Sunday, May 17, 2009

Storytime With Meadow: The Mirrors

One of my favorite things to discover while searching for good fanfiction are ones with a take so unique that I'd read the story whether or not it had “Twilight” stamped all over it.

“The Mirrors” by Adorablecullens is one of these. It's a twist on modern fantasy that finds Edward forced to deny a magical world he's grown up and consequently loses himself. Bella enters to bring Edward – and the magic – back. Trust me, if you like fantasy AND the idea of a shy, geeky Edward, you'll love this story. (Oh, and there are lemons. Well placed, well-written, touching lemons.)

If you're anything like me (and I know you probably are) you've already blown your way through all of the fics I've recommended and then some. (I know, I see you recommending ones to each other before I have a chance to feature them here.) I can't tell you how excited I am to share one that I HAVEN'T seen you discussing!! So go show Geekward some love. He needs a hug.

The Mirrors, a Twilight fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Twilight, Romance/Fantasy, pairing: Edward & Bella, Teddy's secret and magical childhood is lost when a family heirloom is destroyed, changing his life forever. Now an adult, can Edward open himself back up to magic and love when he meets a beautiful - and hauntingly familiar - woman in real life?



Tmss said...

Dear Meadow, I first start reading fan fic because of you, one of your post Storytime With Meadow, got my attention and can’t stop any more. I am totally in love whit this new way to enjoy twilight, and also don’t mind the different setting. So all of this is to say thank you, and chare a fell amassing stories whit you, I don’t know if you already find them but there you go.

kmoye said...

I will have to check this one out. But the office is by FAR my fav.
And a good many of the ones I or my BFF have read are being pulled and made into real books. So some are THAT good.

suthrngrl said...

Hey Meadow – “Story time with Meadow” is my favorite time of the week. Yes, I read everything you recommend. I have to say that “Wide Awake” is my favorite - but “The Office” is a BIG favorite too. I have read them both several times. I love Geekward - but Darkward is really HOT. Try to find one that is COMPLETE. Currently I am waiting on about 8 stories to update and it is really getting on my nerves. Don't these people know they have FANS! Just teasing, I'll try to be patient. Thank you for Story time! You guys are the BEST!

robin(me) said...

Good Morning League and Meadow!
The Mirrors? I'm wondering if I haven't read that one. It'll take me awhile to go thru my FF files. (winking @ocd)

thanks for your list. I'll recommend Lathering Up (winking @vampie) and The Office, which you already have. AND
Honeymoon and Black Lace. Just search too tired to find it for you. Sorry. I'm a lazy ass what can I say?

AMEN to the Office

Yes, it's hard to be patient with these PPL who can't seem to get it that we are WAITING for some closure. I have a ff that I've been waiting 2 months for a new chapter....*hands up in the air* and I feel so defeated. arg!

Word of advice: don't act out the tree in "The List" it's not pleasant! just saying. *wink* BUT I highly recommend acting out "Lathering Up", Elevator scenes in "the office" (if u dare) and opera house coat closets are dandy to play out scenes from "H&BL"
Close one eye while reading "Submissive" but "Dominate" is sorta darkward sweet...uh sorta. I tried! (pleading look @Ocd)

I have to now go get treeward to nurse my tree injuries. CUl8r!

welcome to tweetland, @sakixry, @vampie and I found u!

call me! (worried frown)

robin(me) said...

OH thank u, sweetie. u "nurse" i know how u got all ur medical degrees. *yummy*

OCD Sufferer said...

I am just as happy that you reviewed one we haven't discussed! Sundays are my new favorite days of the week because I always look forward to days we are actually SUPPOSED to talk about!!
I have not read the Mirrors, but it is in my folder currently titled:
Recommended but haven't read yet that only has about 25 ffs in!! HAHA! I will be finishing up the current chapter of the Ex Factor here in a bit (yeah, took me nearly a week to read!! THAT F**ker is L-O-N-G!!) and I will probably start on Mirrors...wasn't planning on it, but ya know I can't "not be in the loop" haha! I was a geek in HS so maybe I will enjoy geekward! Who am I kidding? I have yet to find an Edward I didn't like....yes, even Domward...BUT, only the end result, lol!!

