Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summit has commitment issues

According to this article on EW, Eclipse has a director and it's NOT Chris Weitz. Since he's barely begun filming New Moon I can't help but worry that this announcement will have SOME sort of impact on the film. I mean, seriously? Summit could've at least waited until the kids were out of the house to serve the divorce papers.

I'm sure it's just for scheduling reasons. The Harry Potter movies keep switching directors since they film them so close together.

I'm going to have committment issues with David Slade if I don't get some action in the bedroom when Edward comes back from hunting and I want to SEE Jacob's pain when he hears that Bella is engaged to Edward. Not because I want to see a dog when he's down (surprise) but because I think that is the first time you really understand how deeply he loves her and the depth of the pain he feels when he realizes it is never going to be returned. It's a pain that leaves a hole in you forever -- or at least until you imprint on your former love interest's infant daughter.

I wonder what Slade's track record is on pain? Because that's sort of the gist of Eclipse, isn't it? Bella is in pain about hurting Jacob, Jacob is in pain about losing Bella, Edward is in pain because he was an idiot who left her to get attached to Jacob in the first place. Plus Edward can read Jacob's mind and knows the dirty, dirty things a 16 year old boy would think about. So, yeah, pain.

If he screws up Eclipse, Slade will have a pretty good track record on pain. I will personally see to it.

This is going to be the toughest movies to make because it really isn't very substantive in my book. Yes, the whole Edward vs. Jacob thing, blah, blah, blah... Didn't we all know who was going to win. Besides, all Slade has to do is tell K.S. to be herself on screen. A confused, stupid piss ant. C'mon, Edward vs. Jacob? She should have been killed off just for that stupidity alone!

She can also tap into her angst over Oregano vs. Hot Spice.

The thing I don't get is why they picked a director who publicly slammed the Twilight movie on his Twitter account (which has now been conveniently deleted). When his friends were discussing what movie they should all go out and see, this was his reply...

Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid. Twilight at gunpoint? Just shoot me.”

Is that an invitation, Mr. Slade?

That's the beauty of the internet. Don't say something negative if you don't want it to come back and bite you in the ass, Mr. Slade. With comments like that, I bet you'll decide to be all "Team Jacob" just to piss us off, too. Maybe we should make "Piss Ant" a term for ALL Twilight haters. Then it'll apply to him too.

NO! Piss Ant only applies to one person, period!



Ninja Fanpire said...

Natahka happened to have 30 Days of Night at her house. And since we had just watched Golden Compass, which was done by the New Moon director, we thought it only fair to watch 30 Days of Night as well, directed by David Slade.

I personally think he won't do too bad a least on the newborn Vamp part......

Badassmama0709 said...

personally i think that we should give David Slade a chance...
*ducks* he made comments before he had even seen the movie, or read the books (or got asked to direct)and now he's doing a whole lotta back peddling and looking like a moron who needs to be kicked. i will be trying hard to put my focas on him not crapping up the movie, because he's going to have a whole hell of allot to answer to if he halfasses it. He can be team whatever he wishes so long as he builds the saga to a new level of awesomeness... because if he crashes, i will see to it that hes wishes he never uttered the word Cullen *scary evil glare*

sakixry said...

Who is that in the picture???
Nice Mr. Ginger! Well done!

Well... as I Twittered some minutes ago, Slade directed only 3 movies.
1. 30 Days of Night - Thriller
2. Hard Candy - Thriller
3. Some other movie I don't remember and also never saw but it's under "Sci-Fi" genre in

Eclipse could be easily turned to a Thriller from one point of the book and further will all the Newborns and so. I think he could do a good job with that (considering 30Days) BUT what about all OTHER parts of the book?? Hmmm... Spank, I am SOOOO with you! If he f*cks this up... I'm with you on the pain track record... *crouch position* *hiss*

sakixry said...

Are you all still sleeping??? Wakey wakey!!!

robin(me) said...

Heyyy I'm awakey already! UGH, I think Rob & I had too much Black Devil or something! But you know I had to it was his birthday and ....
who the hell is that guy?
O.... HIM Oh come on, Summitt u really irritate me, ya know that? SKUMMITT! yeah SKUMMITT!
Bring back CW - he's at least better looking! DAMN!

