Friday, May 15, 2009

Grand Theft Auto

The day is drawing near... filming in Volterra Montepulciano begins the end of May. Did you know that Montepulciano is located in the heart of Tuscany and is known for their wine (Rob gets drunk), pork (Rob gets Kristen) and cheese (Rob sings love songs in Italian to Kristen). But more than that, this is where our beloved Alice whisks Bella to Italy (and away from that mongrel Jacob) to rescue our tortured vampire from self-destruction and we get: The Yellow Porche. Well, you know how Summit will stop at nothing to destroy our Twi-world and they LOVE to nickel and dime the Twilight franchise? What if they try and put Alice in a yellow Porche Boxster instead of a 911 Turbo? I mean they did take Edward out of an S60r and squeezed him into a *gag* c30 hatchback. What else can they do to *destroy* us?

How much do you want to bet they put in a tricked up yellow Honda in place of the Porche? Think of the cool spoiler they could add! Wowzer. Go Summit, break the bank on the spoiler and rims on the Honda coupe.

You have a good point, Spank. Summit also cheaped out on the cast's wardrobe. Somehow Edward's expensive leather jacket ended up being a Member's Only jacket. WTH? Let's just hope they don't have Alice driving away in a yellow Kia Sorrento.

Hmm.. Or even worse, they'll have Jacob come to Volterra and carry Bella to Edward on his wolfy back. Then she can waffle back and forth between the two of them while being dragged to Aro. Oh, wait, I meant to complain about the car... Um, maybe they'll give Jacob a yellow racing stripe?

Would if really be so horrible if the Volterra killed Bella? Just a random thought...



~Jamie said...

Go Go Ford Festiva!

On a side note... I did have a boyfriend who drove one of these once... we didn't last long.

Ninja Fanpire said...

If they don't use the right Porsche it's going to ruin the whole movie for me. Everybody is expecting the yellow Porsche and the Grand Theft Auto line. If they leave out either, the movie is going to lose cool points from everybody.

sakixry said...

After hearing and reading so much about how great and professional and fast Chris Weitz works, I dont believe he will use something else beside the Porshe911 Turbo! Nope! I don't! (pitchforks Chris... remember?)And I also don't believe he will not show us Robward half naked... Nope! That either!

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning League

OMG u just cracked me up this morning and then...suddenly I thot of that p-coat and no leather jacket and my world came crashing down!!!

that was hilarious but it better not be true....let's see one of your special powers isn't fortune telling is it? uh good. relief.

hey now, volturi eating bella u sound like @lurker. mmmm. it's a good idea tho! but then there wouldn't be a need for a BD and then we wouldn't get to see Edward anymore and no ISLE ESME however fadey 2 black it was....mmm. damn, i guess bella has to stay alive.

@sakixry (roomie)
I don't think CW will let us down either. Plus I've seen Rob in his vampire outfits and I've seen black leather coats.....mmmm......let's hope so. Cars? come girls, do we really care about cars? JUST AS LONG AS ROB HAS NO SHIRT? That's all I care about.......

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: aaah! yes! Rob shirtless! Rob pantless! Rob boxerless... Rob ... well... there is nothing left. He is naked! Mmmhhhmmmhh!

robnutmeg said...

i have the vision of ur tweet pic lodged in my brain now. mmmm. yummy. lick lick. twirling fingers thru hair. ahhh. OMG sorry everyone. kinda went into a foggy dreamworld for a second. u have to go to tweetland to see sakixry's pic. it's worth a lick. mahahaha! *wink* pssst. email email email email....

please wk on our ff. i'm trying but i so suck at it.

@vampie, LEAGUE
u r definitely the ff masters! i bow down to u holy greatnesessessss.

u know i love u, right? what's new in ff world? i haven't had time to get caught up on anything and it totally bums me out! help me out here, will ya?

Well off to work i go. whistle while u work and lick....omg, did i just say that?

vampie said...

there had better be a frigging yellow Porsche. first no mention of Jaspers ability .. if theres no Porsche.. pitchforks!

sakixry said...

