Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Breaking Dawn Eclipsed?

The League is receiving conflicting reports about the status of Breaking Dawn. First Summit "unofficially" green-lit production (per this article), but then EW published this article stating that Melissa Rosenberg has NOT been told to begin the script. Offical word still has the Twilight Saga as a "trilogy." This concerns us verily -- and we discuss:

Give me Isle Esme or give me death!

The fans will have an uprising and if I were Summit I would realize that teens and moms are NOT a fan base you want pounding on your office doors. Let alone the "League" factor. Serious damage would be done. Hopefully (not to diss what's her name) they're just thinking of asking another screenwriter.

Summit hasn't taken its fans seriously since the beginning. Have they learned nothing from the great Hot-Topic-Mall-Tour-Debacle of 2008? Maybe they should let us, as representatives of their broad fan base, consult on the movie. You know, give feedback about scripting changes, find ways for Jacob and Renesmee to die, sleep with their leading man... stuff like that.

I will call upon the powers of the Volturi to take out Summit if they don't make Breaking Dawn into a movie. Don't mess with a redhead.

... or a Sicilian.

Or anyone with two "X" chromosomes. Woman scorned and all that. *innocent smile*



Ninja Fanpire said...

....or a Hispanic. :)

Alright, well they put the battle in Twilight where Meyer left it out.

Which means that if they do do Breaking Dawn (and I'm pretty sure they will), well, I doubt we'll get fade-to-black. Not to mention they fact that Bella has a monster rip through her stomach. And she drinks blood. And Rob has to lick Kristin's body. I just threw up in my mouth.

The only good thing is that KStew will be able to full off a great pain face while she's preggo.

In short, this movie is going to have to be rated R if it's done right. That's gotta be the issue. I mean, they can't leave out critical stuff. Sure, SM did a lot of fade-to-black, but she somehow managed to make a whole section of the book about it.

Ninja Fanpire said...

About the articles:

Article one:
" individual close to the production has told TheWrap..."

"Summit Entertainment spokesman Paul Pflug declined to confirm or deny the report, saying only, 'Summit has no comment on that rumor at this time.'"

"But a Summit executive who declined to be identified said that there was no production schedule for "Breaking Dawn," and no current plans to shoot in Vancouver. "

So there was a supposed report from someone "close to the production" that Breaking Dawn was starting filming in 2010.

Article two:
" reported earlier today that Summit Entertainment was deep in the planning stages for Breaking Dawn...."
WOAH WOAH WOAH! Hold on, THIS is what TheWrap REALLY said:
""Eclipse," already deep in the planning stages"
TheWrap said Eclipse, NOT Breaking Dawn. Seem EW got their movies mixed up.
Back to EW:
"Summit, for its part, has no comment on the current status of Breaking Dawn."
But TheWrap says Summit's spokesperson AND one of it's executives does....Hmmm...So Summit doesn't, but it's spokesperson and an executive does.

Ninja Fanpire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~Jamie said...

I think it's more just a wait and see sort of thing... like... if no one goes to see Eclipse... then they won't give us BD... the moral of the story... we should probably pay to see the movie a few times, and not watch a crappy cam that cuts out the only kissing scene in the...

not that I did that.

Ginger Swan said...

@Jamie, I know... right? And who is "A" anyway? And did she fall asleep or something during the kissing scene? WTH?

Shana said...

In all honesty, I don't know HOW they would pull Breaking Dawn off. Of course we all want to see Rob in a sex scene with a woman (Little Ashes will be good enough until a little heterosexual sexual action.) But, there is so much in that book that would be so hard to do...and keep it at a rating where parents would feel comfortable letting their kids go see it.

I've thought a lot about this. I'd love to see how they would do the whole labor/delivery scene...and if they'd give us a little Edward/Bella sex action. It doesn't seem very plausible though. Who knows, maybe by the time they're done with Eclipse, they'll have thought up a way to do it and do it right, but I'm not very hopeful.

Ugh...and can we have a new Bella if they DO make Breaking Dawn? LOL

faith_83 said...

What are you? What are you saying? I don't even, what?! No!
Ok so if that happens (which I pretty much doubt it) is going to be their lost!!
So, I have to endure SM 3 FIRST BOOKS to get "almost nothing" in Isle Esme and now this?? WTF is going on here?? They signed some kind of chastity contract, I just don´t get it...
They are going to leave us with the Rob-Javier doggie-style image?? I need something very strong to replace that and with BD gone I will need some therapy...

vampie said...

they had better make Breaking Dawn! with NO fade to black..i wanna see Robsten getting it on (yes i know i'm in the minority here!)

what about people who are just watching the movies and havent read the books (like i did with Lord of the rings), they wont ever see the end of the story.

i think they are probably waiting to see if the hype goes down or if in 3 years time or whenever its still as popular as it is now.. which of course it will be.. Twilight til i die ..