I totally agree with you. Mr. Slade. mmm. Let's see the guy who said “‘Twilight’ drunk? No, not even drunk. ‘Twilight’ on acid? No, not even on acid? ‘Twilight’ at gun point? Just shoot me.”

You know I think Summitt just hires ppl who bash Twilight b/c ya know they're f*** stupid maybe?

I'm with you sister on that pain and the bedroom thingy. But with Mr. Slade -- he'll probably smoke a joint with Bella & Jacob as they get all cozy uppy together in that tent of theirs AND cheer them on! *muttering*

I think the picture is missing my PITCHFORK! I know I have it somewhere around here. Where did I put it? OH YES, Here it is!

Pitchfork it aiming position...ready set......

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning league

Yeh, i'm here, @Sakixry! xoxoxox to roomie

I have NOOOO idea why Summitt does this but one word about Mr. Slade
Oh don't do this to me. Don't f*ck up or I'll introduce u to Robin(me)'s sharpened pitchfork! *smirk*

Black Devil? wtf?

Anonymous said...

I am a little scared myself of Mr Slade...where did they drag him up from. I guess the ink was dry on the contract when Slade made those twilight comments so no turning back.

However in my humble opinion Summit did not have much faith in twilight itself. I mean we all love the movie but not the greatest film to grace the screen.
They obviously did not get a female member of their management team to read Twilight. Now they are scrambling to get directors to do the films. If they had planned ahead Summit might have be able to keep Chris Wietz and let him do the rest of the films.

I agree totally with the pitch fork idea. If they screw it up I might be inclined to get a petition going asking that Summit not be allowed to do any romantic movie ever again.

Yes, I said it a petition! A totally non-violent Canadian thing to do. Those petitions can be quite scary you know!

Canadian Anon

Alliebeth said...

I think David Slade will do a pretty good job with all the "scary" parts of Eclipse...but when it comes to the romance, I'm a bit concerned! It is primarily a romance, so hopefully he doesn't just skim over all of that to get to the fighting.
I did read somewhere that he met with Stephenie before he got the job so that she could hear his 'vision' for the movie, and I doubt she'd give the greenlight to anyone too awful. As long as he doesn't bring butt crack santa back as a new born, I think I'll be okay with it!

faith_83 said...

Morning all!!
Well I liked 30 Days of Night as I was saying to @sakixry on Twitter!!
But when it comes to my favorite vampire...the things change!!
Now Mr. Slade make up your mind and fast!! You liked or not?? I don´t have all day here (my boss is in the building and he is going to ask me for the project that I had to do yesterday...which I didn´t do it for pounding Rob on Twitter and the monster just abandon me!! (Oh… that little b...!!) Ok maybe the best idea is to do what you know best and more important DON´T disappoint us!!

Yeah but we need more than just the part with the new born vampires!! I NEED more than that!!
ok I´ve remember the part where I have to take care of what I say on internet!! but I guess is a little to late for that!! *wink* @meadow??

I have a strong feeling that Summit has more surprises for us!! And yeah put that pitchfork near cause we going to need it, no doubt about it!!

how´s the ff going?? need some help??

Mystify Me said...

I don't know about Eclipse.I don't know anything right now because I can't get the image of Rob riding a horse in tight chaps in his up and coming movie Unbound Captives...out of my head!!!!
Oh dear can Rob even ride a horse...oh who gives a rat's ass...yippie-yo ky-yay....woohoo...I feel a photoshop experiment coming on!!!!! hehe

robin(me) said...

Yes, totally agree like petitions may work b/c uh Twifans are DEAFENING, EVIL and PSYCHOTIC...
*smiling sweetly* mahahaha!

oh dear girl, i think i know where ur monster went....he's HERE incarnate only NOT the monster i'd like to see....*pitchfork is ready to FLY* HEY and what did you say on the internet? you can tell me I'm ur legal counsel!

u know what BD is....give me a break! hurry up and get sober so that u can fight off "beedy" eyes.

oh sorry ladies, went off topic, just found the monster who has aged to a obnoxious dirty old man that happens to wear a black cloak! sometimes i get the feeling that he's the creepy MARCUS that my mind conjured up before Summitt casted for it. CREEPY! HEY, Summitt take the judge to be your director for Breaking Dawn! *still muttering*

"I'm sorry I'm bad!" I tried to last night but it was like I couldn't keep up and I didn't know who to talk to and @sakixry went to sleep and I talked to @vampie and then I finally got to tweet with @Spank but then I had to have some of my Black Devil and then Rob stopped by and well? sorry, i pounded rob for real! *evil grin*

Diane said...

