos of 'Friends'...

robin(me) said...

Forget Jen
Let's get a pic of Rob that has that type of view!!!

Oh and btw:
Jen would be perfect for Rob (oh stop that *gasping*) I never thought of her before!Brad Pitt lost so many points with me with the whole Brangalina thing - I still snarl at him! I don't think Jen would hurt Rob like she's been hurt!

Of course if I'm going by the LEAGUE'S avatars and my own self portrait - Jen is definitely average compared to the LEAGUE!

OCD Sufferer said...

Brad and Angelina are on the outs right now, maybe she is planning on sinking her claws in him.....ewww. I <3 Angelina as an actress, but she sux as a human being in a relationship!
Jen? hmm...not sure how I feel about that. Then again, I have a hard time thinking of anyone *cough* besides me *cough* who is I would be comfortable with Rob dating, lol!!!
Wow, I need to think "long and hard" on that we go again with the morning perv phrases, that is what I get for reading the new Dominant chapter and then going to bed.....sigh...wait, what am I talking about, I don't read that stuff....that wasn't me....what were we talking about?

robin(me) said...

I KNOW what you mean about not thinking about being the only one with ROBWARD after FF or even after just staring at his pictures...(In Theory! - of course, I don't really do that - no really I don't...) OK OK - some one will call me out on this I just know I'll admit that I read Honeymoon and Black Lace last night/all night and geez if MY honeymoon was like that - *violently shaking head*
HOLY F**** Cow! I keep thinking me & Mr. Robin have new options for the OPERA, now! AND I need to get Mr. Robin turned into a vamp like RIGHT now! *shivering*
It's very difficult to get back to reality when you are in FF, isn't it?
I don't know about Angelina - she just seems like the "LOVE em have a few hundred kids with em and LEAVE em type" to me. But I wouldn't put it past her to set her sights on Rob. OH COME ON who hasn't put their SIGHTS on Rob???

Just saying that I agree, with the League that Jen might be someone that would be a nice SNACK for Rob...You know until he comes to me for the Meal & dessert! (I'll share b/c I learned to share here) *WINKING at all of twirobhards* OR should I say robhards...?

robin(me) said...

I knew I should have proofed that thing....I mean: I know what you mean about THINKING... Not ... not thinking...*rolls eyes* I think I need my second cup of coffee! said...

Oh what a beautiful morning Oh what a beautiful day.. ♫♫♫♫ S.T.O.P.!!!! 
WTF? Hey, what gives, League? There's a butt naked picture of Jennifer Aniston where Rob's picture oughta be?
*winks @robin(me)*

Uh, @Mr. Ginger -- I can just imagine that faint evil little *oh yeah* grin on your face right about now while you expertly and without a doubt professional UH worked your photoshop skills.........don't deny it! Oh wait.....Mr. Ginger's name is not on the picture, LEAGUE???

Explain? (if u can)

OH and now that I'm talking to you, Mr. Ginger: "Do you think Billy's stink eye would've been as effective if he had driven by in his wheelchair?" To answer ur question: Who's Billy? mahaahaahaahaaahaa! Don't answer that! just rattling ur "male" cage. Yes, he was a force to reckon with even! And probably more so in that wheelchair!

Back to topic - ugh - ANYONE other than ME for Rob is totally not in my realm of imagination which frankly revolves around Rob 24/7...which leaves nothing much else to think about!

Team Jasper doesn't have issues like this. Someday I'd like to discuss that with you....

I would never ever call you on anything...*sheepish grin*! I ♥ u! I agree with you, tho. Angelina - *giggles galore* - (like Octomom going for Rob......) I'm sure he and his UH wiggly little sperm friends have better things to do (like be with OH) than to be with her! Jen? Not sure about her. She is definittely AVERAGE looking compared to the League!

You continue to amaze me - if they could bottle ur - uh - FF and Rob "enthusiasm" - and somehow create fuel - we'd be able to travel to Mars on a daily basis....just saying.....I ♥ u, too!

"I'm incapable of being nice to anyone who MIGHT EVER SOMEDAY EVEN hook up with Rob." Thank you! You said it all!

oh where oh where can the robnutmeg be -- OH where OH where did she go????

kt said...

ugh. im not one that cares much about who celebs date, but dear god if he dates jennifer aniston for longer than it takes to get off a few times ill have to question my seat on the rob train. for real. i pretty much loathe aniston, its pretty irrational i realize, but i do.

im pretty sure we dont have to worry about this anyways because rpattz has better taste than that... as made obvious by the nights he spends in my bed. ;) haha.

sakixry said...