Badassmama0709 said...

i saw an interview that said Stephenie Meyer didn't want to do Breaking dawn because there isn't good enough CGI in the world to get Renesemee right, and she has to be right "abnormally aware"

robnutmeg said...

Good morning League

You are not in the minority b/c surpisingly enuff I want to see the action with those two, uh, too!

I think Summitt is just rattling our cages - AGAIN! I truly believe that they will go forward with it just b/c of that green stuff!

I saw this picture of an angry mob with pitchforks somewhere and now can remember where i saw was brilliant anyways - wish i could copy & past it b/c it would be a nice piece of art for fans to send to Summitt if BD is not made for the screen.... I said to myself: self, that would be me - I'd join in on that....

You know of all of the scenes that got cut out and messed up in Twilight - I would gladly sacrifice the preggo delivery scene for just the Wedding and Isle Esme!


sakixry said...

Dont forget the Greeks! Dont let the revolutionary side of me wake up! Robnutmeg, I'm joining the angry mob with the pitchforks to if the DARE not to shoot Breaking Dawn! Ok, I would also like to see Rob and Kristen - I mean Edward and Bella doing it but you know, if they think Kristen can't live up on this part, I will happily take her place! I would sacrifice myself for the completion of the Twilight Saga! And come on! CGI is very strong this days. The CAN create Renesmee... think about the time when nobody wanted to see Rob playing Edward. They were all yaba yaba he is not handsome and bla bla but HE DID MORE THAN JUST LIVED UP TO THE PART! He IS Edward now!
If they don't complete the series, it will be f***ing stupid! I NEED to see Isle Esme action without fade to black and ff stories! I NEED to see Robward doing it... is it hot in here?

Mrs Carlisle Cullen (i'm in disguise!) said...

@robnutmeg sakixry
I've with you in the angry mob with the pitchforks..

@sakixry should we start a petiton for Summit to get rid of K Stew and replace her with you..? although you may have to run from all the other Twi-sluts LOL

also.. Summit this time DO NOT delete a scene where Carlisle and Esme are kissing.. seriously what were you thinking?!

maybe when Edward is telling Bella about Isle Esme we can have a flashback to Carlisle and Esme 'enjoying' their honeymoon :op

suthrngrl said...

I want to agree with you - and I do - and I know that the fan base is a force to be reckoned with. But we (the fans) have been unable to persuade Stephenie to release Midnight Sun - do we really think we are powerful enough to force them to make a movie if they decide not to?? Just a thought. I am still bitter that Stephenie would torture her fans to spite the leaker.

robin(me) said...

@Sakixry, Mrs. C, robnutmeg
I'll get those pitchforks ready...and get rid of kstewpid and we'll have lots of Bellas - b/c we share here.. *mahaha*

I REMEMBER THAT PITCHFORK CLIP ART WTF IS IT? You are right, nmeg - it was hilariously brilliant!!!

I agree with the CGI that was just a kopout on SM's case at that time - gee who cares about Renesmee when she throws in one of the most violent birthing scenes in a book in the history of literacy! Kinda like Alien...*shudder*

@Summitt bring the BD or die! *sweet innocent eyes blinking*

mmm. gotta jet off to court - maybe i'll bring a FORK to like practice.....bahaahahahahaha

sakixry said...

@disguised Mrs.CCullen: yeah, you definitely should start a petition! Even if I will have to run from you, I will always share! That man is not only for one woman... he should be shared you know.. and good friends always share! i'm a good friend! *holding hands up in surrender, backing up in the corner*


@suthrngrl: thats only because the angry pitchfork mob hasnt appeared at her doorstep yet!

@robin(me): if they are not so sure about renesmee... they can leave her our of the movie. I could be satisfied with the movie starting with some pre-wedding arrangements like the ones you can read in "The List", then they can jump directly to Isle Esme for some "Warmth" scenes where Edward could bite Bella and while waiting for her to change, he could amuse himself with some League and Junior League and League followers and after that some more sex scenes between him and Bella while they are vampires and then the movie can end... I have no problem with that! What you say? No? Yay?

Mrs Carlisle Cullen said...

'As if you could outrun me!' (couldnt resisit it !!)

we need more CAPITALS..SUMMIT - MORE CARLISLE ESME SMUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what do you think?!
did they hear me us?

LOL at your comments to robin(me)
totally agree :op

OCD Sufferer said...