Hard Candy is not a "horror" movie. It's a psychotic thriller and features more innuendo of pain and suffering, but mostly a lot of dialogue. (Ellen Page/Juno is the star and kinda bad-ass scary).

I disagree w/ Spider saying that Eclipse isn't substantive. I think it is the best book for inner termoil. My favorite part is Edward/Jacob talking in the tent when Bella is sleeping because they both reveal so much about each other, even though they hate each other. And yes, Jacob is going to have to act his tail off to make Eclipse work. Plus it's the only one we'll get to see a "battle" in.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Hey that picture is quite good, kudos to @Mr. Ginger!

I second @robnutmeg's "blehhhhhh" (gotta love buffy drunk! - wink!)

You are a bunch of cage rattling jerk offs that have nothing better to do than uh rattle Twifan cages. So if you truly want to see the BEASTs then continue to piss us off....NO problem. We're more than happy to break free from our cages and "animal attack"....

just saying!


robin(me) said...

@mystify me
I tweeted about that last night. I think? or maybe i dreamt that i tweeted...well anyways

crack me up! Rob on a horse. MMMM. I have experience in uh rodeo....roping.....uh.......cowboy rob is very sexy....believe me!!!! ooh rob and hugh! they better get their life support systems up and in full working order when that movie comes out...b/c damn! *pant pant pant" "how am i supposed to breathe with no airrrrrrrr!"

wouldja stop tweeting and come back here!

OCD Sufferer said...

Did I see a post yesterday that you finally started reading IHMFLY??????????
I started reading one yesterday (recommended on WA blog) and it is driving me insane! It is called:
The Ex Factor
Bella and Edward are EXES so it is really, really, really angsty in the beginning. I am FINALLY to the point where it is fluff! lol.
These chapters are HUMONGOUS! This story has a higher word count that WA and it doesn't have near as many chapters! There are quite a few mistakes, but it is really good and it had THE BEST LOVE-MAKING SCENE EVER HANDS DOWN!!!! I even told the author that!

robnutmeg said...

OMG, my head hurts...

i can use any help you want to give with my ff. ugh. i suck. i write a paragraph and then it ends up looking like Jacob notes in Eclipse! gawd! @sakixry, how are you doing?

hey, where are you? stop tweeting. will ya? i never talk to you anymore. *tears*

i'll sign that petition!

@mystify me
Oh.dear.lord! Unbound Captives...oooh I imagine Rob as being my UNBOUND CAPTIVE. kinda reminds me of Domward doesn't it? @OCD? oooh. I can just imagine those FF's now! *shivers*

@Ginger's right ur the softer side of!

I'm not sure if Eclipse is inner turmoil but I do love the tent scene so they better not screw it up! I really didn't like how Bella just got her way and plz don't shoot me or anything but I felt that Edward was a little bit of a woosy (ok ducking for cover) I screamed at the book when she kissed Jacob and was all worried about him. I literally screamed! WTF???? I just wanted to tear her hair out! I did. I wanted Edward to become a vampire and get angry and he didn't! He was just so soo sooooo bloody understanding! AND you know I know that was his character and all but GIVE ME a F*** break! ARGGGG! That was one of the scenes in that book that I just wanted rewritten! Send back to SM and do it right! Anyways, I'm ok now. Just a little tense! *smiling sweetly*

OCD Sufferer said...

Hey guys, I meant to post this the other day, but my computer is driving me insane and I ended up forgetting.
This is sooooo hilarious! Anyone who enjoys ff will appreciate this:

Things i learnt from reading twilight fanfic...
*everyone "lets out a breath they didn't know they were holding" (why? do they all have motor neurone disease?)

*no one grabs hair/shirts/sheets, they "fist" them
(btw, THIS is fisting =

*people don't simply cum, they "come undone" or are "sent over the edge"

*people "smirk"...a lot

*people "quirk eyebrows"...a lot

*eyes convey emotions, ALWAYS, and often in quick succession "i saw a flash of fear in her eyes but it was quickly replaced with lust and a sense of longing" (that's called deluding yourself, eyes are used to see out of, that's it - they don't emote!)

