Saturday, May 16, 2009

She Said "NO!"

Word on Gossip Street is that Michael Arangano proposed to Kristen Stewart in Vancouver and she said "no." I'm wondering if he presented her with a ring or with a bong. Maybe she would've said yes if it was a bong.

Why would she want a diamond on her finger from Michael Orangutan when she gets to have that brilliant diamond in her every night?

Oh, crap!

Maybe this is all a really elaborate character study. She'll probably accept Oregano's proposal once he agrees to make her a vampire.

What does she see in that Michael Origami anyway?

This is NOT GOOD, it confirms what I've thought could not be possible - that "they" are doing it. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

You see, Rob knows that you don't need to buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, and it's pretty obvious he is not lactose intolerant. *squirt*

Well, I see she doesn't exactly seem mind being milked, at least not in this analogy...

"doin' it, and doin' it, and doin' it well ... She represents Cali. and he was raised out in Britain."

I know that we've waffled back and forth about the pros and cons of a "Robsten" affair, but I don't really care if they're "doin' it." And, since she just turned 19, good for her for turning her boyfriend down. 19 is awfully young to get married, especially in Hollywood. It'd be best to keep the first divorce somewhere in the late 20's.

I agree, 19 is awfully young to get married if it's not to Robert Pattinson.



Ninja Fanpire said...

I told you, Rob and Kristin are going to date each other sometime around Eclipse. Bye bye orange guy!

Oh ya, I bet he wants to be with her forever. She's got the fame and the links now.

sakixry said...

Good morning far away friends!
I'm working today (again...pfff) but you know I'm not really working... right? Writing in blogs and reading ff is not really work althoug you are at work, right?

Sooooo... anyways! Of course they would hump each other sometime! How is it possible to have such sizzling hot chemistry and not doin' it? And how can you resist that Robward popsicle??? Pfff...

I am seriously happy that she turned him down. I think she is too young to get married and she is just really starting her carreer now so hang in there Kristen! Tell Oregano to go and spread himself on some feta cheese!
In case you think I am drunk and dont understand what I'm sayin'...
Feta cheese is a greek goat chesse -yummy- and we usually trickle some oregano on it...
mahahaaaa! :) No, I am NOT drunk! It's 11.45 am here in GR now!

robnutmeg said...

Hello League
Aw Man, I thought I was just having one of the nightmares when I first saw those reports about kstew & oregano. dangit!

Can't that girl do anything right? everyone knows you put OREGANO in your KSTEW! that guy is crazy to want to get married anyways....too young, too inmature....

ks: oh michael i'm too young to get married i barely am legal to drink champagne cocktails in BC and smoke illegal pot in the US....I'm just tooooo young to get married.....
kspov: oh crap, how am i supposed to practice my scripts with Rob when i have a "husband" i mean i really love michael, don't i? love love love love him. like lickity. but there's that thing that i have to "for the twifans" OOOH i just love those fans, they want Rob & I to date and u know HE IS SO HAWT and well I'm only 19 and "We went through a lot together, so we feel very close, "If we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way I stand next to him. And it’s like, I know this guy really fucking well," she says. "It's only natural that we're sort of leaning on each other, because we're put in the most … psychotic situations."

OOO and I just love my robsicle, it's just so LICKITY!

MA: oh shit, the rumors are true she doesn't love me anymore...she wants that prick! god, that prick must be bigger than mine.

rp: damn she's mine. what a ridiculous and bizare turn of events....*scratching head* i hope she likes dogs and that damn cat of her's better not scratch patty's eyes out......
now how do i get the paparraz out of this limo so i can get kristen out of her clothes like LIKITY!!!!


sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: you are one crazy nut... you know that right?

kmoye said...

you know gossip is well just gossip but i also heard Rob celebrated his bday with kristen and his parents. i mean i don't celebrate my bdays with NONboyfriends and my parents. just sayin.

vampie said...


@kmoye yes,i saw the photos of them. rp, ks, his parents, but also ashley greene and jamie campbell bower. BUT their limo driver took just rp and ks alone, back to rp's hotel, at 4am. she was not staying in same hotel. her hotel was 3 blocks away..the limo driver could have easlily took her to her hotel. so she must have stayed with rp.. overnight.

just saying..

robnutmeg said...

yes i am. and loving it! *wink*

vampie said...

public service annoucement for
@robnutmeg @robin(me)
neither me or @sakixry will be on twitter tonight :o( she is going to a friends house to watch eurovision and i'm babysitting, at my aunts :o(
so i'll chat to you both tommorrow ok.(am leaving here in 20 mins!)

