Monday, May 11, 2009

L.A. Ink

The League was having such a great time here, two of us decided to make it permanent.

Yeah, because the other two are pussies.

That's Miss Cougar if you're nasty.

The only one I'll let inject me is Rob.

So anyway, the four of us went to the tattoo parlor. Spider and I got inked while Meadow and Spank were chillin' with the staff.

Spider got inked thrice, Buttcrack Santa style. *little tiny bottles*

Come to find out, my tattoo artist, Leonard, has read the Twilight Series and seen the movie. He even knew about Midnight Sun.

Yeah, that's when my tattoo artist started making fun of your tattoo artist.

By the time we left, they were all big fans of The League.

Are you sure they weren't just big fans of your cleavage?


Here's my tattoo. It's on my low back. I got one rose for each of my kids, each in their favorite color.

And this is my tattoo... also on my low back. Sorry, you don't get to see the other two. ;)

Never one to be left out, Edward got his own tattoo.



Anime said...

That is hilarious! Awesome tats ladies! Maybe next time, an ode to Twilight? Hm?

p.s. I can't believe I was down the street from you guys when you had your James/Cam run-in! :green with envy:

Total Fanpires said...

oohhh pretty tattoos!!
What did Pocket Edward get? lol

sakixry said...

That are really great tatoos!!! Really!
You should make a League tat next time all together! That will be great too!
I also have 2 tattos but nothing with colors and so.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Ginger I want to know if Mr. G knew about this before you did it.

I figured Spider was the other, I don't think any of you ever said who else besides Ginger was getting a tat.

My friend wanted to get her wrist tattooed, but she's a bit of a sissy too. She was (and still might be) worried that the needle will end up hitting her vein and ink will go into her blood stream.

@Spider So does your tat symbolize anything?

That's where I'm probably getting my first tattoo. I know I'm getting one there, and I almost know which.

Anonymous said...

Morning everybody!!
Wow, you girls had a lot of fun!! Who knows maybe in the future we can plan a trip over there and meet the whole Team, what do you say @sakixry, @vampie???

@Ginger and @Spider
When I saw the tattoos I´ve remained all the pain I went when I made mine…btw @spider where are the other two placed??
And I want to know who held Eddie´s hand while he was having his tattoo??

So I guess that you guys didn´t find Robward *sad face*...who knows, maybe next time...

robnutmeg said...

Good Morning League!

OOh the tattoos are pretty but OUCH!

OK OK so don't laugh but yeah that's my pic up there and it's for @sakixry ok? so shut up!

what i don't do for you! (rolls eyes)

Did you forget someone in that league reunion of yours (stomps feet) what about the robgirls? mmmm? geez - and I thought we were closer than that?

YOU ARE HILLARIOUS. Only Rob can inject you? mahahahahaha! damn right, sister!

I agree Rob's injection would be less "painful" and definitely MORE uh ENJOYABLE! *evil grin*

Still NICE tattoos!

omg! what did they do to you? First they drop you on the floor, drown you with beer (maybe you liked that?), gave you salsa and chips, then a tattoo?

You know one of you should at least get a Pocket Jacob, for these types of things...mmm????

Sorry but it looks like he became Voodoo Edward! tsk tsk!

Ok so,
just wanted to remind you that @robin(me) and I cannot twitter at work. F****! But we can read robporn to our heart's desires. *shakes head* So we'll miss all of you in tweetland!

AND I'll part you by singing
"just like a tattoo, i'll always have you!" winking @Jamie!

robnutmeg said...

Dang it, stupid picture didn't work!

Which reminds me
how's spikeward? AND what's this about B&E and robin(me)'s going to represent Carlisle? she was muttering something about that.

robnutmeg said...

@oh there it is! Take a quick peek ladies, coz it'll be gone later! Oh and I do have longer hair now. I thought Edward would like it longer! *mahahaha*

robnutmeg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
robnutmeg said...

so this is better!

you should join us in tweeter land.

robin(me) said...

Good Morning League

Tattoos are really nice! *cringe at the thought of the pain*

you live down the road from Rodeo Dr? you gotta get out more and enjoy that uh sun!

And ladies, the next time you get together, us Robgirls along with the euro clan would like to go shopping with know, like robshopping! right, girls?

Why did you put ur pic up there and then change it? geez ur crazy.

you would have been happier if you stayed home with me! (little scamp!)


vampie said...