*Edward's eyes, whether golden, honey or green, are always PIERCING

*motherfucker is a common word, cunt is not (hey, cunts are useful - it's not a taboo word!)

*vampire Edward nearly comes undone (see above) when Bella blushes but never ever notices her or is in any way affected her period (he just lets all that blood go to waste! eeewww i grossed myself out with that one!)

*when women give blowjobs, they suck up all the juices (they never gag? they never want him to cum on their bodies? why not, it's sexy)

*women's vaginas have "folds" which are more often than not "slick" (i've looked, it doesn't fold)

*no matter how hard a man is fucking a woman if he wants her to come right now he simply has to touch her clit, a.k.a. her "bundle of nerves" (right, like it's a button)

*underwear tears very easily, all you have to do is fist it (see above) and pull (women never get bruised, it is simple and very safe, just one tug and kapoof!)

*Charlie is the heaviest sleeper on earth

*Jasper is sexy as sin (i had to add that, i didn't know HOW HOT Jasper was until i read fanfic)

*Emmett is all-knowing, he sees and understands everything, he is wise and caring but because he looks like a doofus everyone thinks he is dumb...if you have lost hope just speak to Emmett, he'll fix it!

*Edward is...everything. Every incarnation, human or vamp, he performs his man duties in a-plus the end, your pants are dripping and your uterus is aching for his seed (this one is also true)

*i am powerless against smut-fic and will read it at work even though i know it will make me horny and i will have to hide my face from my unsuspecting workmates

*Edward with ANYONE other than Bella makes me sick, literally, yuk

*i still hate Jacob Black, always have, always will

*NSFW is my favourite acronym

*i am damaged - the thought of reading about people other than Edward and Bella is abhorrent, useless, futile, a waste of time

Jamaican Princess said...

I completely agree with you Meadow on the whole pain thing!!!!! and David Slade BETTER not mess up this one cuz I will PERSONALLY hunt him down with my tracker skills and feast on his......ahhhhh, he just better not mess this up ^^

Anonymous said...

@Jamaican Princess
I say with gather up our forces and "animal attack"

oooh.. baby did u hold anything back with that/omit anything/wow, u definitely been in smutland tooo long my friend...
wtf was that? but i have to agree i like that:

*Edward is...everything. Every incarnation, human or vamp, he performs his man duties in a-plus the end, your pants are dripping and your uterus is aching for his seed (this one is also true)
AMEN to that!

AND the panties thing..two words:

I'm still evil never doubt me but I did like what you said about the tent, Edward woosy and Bellabitch. I'm thinking this is a case for Darkward, spankthelivingdaylightsoutofbella-ward, somethingward....winking @OCD!

feed the nasty judge to the volturi. tell him that you are giving him a "free" trip to Italy and have him take the TOUR and then I'll take care of him for you!
don't say I never did anything nice for you b/c that guy will probably give me HEART BURN...if it was still beating that is.

HEY, I want to meet you!!! to like discuss things!!!!!


Mystify Me said...

@ Rob's Cowgirls
Well okay I tried. It's hard to do when the boss keeps strolling by...


OCD Sufferer said...

I didn't write that. I wish I did, but I am not that funny lol! I found it on a WA post

OCD Sufferer said...

O.M.E.!!!!!! You have outdone yourself! I need a shower.!

Mystify Me said...

@OCD His head is a bit large!! lmao
Add Hugh Jackman to the mix, and we'll all have a huge water bill!!!

robin(me) said...

lasso him in, girl!!!! RAVISHim Team has gone to TEXAS!
*wink @beesue* RIDE HIM!

damn I can't see the picture. stupid work! (stomping foot) water bill? omg, i didn't think of that. i'll go broke. loose my house. AND then if we add Spike to the Hugh, Rob ff thing OH>MY>GOD! i'm dead for sure. but it will be quite a nice death, won't it? (winking @Spank, Ginger!)

THAT WAS GREAT! lmao! mahahaha! (winking @robnutmeg)

(arms folded, waiting.....)

if you'd eat the beedy eyed judge i'd give u free legal advice for LIFE! or and morethanhuman is a twitter fiend. not sure if it posts here or reads this. ???? but U'd definitely get along well!

@Jamaicain Princess
woohoo! pitchforks in striking positions!!!!