I have thought long and hard about this (wow, I just woke up and already said long and hard...geez!). First of all, I think BD would be hard because so much of it is mental! Then, you gotta think, a HUGE percent of the fanbase is teenage girls. For them to do BD any justice it CANNOT be PG-13. For those parents who are strict and do not let their kids watch anything higher than PG-13, they will have to miss the ending! Don't get me wrong, I am selfish enough to not care about them (lol) but Summit and SM will. Also, SM said it would have to be cut in two movies...stopping @ the birthing scene....WTH?!?! Who wants to wait a year to watch it and it stop RIGHT AT THE CLIMAX? (wow, I said climax too!! it's gonna be a long day!) then wait another year to finish it?
I don't know. I am not saying it can't or shouldn't be done, I am just saying that is a lot to put on someone's shoulders!

Off topic---
WHO READ WA CHAPTER 49????????? Not to give it away, but Cakeward is my new favorite Eddie!!! yumm yumm yumm!!!

I started a new ff last night and O-M-E is it good! It is kinda like the Office but like kinda not. I stayed up until 5 am reading and had to go to bed...I did *not* sleep soundly if you know what i mean *eyebrow wiggle* however, my stupid mind couldn't bring the dreams to surface as soon as I woke up..sux so bad..I just know they

sakixry said...

@Mrs.C: oh, believe me! with the right motive somebody can run VERY FAST!

Hey League, you should add something like a Word Format here so we can actually scream at Summit or so! They just HAVE to hear us before we come with the pitchforks...

Oh, and Summit... if you fire that screenwriter... I could always write a GOOD screen for you! See my previous comment for a hint! Ok... maybe it will be a soft porn movie but think of all the money you will earn!

@ocd: LOL!! (long and hard...*sighs*) Who cares about the other audience? I would go watch Breaking Dawn 20 times in the movies if it has a good sexing scene... who comes with me?? Cant the children fans of Twilight just wait until they grow up or something? Or, the teenagers that are now around 13 will be around 17 in 4 years so they will be allowed to watch BD in the movies by then. Like Harry Potter! Started innocent enough but the last one... I even felt a little dark and I wouldn't allow my child to watch it until it became 15 or something...

I read WA as soon as you hinted it's up!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cakeward too! And I would LOVE licking all the chocolate from his... lips! *wiggles with eyebrows* Dirty Bella... Full of chocolate, in the kitchen and in a wife beater... filthy.. *sighs*


*whispers* hey OCD... what's the name of the new fanfic???

robin(me) said...

@Ocd! that's why i love ya!
mmm. long and hard. *shaking head - nodding head* mahaahaa. it's all these ff out there that have warped me (and i think YOU as well) - I just need closure to this whole fricking thing! I do I do I do! It'll make me totally insane if they don't do BD!

ya know, i'm at this point in my life where ff has cured me of caring about the youth of today....rated r - rated m - whatever? (ducking for cover now) I mean, how many of us snuck into rated r movies when we were teens? (show of hands!, please!) SM and Summitt can not stop with Eclipse - it's not fair! I'm still with the pitchfork idea! I don't care how they get it done, just do it! OR maybe we'll do it for you. WAIT, that might be fun -what do you say girls?

*wink* more loving *rah rah rah rah* less renesmee - who we have already decided is the devil's spawn - i think? maybe i'm wrong?
"while waiting for her to change, he could amuse himself with some League and Junior League and League followers and after that some more sex scenes between him and Bella while they are vampires and then the movie can end... I have no problem with that! What you say? No? Yay?"
YAY! YAY! YAH! *smirk* That's brilliant, sakixry! That is why we are on the same side! 6,000 miles or so apart but on the same side.....
AND thank you for adding the League followers to that....I feel so left out these days!
*pleading eyes to THE LEAGUE!*

sakixry said...

I meant SCRIPT! I can write a good SCRIPT! Not screen... See what'y'all doing to me? Planting dirty Robward scenes in my head...
Hey Vampie! Where is the shower ff? I think Robward is kind of filthy and I need to wash him! (or else i'll lick him clean...)

sakixry said...

@robin(me): as long as Robward has the leading role, I say YES! Lets do it! We can all take our turns playing Bella!
I would never let ANY League follower out of my seduction plans! I need you all for support because I figure that after all that posting about Robward in here...if I would ever meet him I would definitely faint or die from shame... so I just NEED you with me!

Anonymous said...

You are getting a little warped! I really am liking u more and more now! *evilgrin* But the LICKING is in MY department. *tsk tsk*

I, too saw that pitchfork clip - b/c I design all evil things - sounds like my work! *grin* AND that would be a GREAT idea!

You wouldn't even get a plea bargain (see robin(me) I can't talk legal talk) with me - don't do BD - we will cut to violence right off the bat!

my my my - you see i would have never have done you harm even if someone asked me too b/c of the fact u are one naughty girl! i like u!