@roomie: oh yeah... in my mind too!
i'm there with you in the foggy dreamland. I imagine myself with Robward but we're in the same world... *sighs*

@robin(me): where are you today? why havent you checked into Twitter?

robnutmeg said...

oooh yeah jasper's ability. but you know that will probably happen in eclipse? but, i just saw an interview with PETER, vampie, PETER *mmmm* and he said that the birthday scene was AMAZING and Jackson was fab!

u know i just uh never really read *cough* NM all the way through...i just skipped over jacob & bella --- i mean wtf cared about jacob? i mean really...*whistling still*

@sakixry (roomie)
robin is sitting here next to me pulling her hair out b/c the case sux and she's kinda UH upset. she just said PITCHFORK to me. oooh.
*worried face* Robin(me) never gets like this unless something's really wrong.

l8r everyone! xoxoxoxoxox

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: tell robin(me) not to pull her hair out! WTH? This is not worth a hair implantation! *snicker*

I will send you an e-mail later. In about 2 hours I guess when I will be at my second job!

Anonymous said...

eegods, League.

I was wondering what happened to my yellow was out in my driveway and then POOF gone! grand theft bicycle....
tsk tsk, League!
OH....robin oh robin oh robin....

oooh don't be getting all upset and all, i'll give u a pitchfork and poke who u need but don't LOOSE IT....i kinda need ur assistance now. geez!

@sakixry, robnutmeg
wtf. what pic. lick? explain, plz.

I always planned on eating Bella. Sacrifices, sacrifices. so, let's see eat Bella and Mr. acid Slade...mmmm. i'll need antacids fer sure! kudos!

ff/smutfiction i can't LIVE w/o it.

yellow porsche or die!!! *wink*


Mystify Me said...

Hey Gals!
Yeah I can hear the line now...somehow grand-theft Vespa just doesn't cut it!
Although Alice would look adorable on a scooter in her little white swing coat( NM Draft2), Bella would fall-off at the first bumpy cobble stone, and then where would that leave us??? ;)
I'm sure Summit will say "Oh but we tried, but they were clean out of yellow ones"...yeah right.

robnutmeg said...

mahahahaa! I'm sure Summit will say "Oh but we tried, but they were clean out of yellow ones"...

yep and the sad thing is that's exactly what those skummits would say too! oooh sorry. like ooooh sorry no jasper's powers oooooh sorry no real meadow oooooooh sorry no leather coat oooooooh sorry no blood typing ooooooh sorry no ISLE ESME love scenes - that would be rated R.....ok now i'm getting really depressed i'm stopping now....

somehow i can't picture u driving a yellow scooter. help me out here league? it is just sooooooo uh "soft" like @Ginger says "SEARS".

i'm not doing well adjusting to this new you, lurker -- I can't *shaking head violently*

bff is gonna be ok just a little STRESSED....uh......but she did say that

@lurker....she knows what ur thinking about and she said "forget it"..not enuff evidence to convict and it would be a conflict of interest!
(winking @the league) @lurker ...try something else, ok? hey, if u eat Bella and Summitt presses charges, well that's a case she can take!! just saying.....

OCD Sufferer said...

TOV had an update yesterday.
the Dominant usually has 2 updates a week. This week she has only done one so far. Hopefully today she will have another *grin*
IHMFLY (don't think you read that one) had an update this week, but it is RPOV so I haven't read it (sorry, rose bores me lol).
I am currently reading the longest ff in twihistory!! LOL The Ex Factor. I posted yesterday that each chapter is 20k words!!! So you can compare, WA's last chapter was 12k!!! These chapters are freaking L-O-N-G!!! They are good, though! The best love-making scene I have ever, and I mean E.V.E.R read! And you know I have read a whole freaking lot!! LOL!!
So what, does this now make me the Resident Smut Advisor? (RSA)

Mystify Me said...

@RSA lmao

Okay no Fanfic from me, but this is hot...well if you pretend it's you and not Bells. Look at the angst on Edward's face...O.M.G!!!!!!


faith_83 said...

