Saturday, May 9, 2009

Doing It Cam Style

The League has been going wild and crazy in L.A. searching for Rob window shopping on Rodeo Drive.

I told you guys we'd never find Rob on Rodeo. They didn't have any stores selling beanies or second hand clothing.

Lo and behold, we ended up eating lunch at a chain restaurant. *rolling my eyes*

What's wrong with eating someplace familiar?

Anyway, after being seated, (and served several adult beverages) we got to know Fabian, our hot & overly flirtatious waiter.

I never knew beer could be poured in such a sexual way.

That man knew how to earn his tip.

*Cue Alice yelling, "STOP!"* Can we stop talking about Fabian, and get to the good part?

Oh you mean when Cam Gigandet (James) came into the restaurant and sat right next to me us?

No, I was talking about the part when your Edward Action Figure fell out of your purse at Cam's feet.


But we stayed cool, while I took several covert pictures of him on my iPhone and tweeted them.

And because I have brass balls, I got up and whispered in Cam's ear, "You brought a snack? I apologize if we're bothering you, but we're huge fans. Would you mind taking a picture with us?"

As I recall, Cam looked over at us, realized we were The League, and asked if HE could get his picture taken with us. We're so good to our fans, of course we obliged.

Gee, Spank, I like your version better. Maybe I should've had three beers too.



Ninja Fanpire said...

I saw a hot waiter once. And I think it was my birthday, woo! But I was with the family so um, no flirting allowed.

But I don't think I've ever met a hot waiter in my town, damn.
Not to mention no celebs ever come here....just Britney Spears a couple weeks ago.

Shana said...

Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time! Congrats on meeting Cam!

Anime said...

Omg...and here I was a few blocks away from you gals when you had your Cam sighting... :sigh: I am so green with envy because he's seriously delicious...

and btw, kudos to mr. ginger for photochopping your superhero faces on the

Total Fanpires said...

WOW! You guys are lucky!!
It makes me happy to think that Twilight has brought people all around the world and from different states together, and it make me even more happy to think of the league meeting up! All 4 of you together IN PERSON! That must be hilarious considering how funny you are here!

Total Fanpires said...

Also, can you guys write about your reactions when you noticed him in the same restaurant? PLEASE! Id love to read about your reactions!!

kmoye said...

geez louise Cam is so HOT! I would have taken lots of pics!

robin(me) said...

@The League
Ok the room's spinning - hold on a minute. u know i'll never listen to @beesue again - she talked me into getting some Bicardi! anywhowho....
Congrats! So happy for you! I twittered and saw those great pics of my PE (I mean)ur PE and that's also a great pic w/ Cam. Kudos to @Mr. Ginger!

I think it would have been priceless if you said "Cam, we'll be your snack! We taste better than Bella anyday!" Well? mahaha! *been around robnutmeg wayyyy to long, I think*

He KNEW you THE LEAGUE? Oh yeah right @Ginger and Mr. Ginger and Twilight...yeah that's right!

btw: twitter me, plz? i suck at it (don't laugh @spider, spank) i'm ravishmerob - some f*** jerk took my name? well it aint ME! *grumble*

robin(me) said...

@Sakixry?, vampie?
WTF are you?

Cheryl said...

Awesome! Wow, Cam is a lot hotter than I realized.

Where are our tattoo pics? :)

vampie said...


i'm here

robin(me) said...

how's that spikeward FF coming?

hey yeah, the tatoos? come now, League - we know you went for them!

Ninja Fanpire said...

I second Cheryl and robin(me). Where are the tat pics you promised us Ginger? LIES!

vampie said...

@robin(me) spikeward ff is coming along well! but i'm getting performance anxiety again LOL what if you guys dont like it, etc.

GallifreyReject said...


So did the waiter get a huge tip *ahem* or was the 2 bucks in vain? lol

Mystify Me said...

What's that on Cam's shirt?
Did someone drool? ;)

robin(me) said...

@mystify me
OOOH, nice catch! *waiting for answer, League!* LOL

NO NO NO don't feel like that! We'll love it (right, ladies?) and yeah well if it's anything like Lathering_Up, well damn I'm going to probably die! *wink*

rnutmeg is feeling a little UNDER the weather (more like the table) geez such a lush! anywho, she's "recovering" from too much
B151 and BB & darkward ff! so, she's kinda moaning her hellos and

@sakixry, roomie2bff
wtf are you, again....I say wtf are you? ur not twittering either!