@ginger, spider i love those tattoos.. but you all need to get Twi related tattoos.

@faith_83 yay! we def have to all meet up.. it would be great.. we could all get Twi tattoos LOL

@robnutmeg i like the pic. you are very pretty.
spikeward is going well. but i keep getting distracted by twitter..
um i 'may' have snuck into the Cullen house when no one was there and um.. stolen some things *blush* (that red top from alices closet remember?!)

robnutmeg said...

oooh yeah! the red top! oh come on @robin(me) she didn't mean anything by it! don't do anything! just ignore it.

oh and thanks for the compliment! but that pic goes no further b/c damn it's the nature of the job i have...must stay "secret" stupid job!

are you going to post a picture now? here?

robin(me) said...

yeah @robnutmeg is a KNOCK out for 34! she picked the worst picture of her to put up there. *shaking head* mmm. it's hard for me sometimes dealing with such a friend as her! but i deal. *grins*

NOW can you guys see how she could get on top of a bar table and scream, "I'm looking for Rob Pattinson, stupid humans and I'm not leaving here until someone brings him to me!" yeah, well no one told her to leave...i wonder why? pfffff. HEY Rob, you missed out! stupid vampire! tsk tsk shhh. I think @robnutmeg is all embarassed now. geez.

sakixry said...

@ninja: you can tell your friend that I have a wrist tattoo and I am still alive :)))))
What and where will you do??

sakixry said...

@faith: This would be REALLY great!! I would love to but I don't know how that could be accomplished...
Where and what do you have?

@Spider: Yeah! Where and what are your other tattoos?

@robnutmeg: thank you roomie for showing me your pretty face! *blows kiss*

@robnutmeg and meadow: Rob's injection will sting in all the right places... *wiggly eyebrows*

@robin(me): Rob shopping is my favorite kind of shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just saying to sakixry that you are very pretty and you would make a great match with our Robward!! She just said yes because she didn´t wanted to be rude LOL. Oh, yeah and about the robgirls part, as I was saying to robin(me) on twitter...I´ve said that just because you girls are already there, we the Europeans have to cross over to see you guys!! (if you see me messing up English just say it, I will charge it to my teacher ;)

you´re next... we want to see your photo!!! right @sakixry???

Twi tattoos??...I don´t know, I already have one and it HURT but ok, maybe for you girls I can make another one!!

sakixry said...

@faith: it's not that robnutmeg isn't pretty... she is! very much! BUT ROBWARD belongs to all League and Followers... that's what we agreed to right? *grin* I wouldn't like to order the monster to kill her... *just kidding*
Yeah... where is your pic Robin(me)?

So what do you have and where?

Anonymous said...

I have one on my foot...I will upload it on twipic so you can see it because it is something strange, I can´t describe it ;)
and about the trip, we will figure out something I ´m sure...someone here, if you have any ideas pls help us !!

Mystify Me said...

@League Hellllooooo...
Had a busy birthday weekend, with a Twi-Party complete with Twilight slide shows,hundreds of candles, too much booze, a baseball game with apples, and flying monkeys. I'm really surprised we didn't have to call the fire dept. Now I am old.*Heavy sigh*
Great Tats ladies.We were talking about doing the same Saturday night. All I want is a wee star. Just can't decide where...unless that star is Rob, then I know exactly where!!
Nice pic Robnutmeg! So you're a secret agent too?
Very cool. :)
I can't change my pic anymore.It used to say dashboard but doesn't anymore.Oh well...
So what is being done for Robbiecakes birthday??\

Ninja Fanpire said...

@sakixry It's going to be like Ginger and Spank's and be a "tramp stamp". It will be musically related.

And then yesterday I had my hair up and thought maybe I'd like one on the back of my neck. I think I was just sleep deprived because I've kind of changed my mind today.

And then there are other ideas I'm pondering but still not quite sure or set on.

Anonymous said...

true, Robward belongs to me..I mean to all League and Followers of course :))(the monster is looking innocent around and whistling)

your birthday is in the same month with our Robward!! Nice!! and of course we have to think of something to do for his birthday!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

did you ladies just show your naked backsides to the whole world? (you know the whole world reads this blog, right?)

Beautiful tats-- very surprised there's likeness or Rob in either design

Mystify Me said...

A thing of beauty...well not a thing, but beautiful!


Mystify Me said...