OOOH you got all "Eclipsed" on us. You go girl. Tent scene is the best! Kissing Jacob and whinning and woosy Edward? UH come on, don't call Edward woosy? He's just being a gentleman! DAMN! Gentle is crap. Want domward! yes, please! Can't imagine BB letting Bella get away with kissing Jacob, do you? Anyone?

Just saying.
Maybe will make darkward for us! mmm? said...

am i delirious?
lmao on that picture. I was waiting for someone to mention this guy....

Pitchforks sound good *winking @robgirls ~ but I'm willing to give the guy a if we have any choice. *whistling while I work*

@fever annon from yesterday
I caught ur bug, I'm running a 102 and I feel wretched. I want to lick an Edwardsicle......lickity flavored, of course.

nice! fanfiction has definitely opened my eyes and OTHER *ahem* things!


answer the robgirls before they drive me crazy, will ya?

you don't drive me crazy, sorry! love ya really!

@mysty me
lmao! i think we'll have a water shortage! no more showers for us!

rob, hugh & spank? yikes. bring them on...i'm already HAWT!

Thanks league for making my sick day worth it! I get to stay home from work and in bed and read read read!

I'm getting on that thing if it kills me but my laptop hates it! so slow!

Anonymous said...

what do you mean Yawsa? i mean what point do u agree with? not that it matters or anything b/c i still "don't care" .....

But, I do like ur edwardsicle...mmm...lickity (kstewpid!) licklicklicklick! yumsy!

@rodeo robin
uh u got urself a deal! hmmm. what kind of a crime can i commit now! let's see here
*rubbing hands together with a gleeful sneaky look*

you know it kinda sux that NO ONE IS AROUND!

Birthday boy had fun last night, looks like anyways! little drunk are we rob? nice! like it! oooh watch that - crash - step! ooops sorry someone should have told u about that!

Hey fanwhores get ur paws off of the poor guy - he's had enuff already! he even had to shield his drunkin eyes from you. stupid f*ckin tween fans! *shaking head*

You should have come to my house, Rob. I wouldn't have pawed you....uh.....much! AND I would have at least helped you WALK straight!

Nice talking to myself!!!!! Bye bye self! Have a nice day SELF! *sheesh*


robnutmeg said...

ok, i'm here. wow don't have a spasm or anything....(rolls eyes)
i'm not sure why everyone seems to be gone but i'm sure they're busy or tweeting. i'm getting kinda used to that now. *tears*

I did see those rob birthday BASHED pictures but give the guy a break - it was his 23rd birthday. let him get sloshed. i agree, tho. twitweenfans are annoying - especially when they get all touchy and I CAN'T touch him! DAMN fanwhores (MAHAHAHA)!

Well,? I guess I'll just go back to work. (mopey, shoulders slouched, depressed, need PE to cuddle....)

i'm so sorry @feverish annon got u sick! Naughty feverish naughty! Getting our OH all sick and everything. tsk tsk, tho! "I want to lick an Edwardsicle......lickity flavored, of course." bwahaha!

robin(me) said...

Well I guess I'll second nutmeg's and @lurker's comments and add

WTF is everyone? Was there another Buffy END OF THE WORLD and we missed it again?

ok no one happy or rather no one there...geeez. well? Okie dokie, then!

l8r, i guess. or maybe not.

Leo's Mom said...

I just heard that Taylor in ahead of Rob for the MTV Breakthrough Performance Male Award! This can not happen! This pup had a tiny part in Twilight. Everyone needs to go vote for Rob. MTV allows you to vote as many times as you wish, it only takes a minute. We also need to vote for Best Movie, Best Kiss, Best Fight and Decode for Best Song. If you want you can vote for Kristen in Breakthrough Performance female. Send this to anyone that will vote for Rob.

OCD Sufferer said...

@The lonely ppl
Sorry, I have been reading (I know, what else is new?) but this time it was GREAT! I just laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair and I couldn't breathe and my eyes were tearing up so bad I couldn't finish reading for five whole minutes! The story I am reading has all of the normal Twilight characters and a few extras, but they played 20 questions and every 5 questions they had to do a dare and it was the FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!! An example:
Edward and Emmett had to pole dance!!!!!! Edward and Rosalie had to make out (and they hate each other...Rose is Bella's sister and Edward cheated on Bella in high school so they hate each other bad)
Bella and Edward had to exchange underwear
Emmett had to get blindfolded and stick his tongue out for 3 minutes while someone (his guy friend) put different body parts out for him to lick w/out him knowing what it was!!
It was so great! I really had a good time reading this!! HAHAHA

sakixry said...