Jen? What the f***? Why should he date Jen when he can date US? I mean check out the League pictures Rob and then I can send you some of mine if you like. Who is this Jen person anyway... pffff...

I dont know what you do but I can dream away with my Wetward -wet- shower dream since Vampie finished with her ff and uploaded it. League, have you even read it? No comment here? Nothing? Tsk tsk tsk... first you make her write it and then not even a word? Tsk tsk tsk... shame on you.

Where are you oh my roomie? I dont think you work on a Saturday, are you? Huh robin(me)? Is she?

robin(me) said...

I still think if Rob wants a little snack he can go for the Jen but he'll need to come to US (winking @sakixry) for the meal & dessert!

OMG,! Rob's wiggly little sperm friends? *owwweeee, head just hit the floor - concussion, coma, death!*

Oh my bff's roomie2be....I have no idea where my bff is....she's not texting me back! I got about 20 minutes of sleep last night reading my ff and MISSED hearing about vampie's FF? It's ready? WTF? What? Uh? How? How did I miss it? wait, I didn't twihead last night - did she download? I couldn't read all those comments last night -- just too busy with my "Honeymoon" ff....Does robnutmeg know? ARRRGGGG.
I beg you, tell meeeeeee!
AND no I barely WORK Mon-Fri! *mahaahaaa*

sakixry said...

@robin(me): yes, yes! vampie as uploaded and robnutmeg and mystify me read it already! how did you all missed that??? hmmm...

Here is the link:

Title: "Lathering up" *wink* woohooo!!!

robin(me) said...

Thanks a heaping bunches for the link....In the words of the Terminator..."I'll be back"......

Mystify Me said...

Maybe she will be his love interest in Remember I don't really wat to watch that.
But watching THIS was oh so wonderful!

Mystify Me said...

Ack I need spell glasses...yup that's it!

robin(me) said...

@sakixry, vampie
OMG! This is my review: While reading "Lathering up" I found myself moving closer and closer to the edge of my computer chair in which the wheels of said computer chair decided to roll backwards and unceremoniously DUMP said robin(me) on her perky little which Mr. Robin has to be a witness to as he chuckles at me while coming out of the SHOWER with a short little towel wrapped around his dripping wet and sexy body to which I had NO OTHER CHOICE but to grab said towel and fling it across the room and lead said Mr. Robin BACK INTO the shower. Because DAMN!

Now how's that for a review, huh? HUH??? And the thing is that it's true. All nice and squeeky clean and boy Mr. Robin is really squeeky clean too! AND furthermore I'm gonna kill robnutmeg for not telling me about this sooner!!!! *smirk*

@mystify me
I'm either a computer idiot (wait, don't answer that) or there's an evil force that keeps me from opening up all your little links-20wholesome-Rob-goodness lately! It's just so infuriating! All I do is copy & paste and get NADA so then I type and still NaF***ingDA!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): LOL LOL LOL LOL
I'm laughing so hard, my eyes have tears now! I can only imagine Mr.R's face while you attacked him!
Kudos to Vampie!!!! You are GOOD girl!

robin(me) said...

Well he said exactly 5 words the whole time...count them with me: OH>MY>SWEET>LORD>IN>HEAVEN!
(yep that's the 5!)
AND I think he's still recovering while reading the daily news and drinking his coffee (and I swear I didn't dress him today but he's wearing this shirt I think he stole from robward's closet and black jeans)! I'm gonna die! I just know it! say goodbye to robin(me) my family's trying to kill me!

MORE than KUDOS to vampie!!! *wink*
Oh so ~
getting back to Jen - since I feel the need to stay on - uh hem - topic today - otherwise I may not ever get anything else done! *holy crap*

wtf are you? don't make me come over there! (@sakixy - maybe she hasn't recovered from the "Lathering") *worried frown now*

sakixry said...

@robin(me): i think you should go shower again - together with Mr.R of course cause alone its no fun!
You think robnutmeg drowned in the shower while playing out Wetward fantasy? Uh oh... maybe you should go check on her!

Mystify Me said...