OOPS WRONG PIC...LOL Cam and the ladies are pretty cute
I'll have to fix that .Be back in a bit!

robnutmeg said...

@sakixry (roomie), @faith, mystify me

omg i am sooooo wanting to die right now. it's all roomie's fault. she made me feel guilty for not posting my pic on twitter like she did! (oh by the way, roomie ur hawt! blowing kisses back! - redhead!)

u think i'm pretty? awww. that's sweet! now it's @robin(me) and isabella that are KNOCK OUTS! AND then there's MR. R --- i don't stand a chance when that family is with me anywhere! it's like I'm rhymes with INBLISIBLE! (wink @Ginger)

So please let's just forget that I ever did that picture thing ^!!! Ugh!

ur not H>E>L>P>I>N>G crap! bring ur pic on! no one will see it. *cough, except the world* (omg, i need to sit down before i faint!)

@mystify me
ur birthday? let's party! again! bicardi151 isn't bad if you can live through the next morning! it's a cinch! *grins* AND no not a secret agent -- just someone who works for the DA's office and likes her body to stay INTACT! thank you very much! (looking over my shoulder now) GROAN!

robnutmeg said...

Hey that's right, i forgot...rob's birthday! yes yes yes, what are we doing for it? lap dance? tattoos? (winking at the league) killing jacob? what what what? need to do something, right?

I have a tattoo, too. but it's just a tiny thing on my ankle. and that hurt like the dickens! *i hate pain, it's just not me!*

@sakixry, faith, vampie, all Ravishim Team members!

ROB belongs to all of us! AND all those who didn't even sign up for the team. WE SHARE HERE! ok so i'm getting off my soap box....oops more like "falling" off my soap box. klutzy! *shy smile*

Mystify Me said...

Let's try this again...yes...Mega-ROB


Spank Ransom said...

Good morning guys! Back home and feeling eh. Overslept and all that good stuff. Not a good look for me.

@Robnutmeg I only saw wee lil photo of a super-hot blonde and if that is you, may I say with nothing but love in my heart, "I hate you." ;)

Did you notice that Ginger is a vampire? Have you ever seen whiter skin than that? Jeesh.

We have lots of (we think) fun stuff lined up this week for The League. Hope you get a laugh, at least...

BTW - Rob left LA b/c he got word that The League returned home. He really needed to better coordinate his trip so that we could have had more special moments together. ;)


deconstructing jen said...

Love the ink! Very nice choices!!

Christy said...

So, are you saying you got tramp stamps?

robin(me) said...

Hello again league

@mystify me
I sure wish I didn't have to wait until after work to see those snappy pics you send out! *growl- stupid wk* It's ur birthday? oh let's party! i think i have some wine left? uh. maybe not. let's just go out and party! yes! like that better!

@sakixry, faith, vampie
Yes, I know that we are here in USA but a lot of good it does us *sigh*....but twi tattoos! YES that would be great! (I think)

AND yes ROBSHOPPING is the type of shopping i like!!! can you imagine the discounts and sales? OMG, *shivers*

DAMN I hate not being able to twitter. I missing out now! I'm twittersessed! Like I needed another obsession! *rolls eyes*

NO ONE is going to find you! I'll protect you! AND I will post my pic here when i get home tonight! ARE you sure tho? UGH. YOU LIE LIKE A RUG! (knock out? me? -- yeah sure! compared to you? get out!)

i'm so proud of you getting together and having fun and not being afraid to let loose and party! love ya all! love those tattoos too!

I miss you, twitter!

wth are you these days? did one of your 3 gf's kill you or something? @shelli?

I have decided to tell carlisle that i'm in a conflict and can't take his case after all. now go back to that house and get me something of EDWARD's.
*evil grin*

robnutmeg said...

awww thanks for your comment, i think, about my pic. BUT b/c even tho it's me, it's like b/w for a reason, OK? I'll never listen to @sakixry again!!! (hiding under the table now)

srsly, i think all of u are just being nice! remember, i AM single and keep getting dumped!!! or i'm a twihating bum magnet!

League, I too am so glad all of you had fun, tho! Next time bring us along! plz? Hey Eclipse will be back in Aug -- let's plan a real trip to Vancouver! I have directions now to all those fav restuarants of robwards!!!! mmmm.

Miss you too twitter! all that fun they're having w/o us! *shaking head @robin(me)!* makes my tummy hurt!

Mystify Me said...