Spank Ransom said...

@robnutmeg - I laughed so hard this morning when I read this on my phone while sitting on my front porch I am SURE I woke the neighbors. It was perfect. Hilarious. <3 you.

bretmarie said...

I think we'll find out of Robsten is true once he's in New York filming his next movie "Remember Me" and she's filming her movie the "Runaways" in L.A. this summer. You would think that they might want to get together sometime?

Caitlin said...

@robnutmeg that is exactly how I heard it playing out in my head! youre reading my thoughts LOL.

As for the whole marriage at 19 thing, that is extremely young. And she has no reason to get married shes just hitting her peak!

Oh and Robstew, no no no (waggles finger back and forth) try Robcait ;D Fate is calling =D

faith_83 said...

LOL!! I can see that you´ve worked at your ff cause YOU ARE SO IN the story!! And then you say you need my help to write!!

Robward popsicle??? Pfff...
So no Twitter tonight, huh?? Yeah probably will be better to just watch Eurovision and get some sleep!!

For me this love triangle reminds me of Edward, Bella and Jacob.
I know who plays Bella I´m just a little confused who plays Edward here!! Oh crap I think I need a drink...or two...

kt said...

wow if this is true wtf was he thinking? they are like teenagers. thats too young for anyone imo, but really too young in hollywood. big kudos to her for saying no if this is true.

robnutmeg said...

awwww. thank you! coming from you that means so much to me! >3 too! xoxoxoxoxox

@vampie, sakixry' wth? i wait all week for this and u just abandon me? that is wrong. simply wrong! *cries out loud* i mean *OUT LOUD*

omg, when it comes to ff, i'm like this blank page of NADA. it would be very short.
boy meets girl. girl automatically wants boy. boy wants to kill girl. girl doesn't care, thinks it's cool he wants to kill her. boy wants to kiss and not kill girl. girl wants to be kissed and killed. he finally kills her and they live happily everf**** after!

the end.
ok so i suck. i know it.
*hangs head in shame*

HELP me.

i'm drunker than i skunk and STILL have time to post a comment. so get the bloody blazes on here and say something damnit! *smiling sweetly*

ur right, i read ur mind. and girl, u have one nasty little mind.!

wtf are u?

robin(me) said...

Good morning league.

eeegodzzz. wth? when did this happen? like is this for real? no wonder summitt is thinking UH SHIT! How do we keep these two apart? I bet their biting their nails clear off by now. GOOD!

You know I love those two together. Robsten. Or is is stewrob or is it krispattz or is it pattzkris? well whatever....they are just so f*** cute together. I can do their wedding invitations. you know, i do have other talents like being a wedding coordinator and such.....just saying.

what have you been drinking, my friend? b/c damn! i always knew you had a HUGE talent for writing and it goes w/o saying that i'm totally in AWE of you...*not to mention that ur gorgeous -- sneer, hiss, boo -- * BUT now I bow to you for real and in PUBLIC. You, my dear, have outplayed outwitted outlasted all of us twisurvivors and you've done me proud. The immunity idol is your's, my sweet. Use it wisely! *wink* AND we need to talk about ur visitor last night. just don't give me that coy look!

Oh and @vampie, sakixry
WTF not on tweeter? *anxiety attack*

Dominant was good. Even read it with both eyes this time, aren't you proud of me? So is Mr. R. *wink* Still can't act that one out tho. Er nope. Although, Mr. R thought I could. pffffff. yeah well I just need to bring out "La Mirage" for him now, don't I? He'd automatically protect his uh crown jewels if I "acted" that diddy out.... mahahahaha

@the league
there's light at the end of that tunnel. i still have the hopes that someday Mike uh wtf is his name will NOT give up the fight for kstewpid.. I mean what's one little refusal? I'd say...Go get her -- and fight to the death! mmm. Any bets on the winner?

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

@faith, didn't you see sakixry's pic on her twitpic. hilarious.

@robnutmeg you, just, man, I have no words. sent you a tweet!

Did he really propose? Yes, that is too young to get married, though that is what I did, but there was a reason, lol Though I'm still happily married after 17 years.☺

faith_83 said...