Today you HAVE to find Rob! *get cracking!*

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Ok saw the pics that Ginger tweeted yesterday! Love it! Mr. Ginger this is the best! Love the video at the top. You have out done yourself yet again.

You guys are having such a blast!

@robin(me) I got your last tweet to me, it was in my @ replies. you're getting it!!!

vampie said...

@robin(me) yea, where is sakixry ?!

and sunny in Seattle? that is not right! i need it to be cloudy and rainy in Washington state if not Carlisle or Edward wont come out.

robin(me) said...

I.dont.know! Search party team get ready. Emergency trip to Greece to find @sakixry!!!!

Sunny! yep. Sunny! lalalala. Hey we'll just have to go uh hiking/camping with them! *wink*

beesue said...

Hey League!

I am moving slow this AM -@robin - too much Buffy&Bacardi don't mix!!!
Watched most of Season 4 and I luv Spike this season!

ROLMAO!!! That picture is great - Mr. Ginger issss-No.Words.Just.Laughing!!! Cam is lucious - YOU GUYS should have had the SNACK!!!

@vampie - don't worry about the FF - you know us - as long as it has some good smut - we will Luv IT! Following the people you mentioned on Twitt!

Going to Go watch Little League Baseball games - GO TEAM!

sakixry said...

I'm here! I'm here!!!
Geez... one can't have some moments of privacy... I'M JUST KIDDING!
You know... it's the weekend, many things to do like... CLEANING, COOKING ETC. I HATE weekends! I can't sit in front of a computer all day and talk with you guys! That's so UNFAIR!
Mr. Ginger, that video is REALLY great and the pic too and Cam looks... mmmh... yummy! What about finding Robward next? Everyday post a new video! Now that I'm on Twitter also... I will HAVE to attach my netbook to my hip i think...

sakixry said...

*whispers* who is Salvatore Barrone and why is he following me??? *afraid of the stalker...*

Spank Ransom said...

Good morning guys. Let's just say I've been snorting... A LOT! Okay, I am the only one up *lazy League* but I will say this:

We were all ready seated and getting our drink on when he arrived *cue music from Baseball scene* and he and his friends were seated right next to us. Cam was to my left. Meadow and Ginger were facing him and so Ginger very quietly said, "that's James next to you." Spider (smart-ass) said, "yeah, I know." But we didn't. So then we looked in the mirror that was on the wall behind Ginger/Meadow and saw him but honestly were like "no, that just looks like him." *dramatic pause*

Then - he spoke. As soon as we heard his voice, we KNEW. It was so surreal like what are the freaking chances...

But we continued with our good time, I destroyed any street cred I held onto by a string already by having Edward fall out of my purse (I don't know if he saw it b/c I refused to look up).

Ginger covertly took pics with her iPhone and we otherwise ignored him.

When he paid his check and was leaving is when She With Brass Balls quietly approached him and leaned in probably closer than his Baby's Mama and asked for a pic. He was super nice about it and offered to to us 2 and 2 but after we took the first pic we didn't want to keep him and make it too much of a scene so we let him go. Spider and Spank got lucky since we were seated on the outside of the table. He left unnoticed and unbothered.

I mean, he came up and said "League, I am such a big fan. Can I have my pic with you. It would be such an honor." He didn't have a camera, but we did so he gave me his address and I am delivering the photo to him later... ;)

@Robin(me) - I tried to find you on twitter last night but couldn't. Nothing came up. I will try again now.

We will write more later.

For those who want the tattoo story/pics, those will be up in a post coming soon to a computer near you.


sakixry said...

@Spank: That's an awfully great story! I am sooooooooo jealous!!! He gave you his address... hmmmm... ok... can we have it too? I'm just kidding... I don't like this badass vamp who tried to kill our Robward! Although he gains points for trying to kill KStew... hmmm...

faith_83 said...