@mystify whaaat? rob will be riding a horse in his new movie? yihaaaa!!! i could teach you how to ride and beesue *wink* could help too! Hey R-Team! Are you up for it? Cowgirls get ready!!

@Diane: I've never seen "Hard Candy". I'm just saying what I read in Is it worth seeing?

My favorite part of Eclipse is the night the vamps are training and Bella is sittng and watching with shapeshifter Jacob and the fight scene where Edward fights Victoria and Seth helps.

Feasty Lurker is back!!!

@robin(me): i miss u too :))

@ocd: Yes! Me and Faith_83 are both reading it!! I love this Bella! Not at all whiney! Brave, courageous, wild! And Edward... *sighs* oh Edward... *sighs*
There you go again with the suggestions... I'm telling you... I trust you in ff with eyes closed! Faith, Ex Factor is next!

@robnutmeg (my beloved crazy roomie): I love you and I miss you also! I wasn't Tweeting. Today I am really feeling... off... I am kinda depressed... in a bad mood... if I write something today, it will be either about somebody trying to commit suicide (not really... I am NOT suicidal) or somebody who cries all day long... shit...

@OCD: WTH??? Why exactly did you tell us about "fisting"?? Creeeeepyyyy!!! The "Fistees"? Ugh...

In general it was entertaining but ... Fistees? Ewwwww.... And letting all that blood go to waste? Jesus Christ...

LOL @ fisting the underwear... yeah... try that with my underwear and I think you will never get any... except it will be a punch... pfff...

I agree with the part that my uterus is aching for Edwards seed... mahahahaaa... did i just said that? OME!

Isn't reading smutty ff at work sinful? I really blush from time to time and I try not to smirk.

OCD... If not anything else... you made me have a good laugh! Thank you for that because today I really feel like shit! I love you!

sakixry said...

@mystify: OME! I am laughing my ass off! He looks soooo out of place in that pic... Seriously! I think the body is just too short for his head... I dont know why it is so funny for me... sorry... (ok... I stop now).

@OCD: You are not that funny? Yeah... right...

@robin(me): i'm here! i'm here! I'm not twittering although I believe faith and vampie are waiting for me over there!

@oh: I like your Edwardsickle! Although I would prefer Strawberry flavor!!

@Lurker: Dont ever think you are alone in here. Somebody always ... lurks! They are watching us...

Ummm... Carson? Where are you boy?

@OCD: Is this the Ex Factor you are reading???

vampie said...

@sakixry *big hugs* you know im here if you wanna talk :o) role reversal.. ?!
faith_83 and me are missing you on twitter..

robnutmeg said...

OH please my dear roomie. DM me and i'll talk to you tonight when i get home! Don't feel bad. I love ya like everything! So glad you came back and let me know. Us Robgirls love all of you. We're the R Team ya know! We stick together!!! *emmett hug coming ur way*

i think i read that one but stopped a long time ago b/c it never got updated. yippee i'll read it again! there was another one like that too which was hilarious....i'm reading The Cullen write fanfiction....but it's HAWT, too!

how are you? miss you like crazy!

we'll be home in about 2 1/2 hrs so DM us and we'll get back to you!

@leo's mom
we've voted. it just sux that taylor is winning. stupid dawg! i mean i like taylor don't get me wrong but I'm TEAM EDWARD!!!!! TEAM ROBERT. RAVISHim TEAM!!!!

hey yeah where are you carson?


faith_83 said...

we are not in Twitter...just a busy day!!

join us on Twitter!! It will be fun to have you with us!! *The monster smiled wickedly don´t know why!!*

I saw the photo with the poor Rob today and also saw a "scary" video too of some fans celebrating his B´day!! And all that girls touching him, hmm...hey hands off!!*the monster, riding shotgun, suddenly produced a wicked looking battle ax and gave a smile of pure evil*

girl where were you today?? I´ve missed you!! yes in the position to ride Rob...I mean to see him riding!! Ex Factor...hmm sounds interesting *he monster nodded vigorously in agreement*

LOL!! That was too funny!! but I have a question regarding ff: why in almost all the FF I´ve read Bella´s mother is dead?? why everybody wants to see her dead?? ok, never mind, just saying!!

what is wrong with everybody??Rob is loosing against Taylor??