Morning all!!
Somebody just pull me out of Twitter NOW!!
I have to calm down a little, me and the monster had a very busy morning at work (*wink* @sakixry) twittering and licking screen and talk dirty...normal stuff that I do at work!!

yes this weekend will be some ff ideas...or at least I hope so...damn Twitter!! Summit, huh?? I think we need something more strong than that pitchforks here!!!

my dear you just made my day with that photo, I love you, I really do!! Don´t forget I´m out in almost 2 hours you come and pick me up and will have that coffee!!(Stupid distance!!)

so sorry to hear that!! If you want some help I can send you the monster to give you a hand!!

yeah stupid Summit!! he is so good at excuses!!*evil look*

don´t you dare RT-copy/past-share link of @sakixry´s´re not too far from us...we can make you a little visit...

ok new trend topic today beside the usual #followfriday

SO HERE IT IS : #robwardpornpics, #thinkingofrobsbarewaistinthatspecificpic, #sexyrobfingers!!
we will need some help with all this!!

robnutmeg said...

oooh GAWD - pounding all of those? i can't even say that first one no less type it.

goody we get to pound on twitter.... again....hear that, @robin(me) we're pounding rob again! oh yes. pass the gin and i'll be ready when i get home tonight. blasted work!

@sakixry (roomie)
still have visions of that pic in my head! *so not wanting to be here right now*

HOW THE HELL do i keep a professional straight face when I have that picture in my head, roomie? how how how how? OMG and then I think of that post of @OCD's yesterday with the wet and the seed -- OK, that's it. I'm doomed, doomed --

OOOH I like that! RSA. There is no one that I would trust to be the RSA, agree everyone? EX Factor? oh god, i can't read all of that....I couldn't hardly finish some of the other's like you need more stamina to read about sex then to actually!!!!

ponder this: popsickle (lonnngggg & icyyyyyy) + Rob's lower extremities = yummy lickities!
I had to explain this to robin(me) and she almost fell off the chair.....
I'm sorry if that pic was a secret but i had to cheer robin(me) up! it was used for good and not evil! *ducking for cover now*

OCD Sufferer said...

What picture are you guys talking about? We should NEVER withhold pictures from each other in this group! That is just wrong!
OUT WITH IT! NOW!!!! (please!!) said...

League, mmm. Well at least IT IS Yellow! the scooter will get better gas mileage and it would be a good thing if they lost bella off the backend, right? oh shit i guess not she wouldn't be able to save Edward and then we wouldn't see him w/o his shirt.....and I REPEAT, Stupid SUMMIT - without HIS SHIRT!!!! (winking @Faith_83)

Watch Summit will probably be all color blind and get like ORANGE and say HEY, it's yellow what are you talking about? *glaring eyes, pitchfork and fired up torch in hand*

I'm beginning to hate Summit anyways so it really won't surprise me if they f*** up Italy too!

Hey uh readers -- you really should stay on topic -- just saying b/c The League works hard in bringing these important matters to our attention AND then we just get all off track and it's just all crazy and oh crap now i'm sounding like my mother...."stay on track" oh never mind....don't listen to me i'm so hot i think i could melt Edward's icy peen.

OH MY GOD, I really did say that, didn't I? *sexy hot - and I mean -HOT HOT HOT 101.6 feverish smile or maybe a slight grin*


@robnutmeg, sakixry, faith
WTF picture?

faith_83 said...

I can pass you the link...but I don´t know if @sakixry agrees!!

what do you say??

OCD Sufferer said...

*ssshhhhhh, I won't tell!!!*

OCD Sufferer said...

UH OH!!!!
Note from the RSA: *grin*
New chapter on the List!
Title: The Wedding!!!!

sakixry said...

@lurker: well hello there dear Lurker! You wanna know what we are talking about regarding pic and lick? Why dont you join us in twitter? *evil grin* Right roomie?

@OCD: When will AG post the newest chapter...? *sighs* I'm asking you cause you are the RSA you know... *wink*
I send you the "pic" via e-mail, ok?

@mystify: well, when bella would fall off the vespa, the Lurker would grab her and drag her to Volturi! hmmm... but then Edward would step into the sun and they would kill him... no no no no no! Its a NO GO! Bella must NOT fall off the Vespa!
Also... I could imagine this specific Edward face while he is doing something else too... not only angst face you know...

@roomie: you shouldn't get depressed because of Summit but FURIOUS! Grab the pitchfork! I'm coming over!
If the Lurker wants to eat Bella, she must wait until AFTER she meets up with Edward or else he is gonna show himself in the sun and the Volturi will kill him!!