@robin(me) :( Sorry I am too a computer dunce, so I don't know how to help you unless someone views, saves and emails them to you?

robin(me) said...

that was 6 words hubby said...maybe he didn't say anything at all. Maybe that was Rob? ....oh geez I can't even count now! I'm going back to bed....uh....after another shower, of course. *devilish wink* i'd just hate to unzipper those beautiful black jeans of rob's...OMG .... I mean, Mr. Robin's......I need a drink, too!

AND robnutmeg is ok, she just woke up. *shaking head* She said, "keep ur shirt on" to me -- as she mutters, "unless ur Rob!" Oh geez! oooh maybe she got up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning! *sheesh*

sakixry said...

@robin(me): LOL! Keep your shirt on - unless you're Rob? bahahahaaaa! Crazy robnutmeg! Well isn't it still early there to go to bed again or even drink?
Also, what do you need? Cant you see the pics mystify me is posting links to?

robin(me) said...

Yes, it'a still early here not even 10:30 yet. What time is it in Greece? Oh ....
I flunked computernese. *hangs head in eternal shame*
AND it sux b/c I know those pics of @mystify me's are always so educational. *rolling eyes*

@who's out there? sakixry do you ever get the feeling that you are all alone?

Anonymous said...

to answer your last question:
You.are.never.alone! There are eyes everywhere! *creepy little music playing in the background*

So First of all:

Yo, League

Uh to quote, @Oh - WTF? Why is there a pic of a naked Jen? AND why is so large? *sigh* I have this totally disturbing mental picture going on in my head now thanks to you League ladies! AND if JEN goes even remotely NEAR Rob .... fade to black .......

cock roach? mahaahaa. Don't spider's eat cock roaches? Well they should if they don't. WAIT, COCK roach. MMMM. *food for thought*

NO ONE is prettier than the Spider except maybe The Lurker!!

@sakixry, vampie and robin(me)
I, too went down the "Lathering" path and felt this warm sensation trickling down....*sensored*

I got this uncanny knack of googling twilight news (well Edward did say YOU CAN GOOGLE IT) and has anyone seen some of Truth and Lies w/ Ted....That guy just is asking for it. But he does have a point....if Summit is controling the ROBSTEN issue - why? WTF would Summit do that - when they'd make more money with the ROBSTEN on then the ROBSTEN off? Any thoughts, whispers, comments? Yeah yeah Lurker actually had a real comment to make. DEAL WITH IT!


sakixry said...

@robin(me): oh yes, i do. many many times because when i wake up it's very late at night over there. only vampie and faith are there most of the times. and because i am in Greece i am always 2 hours earlier than vampie UK and 1 hour from Spain. The time here is now 8.38 pm!
You want me to send you the mystify me pics? They are very educational...

@Lurker: Welcome to the Lather created Vampie world!

vampie said...

@all I'm here :o)

thanks to everyone thats read my FF, glad you liked it, especially robin(me) and mr robin .

if you havent read it yet (The League ?!)- read it now!

sakixry said...

@vampie: hey! you're here!! see? you inspired somebody to play our your fantasy! Well done!

We must now find some new subject for you to write!

HappyHourSue said...

I would've though Mr. Ginger would have a teeny little Rob sticking up from her butt crack.

But I've been told I have artistic vision.

vampie said...

Definitely! and i'm so happy that i inspired robin(me) :op hope mr robin apreciated it!

@all any Rob/Edward dreams/fantasies/ scenarios you have? let me know.. (or other characters/actors)

i'm still Team Peter / Carlisle
Yep, everyone else can have Rob!

robnutmeg said...

Good morning, League

@vampie, sakixry
I had a wonderful dream about lathering up last night. mmm. I wonder why? delish. Then I was awoken from my UH coffin ??? and poof wetward was gone...all gone...! Well I'll just have to read it again tonight now won't I?

You were worried about me drowning? *tears* I luv ya Greek dazzle girl!

EEEKK. Can you like take Jen off now? b/c I'm with @Lurker (which scares me totally...) and I'm feeling this need to resort to a vampire defense crouch if she goes near Rob!

butt crack? OMG!

you know, I loved ur story! and u know i simply adore u, right? but i really needed my UH sleep this morning....*sad eyes*....but u were worried about I'm all forgiving...and WHAT DID I SAY? I don't remember the SHIRT OFF comment at all. Must have been still in MY dream!

I simply LOVED what u said to OCD about bottling her "enthusiasm"...OMG that's funny!

I don't know how to comment on your Ted thing...b/c I don't know if I've seen it. I guess I have to google....I thought I was googling already.

robin(me) said...