I WILL SEND THE MONSTER TO KICK EVERYBODY´S ASS if he loose in front of Taylor!!!

sakixry said...

@vampie: thank you honey!! i know you are!!!

@roomie: It's no biggie... hell... I didn't want to draw so much attention to me... it's ok. I guess it's just because yesterday we had a fight with my bf and today I woke up and felt really shitty... I'm just so oversensitive... a stupid fish you know? I love you too Robgirls!!! And I really miss you but my eyes are really puffy and they are burning me... I don't think I will make it tonight either... I am a sleepyhead...

WTF is wrong with my f*cking internet connection? or is it the f*cking netbook? F*ck f*ck f*ck... shit... pffff..

sakixry said...

@faith: you and your monster! LOL!!
Yes... riding Rob... uhhh... I mean watching Rob riding (through a mirror maybe? hmmm) is going to be GOOOOOOD!

robnutmeg said...

that cracks me up with ur monster talk. get an axe wicked!

no one's on twitter? wow. i wonder if the robfans broke it.

i'm sorry. *tears* come and i'll give u an edward pillow to hug (or bite) and we'll have a little southern comfort and we'll just have fun!!!! bring Dahlia too ....

hate bf fights. hate bfs right now, too. i'll never have date again! maybe i should check out being a nun. OK OK I used nun! I can just lie!

f*ckin guys! u want me to come over there and kick his a** for you? i mean i think i can take him. i've been taking lessons!!! mmm.

@sakixry's BF
why don't u f*cking get OVER it and be nice to MY ROOMIE or else I'll kick ur a** from Greece to WA! *smiling sweetly now*

Go find Jacob and kick his doggy butt! How DARE he be winning over Rob! This is an emergency!

OH yea. Breaking News:
Kstewpid turned down oregano's proposal? Bloody hell! God, can't anything go right? *rolls eyes* Robert, screw her if u must but plz don't fall for the piss ant!!!!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: why do you have to be soooo far away? this is just crap!
I could just hug you! dont need the pillow if there is a friend!
yeah, somedays i hate bf's too... my own also. all men in general... strange "things" they are!
if kicking his ass made you come over then YES PLEASE! *wink*
He is nice now. He picked me up from work and we had a long chat while drinking a coffee by the sea. But anyways I am still a little oversensitive and when we got back home my mom (who is living in the 1st floor of our 2 apartment house) didnt had any food for me and i started crying... do you f*cking believe that? think i'm going crazy...

what? oregano proposed? why??

Ginger Swan said...

@Diane, the tent part is one of my favorite parts of Eclipse too. Which means they'll probably leave it out like they left the Meadow out of Twilight. *evil glare at Summit*

@Badassmama, I like the way you think!

Glad you guys like Mr. Ginger's pic. I gave him the pic of Slade and told him what we Leaguers feel about him, and that's what he came up with. :)

@Oh, feel better soon!

@Alliebeth, what, you have something against Buttcrack Santa? I think he'd make an AWESOME Newborn!

@Lurker, I like when we see your softer side of Sears. And you're clearly a Buffy fan which means you're totally one of my girls.

robnutmeg said...

someone close to me recommended this song to me when something bad happened to me: (i'll share with you by DM tonight ok?)

Welcome to Wherever You Are by BonJovi

Maybe we're different, but we're still the same
We all got the blood of Eden, running through our veins
I know sometimes it's hard for you to see
You come between just who you are and who you wanna be

If you feel alone, and lost and need a friend
Remember every new beginning, is some beginning's end

Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
Welcome, you gotta believe
That right here right now, you're exactly where you're supposed to be
Welcome, to wherever you are

When everybody's in, and you're left out
And you feel your drowning, in a shadow of a doubt
Everyones a miracle in their own way
Just listen to yourself, not what other people say

When it seems you're lost, alone and feeling down
Remember everybody's different
Just take a look around


Be who you want to, be who you are
Everyones a hero, everyones a star

When you wanna give up, and your hearts about to break
Remember that you're perfect, God makes no mistakes