@faith: yeah, we were working really hard! and I didn't post any pictures on the Twitter thingy.. no no, it wasn't me! nope! I was working very hard! (maybe for 30 minutes the whole day long...)
Licking the screen???!?!?!? Muahhhahhaaaaahaa!!
Something stronger than Pitchforks? What about the Torches?
*cries* ok, dont remind me again how far away you are... *sniff sniff*
and thank you for sticking up for me! such a nice and lovely girl in comparison to some other little bad girls i know... *evil glare @ninja and @vampie*

@robnutmeg#2: mahahahaaa! I really didn't work today... really... I was only Twittering and posting pics... uh... NO... It wasn't me! No no no!
And I agree completely to OCD = RSA! Completely!
You are so right about the stamina! Reading ff leaves you all hot and bothered... pfff...

ROFLOL!!! I dont believe you... you are something girl... "(lonnngggg & icyyyyyy) + Rob's lower extremities = yummy lickities!"???? Mahahaaa!
Yeah.. sure it was a secret... until @ninja decided to show it to @vampie and then @vampie to the whole TWITTER WORLD! *sticks out tongue to vampie and ninja*

If you want picture, you come to Twitter... or you can send me your e-mail address... please DON'T post the link here! The whole wide world is reading Twilight-Headed! I would die of shame!

OME! OMG! I have a headache from all the laughing today.. I'm telling you... *laugh tears in eyes*

sakixry said...

@ocd: *squeaaaalll* the wedding? aaawwww! Is there also some ... ehmm... you know ... after the wedding?

OCD Sufferer said...

I just now started reading it. It is really long, so.....
I am on a different computer, so I am gonna run into the other computer to check my email and then comment on the pic. Not sure if I should be happy or scared, yall confuse me lol!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

I knew it! I knew it!! I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O.M.E. I just had a heart attack!!!
Here is why:

Well, after Taylor Lautner decided to bring on the sexy, now Rob Pattinson is in on it too. He too is now well on his way to being ripped. If Rob and ripped are put together then girls are in deep trouble, crush trouble that is. If his popularity wasn't already at an all time Maybe in New Moon Edward Cullen will show a little bit more muscle from a good looking RPattz.

Reports say that Rob is pumping a bit of iron in Vancouver and working on sculpting his body. According to Lainey Gossip "...he’s been working out a lot lately. At the gym almost every day."

OCD Sufferer said...

You are bad....very, very bad!!

sakixry said...

@ocd: definitely happy! not scared!
Yeah... Rob and ripped...tell me about it... right @robnutmeg, @faith? And he isn't even ripped in that pick...
I cant wait seing Robward SHIRTLESS... SUMMITT... SHIRTLESSSSSS I SAY!

sakixry said...

@OCD: Does this mean you saw the picture? *wiggly eyebrows*

OCD Sufferer said...

oh yeah, I knew I forgot something.
AG posted last night (she sounded down in the dumps) that a week is...I forget her exact words, but in other words "wishful thinking"
I am thinking it is going to take her a while this time. I haven't been expecting it this soon. First of all, it is the last chapter, so she is probably sad to see it go. Second of all, it is the last chapter and she needs to go out with a bang!!! Third of all, she is getting a lot of pressure from fans of what they "expect" to happn. Of course EVERYONE wants the whole love-making scene and she would be pretty retarded not to include that! lol.
I think she is just taking her time and making it one HECK of an ending!
I must say....I have been keeping myself pretty busy while waiting for her updates, so I haven't been sitting around all depressed, lol. I think I will cry @ the end (like I did when Twi was over...I felt like my best friend moved away and didn't have a phone or email address!! LOL)
Anyway, I read WA every Fri night and Sat morning at work. Makes time go by so quick! I also read it when I am taking one of my long baths.....but I stay away from the smut scenes cause I like HOT baths, not cold ones!! HAHA!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

yes, i saw the picture.....

no comment......except that I will never look at popsicles the same again.....not even sure I will be able to eat one in front of Mr. OCD ever again.......

OCD Sufferer said...

WOOT! Just got an email, new chapter of Dominant! I figured it was coming, usually does on Fridays. Be back later yall! Two smutty stories to read! haha

sakixry said...

@ocd: damn... how can she possibly put so many things in one chapter?
I will eventually copy and print it cause i'm afraid after she decides to publish a book she will take it away. althoug i will definitely buy it if she you know publishes it.