I'm not sure who is more grateful to you for Lathering_Up - me or Mr. Robin - who hasn't said a coherent word to me since UH the towell and shower and the unzippering of black jeans (I didn't say that!) I'm telling ya I'm in an FF AU right now! I don't think he knows who I am! Heck, I don't even know who I am.

@Happy Hour Sue
You DO have artistic vision - and a quite dirty one at that. Perhaps you need to take a shower with Lathering_Up! *grin*

I'll bring you a case of Burgundy, and some shower gel - would that help?

robin(me) said...

@Happy Hour Sue
LOVE the mask! OMG! I'm just laughing so hard, I can't see straight!

Which makes me think - what would happen if Rob caught a cold while filming New Moon? Other than needed Chicken soup and a nice warm bath with Robin(me) - wouldn't that be a little strange for a vampire to have a cold?

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: love you too!!! I'm happy you made it safe out of the shower and I am happy that you had a great wetward dream (also i'm jealous...)...

@robin(me): the unzipping of his black jeans? girl, is the devil in you? the ff lathering devil? pffff...

Aaaaahhh... Rob catching a cold while filming New Moon... hmmmm... he is sitting all alone in his hotel room because all other people have to continue shooting... and then SHE appears with hot chicken soup and offers to give him a nice warm bath... and you know... the hotel he lives in has really big bath tubs... *wink at vampie*

robin(me) said...

@sakixry, vampie
so there u go...a new FF idea. thanks to my vampire cold theory and to @Happy Hour and her *still chuckling* mask!!!!!
i accomplished ONE thing today. *claps hands with glee* No really I'm not getting anything done today - especially when Mr. Robin stands in front of me while I'm sitting down and his zippered black jeans are at EYE LEVEL. giminy f*** crickets .... the guy is trying to kill me!

Oh and sad news, tho. PE is MISSING. I'm not sure but Trainwreck looks very guilty and I'm srsly thinking of VET! But now that Mr. Robin is all HAPPY well actually MORE THAN HAPPY - I can't really discuss this issue with him.

~Jamie said...

Something tells me this was just Mr. Ginger's way of getting to play with a pic of Jennifer Aniston instead of pics of Rob...

just sayin :)

robin(me) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger Swan said...

Hey guys. For the record, I pick out all the pictures and tell Mr. Ginger what to photoshop. He didn't put his "Designed by Mr. Ginger" on it because all he did was add text.

And after telling Mr. Ginger what @Oh said, he responded that Jennifer Aniston doesn't do it for him... he has eyes for ME only. ;)

@HappyHourSue, Mr. Ginger says, "Oh hey now... that's not right!"

robin(me) said...

I had commented and my computer deleted it - geez i hate this thing today....anyways, I'm so relieved about that..... I'm glad - Mr. Ginger needs to have ONLY EYES FOR you! That's right!

OCD Sufferer said...

How come you can do all of thoes little hearts and music notes and such? I wanna do it!!!!
I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or insult about my ff/Rob energy, lol....I mean does that mean I am a smutty girl? LOL!! DONT.ANSWER.THAT.ROBGIRLS!!!!
Anyway, yeah, I have a lot of "energy" from OCD actually benefits from it (though he doesn't know it, but we aren't telling him that)...and that is okay since that "energy" has been MIA for a few years, lol!! It has something to do with being 18 and having a kid, then 20 and having a kid and then 25 and having twins and just feeling like fertile myrtle and daring mr. OCD's little "wiggly sperm friends" to come anywhere near me!! Sorry, was that TMI? LOL!!
@in(me) you had me cracking up!! I can't laugh outloud right now because Mr. OCD is w/in hearing distance and the kids aren't home and it is very, very quiet in the house (yeah, I will be taking advantage of that in a few minutes, but I needed to talk to you guys first, LOL!!!) and well, if he hears me laughing he is gonna wanna know why and I just can't give out that I was holding my breath and laughing w/out any noise and turning blue!!!

So....yeah, today was great at work, I got to read my darling Darkward! I <3 him!!! "he's like melted butter on my bagel!" yummmmmmmmmm
Alright, time to make sure I have no new ff chapters and then go live out my own*wicked grin*
Where can I get a riding crop??

sakixry said...

@ocd: hey you! you should go and read vampies one shot ff! you are going to like it... robin(me) like it, robnutmeg too! you are our ff proof reader so go girl! said...