Roomie, that song brought me through a REALLY tough time in my life.
Don't ever give up, coz you have friends out there that care. besides i'll kick u to kingdom come! *smile*


Oh and as if it matters, kstewpid apparently said no to the oregano!!! he proposed b/c he apparently felt threatened by #rpattz (sorry habit) and then she says no? oh crap. maybe oregano had reasons to doubt, huh? as if we didn't already know that. HELL-O? anyways, i say they're screwing don't you?

hey where are you? hey has everyone like fallen off the planet or something?

faith_83 said...

he propose ans she said NO?? WTF??
and then she says: me and Rob are just friends!! FRIENDS MY A**!!
I just load a STRONG picture with Rob and Kstew on Twitter!!

@KStew´s boyfriend
wth is wrong with you?? control your girl man!! mary her and TAKE HER to some trip to moon or something!!

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: i know this song! it is beautiful! Thank you! And I am waiting for your DM! So, I'm off to bed. It's almost 2 am.
Love you!

P.s.I too believe Kstew and Rob are screwing... how could she not?

faith_83 said...

ok so I get a little to excited...I meantto say marry her and...well you know the rest!!

so I was talking to @sakixry earlier and I was thinking that maybe we can start a new trend topic tomorrow like #girlsweekend!!

R-Team are you in??

robnutmeg said...

oooh maybe make it shorter, tho. my fingers will kill me if i have to type all that!
Robgirls are ININININ. but will have to wait until after wk tomorrow.

@oregano ok ok wtf is ur real name? anyways, come on man don't give up so easily ... did u offer her a 2 carat diamond? i mean diamonds are a girl's best friend.....geez i wish i would have kept mind i would have Fedx'd to you! hey, hint: don't dress like rob if you don't want to think about him while ur like uh screwing....not a good idea!

go to bed and i'll send a dm and then while i'm sleeping u can read it. what a world we live in! *sigh*

u know @lurker is starting to worry me a bit.....i kinda like her. yea yea you heard me @lurker! bloody hell!

OCD Sufferer said...

Girl you are so sweet to me!! You say the nicest things!
I am glad that you like my recommendations on ff! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
Yes, the things I said are from the Ex Factor.....know this...the first FIVE chapters were complete angst! And these chapters are wayyyyyyyyyyy longer than WA's chapters, so that is a whole freaking lot of reading!! LOL! It is weird...Jasper and Bella are hooking up, Edward and Tanya are hooking up...and it is just a lot of bs! You will like Bella in this one though!
Another one where I really, really, really love Bella is Subject: Edward Cullen AKA Womanizer! She is SOOO BOLD!!! Only thing is, now it is getting weird. I think it is @ chapter 28 and its just like a freaking roller coaster. I still like it, though. It is a lot like the Office in that Edward is "the bossman" and he gets women all the time, etc.
Did you ever read Saturday School? That is another really good one ;)
Just know, when you do read Ex Factor...BE PREPARED! I am serious! I have been reading it for 2 days straight and am only on chapter 15!!!!!!!!! This lady writes the biggest chapters I have ever read in my life! SHe posted on this past chapter that they are roughly 20k words each!! O.M.G.!!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

Oh yeah....the "fisting" so sorry.....I didn't write that! It freaked me out when I clicked on the stupid thing, too....ewwwwwwwww!!

Mystify Me said...

@all... Taylor is winning because his fans have created multiple fake names and email accounts in order to do multiple voting. Damn those pubescent hormonal rug rats. Okay Taylor is okay.He seems nice enough. He has white teeth. Yeah, that's good for a win.Yeah right.
@Sakixry Okay stop laughing.My boss kept coming by my desk.First his head was the size of a peanut.Then it was too big!! F%&k get the idea right?? Giddy-up cow poke!
Okay I'm having a meet up with some gals from across Canada from my other Forum.Leigh from Vancouver swears she saw Rob at the airport a couple of days ago.
This fellow held the door open for her.She doesn't really know much about him. I called today and asked if he had a British accent.She said she doesn't remember.
WHATTTTTTTTTTT??? EARLY ALZHEIMER'S OR WHAT.If Leigh didn't have a disability I would smack her with her own cane.Well not really, but *sheesh*

Mystify Me said...

@Vampie Get ready the trucks and props have arrived!!!!