Mahahahaaaa about the popsicle!!! LOL! ROFL! I cant breathe!!! Help... *choke* *gag* I'm fine ok!

Two smutty stories and one smutty popsicle pic to keep you company! Mahahhaaaaa!

Brenda Jean said...

That would just be wrong, so wrong. I think I'd have to curse them with boils in sensitive places for that.

faith_83 said...

LOL that was good!! but I told you it was a "delicate" pic; I had to ask @sakixry`s permission!!
How do you keep up with all the ff that you´re reading?? ok a lot of experience and all that...I know, I know... (not really)
oh and about the GOOD NEWS of Rob (it was about time) don´t sing victory before that battle...don´t know why I´m afraid to get excited and all and then Scummit (*wink* MM)must probably will change their opinion!

you gave us some work with that pic!!!

sakixry said...

@brenda jean: boils in sensitive places... hmmm ... i like that!

@faith: i think i shocked OCD with the pic :)

OCD Sufferer said...

Ok, so even if Summit doesn't do his whole shirtless scene, think about this. Rob is now a heartthRob and if he has buffed up, I am ABSOLUTELY SURE he will be doing topless PICTURES!!!! That is all we really need, right??
um, yeah...I can't wait!

sakixry said...

@OCD: Rob doing SHIRTLESS pictures??? OMG! OME! Yeah!!!
Imagine what pic's I will post then... pfff...

faith_83 said...

#shirtlessrob, #shirtlessrob, #shirtlessrob, #shirtlessrob...

robin(me) said...

OMG, ppl i can't keep up!!! I'm totally frozen to uh @sakixry's picture in my mind!!!! mahahahahaha

ur soooo bad. mmmm. lickity lickity!

@ocd, RSA
good god girl ur making me dizzy. UH NEW CHAPTER OF DOMINANT...mmm. I can check that out here! *rolls eyes*

hey i like #shirtlessrob....damn i can't do it here. f*ck work. i like it!

@brenda jean
mmm. boils in sensitive places. mmmm. before or after the pitchforks......

ur crazy when ur sick. that's priceless! love it!

oh crap duty calls!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): yeah! i know! isn't that just great?? I'm bad! I'm bad! You know it... *singing Michael Jackson's bad*

sakixry said...

@OCD: Emmett is a mormon priest??? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

OCD Sufferer said...

Yeah, this was a good Dominant. It is the one where he finally um...goes "where no man has gone before" with her!! LOL! It was a hard chapter for me in the Submissive cause I thought he was just doing it for himself, but his version is a bit better.
However, the List is a bit difficult for me. She is totally veering from the original story. I know a lot of the stuff she has done wasn't in the story, but she actually completely CHANGED the story. It is good, though...right now I am at the point where they are getting ready to try (Finally!! took 3/4 of the page! lol)
There are some oh so sweet parts, though! I love the gifts! You will, too. I cried @ the ipod (not giving anything away). Ok, back to smutville. *eyebrow wiggle*

OCD Sufferer said...

I told you that before!!! That is what makes the story soooo stinking good! It is completely ironic compared to the Emmett SM made! LOL! He is soooooo uber sweet, though! P-E-R-F-E-C-T for this version of Rosalie. *grin* (he almost makes me switch teams in this story....nah, can't ever get off Ed's team!! Doesn't mean I can't bat for the other team every once in a while, ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

robin(me) said...

Another song comes my mind but I can't write about it here. Well I guess I could since we're raised the bar like uh a smidgen, tad .... *cough* (innocently looking down to the floor b/c I had nothing to do with raising the bar....) *cough* *mama mia*

OOh so in ur expert opinion I won't like be shocked or like damaged forever if i read Dominant? b/c damn I still am recovering from submissive. AND this other one i recently read....damn i forgot the name of's on my home pc. something like la mirage or something. HEY, it wasn't MY idea to read it (glancing @robnutmeg) .....while all alone one night with just my PE and a bottle of wine. I think that was the night I ripped PE's legs off trying to undress him....OH MY - that reminds me....GOD, I miss PE now! *tears flowing* MEMORIES!

are you ever going to post here? damn girl get off twitter and come back to us here!!!!

I read what you posted a second time b/c I loved what you said about being hot enough to "melt Edward's peen" That just cracks me up!