♂ (Rob) + ♀ (Oh) ♥♥♥ (LOVE) making ♫♫♫ (music) together! I'm gonna probably regret giving away company secrets but why not? "I'm breaking all the rulles now since I'm going to hell"

It’s actually called internet goes down in the middle of Oh’s LONG commenting, erases Oh’s long comment so after Oh mutters a few cuss words at computer, Oh resorts to typing comments in Word then copies and pastes into comment box…wah lah – symbols!

AND I was complimenting you about the “enthusiasm” b/c You are the FF Queen of ♥’s!

I’m sorry I took ur PE, but go ahead and blame Trainwreck…*;)* and I have to ask….what happened to the towel?

Where are you, girl?

Coffin? Shower – wetward? Now are you taking this Twilight business too far? You need to get a grip, girl – like the rest of us!

Thank you for clearing that picture up! I wasn’t sure. @Mr. Ginger, good! That’s what you better say!!!!

Nice ff.

Fade to black? Uh come on!

OCD Sufferer said...

@sakixry dont read that kind of stuff...yeah...honestly...I didn't go read it last night or anything, cause I am a good girl...really!

OCD Sufferer said...

Man, if I am the ff queen that really does mean I am smutty...pathetic! lol
Yeah, and since @in(me) had to mention a new one, what do you think I did? wait, I didn't do anything...I didn't go straight and find it and save it to my "food" folder or, cause I don't read that kind of stuff.....

robnutmeg said...

OMG, did u just say riding crop? Are you reading what I THINK you are reading!?! NICE! that is definitely DARKWARD!
AND me being ONE of the "robgirls" would never think of having a comment about ur uh smut issues b/c I stare at a smut girl everyday in the mirror trying to figure out what happened to the blue eyed sweet girl that never went down the path before.....Heck, who wants to reflect anyway, right?

Bring on the riding crops, I'm ready!

That mask IS hilarious! LOL!

I knew that Mr. Ginger didn't do that picture b/c he didn't sign it. Or maybe he did help but he would maybe be dead by now if he glanced to the right? Am I wrong? No? You do know that I'm looking for Mr. Ginger clone. Let me know if you ever decide to like do that...and then send the clone my way, OK?
Meanwhile, I'm just good being robnutmeg and liking the Twifreedom!

robin(me) said...

mahaha! So you liked my - uh - shower story today? yes? Wait a minute, riding crop? You did say riding crop? In second thought, don't tell me. I don't think I can handle it right now. Come to think of it, I don't think Mr. Robin can handle it. *mahaahahahahahaha* Poor guy's still in shock. Maybe this would be a good time to hit him up to get a new PE since @Oh took mine!

beesue said...

Hey League!
OK - I have had a traumatic day - been at Little League games where my granddaughter got in a bed of fireants and thennnn by grandson got hit in the eye with a baseball-instantly swollen shut and black eye - but they are both tough and were troopers!!!

Thennnnn!!!! I see Jen on the League and my Robbie bubble is beginning to shake, rattle and roll! Really now - Jen is still waiting for Brad to break up w/anjolie - she doesn't want my Rob! Anyway - she has alot of mileage on her -

Vampie: great,great, story - God did I sleep good last nite - Well, I had to get a little shower action with my shower massage to "get out some KINKS" in a GOOD WAY!

Robin(me) you lucky biatch - you actually had a "MAN" in your shower!! I am just a little jealous!

OCD - DOMWARD rules - yeah I need a riding crop - Big Time!

@sakixry - Yeah - Robflu - rub a little Vicks on his chest...he would defintely need a "round the clock" watch by Nurse BEESUE!

@Ohfor - I with OCD - how do you do the music things - I WANT TO SING TOO!

sakixry said...

@ocd: heyyy! no comment so i thought you didn't really read it... not that you read this kind of stuff... omg... i feel like vampies publicist today! where oh where are you vampie??

@robnutmeg, ocd: what riding crops? spit it out! i read all 16 chapters of tropic of virgo today and need moooooooooreeee!!! i think i'll go back reading "lathering up" a couple of times...

@robin(me): i think it is the PERFECT time to ask some favors! you can even tell him you will take a shower afterward again...

mahahhaahhaaaaa @ beesue for "get out some KINKS"

OCD Sufferer said...