If I saw the photo?? I´ve help with the mood to create that photo!!I´ve licked that PHOTO!! I mean...what photo?? No I haven´t saw THAT PHOTO..
*wink* @sakixry

GallifreyReject said...

I like me some feta! With some black olives on my salad..minus the oregano lol..yum! but anywhoo....

If he really did propose to her, why not accept? Be a JoBro and wait...or something like that..
If she is sooo mature, and crap then she should be honest with him and be like um i don't want your short butt i got me some sparklepeen or something.

But I'm with Spank on this.they're bumping pies!!

really ridiculously skinny bumping said...

Here I am having this cheerful little morning...sun's out, birds chirping (me hating the birds for chirping so f*cking loud), drinking my coffee - cheering like mad that my temp. is now NORMAL woohoo - kudos to the drug lords! and THEN
I read about proposal? WHAT?

brilliant! omg! brilliant! bow down to you girl!

Can you just imagine kstewpid's face as she's galloping around MA and he pulls out a frickin ring and says hey lickity marry me? oh to be there to see her face as it drops open and just drops open stoned dead white!

Now I don't know about you but I see the Mastercard commercial getting on this bandwagon.....

*Twilight movie for the 100th time? $5 in some cheap two bit country town that's too stupid to know that IT's.on.DVD (if they even know about DVDs?)
*PE dolls: $25
*Edward Cullen bite me tshirts: $7 if u buy them at Walmart.
*Trip to Vancouver to catch a glimpse of RPattz: $250 plus ties to the twilight mafia
*Hotpocket supply for life: $900 w/ tax

Michael Angeleno popping the question to Kstewpid who literally blows him off: Priceless

my bet is on edward. i hope he's immune. @robnutmeg better give him that idol after all! or better yet, sanctuary sanctuary.

Screw her but don't marry her! UGH!

It feels so good to be cool again! Time to party.

faith_83 said...

maybe you should write a ff with this love triangle : Rob, Kristen and Michael!!
Remember you can do whatever you want with them (it´s your ff).
A visitor last night, huh?? yeah sometimes people need to talk and stuff *innocent eyes*

they are cute together?? wedding invitations?? we are talking of Hollywood...if they are together (which I know they are)I give them 6-8 months together!! thank god you are also a lawyer so you can arrange the divorce too!!*happy face*

sakixry said...

I'm still here but not for long. And bf wouldn't allow me take netbook with me... i think he would eye stab me... better not... friends wouldn't also be very happy about it... so you will miss me for your afternoon. maybe if i get back early... hmmm...

@bretmarie: aah! good point! that will be interesting. he >> N.Y... she >> L.A. Ooooh No! That reminds me of the ff "I Love L.A." Damn..

@faith @vampie: we poor European gals are doing everything we can to be with the Americans. And they dont even stay up till late to say Good morning to us when we wake up. Pffff...
@roomie: yeah yeah... *cries out loud* where are you when I wake up?? Sleeping? And where am I when you wake up? Right here waiting for you! pffff...

You forgot the most importan part in your short ff... boy f*cks girl, girl likes it, girl wants more, boy gives it to her and then he kills her ... or not... wtf? if there is no f in the ff it's so not worth it!


The Friday popsicle Perv...

@faith: ha ha ha!! lickity popsicle!

@robin(me): first you say they look cute together and bla bla and then you want the Oregano man to insist? Hmmm...

@gallifrey: passing over the bowl with the feta cheese and the black olives.

I am 100% sure Rob and Kstew are humping each other and playing bf/gf but I am also sure that after all the Twilight thing is over they will break up. I don't know why. I just am. And then Rob will spend most of his time visiting the R-Team around the world.

robin(me) said...

mahahaha. i'm so torn. i just don't know what i want for those two. ya know. you gotta feel sorry for oregano, i do. that poor schmuck who has nothing to do but chase his eversopopular gf to the edges of the planet as she eye f**** - i mean - gazes up at the most beautiful guy on the planet....or at least the most beautiful "vampire" on the planet.
I was just trying to soften the blow...and besides...

HUGE wink to you, my friend. I can do all things! mahahaha. marriage. divorce. bills paid off. get the picture?

OMG! u are definitely feeling better. I love what u said about the birds...had the same experience myself this morning. "Everything else there's mastercard" mahahahahahahahaah!