@in(me)does this mean you won't finish Dominant or just that you still don't <3 him? LOL

Ok, now that I have fulfilled my Smut Sunday wake up call, time for breakfast! LOL! (yes, it is noon here, was up till 6 am reading that stupid Ex Factor trying to finish the last chapter until my eyes crossed and I started seeing 3 Edwards *I wish!!!*)

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Breakfast at Tiffany's - it was originally a one shot then expanded. Here are the links for the one shot and the expanded version. Very sweet, love this fan fiction.

one shot:

Also my latest read features poetry and great music - tropic of virgo:

I only recommended the good stuff!

Gina said...

THANK YOU MEADOW!! I too, really look forward to sundays with you! I have loved each one you have recommended! I will have to start on it soon! Ok... I mean.... NOW, sounds like a good time! Bye!

sakixry said...

Hello there girls!

How are ya today? It's almost tomorrow for me already (11.53 pm in Greece) and I just wanted to check Meadows recommendation.

The Mirrors huh? Hmmmm... never heard of it, never read it BUT I will definitely! Sorry I don't know anything about it and cant comment... *sad face* but I will eventually.

It's really great being able to read all this ff. Some gems are really among them.

@Tmss: Aaaaaah....yes...The Office...That Beautiful Bastard! What I wouldn't give to be his assistant! *sighs*

@suthrngrl: Wide Awake! Such a wonderful, wonderful story! Completely different than Twilight! I love it! Heard that AG will publish it? Right?

@robin(me): geez girl... don't you know I am Vampies publicist? pffff...

"Lathering Up" a one shot fanfiction. Wet, cold and hard! Read it people and comment! Thank you! *grin*

The List is good @robin(me), right? Inspirational...
Dang... I havent read the Black Lace thing yet... I'm almost always following @OCD's suggestions or what she is currently reading 'cause yeah, it's difficult to catch up on her!

@OCD: I'm still fighting to finish IHMFLY! It is goooood! I like it and I am still at the dinner with parents part! Will probably read Ex-Factor after that... or maybe The Mirrors.. hmmm... don't know!

@Anonymous: Tropic of Virgo is gooooood!! Like it very much!

@Gina: Read it already? Is it goood???

@robnutmeg: Where are you love?

@faith, vampie? Rest of R-Team?? Ninjaaaaa?

@OH: I think you can find me easily too! I'm sakixry :)

OCD Sufferer said...

WOOT Ladies!! Chapter 2 of Overtime @ the Office (office outtakes) just posted! BB here I come....hmm, now *theres a thought!!*

OCD Sufferer said...

O.M.E. ladies.
What I have to say about the newest Overtime @ the Office chapter???
I am thinking the next (warm) Thunderstorm, I may have to find a (clean) alley to take Mr. OCD to......
That's all I have to say about that.....

Mystify Me said...

My FRIEND LEIGH Ann cam efrom Penititon B.C. on May 13.
She was in executive class, becuase she is disabled.
There are 3 in this cabin. An older slightly grey gentleman, and a nice looking guy.
Um...she didn't know.
She said he was wearing a light denim shirt with a white T under and dark glasses hanging off his T *gasp* It was him .He was with an older gent(maybe his Pop)....oh my.

Mytify Me said...

F+uck Rob held the door for her;;;

robin(me) said...

@Mystify me
why can't i get that lucky? & how come none of ur friends do anything when they meet him? geez! Will you go with your friends next time, b/c I'm dying here!

Mystifyme said...

@Robin Me....Crap I know! We were so freaked out. OME HE WAS A GENTLEMAN...I didn't think he wouldn't be.She has Lupus and walks with a cane.

sakixry said...

@OCD: What Overtime @ the office are you talking about? And what Thunderstorm??? Title????

sakixry said...

@mystify: oh my GOD!!! She was sitting in the same room with HIM? And breathing the same air?? *SCREAMS* And this past weekend you were breathing the same air tooooooo???? *squeal*
Rob held the door? *faints*

hmmm... who is Bella Swan and why does she follow me on Twitter? hmmm...

robnutmeg said...

would u just read ur email, plz!

Heather said...

So, i'm only on, like, chapter 9. but, omgsh! this fanfic is amazing!!
honestly, though, i think the author should just change the names and edit a bit, and, viola!, s/he will have her own book to publish! seriously, i think this story is THAT good... and it hardly relates to twilight, except for the names and some minor character traits...
so far, though, this story is awesome! i can't wait to finish it!!