Haven't you read the Submissive and the Dominant?
That is all I have to say about it involves riding crops....not that I would know personally or anything.....not that I think Domward is abso-freaking-lutely H.A.W.T. or anything....not that I think a spanking might just be the most erotic thing ever if done by Domward or anything...not that calling *HIM* master is a huge turn on or anything.....

robin(me) said...

@OCD, rnmeg, sakixry, beesue

You guys are NOT going to believe this....
So I'm looking all over for PE and decide to check UNDER our I am bending over and this I SWEAR velvety soft voice says behind me, "isn't that the sweet ass that got dumped by the computer chair this morning?" OHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GAAWWWWWWDDDDDD!
I said, after I so delicately bumped my head twice on the bedframe and headboard, "what did you say?...uh? AND then HE said, "I don't know but let's hurry up and do something before you know who returns"
Hey, and it wasn't the MILK MAN either!
You remember that ciggy picture I made him pose for? AND he sorta looked like the autodummy pilot from Airplane? He doesn't look like him anymore!

Hey, OCD, wanna share that riding crop? Domward and I have a "date" tonight, me thinks!

OCD Sufferer said...

@in(me) LOL!!!
I actually was wanting the riding crop so *I* could be DomOCD...mwahahahaha!
I don't think i could....I couldn't keep a straight face...I really don't think I could! I would bust out laughing! I am such a fruitcake!
I was reading that Edward Cullen Womanizer the other day and she tied him up and made him call her mistress and stuff and I was grinning like an idiot! He got loose and I was like, "O.M.G! You are in trouble!!!" hahaha!
Btw, mr. OCD bursted my bubble. He has company so I am "stuck" in here mean....nevermind...I plead the fifth!!

robnutmeg said...

Are you f**** kidding me? Your Mr. Robin? Did that? What have you two been drinking? Give me some!
I sure hope Isabella is doing other things besides reading this....poor girl will have a heart attack knowing this about her parents.....geez!
As I still shake my head from robin(me)'s story - I'm inclined to think that I'm going to be getting some Domrobnutmegward action tonight too! Only most likely IN MY DREAMS - geez no man around here!
yeah lucky biatch that robin(me) but i have a wild and beautiful imagination so I'm going to get my crop and settle down with a little S & D tonight after I drink my Burgundy - actually this stuff kinda taste like cough syrup -- MMMM -- I'll share it with Rob while he uh recovers from his cold!!!!!
did you find the riding crop ff yet? just checking - ur very quiet --- are you there?

OCD Sufferer said...

ROFL!! are awfully quiet...ROFL!!!!!

Ok, back to honeymoonward....I mean, back to reading emails from boring people...not

Mystify Me said...

You gals are a riot!!
Off to birthday party soon!
I'll leave you with


OCD Sufferer said...

This was so incredibly funny to me:

she scurried up behind him and attempted, but failed, to pinch his rock hard butt
What good is Ed's butt if you can't pinch it?!?!?! LOL!!!

Mystify Me said...

See you later gators!

Mystify Me said...

@OCD Oh I'm sure that it's good for something!! Let me think a millisecond.;)

vampie said...

i'm here..i think. my internet connection disapeared and wouldnt let me get back online. you are doing great as my publicist! *hugs*
i just checked stats and i have 3 reviews and 349 visitors! o.m.g

@everyone riding crops? spanking? wtf? i miss all the good stuff.. :op

sakixry said...

@ocd: submissive and dominant? i dont even know what you're saying? what?... *slight grin* submissive... i have heard something about that but dominant? thats not in right? where could somebody interested in it, find it?

@robin(me): wohoooo to Mr.R! I think after that day, you'll have to change your name to Mr.Robin(me)!!

@robnutmeg: i had actually read this story with the riding crop ... you know, for research and so... I'm waiting to find out about the other story now!!

@ocd: who is honeymoonward??? I was actually FORCED to watch a movie with BF and one of his BFF. Now I'm free and I pretend sleeping!
well, you can always just touch him and grab him even if you cant pinch him...

@mystify: me, as a stupid foreigner, doesnt understand what that means "i've been known for a little nibble". will you explain? somebody?

@vampie: 349 visitors??? OMG!!! We must put our heads together and either expand this story or come up with another!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

If *someone* wanted to check out the Submissive, they would maybe check out this website (so I have heard)
Then at the end of it, it tells you about the Dominant...or at least that is what they tell me.....

vampie said...

o.m.g i know! i got 122 for Memories of Rome, like in the first week. so this is amazing.349 in less than 2 days! i guess because its Edward. MoR is Carlisle/Esme. I feel so popular LOL

The submissive
The dominant

i dont know of any others.

if anyone does - please post the link(s) on here :op

robin(me) said...