The League is HAWT today. so much goodness just dripping wet. oh wait, that will be tomorrow for fanfiction story time! winking @meadow and @ocd!

bumping pies? mmm. so we are still talking pies are we? yummy. i still have a cherry one i can uh bake!

u know, i don't know about the summer. i just feel uneasy with this whole thing. yes, they are doing it but i don't think they are going to be picking out curtains anytime soon. but wouldn't it be sweet *gag* if they got married for real when they shoot the wedding scene in BD! *if in fact that wedding scene is IN the movie - pitchforks ready if not* Wouldn't that be just so convienant for 1978 hippy daddy stewpid? He might even throw in a couple of bongs for the guests!

and I love feta cheese AND black olives especially while drinking Black Devils.....lalalalallaa

Just saying.

Ginger Swan said...

@robnutmeg, you are CRACKING ME UP! Who says you can't write humorous fanfic? (not me!)

@kmoye, you're absolutely right. Gossip is just gossip and there's probably no real truth to this rumor. But obviously we're more like Star Magazine than People. We're more than happy to pass along false gossip. :)
But you do have a good point! Why would she spend his birthday dinner with him AND his parents? The only non-bf that ever hung out with me and my parents was gay.

GallifreyReject said...

lmao ooh feta!

and yeah! pie! pie! pie!

i'm hoping pie bumping will catch on!

and did yall hear about traitornikki and how she's all mum about sparklepants now..hmm

and she's not claiming kstwe as a bff..hmmm


Ginger Swan said...

Hey guys, Susan (our faithful commenter) gave me permission to share this with you. You all know she was pregnant and maybe with twins. It turns out it was just one baby, but yesterday she lost the baby. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

OCD Sufferer said...

I have to work on Saturdays! I thought you would know this by now :P
I don't have the priviledge of a cell phone to get online lol!

robin(me) said...

So very sorry to hear about ur loss. We will definitely be keeping u in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for letting us know. Please tell her how sorry we are.

Spider Monkey said...

Susan - I am so terribly sorry for your loss. The pain and questions that you are going through must be more than overwhelming. Please know that Spider, the League and all of our regulars are thinking of you. I am praying for your healing both physically and emotionally...

Love From,
Spider, aka Lou Lou

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

So sorry to hear of your loss today. What a difficult time this must be. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
~Valerie aka momof3crazykids

OCD Sufferer said...

So sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you are going through. My prayers are with you and your family.

OCD Sufferer said...

What did I tell ya? I told you it was better *grin*
I always prefer EPOV over BPOV anyway, but dom vs comparison :D

Susan said...

Thanks everyone for your support - I am trying to not die on my end :)

vampie said...

look after yourself, just know that we are all here if you need us. *hugs* i have had a bad week, due to something that happened in my past, and the messages (on twitter) and love and support i've had from everyone helped so much.

OCD Sufferer said...

If you need someone to talk to who has been right where you are, email me *comfort*

OCD Sufferer said...

I got married when I was 18, for necessary reasons as well, lol, and we are still together 15 yrs later. I know ppl who got married way older and divorced quite quickly, so I don't think age always matters. That being said, my girls were both told they aren't allow to get married until they are 30!!! LOL!!

*however, I personally don't think I could have raised 4 kids starting @ age 30! I am almost 34 and have a 15 yr old already!! LOL!!

robnutmeg said...

I know exactly what you are going through and are feeling but my loss was brought on by different circumstances. And I know you are hurting now, sweetie. But don't give up! PROMISE ME you won't!

We all love you here!

God bless! said...

So very sorry! Please know that we all care deeply for you here. Give yourself time to heal and as @robnutmeg said, Don't give in and give up! You will get through this.

Loves & prayers,
Oh said...

Oh and announcement....
I'm on twitter as of uh 24 min ago and i don't have a clue what i'm f*** doing so lend me a hand when u guys have a chance, k?

i'm: vampcampr
stupid thing wouldn't take all my ltrs! geez. what did i get myself into?

haleygolightly said...

Poor Young William.

Lady Hale said...

She should just marry him!!

Robert's not going to marry her...he's marrying me!! Didn't you get the invitation?!?!

robin(me) said...

@Lady Hale
I don't recall creating those invites for you....mmmm.....went with someone cheaper did u? pffff

I agree, tho. She should just marry him and set Robert free so he can pursue OTHER interests!