@Robin(me) and Robnutmeg: I'd love to party with a few League gals, but alas I'm in Toronto.%$#$%$^&* :(
... for now

Anonymous said...

OMG! What the hell is going on!

I'm gone for the wknd to play "dutiful" daughter to MOM! and I come back and the
1) league was together and
2) everyone's twittering and
3) meeting CAM??? &
4)tattoos (oh NICE by the way) and

I'm finally realizing that I'm not the one that is crazy here!

AND @robnutmeg - that's u? (muttering OH CRAP to myself) u are no longer allowed to help us find Rob! just saying!

still lurking!

GallifreyReject said...

cam and tats!! whoohoo you girls were busy! and not the only ones who got tatted this weekend :D

robnutmeg said...

does that mean u got a tat, too? *mahahaha, that was kinda funny what i just did ^ - you know with the tat, too?* alrighty then. (walking away all blushy b/c ur all laughing at me, now!)

don't u dare tell me that i can't have rob! i mean i've got friends here that will tell stick up for me and everything. right? RIGHT?
@robin(me), @sakixry, @vampie, @faith, @beesue, @ocd, @League?......uh @PE? oh fine then! *sticking my tongue out*
(sobbing now!)

robin(me) said...

geez girl don't pop ur lid or's ok i'm there for ya (rolling eyes)

Everyone would most like stick up for you if they weren't all twittering away w/o us! *arrggh*

u know u too can twitter. we'd love to have u *cough* join! in fact, JOIN NOW!

how are you? where are you? plz don't say ur twittering too!

beesue said...

Hey CRAZY Ladies!

@robin - was a good! Granpire this weekend and was on DUTY - Movies, swimming, pizza - we did it all! Thank God the little sweeties are back in school today.

Saw that you guys were twittering!
@robnutmeg - who is Morethanhuman?
It is following me!! HaHAHAHAH

Spider and Ginger - You WILD children - Luv the TATS! As we are confessing - I have a little-bitty-bee on my hip - bee-sue -bee - get it!
The bee is my logo for my arsy/fartsy designs! But I was really embarrassed when my grandaughter saw it (Granmommy, you have a little bee on your back!!OMG)

robnutmeg said...

@beesue (hey beegrandma!) i think u should be named suebee as in HONeeee! just saying --- hey I have a little tiny butterfly on my ankle. no reason, tho.

yes, twittering but not now. can't at work! sucks, too!

OH and morethanhuman ah - that is one cool chickie. (i think) @vampie knows everyone and i think was tweeting and then CcullenMD got on board and then they were all following me and @ravishmerob and well now it's crazy. so i said that i think mthuman would be a good a**et to our team, don't you think? attacking from behind and all.

OOH and this one guy creeps me out who keeps following me around. so if you are in doubt, ask vampie she's like this tweethound!

oh to be tweeting right now!

robin(me) said...

@beesue (grampire) yes it's crazy now. we're all nuts! twittermesenseless (actually that's for rob, if ur listening?)
OH yeah the morethanhuman - creepy but harmless, i think?

I can't stand it that no one will post now during the week. rnmeg and i are all alone! come back, come back!

Yes, had my fill of the kids and the grandchild yesterday. Sweet, but tiring. Son came by for an hr dressed normal again but still seeing the twisweetie....must be love! (rolls eyes)

i don't have tattoos, i thought of getting one. i think we all need to get twitoos. mmm. i'd be willing to get a rob one! mmm.

AJ said...

Love the tats and the picture with Cam! Sounds like you guys had a great time:) Can't wait to read Lathering Up! Thanks!

robin(me) said...

Trust me, you'll LOVE Lathering Up! Just saying.

Caitlin said...

Those tattos are pretty snazzy! And since I am watching twilight right now I am wondering why are they not Rob tattoos? Or Twilight tattoos?

GallifreyReject said...

@robnutmeg lmao! i haven't gotten my second one and um a monkey vamp got a 2nd tat this weekend that's what i meant.. lmao

robnutmeg said...

Uh ok, gotcha!

I totally agree with you! There should be some Twitoos out there somewhere! We should just create are own! I do have another ankle. mmm. For robward I'd let them tattoome anywhere! BETTER yet: rob can brand me anywhere! Come Rob!

@Rob Pattinson!
We want you to tattoo us, so would ja just stay put in one place b/c how is anyone like the LEAGUE and Ravishme Team gonna attack I mean TALK to you IF you keep jetsetting!?!? *sheesh man* Ur driving us insane!

robin(me) said...