Yes well someone will just have to check out that Submissive story - uh - again and maybe this time that someone can read it with both eyes open! *cough, cough*

Yes, it's been a good day of getting nothing done reading FFs about showers and riding crops, having TWO real showers, fixing uh zippers, bumping foreheads on bedboards and frames and hearing velvety voices! Mr. Robin(me) - (literally) OMG, you're right! LOL!

@mystify me
YES this link stuff finally worked! Why is it that Rob always looks so UH edible when he's being interviewed OR when he's just standing for that matter?

sakixry said...

@ocd: oh, thanks a lot! i will keep that in mind in case somebody will ask me you know...

@vampie: now you HAVE to continue writing...

@robin(me): *snicker*

@League: i think you should SOMEHOW forbid Isabella from reading this post. It will leave her scarred for life *wink* You know, since the whole FB thing, you are getting more and more distant... *sighs*

so good night everybody! its 3 am and i'm very sleepy..

OCD Sufferer said...

I will never look at mops and squeegies the same way again....

robin(me) said...

goodnight, sleepy tight!

I agree w/ @sakixry - please come back to us. some of us can't do the FB thing. Our computers are not that forgiving! come back come back...(remember Rose's squeeky pathetic voice from Titanic?)

robin(me) said...

OMG u read H&BL didn't you? Oooh I love that one!

Spank Ransom said...

@Robin(me) and the rest - we would never ever EVER foresake our buddies here for FB. Today I have been carting the kiddie Spanks to birthday parties and such. Meadow has been "deathly" sick this week (but we have it on good authority that no swines were involved). I have been keeping up with all the reading on here, though I must admit that the last 30 minutes I've been reading the fan-fic that is being highlighted tomorrow. It is a shame that Mr. Spank decided to go to a concert tonight instead of reap the awards of what I just read... Wow!!! Husbands of The League members... GET READY. You ladies are going to be very busy tomorrow... for sure.

OCD Sufferer said...

Being the "Queen of ff" that I supposedly am, I wonder if I have read it....I can't really see anything getting worse than the things I have read...not that I am complaining...but then again, I don't "really" read that stuff, I just act like I do....yeah, that's it.

robin(me) said...

OMG, when you say husbands GET READY - um - do you really mean GET READY b/c I won't live through another UH shower or "night at the opera"'ll kill me or most likely wound Mr. Robin for life.

PLEASE GET BETTER! We miss you! So you didn't have that meeting with Melissa R. obviously since Spank said you hadn't been with any "swine"....mahaahaa! NO I'm sorry - I shouldn't be joking when you're not feeling well!

robin(me) said...

You didn't answer my question...mmmm????

OCD Sufferer said...

No, I didn't read whatever that is you are referring to. I just feel very odd towards squeegies and mops now...honestly....I mean it...I don't know what you are talking about.....

vampie said...


i'm off to bed .. goodnight everyone.. hope you all have sweet dreams of Edward in the shower.. :p

robin(me) said...

uh huh, ok if U>SAY>SO! It's not like well i would laugh at you or anything....after the day I had today - I'm willing to believe anything at this point.

goodnight sweet FF writer!

Ginger Swan said...

Ladies, ladies... we're totally not giving up on you guys now that we're on Facebook too. But if you ARE on Facebook, friend us and become a fan of our site!

@robin(me) Wowsers... I sure hope Isabella doesn't read this! She will be scarred for life!

@robnutmeg, let's ask Warren to make a Mr.Gingerbot for you. ;)

@Mystify Me... only one of us is a "gator" and it's not me!

@beesue... first off... how in the HECK do you have grandkids? You don't look old enough! And sorry about the fire ants. They SUCK. Grew up with them around but thankfully now live in a location where there aren't any. Hope your grandson's eye heals soon!

sakixry said...

@OCD: mops and squeegies??? whattt???? i need a title!

@robin(me): H&BL????? and also "night at the opera"??? which one is that???

robin(me) said...

Thankfully Isabella, Mr. Isabella and little Edward went on a wknd getaway since she got sprung from the bedrest so that she can "relax and rest" from the bedrest....????.....whatev. I know for a fact that she won't have time to read all of these posts....(whew) AND I hope no one here tells her! (glaring @LURKER!)