@Mrs. Carlisle Cullen
No one can run from me either! mahaahaa! i will join in the pitchfork campaign! They might just run from the LURKER! *evil glare to Summitt*


@The League
Is there a way our little innocent and violent voices can be heard out there?

glad u dumped the 2 carat guy but i would have kept the 2 carat! but i know that u tried, didn't u?

The Lurker

Anonymous said...

ooh lurker made a typo....even perfection can make a mistake...i'm only human FOR NOW!

bite me edward!

i meant CAN talk legal talk up there somewhere! if it matters? of course it matters....b/c it's me!


sakixry said...

@LURKER: a "little" warped is a understatement... Imagin I could dream about Robward... I wouldn't be able to walk straight ahead...

I think it's all the DVD's fault... I watched "Creating Edward" yesterday on the Special Features and I was like... my mouth was hanging open and if my BF wasn't in the next room I would probably squeal like a pig with a flu...

Mrs Carlisle Cullen said...

but don't you prefer Robward filthy ?!
... he'll be having a shower soon..don't worry! but i think licking him clean sounds great.. *faints*

robnutmeg said...

squeel like a pig with a flu? *hysterically giggling up a storm at work!* GASP! Creating Edward. Yes, I remember exactly what I was thinking the first time I saw that...Creating Edward in my my very creative dirty mind.....the shower, on top of the kitchen table, in the closet, on top of the dryer.....yeah that mind of mine! I found that I was MORE c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e than I thought. *wiggly eyebrows* Yeah you are warped, (nods to lurker) but it's a shared warpness with all of us robwards.

thanks, i think. oh i tried to keep the ring but the goodness in me gave it back. damn goodness! YES, and I like your legal talk! no robjections here, right robin(me)?

@to all
We have a cool judge today who I've heard is a Twilighter - on the break - I plan on having a little talk with her to see what kind of a petition we can write up! There will be fur flying! Maybe the dawgs? mahaahaa!

Mystify Me said...

They have to or we will riot!!!!
Speaking off a riot...check out Rob and


Spank Ransom said...

@ OCD Sufferer - you had me at long and hard. ;)

Okay so if I'm reading this right - we are storming the field for Isle Esme (and Midnight Sun, right? Right?!). Okay, great. I'm in.

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spank Ransom said...

@ Mystify Me - That is AWESOME! I was like "how can we make a pic of a kid (even if that kid grows up to be uber-hot f'able RP) funny and you did it. Beautiful. LOVE IT!

Mrs Carlisle Cullen said...

your doctor looks like my Carlisle? seriously?! can i come to your town and *cough* sorry I'm ill *cough* yes you need my phone number *cough* ok. ..
would he mind you taking his photo?! LOL

Mystify Me said...

@Spank Thanks.Isn't he a cutie?
Have you seen the one where he's wearing the Bobby hat and eating a sandwich?
Which brings me to this~ How hot would Rob look in a uniform???

sakixry said...

@mrs.C: well what do you mean with filthy? chocolate filth? or filthy like no shower?

@robnutmeg: lol! i feel really filthy today...

@mystify: you mean that's really you and thats really rob?

@spank: great that you're in because you have to SPANK them if they dont comply!

@isabella: well hello there! I hope you are not too scarred after yesterdays posting with robin(me) writing about robward and spike together... hmmm... Creating Edward.. *sighs* I must go see it tonight again!

@mystify...again: rob in a uniform... mmmhhh... you mean like a police officer? "Oh my God Officer! Somebody stole my ... uhhh... something... wanna come to my home to see what that was exactly? We can search it together! It was in my bedroom, under the covers..."

haleygolightly said...

Check it, Ladies:

This comes from an eonline post last week:

"And Rosenberg says you also can’t have a Twilight movie with anything more adult than a PG-13 rating. She has yet to be hired to write the script for the fourth, Breaking Dawn, but she thinks it’s safe to assume the book’s more graphic violent scenes will be tailored to keep it accessible for Twilight’s teen moviegoing audience."

“'Our fans are in the PG age range, and I don’t feel a big necessity to see violence, and to see gore,' Rosenberg said. 'I don’t need to see that. This whole series is more about their relationship. It’s not about the gore. I mean, there are some scary and special elements to it, but the series is really about relationships and coming of age and owning one’s power.'”

Ok- is it not a HUGE leap for her to say the fans are in the PG age-range??

So this basically means that if they hire Miss Rosenberg again for Breaking Dawn, we can say goodbye to any hopes of a less than fade-to-black experience. Not shocking, but quite disappointing. And if they think they have their hands full with gore and sex, wait til the casting call goes out for Jacob's love interest/half-breed spawn: 'Looking for toddler that is expressive, can pretend to read minds, grows at an alarming rate, and is comfortable around incredibly attractive British men. Must be better than the average child and 420 friendly.'