Don't you mean, Rob needs to INJECT us! *winking @meadow*


UGH I hate this day! It's windy, monday and i can't twitter! *hands up in the air*

vampie said...

@robnutmeg tweethound? yep.. if u guys need anything ask me!
i'm a twitter legend LOL 392 followers . 3139 tweets..

@robin(me) i tried to take edwards underwear for @sakixry but @_Esme_Cullen- made me put it back ..
i still have this jazz cd i found in edwards cd player

robin(me) said...

ur my hero! ur also the one that is working on the best ffs on the bloody planet! love you girl! ok, @esmecullen? uh come on, esme! you get that guy every night can't you just bend a little???? some vampires, there's no reasoning with them. kinda reminds me of @rnutmeg's spankfictions...mmmm.

how's tweeterland today. sure miss you guys! say hi from the robgirls ok? not that anyone probably cares or anything....*hanging head*

Anonymous said...

how can you say that about our @robnutmeg?? tsk, tsk...

I got you back baby, don´t worry!! Is all the Team looking for Rob or none!!
and yes pls @rob you can tattoo me wherever you want... I mean in any position... I mean place you want...*the monster, drooling like a rabid dog, extended its arms forward, too.*

we are still waiting for that photo...and of course we miss you robgirls on twitter, how can you think otherwise??

Golden, were are you?? show yourself!!

vampie said...

tweeterland misses you too!
hurry up and finish work and join us :o)

LOL at spankfiction comment. (but don't tweet about it!)

and writing/editing ff right now
:o) can't give you timescale but soon

robnutmeg said...

@vampie, faith, sakixry
Oh we robgirls miss u, too! I hate work...(stomps feet!) a few hours before we get out of "jail" by that time you 3 will be all sleepy tired and wanting to go to bed...damn that time difference!

@robin(me), vampie
what spankfiction? huh? i mean i love a good spankfiction but...what does @esmecullen have to do with it? huh? but @esme cullen that wasn't nice to make @vampie give all that stuff back. I mean goodgawd woman you're filty rich and alice shops all the time -- lighten up! Let me know @vampie if that does any good!

OH and @faith
thanks for yelling at @lurker for me....geez. what nerve! i mean what did i do? & what monster? u know i'm beginning to really feel "blonde"! AND why is @sakixry "golden"


Oh and Robin said you have to wait until tonight for her picture. Can't do it at work. AND you'll have to check it out on this post b/c it "aint gonna happen on twitter"... Yes your honor.....

Or should I say, robinjection! mahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

the monster is a very interesting character in MD ff, he is so natural and cute, me and @sakixry just love him!! Golden is the meaning of @sakixry´s name in Greek and she has a tattoo on her wrist with it!!

BTW, talking about Twitter, I have a new follower named Bella!!!!
How did she found me?? I mean, how could she possibly do that...why?? *crying here and asking for help what to do with her*

robnutmeg said...

Oh thank u for answering all my crazy blonde questions. @sakixry you are my golden goddess roomie now! yes, i like that!

WTF? Bella is following you? omg, i hope she isn't following me. b/c i'd have to swiftly kick her a**! Maybe she's fearful of all the competition! yes, that's what it is. maybe you should keep an eye on her, ya know. just saying!

I'm really trying to be good on twitter too. I mean it's just my uh nature to get a little snarkly sometimes. I don't mean to. We're just robgirls. We'll probably get kicked off or something. Wouldn't that be just peachy?

jennykate77 said...

Love the tattoos ladies! They are both gorgeous! I'm really fond of Spiders. I love anything fleur-de-lis. I'm getting my next one on June 5th...I can NOT wait! So excited! I have a Twilight inspired tattoo in the making, but it's not my next one...but soon though. Hubby didn't think it was a good idea at first, but I've worked it where he's on board now. I'm with the others, I think you guys should get a "League" tattoo! That would be awesome!

vampie said...

@faith_83 'bella' is probably following one of your followers (yea that makes sense) and so thought she'd add you aswell . like a friend of a friend. or she could have searched tweets for twilight or robward and found you!

thats how most of my followers find me.

@robnutmeg i've got edwards 'jazz' cd. only thing i was able to hide and keep

robnutmeg said...

Hey hey hey gotta an idea!