Hello everybody!!
I was so excited when I saw Ginger`s tweets yesterday!! I´m so glad for you guys...I hope that you girls were thinking of us too when you made that photo!!
I have to ask cause my curiosity is killing me...any sign of Rob??
Looking at the photo, I have to admit that I`m a little jealous ...of Cam...he had the chance to meet the League...I mean like in person and all reunited!!

last night I felt asleep and let you without the twitter explications :(
but I saw that you had some help ;)
spinning room huh...Bicardi...hard night I only can imagine ;)

nice of you to join the had the entire R Team worried!!

LeLe said...

I was so excited reading Ginger's and Spank's tweets yesterday. I thought Ginger was joking when she said James/Cam was sitting next to them, until I saw the pictures! Y'all are so lucky. And you're right Spank, what are the chances?

vampie said...

@spank o.m.g. what are the chances heh?! wow! and yay for tattoos!

*dreaming*'i love men who chase me' James/Cam against a tree..

Jamaican Princess said...

how lucky are you guys!!!!!!

robin(me) said...

I love your story! ALL of you! Jealous as hell but happy *grumble grumble* for you, though!

At least you had a PE to fall out of your purse...*sigh*

I think u found me on twitter. but i'm such a twitteridiot who knows? and robnutmeg's on too. as robnutmeg! some ass took my robin(me) -- *evil, bloodshot red eyes* it was a drunk (again) robnutmeg who named me ravishmerob! nice and catchy?

OMG - that bicardi did us robgirls in. but at least we're in the safety and confines of our condo b/c well the last time SOMEONE got wasted we were in a different county on top of a bar table! *glaring at @robnutmeg*

i'm hungovertwitterer now!

@ocd, Oh
wtf are you and JOIN US on twitter. believe me, if twitard me can do it (while drunk!) then you can do it!!!!

robin(me) said...

i mean countRy and u mixed spike and bicardi? oooh! that's bad!

sakixry said...

Yes@ OCD! OH! You HAVE to come! Shelli too and Carson *fluttering eyelashes*
Lurker.. we have thought of you too but ... hmmm... you will have to open an account... i know you're not so into that!

Ginger Swan said...

Morning ladies. (is it still morning?)
We've been partying just a little too much, having a blast and staying up until 4am or later. This amount of fun should be illegal.

I'm glad you guys liked Mr. Ginger's video and the Cam picture.

Seriously, what are the odds?! We go to lunch and Cam sits down right freakin' next to us!!! It was awesome!

Love you guys. I'm so tired I can barely think straight, but we're having a blast!

imbeingheldhostage said...

LOVE the photo-- you girls have all of the luck. Did my invite get lost in the web somewhere?

robin(me) said...

You guys deserve a little bit fun! AND if having *cough* fun is illegal - than I should be in jail right about now! So, you guys have all the fun you want!

AND say hello from the robgirls to the rest of the League! makay?

pssst: cam looks delish - did one of you, ah, take a bite out of his chest (@spider, it's on YOUR side of the picture!) or something? coz it looks a little red! YUMMY? (shaking head)

Caitlin Simmons said...

Holy buddha he is amazingly sexy!!

and I cant really get past that!

milfy-goodness said...

How amazing and hilarious that you wound up next to Cam at a chain restaurant - not even some super hot LA cafe!

I was very curious about how you were going to share the Cam photo without breaking your superhero anonymity - and Mr. Ginger did not disappoint. Putting your superhero cartoon heads on your RL bodies is perfect!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

OCD Sufferer said...

Guys, I tried typing all y'alls twitter names and it keeps telling me it can't find ya.

Y'all are gonna have to add me or follow or whatever the heck ya do.

Mamma4ever (sorry, i signed up long before Twilight, lol...that has been my codename for years and years!! LOL)

letterstotwilight said...

omg. tell me you're KIDDING and PE did NOT fall out in front of cam!

This is brilliant! LOVE THE PIC!

Spank Ransom said...

Oh how I wish we were kidding. My purse was on the floor and has one of those magnet buttons so when I took something out and put it on the floor, it fell over and Action Figure Edward stopped, dropped and rolled. I will never know if he saw b/c I wouldn't look up. It was awful (funny).

Brenda Jean said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG you gals are SO funny. I CANNOT believe Edward fell out of your purse. That would so happen to me, but then again, I have no street cred to begin with so that's okay. I had to read all this very carefully to see you were serious cause you know, you all are SO full of bull...I mean awesome stories.

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