Sad Faith said...

I knew is going to be a bad day from the moment I´ve saw the news but I didn´t expect to be that bad...Summit never thinks of us, just his stupid interest!!
I just wish that I can find a good place to hide for the rest of the and my guitar the only think I can count on!!

sakixry said...

@haley: i told you all to pick me to write the script!!! pick me! pick me! we can throw Melissa out! I could write the best script for you and you would be eternally grateful! Pfff... the fans are in the PG range... who do they think pay for the tickets? huh? what about the twi-moms? are they f***ing crazy???

Mystify Me said...

Is there no way we can protest???
I'll sign!!! Let Me Sign!!! World Wide Protest!!
League~ers Unite!

@Saxikry~ Yup that's Me and that's little Rob!!!

I'm no Mister Ginger, but check this out! ;)


sakixry said...

@mystify: that you wrote let me sign, you reminded me of Rob's song!!! *swoon* Oh my... I love his voice, I love how he sings... I'm getting crazier by the minute...
Isn't this the movie with Richard Gere???? OMG!!! He looks sooooooo good in the uniform!!! *pant, pant* Where is the oxygen?

Christy said...

Ugh. I will be so pissed off if they don't at least attempt the movie. Fuckers. And i wish they had dumped Rosenburg.

Damn, I was in a good mood until i started thinking about this shit. Even though I don't think the book was stellar, I NEED to see the wedding and Isle of Esme. I will start writing Stephenie Meyer hate mail if they don't make it. Ugh.

Mrs Carlisle Cullen said...

@sakixry 'filthy' as in 'dirty' the other meaning of the word :op
*shaking head in disbelief*

beesue said...

Good Morning??"PISSED OFF" League??

@haley - yeah I had read that interview with MR and the only good thing is that they haven't "hired" her yet!

With all the CGI shit, they could do BD. I mean they could use that baby from "Alli McBeal" and put some bronze hair on it and give it big brown eyes - ya know. They need renesemee to get the dog off of Edward's back! I could really care less about the 13 year olds.
Summit is really dense if they think a PG17 wouldn't make a whole hell of alot of bucks - I took my kids to PG17's.

@the league - get out the pitchforks, burning torches (like Frankenstein) and we can all converge on Summitt. Yeah - @meadow -they have never seen our scorn!!!

@OCD and Sakixry - LUVS "dirty boy" cakeward! Down Girl! He can ruin my "mixer" anytime - HUBBA HUBBA!! And Jasper is hilarious "payback is a bitch".
Shit who cares about the kitchen - I would have had him on the counter licking me some!

sakixry said...

@Mrs.C: aaaah! that kind of filthy... Oh yes please! I do!
@beesue: woohhooo girl! move over! let me lick some Chocoward too!

Mrs Carlisle Cullen said...

@ all
chocward? where.. ????!!!!

@sakixry i am writing/typing... busy busy

robin(me) said...

OMG, I'm just so UPSET at Summitt and that crap! PG age group! I'll give her PG age group! There needs to be somesort of a Summitt backlash come to jesus petition!!!!!

@sakixry, Mrs C
writing typing please please

Ginger Swan said...

@haleygolightly, The League will be addressing Ms. Rosenberg very shortly. ;)

I don't get why SM thinks they can't do Renesmee in a movie. Didn't she see Lord of the Rings? Gollum would make a perfect Renesmee!

beesue said...

@Mrs CC - Cakeward is in the new chapter of FF - Wide Awake.

Robin(me) - Please, Please - we need an "official" legal petition.

And you mentioned "Jesus" - well for your visual pleasure - here is my "Personal Jesus"!

sakixry said...

@Mrs.C: hurry hurry Mrs.C! You must send me an update today!!! Cant wait!
Chocward in latest chapter of Wide Awake. Dont imagine anything too big, just a little bit of chocolate... enough to drive you nuts!
@Ginger: LOL! Renesmee = Gollum?
@beesue: sweet.mother.of.jesus! jesus.christ! how, please tell me how it is possible for him to look at the same time like a lost child that needs comfort and protection and like a horny little devil that wants to f*** all women looking at him? OMG... I am truly embarassed of myself today... you see how he puts his finger in his mouth? OMG!

OCD Sufferer said...

I'm probably going to get a shoe upside my head for this, but...
Even though I <3'd Isle Esme and the wedding, that wasn't my favorite part of BD. *If it was the Warmth version, it definitely would have been, but darn that fade-to-black garbage*
My favorite part is when Bella first turns into a vamp and totally blows Ed away! I love how he is just absolutely stunned by her! When she turns away from the human!!! P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S! And poor Jasper who thought she was gonna be crazy! I just love when the underdog becomes the...upperdog?? HAHA

*backing away with shield in front of me*

Ginger Swan said...