@vampie ol' tweetgoddess
how about creating a twit thingy for the ravishim team! (don't you just love my twitter verbage?) AND it would involve all the team just for emergency meetings and such...whatcha think? we just need to get @oh to twitter and of course we robgirls (as long as we're employed we can't twitter during the day but we are available on wknds!)

Here's the team so far...please correct me if i'm missing anyone...@robnutmeg, @robin(me), @sakixry, @faith, @vampie, @beesue, @oh, @morethanhuman (newest member from tweetland), @shelli (observer) -- AND of course @League - our super heroes - it goes w/o saying and w/o a doubt that they are included in any actions that the R Team has b/c well b/c we are here b/c of them! AND we love them!

@mystify me, ocd, total, galliereject?
were you wanting in on this action? i can't remember if you said -- uh your included b/c well i want you to be.

how come you haven't followed me yet on twitter? don't you like me? If you have and I haven't checked today...then ooops i'm sorry but please follow me! and ravishmerob! We love you!

wtf are you?

Ginger Swan said...

@jennykate77, when you get that Twilight-themed tattoo that your hubby agrees to, take a picture of it for us. Both of our husbands were not cool with us getting Twilight tattoos. A League tattoo is a possibility in the future, but we have to put some thought into the design.

Yep, Mr. Ginger did know I was getting a tattoo. Except I told him it would be some tiny little thing and then I obviously changed my mind at the tattoo parlor. (poor Mr. Ginger)

And yes, Spank is right. I'm obviously pale white and not quite ice cold.

sakixry said...

@ninja: I wanted to make one in the back of my neck too but my bf told me not to...and because i'm such a good gf i didn't... pfff

@robnutmeg: thank you... *shyly looking on the floor* I am not hot... but thanks. I think I'm ok. You look good though girl! Why do you feel bad about posting your pic!!!!????
I would like to give Rob a lap dance for his birthday!
What? You are getting dumped? Hellloooooo! Pop quiz: Who got a 2 carat diamond ring offered during a marriage proposal and refused?? Rings any bells?

If you all get together... I am going to cry and then I'm going to die... seriously...

@Lurker: when will you join us @Twitter??? Come on! We're having FUN!

@robnutmeg: first of all, i started laughing after you made the comment about yourself...about the tat...too I mean. Before that, I didn't notice! And yes! I WILL stick up for you! Let the LURKER say what she wants! You are coming with us! You can be our HEIDI!!! Lure Rob and then ... yum!

@beesue: yes! morethanhuman follows me toooooo! who is it? anybody? Your bee tat must be really cute!

@robin(me): you are not alone! of course we will continue commenting here too!!! how could we not???
And...yeah, you should know about Lathering up...mahahhaaahhaaa!

@vampie: esme is getting on my nerves... sheeesh...

@faith: you really have to control your monster girl... geez! LOL
I liked that "Golden" though...
I told you to tell Bella to GO AWAY!! WTH? Geez...

@jennykate: what does your twilight inspired tattoo look like??

Oh gooodieee! A Ravishing Team on Twitter! Yes yes! Good idea!!!

There is a update on BEAUTIFUL BASTARD!!! OME!!

The monster is humping my leg right now... get off you dirty little thing.... ugh...

sakixry said...

@Robin(me): where is the promised pic of youuuuuu?

Ninja Fanpire said...

@sakixry Well I have no bf, so no problem for me, haha!

vampie said...

@ninja same here!

sakixry said...

@ninja: lucky you! i would def go for behind the neck. it looks very good.

Ninja Fanpire said...

I think my tramp stamp is definitely going to be my first one. I'm actually looking at art for it right now :)

robin(me) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
robin(me) said...

@sakixry, vampie, faith
I can't believe I said I'd do this it goes.....
Ok now don't say i didn't warn you but here is my pic. Take a look and then it goes AWAY! far away. I'm the cute one on the left...alright alright so i lied, sue me!
Yayyy, the cute adorable blonde is isabella! I'm on the right. pfffff. I wanna die now. Just kill me!

robin(me) said...

I love ya! Mr. R would absolutely and positively KILL me if I got a twitattoo. but i'm willing to be open minded b/c who would have thought he'd LIKE ff! mmm? maybe Mr. G wouldn't mind either. Your tattoo is beautiful tho! have to admit.

vampie said...

@robin(me) aww... dont be shy. mr r is very lucky.

robnutmeg said...

i took that pic, didn't i? awww. that's so cute of you too. now everyone knows what isabella looks like to.

i told you THAT family ^ there is a walking model ad. In fact, Isabella did model for awhile! She's gorgeous!

