Sunday, May 10, 2009

Storytime With Meadow: Lathering Up

Windoward is hot, and Darkward is hotter, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Wetward. So what could be better than having a lemon-fresh one-shot written especially for the League and our readers? Our very own Vampirelover/Vampie/FutureMrs.CarlisleCullen wrote out a very special shower scene featuring Edward and an unnamed (aka all of us) female companion. So head over to Lathering Up at and show her some love. My only gripe about this fic is that Vampie uses "she" where the text should have read "Meadow." *wink*

That was the best sex I ever had read!

Thanks Vampie! What a wonderful read the other day. I know who I'll be thinking of next time I take a shower. So, maybe I should curse at you because HE won't be in MY shower! Grrrr....

I've never felt so dirty about a shower before. I need Edward to help me get fresh and clean as a whistle.



Total Fanpires said...

So far i have been tempted to read fanfic but havent and you guys make it so hard to resist. Someday i might actually read some!

OCD Sufferer said...

I can't believe I am still up @ 4 am...and guess what I am doing? DUH!
I can't believe that I look forward to Sundays now...not because of church but because I like to see what kind of smut you guys are reviewing! Yeah, you guys have ruined me. Haven't been to church since I started fanfiction...thanks a lot!! LOL!

Speaking of which:
Updates for T.O.V
Warmth (YES! YES! YES!!)
and Baby Steps (a really really good one this time!)
I actually read another shower one the other day that was sooooo h.a.w.t. but I can't remember what it was. There was a detatchable shower head involved.....mmmmmmm

So ladies, we aren't like Bella, we don't have a problem with cold, wet things, now do we? However, a wet Edward is NOT a cold Edward...he is SMOKING hot! Man, Mr. OCD is asleep and I am getting a little....excited over's not helping that this stupid "leave your comment" is RIGHT BESIDE ROBAPALOOZA since I am the second one to post....I almost don't want to send it because I am really enjoying the view!

B.t.w. why do you have the ugly "how to be" pic on there?? LOL!!! he is so janky looking in that movie!
Ok, I am shappy, I need to quit talking to myself (shappy = slap word! Give credit to me if you use it!! HAHA)

OCD Sufferer said...

Oh yeah....
Hope all of you horny moms (myself included) have a very smutty Mother's day!!!!

vampie (writer of Lathering Up) said...

woohoo!! yay!!! *dancing* o.m.g my story is on storytime with Meadow..

i'm so glad The league enjoyed it. and hope that everyone else who reads it likes it too. maybe you will all get inspired to try it in real life with your own Edward?! (right @robin(me)? *wink*)

oh and i LOVE reviews! hint hint *smiles*

Gina said...

Thanks for the story! I read it the other day and loved it and left you some comment love! Yes, Wetward holds a very special place for me too, but I dare not say it is in my "heart". It may be a bit lower. teeheehee!

robin(me) said...

Good Morning, League
Happy Mothers Day!

LATHERING_UP, I just might have to read this again!

I won't be going to church for a long, long, long, time! *grin*

After uh reading "Lathering_Up" - that WAS the best SEX I ever had...uh....for bloody REAL!

Well, to give credit to Mr. Robin, it's always been HAWT with the man I love but let's just say I was "inspired" so perhaps it was the best sex HE ever had in a LONNNGGGGG time!

AND *sheepish grin* I have to admit that wetward was also right there, too. (I have a pic of him on the ceiling!)

DAMN RIGHT!!!! Twitterer, Hey, did u get any sleep last night at all? Wanna ask me if I did after Mr. R got home and found me with an empty bottle of wine? He said, "what have you done today, sweetie?? AND I said, pajama party, booze, headache, better, Fanporn, and more booze" and he said, "Come with me." Kinda reminded me of darkward! FADE to BLACK....... *wink* hahahahaha!

vampie said...

@gina LOL yes, definitely not my heart he affects.. :op

@robin(me) LOL at pic of Robward on the ceiling!
it was already light when i went to bed! i slept for 4 hours.
so which ff did you recreate this time?! Mr R must so love me!!

robin(me) said...

Hey, I told everyone about my "secret" picture on the ceiling of my shower that I even laminated so it wouldn't get ruined, didn't I? Anyway, Mr. R noticed it last wk so I thought it would be down for sure but it's still there...

Mr. R will have to talk *cough, cough* to you about that. He had his OWN ff to UH act out last night. I was just there for the UH ride...kinda like darkward meets GO ROHDEEOH - *winking @beesue* Maybe a cowboy theme, huh? I think Mr. R had a nip or two last night as well! YUMMY.

ur tweetering! yeah yeah yeah!

wake up!

rise & shine

stop with that song already --

omg i'm a twitteraddict now -- yeah that's just great! Mr. R is NOT going to understand that!

robin(me) said...

twitter is bloody slow today! at least for me!

robin(me) said...

you've got to try at least read Lathering_Up!

How has the partying going? You watched Twilight together? *tears running down my face*!

Leo's Mom said...

Love Lathering up, Happy Mother's Day, I have a question. Are there any updates on "The List" we haven't finished the list yet! The last chapter I have is 20. Does anyone know if there are any more or if there will be more?

faith_83 said...

Morning ladies!!

Oh I´m so happy for you vampie!! Like I told you last week I loved Lathering Up!!
Try to get some sleep (you know dreams can be inspiring and all, for writing ff I mean ;)

I´m following you on Twitter, nice to know that the Team is almost complete!!

I forgot to tell you that Twitter is kinda addictive!! now Mr. R will ask for a lot of explications!!

robnutmeg said...

Good Smutty *wink @ocd*
Mother's Day Morning League and Readers!