@OCD I love that part of BD too. No shoes will be thrown by me!

sakixry said...

@ocd: i love this part too ocd and i am not embarrassed or afraid to admit it! *getting behind the shield with you*

OCD Sufferer said...

I guess I need a bigger shield? LOL!!

Hey, were you the one that asked about the new ff I am reading? This is an uber long one! I am still only on chapter 16!!! It is great though! The writer has a lot of errors (I want so bad to edit for her! Drives me insane! I am anal when it comes to grammar, punctuation, etc.....crap, I just said anal, that's not good!!)
The ff is:
Subject: Edward Cullen AKA the Womanizer

robin(me) said...

OMG, warn me the next time you send a picture like that. *faint, thud, dead*!!!! yes, i'm working on that legal document.


@ocd, ginger, sakixry
I forgot that part. Yes, I love that part too. i also love the "you've been holding out on me" yep uh huh!

my you are talking dirty today aren't you? love it! *evilgrin*

sakixry said...

@ocd: thank you for shielding me! Yes...*hangs head in shame* it was me asking about the ff... will read it... you make always very good suggestions. you and meadow are my proof readers! why dont you suggest the author to beta her?
@robin(me): its the DVD ... i swear!!!
Vampie?Mrs.C?Where are you? How is the ff going???

robin(me) said...

yea i know what that DVD can do to you! and the PE and bedroomedwardeyes and now @beesue's sweet jesus and @mystify me's fur coat and @ginger's i don't need to sparkle spike...god, i'm ready for a nice cold shower right now! BUT I'm also really pissed off too.
pissed and feeling robeager! what a combo! *fiesty*
NOT TO MENTION: ff! i'm sorry OCD, I had to mention FF - I'm sorry!

amen woohoo! i like that f***** comment! woohoo!

OCD Sufferer said...

I finally got to watch the pictures! I just love the part where he bites his bottom lip and then....his thumb to his mouth? I melted right there!!! HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!!

Ok, I have to ask. What is the deal with his eyes???? His bio says he has blue eyes yet just as many pictures of him have green eyes as blue and they are ALWAYS A DIFFERENT SHADE!!! WTH?????
I don't know which I like better...they are all so f***** sexy!!!!!!!

Spider Monkey said...

Here's the deal ladies, if the books were geared for teens, then why can't they stay true to the books in Breaking Dawn?? We WANT more, but at LEAST stay to the storyline in the book... It's not that gory, c'mon, look at what these freaking kids watch on a daily basis. It HAS to be PG-13 at the very least. If it's PG, I may refuse to give another cent to Summit... (pitchfork in hand) - are you with me or against me ladies??? :)

OCD Sufferer said...

Twilight was PG-13, so the rest should follow suit, right? right? PG won't even give us a good make-out scene!!!

Mrs Carlisle Cullen said...

@ sakixry
its 12.45am , i have to be awake at 6.30am for work, yet i am still here, typing fanfiction. dedicated heh?! except i can hardly see the screen my eyes are so tired. ok, i'm gonna email you what i'm changed/improved so far.. just to stop you going crazy LOL

Christy said...

OCD - that was one of my fave parts too

Spider - I am totes with you. Sign me up. Where do I show up to kick some azz???

robnutmeg said...

@all who want PITCHFORK action!!!
This is to Summitt,
Give US Breaking Dawn or beware of the Twilightheaded over the age of PG13 fans! *jerks*
Hopefully this works - let me know if it doesn't.....

@Spider Monkey
I agree --- Summitt, GIVE US THE BLOODY book! geez. *snarl*!!!! The robgirls are ready!!! pitchfork in one hand, a lit torch in the other *winking at @beesue*!!!! PG? I'm hoping that that stands for pregnant b/c if it's the other - it'll be a VOLTURI WAR where someone DOES get hurt!!! *sweet innocent eyes*

@Mrs. CC
FF? you're writing FF, too? Are we in it? I hope so, need something here. Vampie is taking too long!!!! *pouty face at vampie*

OMG, you are one sassy little chickie today! Yeah that DVD will do it everytime! HORNY LITTLE yeah. Thought that too.

OMG, "I love Rome Rob because he looks like he just got f*cked 6 ways to Sunday in the limo on the way to the festival." I'll add this: YES, but I was in that LIMO with him....AND it was a LONNNNNGGGGG LIMO!!!!
nice!!! and yeah that one picture - that LOOK OMG....just churned my butter!!! woohoo!
*sweet holy mary!*
You.are.very.naughty, beesue!

pissed and feeling robeager! ???? robeager? is that like rob-beaver? as in ward, weren't you a little hard on the beaver last night? *ok my hands are shaking now*

Mrs Carlisle Cullen said...