OH and Mr. R is really handsome, too! but strictly in a friendship you're married to my bff way....!!!!

@sakixry - golden delish apple. OMG. that's great!, roomie! I'm gonna have to read about the "monster that's humping your leg" sounds interesting!

OCD Sufferer said...

Hey guys! I have been gone all day so I haven't read any posts, but I just read an outtake of the Office and at the bottom she said that it is a "GO" for Breaking Dawn!!! Have you guys heard? She had a note to Rob how she wanted him naked and no fade-to-black scenes!! LOL!!!!

robnutmeg said...

Yes I read that too about BD. OOOH. We'll have to repost our "requests" AND bring out those pitchforks just to scare them a little, right? @League?

Mystify Me said...

@OCD..ME TOO.I haven't been around.
What Naked Rob?? Oh yes.
The pic I posted earlier in the day.
Rob at the airport. There would be nothing that would make me happier than putting that head in my lap and...stroking him like a baby and then...oh sorry...nite all. xo

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) and @robnutmeg, you guys are so gorgeous (and so blond!). You should keep your pictures up there.

Spider Monkey said...

Where are these pictures of robin(me) and robnutmeg???

robin(me) said...

Thank u for the compliment AND I totally agree that @robnutmeg is a total knock out and @isabella too would have been perfect for Rob! (I love my sil like bunches but couldn't she have waited???? - no!- but then again I would have probalby lusted after my SIL in that case so oooh not good!)

i can't stand to see that pic of me up there. besides i need to stay incognito (yeah right!)! i don't think that vancouver has forgotten @robnutmeg, do you? *nope*

Hey, CAM got to see the real League. Maybe I oughta write him a quick legal memo or something....

pics are up there ^ but not for long!

robin(me) said...
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Spider Monkey said...

Beauties, both of you! :)

robnutmeg said...

@Spider, Ginger
awww. thank u. I just wish we could see the real YOU!

robnutmeg said...
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robnutmeg said...

Hi League
Just saying goodnight and I found a new delish pic of rob. Oh I wish that rob was a corn on the cob and i was the butter!

robin(me) said...


WTH did you just say? corn on the cob and butter? OOOH well if that's the case i'll be the teeth!

robin(me) said...

so here's my new picture! and it stays forever!

Spider Monkey said...

Damn, that's a sexy picture.... is it a new one? You need to share the new pictures you found...

It's nice to know that Rob, Meadow, Spider and Spank were all high at the same time as HIM...

High as in altitude!

Snarkier Than You said...

wow! i feel like such a total pussy that i was afraid to bring out mini-edward when i went with JJ to get her latest tat - i really gotta get over it! that's probably one of the best pics EVER of little OME! and lovely ink, ladies! plus good job stayin' out of the sun & all - good ol' bright-white skin beats all that orange fake-tan crap any day!


sakixry said...

@robin(me): aaahh! there you are! and isabella too!!! wow! you are all so blond! *wink* and pretty of course! I believe Mr. R must be very handsome too!
I am not going to comment about Isabella being perfect for Robward... no no no... I wont.

@robnutmeg: You really should read the little monster... he's very naughty!
My pitchfork is shiny and ready!

@OCD: Yes!! I have twittered it too!! Breaking Dawn is a go!! Wooohoooo!

@mystify: putting his head in your lap, huh?

@Ginger: I agree about leaving the pictures there... but they are working for the LAW and cant... yeah yeah... we get it...

@robnutmeg: mahahahaaaa! corn on the cob! LOL OK, if robin(me) is the teeth, I am the boiling water... hmmmm...

robnutmeg said...

OOOH what i nice little picnic the 4 of us could have
You=boiling water (hey that suits you as in HAWT Golden Goddess)
Me= butter
@robin(me)= teeth? OMG, you are sick! *shakes head*

-jocose- said...

speaking of tatoos...have you ladies seen this?

crazy @sakixry i hope thats not your wrist tatoo! =)

sakixry said...

noooo! this is my wrist tattoo!!! :-)))
I would NEVER do something so permanent like somebody elses name... besides my own I mean!

Brenda Jean said...

I love these!!! Wow, and Edward was so brave:) I've been on bloggy vacation sort of with life getting in the way of typing, but I'm glad I'm catching up so I could see this. How cool:)