OK so @League along with other warning that this website needs to have on don't read while drinking coffee --

I think we need to add another that don't read while working in a court with a serious case in which you have to try and convict some guy for breaking into a jewelry store, who got locked in said jewelry store and preceded to call 911 that he's locked in the jewelry store with a angry pitball.

I mean, can this get any funnier? OMG.
Then there's @sakixry's picture to ponder on (thanks to @robnutmeg's very descriptive comments about said picture) and then now @Oh's comments. I'm just about ready to like blow or something.

OH CRAP, now I'm saying Blow? Yeah we all know what I'd like to blow now don't we so let's just move on ....

*hands up in the air while i get arrested and thrown in jail for contempt of court.....*

OCD Sufferer said...

NO!!! If you already read Submissive, you HAVE TO READ DOMINANT!!!!!! Submissive will damage you and the dominant will make up for it!! LOL! Seriously! GO READ IT NOW!!!! I ORDER YOU!!! *sheepish grin*

robin(me) said...

OH I wish I could but I won't have enough time inbetween these deliberations. *groan* I think I started reading Dominant but that was after I read Submissive and totally DIED while reading it. Remember, reading it with one eye open? That was ME. I just can't get into that riding crop I mean you know? One time I think of Mr. R as DARKWARD and DOMWARD but God that just was wayyyy tooo traumatic for me! It's the whole pain thing ---- it's just not me. I mean spanking is one thing but HOLY MAMA that is just tooo far gone! Oh man, I'll just have to read it tonight, tho. But I'll come after you if it's BAD! LOOK OUT! mahahahaha

OCD Sufferer said...

@in(me) yeah, the spanking really hit me hard. I didn't like it, but Ed's version makes you cry!!! HE ALMOST CRIED! He hated it! It is so sweet!

sakixry said...

@ocd: yeah! i get that. Emmett, a virgin Mormon priest giving relationship advice to Bella...

@robin(me): come on! tell me the song you have in mind!!
"OH CRAP, now I'm saying Blow? Yeah we all know what I'd like to blow now don't we so let's just move on ...." That's what she said... I rest my case :)))

beesue said...

Hey Guys -
Just a quick "drive by".

Ate some baaaaad BBQ on Wed. and have been between bathroom and bed for the last two days!

Feeling a little better this afternoon.


That is All. Talk tomorrow.

robin(me) said...

Get better soon! Missed you today!

forgot the song, sorry. it was good. let me ponder on it and see if it comes to me later.

i'm gonna read Dominant now. Hope I don't like pass out or anything. Mr. R is going to be home late tonight so maybe I'll just maybe read "Lathering Up" again, and wait up for him? Uh no I'll read Dominant and then watch Twilight and then wait up. *wiggly eyebrows*

robin(me) said...

Oh wait, @Sakixry
saw the actual PICTURE....*drops dead from shock*

Mystify Me said...

Yea! I can post from home.I wonder if work has blocked me.Who knows.
So my Google Alerts say Rob has been pumping iron!Either Taylor is pissing him off, or there willl be a scene that requires a six-pack! :)
Going to the fridge.Got me a pink popsicle! LMAO

Mystify Me said...

How do you refresh this thing, without having to log out and come back in? Duh.

vampie said...

@robnutmeg dont care WHAT Peter said.. i saw the video. i just stared.. thanks for telling me! LOL sounds good!

@sakixry .. LMAO!!

Mysify Me said...

Watching the Farrah Fawcett cancer what a woman.
Okay kiddie-winks. I am going to meet 20 crazy gals in a hotel room
from my other Forum, from one side of CANADA to the other.
Maybe one day some of us will meet too. :) Nite babies.

Anonymous said...


sakixry said...

@robin(me): yeah well... whas it a good shock or a bad shock? mahahaaa!

@mystify me: i hope rob is gonna need a six pack to show... mmmhhh... you should try eating the pink pospsicle while watching some pics... ehm...
About the meeting... you can always hope and dream... right? *sighs*

@vampie: LMAO! You can't say that I didn't make your day yesterday, right?

So... who is depressed today? I can always make a fool of my self -again- and look like a little perv -again- and you can all laugh at me then... But I think it will be worth it because I don't want my friends to be sad or depressed or anything!