LOL Mrs Carlisle Cullen IS vampie ....and i know i'm taking too long! coz i'm always working.i never get any time to write. i'm trying my best :o)

am off to bed.. good night everyone, The League, Peter, Rob, Jackson...

robnutmeg said...

do i feel sheepish? well, where's the FF!!! *giggles*

Mystify Me said...

omg bEESUE..i CAN'T TYPE...cannnn't bnreathe...having a Robgasm.
That video link was uber-insane.
Thanks I needed
Holy crap...

"In Your Eyes"~ Peter Gabriel

love I get so lost, sometimes
days pass and this emptiness fills my heart
when I want to run away
I drive off in my car
but whichever way I go
I come back to the place you are

all my instincts, they return
and the grand facade, so soon will burn
without a noise, without my pride
I reach out from the inside

in your eyes
the light the heat
in your eyes
I am complete
in your eyes
I see the doorway to a thousand churches
in your eyes
the resolution of all the fruitless searches
in your eyes
I see the light and the heat
in your eyes
oh, I want to be that complete
I want to touch the light
the heat I see in your eyes

love, I don't like to see so much pain
so much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away
I get so tired of working so hard for our survival
I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive

and all my instincts, they return
and the grand facade, so soon will burn
without a noise, without my pride
I reach out from the inside

in your eyes
the light the heat
in your eyes
I am complete
in your eyes
I see the doorway to a thousand churches
in your eyes
the resolution of all the fruitless searches
in your eyes
I see the light and the heat
in your eyes
oh, I want to be that complete
I want to touch the light,
the heat I see in your eyes
in your eyes in your eyes
in your eyes in your eyes
in your eyes in your eyes

Mrs Carlisle Cullen (AKA vampie!) said...

i have emailed the 2nd draft to sakixry about 30 mins ago.
i have written about 2000 words but me and sakixry have been discussing it and i've changed/improved some things.

there will probably be a 3rd draft before i let anyone else see it. i'm a perfectionist.

i want to be as good as i can write it, i dont want you to just read the first draft.. plus i think i have performance anxiety LOL everyone on here has high worried you won't think its very good.

it will be ready for you all to read very soon

i work a minimum of 50 hours a week, 2 jobs, which unfortunately doesnt leave alot of time for writing..but i love writing so i'm trying really hard to make time for it :o)

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
ooooh i love that song!

what is with his eyes? i mean they are eyeballs like mine and everyone else...but why is it that they make me think it the nautiest of ways?

Did he go to school to pose that way? b/c damn! i'm just speechless right now!

yeah i got the pitchfork clip. but are you sure that's the one we saw before? this one seemed to NICE! we are NOT nice! find that other one!, please?

robnutmeg said...

@Mrs. CC
ME? not think your FF was good? Are you kidding me? I wouldn't KNOW where to begin if I were to write one of those things. It would be one paragraph!

Rob knocked on my door, I let him in, I tore his clothes off, we had a nice LONNNNGGGGG and hard (water) shower together - we DRIPPED dry - we got cozy in my GOLD satin sheets....and we made LOVELY music together....we NEVER THINK and I definitely LET HIM(me) SIGN! on the naked dotted line!

End of story. Yeah I know (boo! - walking away in shame...I suck!)

That's why we NEED you!!!


beesue said...

HAHAHAHA - didn't you guys realize that I worked for the American Movie Rating Assoc? I made up my own rating PG17. Meant PG13 - and I did take my kids to PG13 before they were 13.

I do agree with @spider - if they follow the book - I would be very happy! It does seem funny that they would rather let kids see violence than kissing - doesn't seem right.

Here is a cute movie. The Bad Mothers Handbook - Rob is very dorky:

@OCD - His eyes are supposed to be green - but OMG - when I look into those bedroom-smokin-drop your drawers-deep-dazzling EYES (and they could even be crossed) I.Just.LOSE.IT!

Anonymous said...

Ladies Ladies
WTH: I’m gone for a few hours and mutiny hits….


So don’t get me excited unless you really really mean it this time! Hey I’m just like any other NORMAL and SANE person who if I really have to – can get really pissed off! *Jane smile*

That was fucking nice! Hey, ladies – why not just SPELL it out. We all know you want to! It’s always good to express yourself – otherwise things get repressed and then you get depressed and then you become OBSESSED. Ok so that’s not so bad. As long as it is ROBSESSED. Never mind!

HOLY MOTHER! That was some funeral he went to! OMG! @robin(me) *faint, thud, dead* Now that cracked me up! Are you sure you are a PROFESSIONAL? Yeah a professional what though? j/k

I like that clip art – don’t change it. We all know how SHARP and dangerous pitchforks are and I get the sharpest one, right?! Then when we are all DONE w/ Summitt – we can see how SHARP Robward’s tool is! Mahaahaa!