I agree w/ you I loves the wetward -- but have not had the pleasure as yet to ah be inspired either by real
*looking @robin(me)* or even by dreaming...coz i never get that lucky to have a wet dream! *stomps feet*

You are the Goddess of all wetwards ff! AND you need to sleep so you can finish OUR other FF...ahem! Anxiously waiting here!

You are on twitter? Did you find me? I haven't checked it lately.

my date when good, thanks for asking!

roomie, dear where art thou?

robnutmeg said...

i mean went good..(rolls eyes)

faith_83 said...

where are you girl??
"The monster is standing next to me, arms fold, impatiently tapping its foot :))"

sakixry said...

OMG Vampie!!!! Oh such an honor of you dear League!! As Vampies publicist, I would like to thank everybody who participated in making this ff reality. I want to thank Robward for the endless inspiration he is offering us and also the writers of other very smutty ff stories I have read lately! My mom, my dog... (OK, I am stopping now! Dont hit me!
You know I LOVE LATHERING UP!!! It is one of the greatest smuttiest one shot stories I have read and it is DAMN HOT! And inspirational! I'll try it out on my bf some day... Will let you know how it went!

sakixry said...

@faith: *giggles* Tell the monster I love him and I am here now!

@robin(me): you lucky little ...

@robnutmeg: date yesterday? how was it? how did he look like? how do you look like? ;o))

@Leo's mom: sorry, i have no idea!!

@Gina: my special low parts too... *snickers*

and to ALL crazy Twimoms:

A very Happy Mothers day!!

and as a good publicist...

@Total Fanpire: You really should try and read "Lathering Up". It is very good. Not too dirty, not too clean. Just in the middle. And you can replace the She with your name :)

robnutmeg said...

Well hello, dear roomie? Party much? mmm? only 6? *twitterme*
"yes, no, to get to the other side, 1.772453..."


OCD Sufferer said...

Robward was the sexiest person ever to say 1.772453....every time I heard it my heart skipped a beat! I loved math, but coming out of Rob's mouth was just....mmmmmmmmm wow!

So, what are you ladies planning for this wonderful Mother's Day? I have a feeling I am going to be dragged to Mother-in-law's house (isn't this supposed to be MY day? how do I end up going to hell on MY day? ugh!)

robnutmeg said...

I can help you with the MIL if you really want me to! *very dark evil grin* I think I still know where I buried her...if you know what I mean....*wink*

I'm going out with my sis, brother and mom for brunch! Then nada...maybe txtmassage my new bf -- but not sure about him yet.

OH OH OH you gonna love this @ocd and everyone...speaking of MATH - this guy is a college math professor....*giggling hysterically from your comment about sexy edward math*

OCD Sufferer said...

@nutmeg do you give someone a massage via text???? ROFL!!! You surely meant message, right?? LOL!!!!
Man, I would love to have a man talk math to me

"Tell me the Pythagorean theorem baby!"

I tried to talk Mr. OCD into learning an accent for me....he refuses. So, I guess if he won't role play, neither will I if ya know what I mean!! I would love to hear him talk dirty in a smexy accent.......O.M.E.!!!
British, Irish, or Australian...I will take any one of those *EVVVVVVIIIILLLL GRIN!!*

robin(me) said...

@robward, wetward, darkward, anyward...

just saying..

the only role playing I get out of Mr. R now takes place in the *cough* shower and roping the calves...(don't ask!) that's something that I just can't explain.. darkward is ALIVE just saying...but there is NO accent at least NOT yet...mmm. (wheels are turning in my head) OMG, I just said that, didn't I?

So what ur saying is that ur math prof. gave u a few ah math investigation lessons? pray tell. spill it. when do i get to meet math whizz!

robnutmeg said...

mahahaha! and I did mean txtMASSAGE!

nothing to spill yet! and i mean that LITERALLY. omg i'm such a smutslut talker. AND i have to go meet mumsy soon for twibrunch! *rolling eyes*

GallifreyReject said...

I will never look at my shower the same

robin(me) said...

Oh yeah damn straight! *rolls eyes*

sakixry said...

@ocd: wooohoooo girl! you should push your hubby a littlev more for that accent thing... maybe if you tell him what he will get in return...

@robnutmeg: is he sexy??? like robward?

@robin(me): roping the calves? wth???

@galifrey: oh girl... ypu and all of us too!

robin(me) said...

Last night, Mr. R gave me a rohdeeoh! ropes, calves, bull riding, branding, *well something was hot* etc. etc. he took too long in getting home last night so i had a nice bottle of merlot by myself by the time he came home so if i remember correctly he said..."come with me!" and the rest is fade to black!

sakixry said...

@robin(me): so you mean you passed out or you dont want to share? *wink*

lele said...
nuff said...

faith_83 said...

oh..LOL at what you said...but I think is not passed out is more I don´t wanna share matter...
the monster shakes his head in agreement with me ;)

robin(me) said...

*wink* and a little bit of both. i'm not quite used to this new Mr. R. but i like him ok i reeeeely like him!

oh to have wknds go on and on and on and on....

Plz write another chapter of Lup! OR no rush or anything but anyone else anxious for Spikeward besides me?

As much as I love to tweet, it's gonna suck not being able to work! so plz don't stop commenting on here b/c that will make me insane!

OH off topic - my little grandson gave me a rose and had this huge grin on his face and said, I love you grampire robin! OH MY GOD! I had to ask him to repeat what he said...YEP that's what he said allright! that little guy just cracks me up! *shaking head at isabella*

robnutmeg said...

I need ur email so i can send u a pic. but god knows why u would ever want to see it. ugh. but i found one of me and my little sis. so i'll send it to you.

do we have to go to work tomorrow. twittering is "against the law" oh yeah but robporn isn't. hmmmm.

have a restful night and so glad everyone had fun together!

Happy Mother's Day again to all and to all a goodnight! I'm beat. And I don't know why?

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