I do wanna see Bella in her vampire unwhiny state. Anything but oh dear Jacob is my best friend and I keep hurting his feelings….yeah yeah yeah! Whatev.

You've had that DVD what 2 days? What was your fucking excuse before? Just saying. NO NO NO NO NO. I love it! Don't stop! Robward is well worth the HOTCHAS...
mmm? I don't have a clue what that word means......

I’m here pitchfork in hand ready to contribute my awesome power of REASONING to those Summit lowlifes and that Rosenberg lady whatsit. How dare she? MMMM.

Whip her ass will ya?

@mystify me
What no sexy pictures of your own? You.are.slipping! Get moving. Pictures, now, please!


Mystify Me said...

God I love this man...

robin(me) said...

OMG, what was that old lady doing with the dolls? OMG, this movie is interesting....I'll have to go back to that one! Geez I'm so glad that my kids are grown now...I pity those of you who are raising kids with Rob around.

Blue eyes? Baby's got blue eyes. Or maybe it's green? God, at this point I don't even care if they are BLACK as long as they are staring deep into mine and telling me to DROP my DRAWERS! (brilliant, @beesue)

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
OH criminy! Holy mama!

robin(me) said...

You are one scary uh Lurker, you know that? Are you sure that you aren't one of those I put away awhile ago? Like I do work for the DA's office now. Maybe I lost your case when I was working with the Public Defenders?
And I refuse to answer your professional what question!
*snarl at Lurker*
Just bring a pitchfork and we'll take care of Rob's tools! Right ladies? Anyone with me here?

beesue said...

@mystify - I luvs me some robdrinkin'...that suckin action and the adam's apple...give me JUSTTT A MINUTE....oh..great picture!

@robin(me) that movie takes about an hour. British - so it is slow and difficut to decifer but Rob is in it ...soooooo....can't complain!

@lucker - would luv to see your "jane smile"!

Mystify Me said...

Let's try again...

Mystify Me said...

Don't feel like arguing...although I could...on a lighter note...
I was wondering where everyone is from:
Sakixy:Greece, Vampie:England that right?
Me...Mystify Me(Brenda) Toronto, Canada...share if you wish..if not..okay.

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
robnutmeg, isabella and I live in Seattle neighborhoods. pretty close to Bill Gates but have NEVER seen the dork. rich, but dorky.

OCD Sufferer said...


Mystify Me said...

So Robin ~suffice to say you live in a grand neighbourhood.
Good for you!! :)
I was in the Seattle airport once(got lost on the mini subway).
Was visting a friend I met on a cruise...The DJ...Z100 PORTLAND...didn't they interview Rob?? Okay..nite ladies...xoxo


Mystify Me said...


Mystify Me said...

Good nite League,Up at 4 a.m.

Spank Ransom said...

I will accept nothing less than NC-17 for theaters with an XXX version on Blu-Ray.

Pitchfork in hand.


vampie said...


good morning! wow you guys have been busy while i was asleep..

anyone else Wide Awake?

*waiting patiently for todays post so i can comment*

robin(me) said...

I'm charging with you

@mystify me
It's nice here - when it's not raining, sleeting, misting, snowing in April, foggy and freezing cold....I still get lost and I've been here uh let's see forever! mahaahaa!

sakixry said...

@spider: oh i'm with you honey! summit, stay true to the books! you can do all the fade to black thing but at least film the f***ing movie!

@Mrs.C/Vampie: i'm gonna read it and let you know... *wiggles with eyebrows* cant wait!!! You are the best! You dont have to be afraid! Everybody will love it!

@robnutmeg: and then you are calling ME sassy... have you read what you wrote???
LOL! ROFL!!! I just read your short version of ff! It's goood *wink*

@beesue: thank you for the link!! thank you!

@lurker: my pathetic excuse is that i live in GR and the DVD was first release 2 days ago!!! I wanted it with Greek subtitles! Also... I wanna see how sharp Rob's tool is! Just sayin...i'm with you!

@mystify me: you sound like in luuuuvvvv! and also... you got to be kidding me with that pics... i think i'm having a robgasm? whats with this look in his eyes? OMFG!
Yes, I am from Greece :-))

@spank: thats a good idea! they can make a pg-13 version for the movies with all the fade to black scenes and then they can release a adult movie on dvd/blue ray! they will just have to add some "action" in the fade to blacks... hmmmm...

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Oh dear god u guys crack me up!

Cheryl said...

Personally, I think Breaking Dawn should be a Showtime of Skinemax production so that they can fill in all the fades to black.